Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

The Good

Malaysiakini's Exco Liu: I shall attend Selcat hearing if hauled up!

Unofficial reports have it that Selangor ADUN Ronnie Liu may be called up before the Selangor Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat).

Ronnie stated that he has no qualms about fronting up for a Selcat hearing if required to do so.

He acknowledged that the rumour mills and the event (should this occur) could damage his image regardless of his innocence but stated positively: “I shall try to make this into something that will come out positive for myself.”

The Bad

The Malaysian Insider's Karpal ridicules IGP’s ‘bizarre’ statement.

That so-called policeman has been at it again, showing his ignorance of Malaysian law. His KPI has dived down to 20,000 leagues beneath the sea, shocking even Captain Nemo down there! Ideally he should follow the fishy path of his KPI.

And Hishamuddin has a f* lot to answer for extending his contract.

The Ugly

The Malaysian Insider's Muhyiddin: No forgiving you Chin Peng.

WTF is there to forgive? Who needs forgiving?

If 'forgiving' is so vital to allowing someone into Malaysia, we shouldn't allow the Thais, whose forefathers sacked Langkawi and various other places in Malaya, the British whose colonial predecessors killed local hero Maharajalela and subjugated Malayans, and the Japanese whose ancestors raped the country, into our nation!

And don't forget mass murderer Noordin Top who brought immense shame for Malaysia by his evil wanton killings in a neighbouring country. How could we ever forgive this evil man?

And apart from Hishamuddin wanting to rehabilitate that evil man, he even permitted Noordin's corpse to be repatriated back to be buried on our sacred soil. So ... WTF!

F* forgiving.

But there is a necessity to honour the terms of the 02 December 1989 treaty, where Chin Peng and other former Malayan CTs were to be allowed to return home to live in peace if they want to.

Honour! I wonder whether our government even understands this word.

On this point of official agreement, even former IGP Rahim Noor and other former security officers were ready to testify on Chin Peng's behalf.

What Muhyiddin has just signalled by his cynical response is that the Malaysian government cannot be expected to honour its treaty.

Shame on Muhyiddin! And we shouldn't forgive him for bringing such shame to Malaysia.


  1. Muhyiddin outdoes himself with his astounding lack of wisdom and self-respect.

    Better for him to keep his mouth shut and let people think he's stupid than to open it and let people know for sure that he's an idiot.

  2. how about more lands, Muhyiddin.

    Dont worry, Johor state will honor it. and you wont get sue like the last time

  3. Kt,
    Dont waste your breath on that Most corrupted Johorean .To him we say " FUCK YOU"

  4. It is a good things, that Ronnie Liu are more political mature than taking immature defensive stance.

  5. Hi Moot, my sentiments exactly.

    SELCAT is a fact finding body - so if the facts are above board, Ronnie has nothing to fear & will come out smelling of roses.

    That's the way, Ronnie.

    As for the BeEnd flers - tak payah cakap banyak lah, semua keluar hanya "noise".

  6. Hey, what did I say about these 'ketuanan'types?He's refused entry simply becos'he's a chink!They don't care or recognise the fact that he might've set us on the path to independence in the first place!What a bunch of insecure morons!