Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IGP - ‘Thou shalt not question me’

Once upon a time there was a man who proved that good genes could not guarantee the progeny of possessing basic intelligence and a sense of logic. Is this what is meant by the quote ‘Got into the gene pool while the lifeguard wasn't watching’?

Born into an illustrious family, he astounded the world with his boorish irrationality and stupidity.

Unfortunately the oligarchical nature of the country’s politics endowed him with extraordinary powers, where he then proceeded to amply demonstrate the inconsistency of his family’s otherwise noble strain.

He had previously blasted a colleague who exposed corrupt practice in his schooling system – yes, he shot the messenger but did nothing about the corrupt officials.

He pampered racial and religious bigots with a penchant for spitting and stomping on decapitated cow's head while arresting people who conducted peaceful candlelight vigils.

He lamented his lack of opportunity to ‘rehabilitate’ Asia’s most notorious mass murderer when the criminal terrorist was shot dead, but he kept his silence when his Sturmtroopers gunned down 5 people in a car in Klang, on the allegation that those killed were criminals.

Was the massacre an act of excessive force, by jack-booted Sturmabteilung already notorious for a multitude of unexplained deaths occurring under their custody?

Due to our misfortune we learnt from him that crime rates are directly proportional if not to the square of our criticism of the so-called crime stoppers - in other words, the more we criticise the so-called lawmen for their failures in reducing crime, the higher the crime rate becomes ...

... and according to his gospel, if crime increases, it's not because of his men's failures but our criticisms.

Such demented illogic must have motivated his chief lieutenant to now throw in his (the latter's) two sens of illogic by brazenly stating that
to question police action is to support criminals.

In other words, his chief lieutenant argued those who questioned their action in shooting ‘suspects’ should consider whether they are really supporting the lawmen or the criminals.

And our answer twould surely have to be: we need to know first, who are the lawmen and who are the criminals?

The chief lieutenant, a pathetic poor performer under whose watch the nation’s crime rate has soared as it has never soared before, like a solid fuelled rocketed turkey, is obviously and monumentally deficient in basic understanding of the concept of ‘accountability’.

He believes his men could shoot wantonly like American soldiers in downtown Baghdad and be similarly exempted from any need to account for their actions of dispensing death to 'suspects'. In Baghdad, coincidentally, those Iraqi civilians killed by Americans were all 'suspect' terrorists. We share the same explanation.

If there is no greater red light warning than his statement as to his Neanderthal mentality towards expending the powers he has been assigned, to protect the public but who now feel threatened by the so-called protector, then I like to know what would this be?

But I blame the chief lieutenant's unmitigated Caesar-like intimidation of ‘Thou shalt not question me’ on the man with supposedly good genes (which undoubtedly must have mutated since his birth). He was the one who employed a poor performing Ernst Röhm, despite allegations of the latter being involved with the triads.

Surely such idiocy has to be the weirdness of gene mutation.

“He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak" - Michel de Montaigne

"All authority belongs to the people" - Thomas Jefferson


  1. the IGP said that the police has asked the suspects to surrender beforehand. of course it would be nice and civility if the suspects comply with the request (of course if they are innocent) but instead they retaliated. the police has no choice but to open fire as self-defense. or else, what do you expect - police ends up as corpse because they cannot fire their guns and allow thieves/robbers to shoot and chop them? why is the police gun for? accessory?

    you may be living in aussie, but malaysia criminals have become more and more daring, and they come with guns.

  2. denzook say, "IGP said that the police has asked the suspects to surrender beforehand"

    Looking at Bolehland police excellent K0PI track record, especially video record :"Saya bagi 3 minute, satu, dua , tiga, tangkap", I will keep your statement as amusement claim. that's my opinion.

  3. police's life is cheap isn't it. rakyat's (which include robbers) life is more superior. i feel like myself playing an arcade game.

