Monday, November 16, 2009

Balasubramaniam story - brave broadcast or Ben-Hur-ish bullsh*t

The statutory declarations (SDs) of private investigator Balasubramaniam, when compared to other stories on Najib and Altantuyaa Shariibuu, carry too many contradictions, inconsistencies and implausibility.

Who introduced Altantuyaa Shariibuu to whom? Was it Razak Baginda to Najib Razak, or Najib Razak to Razak Baginda?

Who was Altantuyaa’s lover? Razak Baginda or Najib?

Never mind that there are currently two men sentenced to death for her murder (they won’t do because the principal target of Gerakan Anti Najib or G.A.N hasn’t been among those sentenced to death) who murdered Altantuyaa Shariibuu?

[Ignore those two found guilty and already sentenced to the gallows] Was it Najib or** Rosmah or Razak Baginda*?

* just a rhetorical question - in this, Razak Baginda is fortunate because the G.A.N target is Najib, thus Razak Baginda is just in the bloody way.

** well I wish the G.A.N people could bloody make up their mind whether it's Najib or Rosmah. Kaytee is utterly confused. But what is not confusing is either Najib or Rosmah as the guilty party will mean the sorry end of Najib's political position. This is known as the 'shotgun' effect - kalau ta'boleh hentam Najib, hentam Rosmah pun jadi wakakaka.

In my post
The Paradox of Balasubramanian Perumal I wrote:

I recall that when Bala made that initial Stat Dec, he was challenged on why he had signed the police statement about the Altantuyaa murder but which did not contain details that implicated Najib, yet had since come out with such a earth-shaking revelation about the DPM (in the initial Stat Dec, albeit in hearsay fashion).

Bala confessed that he had signed the police statement under duress.

In the Malaysiakini report he said he had given information on Najib to the police when they took his statement but was surprised that all mention of Najib were removed from the police statement. He claimed that he reluctantly signed that statement under duress.

Balasubramaniam explained he was held in the police lock-up twice during the investigation into the murder - the first time for five days, the second, seven days.

He lamented: “If you have experience in the cell, you will definitely sign the statement. I wanted to go out, I have three children.”

Surely all of us can sympathize with that – I wouldn’t dare dream of boasting to be a brave hero, more so for a man like Bala who has responsibility towards a family comprising 3 children.

But then …

Indeed but then … he subsequently, strangely and bravely came up with that Stat Dec damning Najib.

Noticeable at the press conference in the prominent seat was of course Anwar Ibrahim, nemesis of Najib.

I find it utterly strange and inconsistent that for a family man who was scared of the police because of his responsibility towards his 3 children (and we can understand this), he suddenly became ‘brave’ enough to verbally slaughter the DPM of the nation (this change of his attitude we still cannot come to grips with).

So … what has caused Balasubramaniam to change his mind?

Was it his conscience?

Was it the inspiring redoubtable magnificent Anwar Ibrahim?

… for more, read my post
The Paradox of Balasubramanian Perumal.

In another earlier post
Saiful sodomized? Bala sodomized! I asked:

Then, high drama (we all know about it by now) Bala did a go-starn (reverse) as Malaysiakini reported in PI retracts stunning statutory declaration after he was last known to have reported to a police station on the advice of his lawyer Americk Singh, when the police wanted to query him on the Stat Dec.

So, unaccompanied as Anwar himself definitely would NOT have been if the ‘world's greatest’ were to report to a police station, what would this former police corporal, alone by himself, have encountered?

After Anwar’s triumphant press conference where he presided in majestic moralizing mood as Bala first announced to a stunned Malaysian media the alleged dirt on Anwar’s Nemesis, Najib, I find Anwar's complete apathy and tidak-apa (couldn't care less) attitude towards Bala’s post press conference protection amazing (or should I be?).

He was advised by his lawyer to report to the police station, as summoned, but unaccompanied by his own lawyer. Equally amazing!

Indeed, where was his lawyer? Why didn’t he accompany Bala to the police station? How could Bala, who looked like the type down and out financially, afford the service of a lawyer? Was it pro bono?

Now we read in RPK’s
Malaysia-Today that contrary to the MKINI report PI retracts stunning statutory declaration Bala did not report to the police station but instead went to Rawang with one ASP Suresh to meet one Deepak where he was offered RM5 million by the latter to withdraw his 1st SD.

