Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Balasubramaniam's lawyer linked Najib to Bala's disappearance

Finally …

... in Malaysiakini’s Lawyer: Najib 'linked' to Bala's disappearance we read of Americk Sidhu, the lawyer who helped PI Balasubramaniam Perumal make his first statutory declaration (SD) against Najib Razak (then DPM), emerging now into the open to make a statement himself that “… any reasonable person would draw the conclusion that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is somehow linked to the disappearance of P Balasubramaniam.”

He said: "The facts seem to point to the possibility that they wanted him out of the way and delegated this job to others close to them to execute."

Americk Singh has now ‘upgraded’ Balasubramaniam’s recent allegations to ‘facts’. Maybe counsellor American Sidhu can help clarify to us how Bala’s story can now be classified as ‘facts’ at this stage?

Just in case any reader can’t recall Bala’s original SD, he declared he was informed by Razak Baginda who in turn was informed by Najib Razak who in turn was informed by Altantuyaa Shariibuu who in turn confessed she liked ‘getting it’ in her behind, etc etc etc.

Then calamity! I believe most of us can recall that the day following the 1st SD, Bala made a 2nd SD denying what he declared in his 1st SD.

In a recent post Balasubramaniam story - brave broadcast or Ben-Hur-ish bullsh*t I did voice aloud my bemusement that:

… here’s a man who confessed he was so scared of the police lockup that he, under duress, signed a police statement on the Altantuyaa’s murder with no mention of Najib Razak at all (we must be sympathetic with his concerns as afterall he’s a dad with 3 kids to feed and look after), …

… BUT who subsequently decided to be another courageous RPK and make a SD of earth-shaking proportion against the man who was going to be (then) the next most powerful political leader of Malaysia …

… and here he was , in Rawang with ASP Suresh burning some copper wires … huh?

… and presumably as he would have us believed him, he was again under duress (AGAIN for fear of his family's safety, this time under mafioso threat) and thus withdrew his 1st SD by way of a 2nd SD […] before he went into financed exile.

Then recently he changed his mind about his fears or/and concern for his family YET AGAIN, and is now back, once again courageous after the earlier series of on-off-on-off of his courage switch, with a series of claims, made to and recorded by Americk Singh and 2 other lawyers.

Let’s leave Bala and his 'simple harmonic motion'-like courage and turn to Americk Singh.

According to Malaysiakini Americk stated that he, Bala, ASP Suresh (wow), Puravalen (a lawyer) were having a few drinks at 'The Backyard' pub in Sri Hartamas and discussing the Altantuyaa case when they were joined by PKR MP Sivarasa Rasiah.

Apparently after hearing what Bala had to offer regarding what he was informed by Razak Baginda who in turn was informed by Najib Razak who in turn was informed by Altantuyaa Shariibuu who in turn confessed she liked ‘getting it’ in her behind, Sivarasa suggested that Bala get ‘someone’ to record everything down.

Americk Sidhu was then nominated to help Bala make an SD about Razak Baginda's gossip about Najib and the Mongolian model. And according to Americk Sidhu, these recordings “… occurred about two or three times over a period of about two months and lasted a few hours each time.”

Wow, such dedication!

I have seen Americk Sidhu before in a video clip (at I think Malaysia-Today) where he asserted to the press that he has no political affiliation whatsoever.

In Malaysiakini’s article today he again asserted his political neutrality and his original unfamiliarity/non-interest in the Altantuyaa case, which in fact became the reason* for being nominated, presumably by the group at 'The Backyard' pub, to record Bala’s revelation.

* "Somehow I was chosen to do this as everyone felt I was the one lawyer who did not have an agenda in this matter as I was someone neutral."

I wonder if I may ask Americk Sidhu a few questions, as follows:

(1) Why was Anwar Ibrahim spearheading the press conference which exposed Balasubramaniam’s original SD?

(2) Why didn’t he (Americk) accompany Bala to the police station when Bala was summoned to one of Malaysia’s most dangerous places after informing the press about the first SD, especially more so when the SD was such a damning one against the then-DPM?