  4. hei denzook,

    The police have yet to explain in detail what SPECIFIC crimes the 5 dead Indians were suspected of being involved in. NO time,place, victims nor nature of the alleged crimes have been furnished by the police. If the police were to continue killing these Indians indiscriminately, I hope the government do not regret the day some hot-headed Indians start targeting the police in revenge killings. It is this very callous and racially motivated killings of the Malay/Muslims which has set South Thailand on fire today. The Thai army have been sucked into this quagmire and the insurgency does not seem to be going away. In a nutshell the Malay/Muslims generally see the blame the Buddhist Thais as oppressors. Do you want to see an ethnic-religion insurgency in Malaysia?

  5. that moron from stoneage justified the killings by "shoot first before being shot".

    George Bush and the murderers of innocent Palestinians will be proud of this stoneage Head. KPI met 200%, rite?

  6. Dear Vinnan,

    Why on earth you are defending criminals?

    For once , why police had to shoot them? Why? Because they fired when asked to surrender.

    There is nothing racial about this. The problem starts when you glorify criminals and look from a racial perspective.

    Are you are aware that by law you are required to surrender if requested by police?

    What do you expect the [police to do when they fired at our police. Try to reason with criminals? and why we said those dead as criminals. They fdired at our police.

    Stop playing racial issue my dear friend.

  7. Dear Vinnan,

    The trouble in South Thailand is due to Thailand's annexation of Sultanate of Pattani way back in 1902.

    Thailand, unlike Malaysia , does not accept diversity. As such, successive Thai PM tend to destroy the culture of local people.

    Malay language is not then taught in school. Many imams were killed at night. Men dissapeared. Malays have no avenue to Bangkok.

    To make matters worse, Thai army then was also guilty for high handed attitude.

    The problem lies with unsettled remnants of old Sultanate. What Thailand can do is grant autonomy to these people. tHe easiset way is to let a Malay say for exm becoming the Governor of the state. Just like Penang where the Chief Minister is a Chinese.

    The problem in Malaysia lies with mind boggling loves to criminals just because they are from same race.

    As such, you are not able to accept reality that those shots are criminals. You are unable to realise that these criminals fired at the police.

    There are many politicians who will agree with you just so they can look great with community that share same race with the criminals.

    I have no respect to this people. Police needs to be firm. No if no but. You are required to surrender when asked so.

    Please do not expect police to advise you when you opened fire on them. Their answer would be firing back. And that is their basic duty.

    Hats off to Tan sri IGP. well done sir.

  8. "Are you are aware that by law you are required to surrender if requested by police? "

    what to do? he was poisoned by RPK stand. if the thai southern militants stand up and fight even they were asked lay down their arms, i guess his thinking is it's ok and heroic the criminals especially from ethnic "minority" stand up and shoot back the police when they are asked to surrender.

  9. Vinnan, the issue in this post is about police accountability (and refusal to be accountable) for their actions in shooting at public members, and not about alleged racial profiling by police for killing.

    The worry is about Malaysian police behaving like unrestrained American troops in occupied territory shooting away at public members without due process.

    The police claimed they had to defend themselves by retaliating but because of the distrust the public holds for the police we are questioning whether they had truly exercised proper due process before opening fire on public members, and not because of any alleged racial profiling.

    Our question is whether they had simply tembak dulu, kira nanti instead of taking incremental steps (due process) before gunning down those alleged criminals.

    Of course and unfortunately, due to the socio-economic problems the majority of Indian Malaysians suffers from, they have consequentially been assigned a major share of the ownership of crimes. The remedy in this area is not just policing but a good socio-economic package which alas, the BN has failed to deliver thus far, after 52 years. MIC is chiefly responsible for failing to raise the quality of life for Indian Malaysians.

    There is now great anger and awakening among the Indians to an extent that even the new Penang government (just after less than 2 years in office) has been condemned by some Indian community leaders, notably by Uthayakumar. He has his political motives but his aggressive nature could also be genuinely driven by frustrated concerns for poor Indians. But this doesn't excuse his 'shotgun' attack on all and sundry.

    The issue in Southern Thailand is as what Shamshul mentioned - there's historical baggage in that region due to perception of violated sovereignty, so it's different to what the Indians in Malaysia are facing, namely poor socio-economic support but mainly poor leadership.