So here’s a man who confessed he was so scared of the police lockup that he, under duress, signed a police statement on the Altantuyaa’s murder with no mention of Najib Razak at all (we must be sympathetic with his concerns as afterall he’s a dad with 3 kids to feed and look after), …

BUT who subsequently decided to be another courageous RPK and make a SD of earth-shaking proportion against the man who was going to be (then) the next most powerful political leader of Malaysia …

… and here he was , in Rawang with ASP Suresh burning some copper wires … huh?

… and presumably as he would have us believed him, he was again under duress (AGAIN for fear of his family's safety, this time under mafioso threat) and thus withdrew his 1st SD by way of a 2nd SD.

It’s just too full of contradictions (from being fearful to utterly courageous back to being fearful; going to police station without a lawyer as if he didn’t know what a police station in Malaysia for a man who just made a damning SD against the DPM means?).

Totally implausible.

What would be more plausible?

We need to ask ourselves three questions:

(1) Who would be damaged by the SD?
(2) Which SD (1st or 2nd) would be the far more damaging?
(3) What’s in it for Balasubramaniam – in other words what scenario would best benefit a father of 3 kids, fearful of the police lockup and for his family, to motivate him to make such a damning report against a powerful man?

Would it be a pre-planned package of 2 prepared SDs, the 2nd to be released after the inevitable visit to the police station but PLEASE without a lawyer (“No, Mr Americk Singh, I don’t need you, it’s OK, just a fish head curry with an old buddy”)?

And YES he did retract the 1st SD which meant he must have been paid … but by whom???

Quite frankly, despite MKINI reporting that Balasubramaniam rang them up to claim he had been back in Malaysia a few times to sort out family matters, I doubt that he made those calls within Malaysia.

The YouTube clip that RPL put up on his blog claimed he, a man who confessed he was so scared of the police lockup, made his latest ‘revelation’ in front of 3 prominent but unnamed Malaysian lawyers? And only after he had withdrew the first SD and made his far-more damaging 2nd SD.

To much man man lai lah.


  1. as long as there are not other contrary evidence, i believe

  2. KT
    I would have dismisssed Bala's words if not for the following:

    - the two policemen would not have acted on their own-they are trained to carry out orders from their superiors with no questions asked
    - Altantuya's immigration records completely wiped out
    - Najib was (is?) known to have a fondness for lovely demure ladies, it is only now that he has been nasi-kankanged by Rosmah (my opinion, that is)that the fondness has been reduced

    The reluctance of the prosecution to appeal against AR baginda's release.

    The persecution of Anwar Ibrahim on Sodomy2 as a means to deflect attention from Najib's highly suspicious involvement in Altantuya's murder.

    The stink is just too strong to dismiss off Najib's hand in the case.

    sri hartamas

  3. BTW KT, when are you joining the BN? Or better still, UMNO? As the first Cinapek member of UMNO, I'm sure it'll do wonders to Jibby's 1Malaysia concept (if, indeed, it could be called a concept!)!

  4. Sri Hartamas

    I did not and have not dismissed Najib's possible involvement (as well as to what extent?).

    My point has been and still is that Bala's two SD's, the plausibility of its sequencing (why would 'someone', presumably from Najib's camp, forced him to recant which only made the outcome more ugly for Najib), and recent YouTube revelations are inconsistent, contradictory and in many instances implausible. I do not believe him thus far.

  5. Jub Jub, yawnnnnnn, your type are so predictable. Anyone who thinks independently (instead of hallelujah-ing whatever that RPK or Anwar publishes wakakaka) and questions the plausibility of the allegations, like Bala's (so dear to PKR campaign) is straightaway labelled BN/UMNO supporter.

    But I understand, your type are not used to independent thinking lah wakakaka.

  6. Mr Ktemoc
    A pretender neutralist like you is a deadgiveaway publicist for your own Blog, a kind of overdoing your neutral stance , even if the evidence is overwhelming. Putting on a show like this is obbnoxious , even if this is your own private blog and one can choose to not read it ! I just feel nauseated that there are such so-called "independent intelligent hypocrites" in cyberspace

    truly neutral
    Malaysia, not Australia

  7. KT

    i just luvvv your wakakakakakaka...

    sri hartamas

  8. he was promised 5juta but dapat only less , so laa !

  9. Benher's sister is Benhim ah ?