Monday, June 05, 2023

Hadi is adamant Anwar has erred by not establishing a Malay Muslim majority gov’t

Hadi is adamant Anwar has erred by not establishing a Malay Muslim majority gov’t

RECALCITRANT PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang has used Prophet Muhammad’s vision of nation-building to justify why it is compulsory for Malays who profess Islam to lead, rule and administer a plural society that includes non-Muslims in Malaysia.

The Marang MP used such justification to counter Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s who had rebutted him for claiming that the federal administration is unfit to govern because it is dominated by non-Malays is as having missed the mark.

“His (Anwar) statement and consideration are completely wrong, misguided and contradicted the leadership by example virtues of the Prophet SAW,” Hadi pointed out in his Minda Presiden PAS (PAS President’s Insights) segment on his Facebook page.

“This is because the concept propagated by Pakatan Harapan (PH) is without true Islamic belief (akidah), without proper ideology, without moral, without knowledge, and is easily influenced by Western theories inherited from former colonialists.”

Added the controversial cleric: “Because of this, they bring the concept of secularism and ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ which rejects Malay Muslim leadership without blatant disregard on the faith, morals and integrity aspects.”

As such, Hadi cannot accept Anwar’s notion that the number of MPs of any ethnicity in Parliament is immaterial to create a stable government rather on the implementation of policies.

“In fact, Anwar is also of the opinion that evaluating the stability of the government by only relying on the factor of race is an old-fashioned consideration,” he contended.

“Therefore, in order to have enough MPs to establish a government, people from different beliefs without the basis of faith and morals are mixed up even when the actual number is not justified. The trick is to create a false and misguided narrative, correct the wrong or simply to sweep the faults under the carpet.”

According to Hadi, governments of this nature are fragile and can only last for a short time as practiced in the US, Chile, Fiji and most recently in the UK because their election of leaders is not based on the dominant race.

In this regard, he reminded Anwar that Islam has a time-proof constitutional concept either through the caliphate system (head of state) or the monarchy system that can be adhered to.

“As evident in the Medina Charter (that was constituted by Prophet to end inter-tribal conflicts and maintain peace and cooperation among the Medinan people), the Quran and Sunnah are regarded as the highest source of law,” asserted Hadi.

“Therefore, for the followers of Islam, they must make the Quran their guide and the Prophet SAW their role model instead of being misguided by the law of reason and cheap misleading media.

“Indeed, the most unfortunate people are those who are blind to the Quran and such disease is worse than illiteracy.” – June 5, 2023

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  1. And what say the PAS non Malay supporters wing? Good to know you will always be under the thumb of the Malay/Muslim?

    And what of the goatee growing convert Firdaus Wong? Or is he now considering himself a Malay like the fake Malay lecturer Tee?