Thursday, November 19, 2009

Liow Tiong Lai's godfather coming to save him?

There's no doubt UMNO wants Liow.

I say this because I have been observing DPM Muhyiddin's utterances on the MCA leadership issue for quite a while - Najib of course being Najib acted dunno to appear impartial.

In his utterances Muhyiddin has indirectly indicated he wanted (and still do, for) Ong Tee Keat to leave his position as president of the MCA - net result: Liow gets automatically promoted to President, with the grace of God (or UMNO) - hallelujah!

Even from Rome where he now is, Muhyiddin has indicated the possibility of UMNO intervening in MCA's on-going leadership crisis ... of course to save UMNO's boy Liow who is now in dire straits in MCA.

And don't think that the Sri Gading UMNO MP had the initiative or independent mind to insult Ong Tee Keat in Parliament, by telling the leader of the BN's 2nd biggest component party to bugger off.

'Twas unmistakably an UMNO imprimatur to Sri Gading to harass/embarrass Ong, basically a publicly announced crude hint that UMNO doesn't want him - and I believe Koh TK getting the blunt end of Sri Gading's insult as well was just a red herring, so as to show that UMNO wasn't particularly targetting Ong and thus taking sides in the MCA leadership tussle.

In this, Koh had served his usual role as UMNO's tool again, this time as a punching bag. I wonder whether YB Sri Gading subsequently went behind the scene to the PM-appointed senator to tell him: aiyah, Ah Koon sayang, sebenarnya ai bukan mahu hentam lu lah, jadi tenang ok, ma'i ai belanja kopi-aw. kira akaun DPM. wakakaka!

What more, according to Ti Lian Ker's blog, when Liow was MCA Deputy President, and Ong Tee Keat had refused to resign after he saw Liow and his fraction reneging on their presumably agreement to resign together with him should they lose the EGM's support, Liow boasted or attempted to intimidate the CC that he has the PM's support to be MCA President, implying to the members of the MCA CC that they should support him. Tarn kuku ler!

Politics make strange bedfellows wakakaka, where we now see Chua SL joining up with his erstwhile foe Ong TK to effectively neutralise young upstart and UMNO fave Liow and his cohorts.

This has naturally alarmed UMNO who now indicates it wants to step in, notwithstanding Najib's euphemistic remarks of 'calling for a meeting with MCA leaders', no doubt to save its boy.

Such gleeful joy for Liow as he reckons his UMNO Tai Koh now can save his position for him in MCA - in The Malaysian Insider's Liow ready to meet PM and explain fresh poll solution where he shamelessly declared "I thank the prime minister for his concern on the ongoing political turmoil in MCA. Whatever steps the prime minister takes cannot be seen as interference in our party but as advice."

Whatever steps the prime minister takes ...? Rather obsequiously shameless, isn't he? Why not make Najib President of MCA as well?

However, according to The Malaysian Insider's Outside interference akin to ‘political godfather’ culture, says Ti Ti Lian Ker emphatically stated … "there should be no 'political godfather' culture in the party where party leaders turn to other component parties for support."

"There should be no culture of this sort from within the party, where certain individuals continually subvert and undermine the party's agenda, purely because they have the comfort of crying to their political godfather outside the party."

"We appreciate the DPM's concern, but at the same time we would like to see to the party's internal affairs ourselves in order to stabilise the party.”

"When other BN component parties have internal problems, they don't let other parties step in to solve their problems. MCA, as of late, seems to be orchestrating a scenario to justify external interference."

I agree. One Koh TK is more than enough for the Chinese Malaysian community!


  1. These'ketuanan'types will continue to be'ketuanan'types because of crybabies in MCA.Guess they just can't get away from the 'master'and 'slave'syndrome.What a sad bunch...

  2. Yep. I too want Liow.
    Ong started the whole mess.
    He side-lined Chua. Then he took Chua. Later he side-lined others.
    The real victor is Chua SL.
    You got to agree Chinese not good in playing poltics.
    They are better off being towkays, tycoons and tradesmen.
    It's always the Malays who save MCA.
    Remember Ghafar Baba.
    I wish Dr M is still PM. This crisis won't prolong.
    He will tell everybody to shut up.

  3. though otk's action on pkfz is laudable, the way he reneged his promise to uphold the egm result and later aligned back with csl is shockingly unbelievable. that man even has the tendency to sack all cc for upholding democracy in the party. it's better he's off the party for good for the sake of chinese community.

  4. All these fighting and back-stabbing happens because of uneven distribution of loots ..

  5. Kaytee,

    Agree with your take on this issue.

    OTK and LTL don't have much credibility at all. Both will have to be axed one way or another.

    Only CSL can carry on, albeit as a temporary one only, because of the pin-hole camera episode.

    UMNO should not be involved in MCA politics. Those days are over, I hope.

  6. KT: You seem to be obsessed with MCA these days, instead of viewing it as an inconsequential body in its death throes. Instead of ignoring it, you are giving it more and more attention in your blog. Why don't you just join them and lend them a hand? They have become a party of born losers, and birds of a feather, of course, flock together.

  7. Chua Soi Lek's (former) good friend, are you the (in)famous Angela Yam?

  8. dpm : " kalau aku olang cin pun tak mau sokong mca lah ! "