Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim's 'Malay unity'?

Malaysiakini Pakatan en route to victory or disaster?

Zaid Ibrahim in identifying Pakatan Rakyat’s several weaknesses and problems proposed Pakatan work together with Ku Li (Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah).

Zaid said Ku Li is reform-driven.

Malaysiakini reported: But in order for this to happen, he said, Pakatan's larger-than-life leader Anwar Ibrahim would have to 'sacrifice'.

Sacrifice? But how, what, when …….. etc?

Using a soccer analogy, Zaid added: "Pakatan needs a few more strikers than what it already has to strengthen the team. Ku Li (Razaleigh) is an old timer, but he has integrity and a contemporary political outlook."

He said Razaleigh does not have to switch parties to do this but could work together in terms of holding political rallies and campaigns.

"I am aware that he still harbours the dream of rehabilitating Umno, to revive the original Umno which is dead (and now a tool for party cronies with problems of corruption and money politics).

"For me, there is nothing wrong in cooperating as we both want to initiate changes towards establishing a clean, efficient and corrupt-free system of governance," he added.

Using Ku Li from UMNO as a 'striker' for Pakatan?

Is this another ‘Malay unity’ proposal, this time by stealth?


  1. Let's get real. No Malay votes, no PKR. You expect the Malays to suddenly embrace the non-Malays as equals? Look at how the DAP deals with PKR, especially after the 3 Malay frogs episode which led to the fall of the PR government. PKR, good to have as a friend never to be trusted as an ally.

  2. Oii Vinnan, get your facts rightlah its 3 Pakatan Frogs...1 from the DAP and 2 from PKR that brought the downfall of the DAP centric Perak Pakatan Government.

  3. Hmmm.. I would say it is a very interesting proposal, albeit theoretically.

    Ku li is one of the rare few in UMNO with integrity. And you can see through his writings and opinions that his ideas are progressive and constructive.

    However in practical terms, I don't see how the cooperation can be done. Still, I wouldn't say it's a guise for Malay unity.

  4. Hei eddy I am correct, it was three Malay frogs which started it all. Have you forgotten the UMNO-PKR-UMNO frog. The PR government was essentially dead due to these 3 Malay frogs before the DAP frog jumped.

    BTW what the fuck is a DAP centric government when the MB is a Melayu. You mean to tell me it is possible to have an UMNO centric government with a Chinese MB. Oh! you must be referring to the so called BN government in Penang before it bit the dust. If the DAP centric government are in your eyes screwing the Melayus then why shouldn't the Penang Chinese see the UMNO centric government as screwing the Chinese. It is this kind of racial shit from UMNO memebers/sympathisers which has led Najib to blow Hu Jintao for loans and investment. Last I checked the Chinese premier is Han Chinese in ethnicity just like the vast majority of the Chinese in Malaysia. Maybe Najib likes to blow foreigners. If UMNO had the balls and the honesty to repeal the ICA and abandon the NEP in favour of a a more equitable economic distribution model he wouldn't have to be on his knees. Treat the local Chinese better and you will not see them abandoning Malaysia in favour of foreign destinations for their money. What is seen of the Genting group and the Kuok people is just the tip of the iceberg. Go to Johor and you can literally see the Chinese pour money into Singapore everyday. Why are the Malays so fucked in the head with their 'ketuanan' shit that they prefer to the investments of foreigners which will be here to exploit us before it leaves rather than local Chinese investments which have been here way before the formation of Malaya.

    This is the racist stupidity and greed of the UMNO centric government for you eddy. One more thing with regard to people like the Koh Tsu Koon clown, I can assure you that even if UMNO is able to topple all the PR state governments the war on the running dogs like the Gerakan and MCA will not stop till all of them are gone.

  5. This covert 'unity government' proposal theory by Zaid has been commented on here.

  6. I don't think Zaid is an stealthy, undercover Ketuanan Melayu proponent. He is too much out of favour with the powers-that-be, and I'm convinced it's not an act.