If I recall reading in Malaysiakini, he (Americk) had advised Bala to be a good lad or good citizen and to report to the police station* as required ... and all by himself unescorted by a lawyer

* of course now we've ‘learnt’ from Bala he went instead to Rawang with ASP Suresh to ‘burn some copper wires’ and to meet Deepak.

(3) Wasn’t he (Americk) aware of the danger to Bala reporting to the police unescorted by a lawyer, especially after Bala had made such a damning SD against the then-DPM?

(4) Was ASP Suresh part of the group at ‘The Backyard’ pub who encouraged Bala to record all he heard from Razak Baginda and to reveal all in a SD?

(5) Wasn’t he (Americk) aware that the involvement (persuasion) of PKR Sivarasa in Bala’s SD (and the high profile chairing of the press conference by Anwar Ibrahim to reveal Bala's 1st SD) would by default be a political involvement, removing any claims of ‘neutrality’ in such an affair?

Sigh, it's such a confusing affair.


  1. LOL!
    Kaytee - you're one confused person la ....
    Americk speaks of the attempts to get Bala out of the way & withdraw the 1st SD, and you're fixated on Altantuya's ass ....

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  3. You hit the nail on the head!

    Right from the beginning of this aspect of the Altantuya saga, there has been something not quite right about Americk Singh's conduct vis-a-vis PI Bala.

    Any lawyer worth his salt would have been extremely suspicious about the police calling Bala over for teh tarik. To then allow his client to be thrown into the wolf's lair alone is inconceivable!!!!

    It is also incredible that knowing the high-stakes poker game they were playing, Americk, Sivarasa and PKR did not have a plan to protect Bala's family or a Plan B to keep Bala under wraps!!

    Bungling amateurs or what?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. The core evidences are the RM50K checks issued by the carpet company to Bala.
    Go shake deepak and dinesh and see who these both will call for helps.

  5. Gosh, you've really been taking down notes. Good one, kaytee.
    Yeah, such a confusing affair. But one thing i'm clear on is this: I remain skeptical of all this he said-she said- they said business.

  6. Here , as usual you try to out-spin yourself as hyper intelligent( but really with a hidden agenda ) by raising half truths , confusing wild guesses and dark shadows of doubts you conveniently pick by the roadside. As glaringly usual you have conveniently left out the circumstantial facts of the entire Part 1-5 matter & try to confuse the context in bits and pieces. Your anti-thesis might impress some lame readers ( as you can see here )but plse for God's sake how do you eliminate the sinister names of Nazim and pregnant wife and this Deepak fler. Do we have a prima facie case here or not ? and why would Bala lie ?

    dumb but smart

  7. Kaytee: what a load of crap! Your argumentative skills are zilch. As usual, you get insanely emotional whenever there is a soupçon of Anwar Ibrahim's involvement. Your latest post is a sterling illustration of your Anwar-phobia, which you tried to hide by placing it at the end. But sorry, you gave your game away -- you got caught. I think it's best for you to join the MCA -- they are in need of minds like yours; their specious "reasoning" on Anwar Ibrahim too, resembles yours.

  8. I don't give a bloody Altantunya of a shit whether you believed this Bala or Americk and what they have to tell. KT, let me ask you just one question: Has BOTH Rosmah and Najib been called-in by the Police and subjected to aggressive and intensive interrogation regarding the matter. Aggressive here meaning similar techniques used on A.Kugan. If not, how can you know the truth from the untruths. Only pain, real excruciating pain will bring out the truth in anyone. Ask the CIA, former KGB & Stassi and the Mossad.

  9. Kaytee,

    It is unbelievable that a learned person like you can be so fixated on the messengers instead of the message.

    It would do Malaysia a lot of good if you can spend more time asking why Rosmah and Najib are never questioned, why MAAC, why BTN, many Ys.

  10. A Closed mind, shut tighter than a Scorpene hatch....

    Very sad waste of a mind...