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'Ketuanan' even in Malaysian school history books


Expert slams history textbook for errors, pro-Malay bias

Ranjit Singh Malhi, a historian, says the textbooks are “skewed towards establishing Islamic and Malay dominance”. (UKM pic)

PETALING JAYA: A historian has criticised the latest edition of secondary school history textbooks for being biased and inaccurate, and called on the education ministry to take action.

Ranjit Singh Malhi said the textbooks, for use in Form 1 to Form 5, were Malay and Islam-centric and had omitted key facts relevant to nation-building while including factual distortions and exaggerations.

Pointing out that most of the textbooks’ writers were Malay, he said this meant that students were learning world and Malaysian history from the perspective of one particular ethnic group.

“The glaring defects in the current history textbooks only confirm the bias of the writers. They do not provide an adequate, balanced and fair account of the emergence and growth of Malaysia’s plural society,” he said in a statement.

“Our young are not being taught the real and inclusive history of our nation but a consciously selected historical narrative skewed towards establishing Islamic and Malay dominance based upon the divisive concept of ‘ketuanan Melayu’.

“For example, unlike earlier textbooks, the current history textbooks downplay the important roles and contributions of the Malaysian Chinese and Indian communities in the economic and infrastructure development of the nation,” he said.

Ranjit, who is an adjunct professor at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, said the role of Indians in developing the rubber industry and the Chinese in growing the tin mining sector had been relegated to two to three sentences in the Form 3 history textbook.

He also said the textbooks failed to show the impact of Hindu-Buddhist civilisation on Malay culture, language, literature and even government.

“It should be noted that the early Malay kings were considered as the incarnation of Hindu gods based upon the concept of ‘devaraja’ (god-king). Indeed, till today, elements of the Indian cultural influences are still prevalent in Malay culture,” he said.

Ranjit said the Islam-centric bias in the textbooks were obvious with topics on Indian and Chinese civilizations covered in less than 10 pages each, while Islamic civilization took 26 pages.

He added that there were several “inexcusable” errors in the textbooks despite having a panel of experts vet the book.

He called for an end to ethnic and religious prejudice in textbooks, saying Malaysians needed to learn how to value the nation’s rich multicultural heritage which makes up the soul of the country.

“The teaching of inclusive history is an integral part of nation-building. Our history textbooks should adopt a ‘pluralistic framework’ which promotes a sense of national identity and belonging which is crucial for racial harmony and national unity.

“I have no objections to the Malay/Islam narrative being the core of Malaysian history, but definitely not at the expense of marginalising the history of non-Malays, Orang Asli of West Malaysia and Orang Asal of Sabah and Sarawak,” he said.


kt notes:

Sadly, there exists this childish insecure inferior-mentality attitude amongst some authors of Malaysian history books, to the tragic extent of becoming less of historians than novelists, wakakaka.

My matey, Jolene Law, has this post in her FB page - I've "borrowed" it for your perusal, as follows:

Datuk M. Magendran and Datuk N. Mohanadas were the first Malaysians to set foot on the peak of Mount Everest 8,848 metres above sea level on May 23, 1997 but the BM TEXT BOOK YEAR 3 only stated that TWO MALAY CLIMBERS SCALED MOUNT EVEREST IN 2004.

Why was there no mention of the TWO INDIAN CLIMBERS? WHY WERE THEY SIDELINED? It may give a FALSE IMPRESSION that the two Malay climbers were the first to scale MOUNT EVEREST.

In November 2007 I penned '1st Malaysians (or Indian Sherpas) at Everest?' which reads:

K Sugu is another of my fave columnists at Malaysiakini, who should be persuaded to write more often. Today he posted a great piece on Indians and Hindraf, but I want to give you just an extract of what Malaysiakini has published.

The extract of Sugu's article refers to the conquest of Mt Everest by M Magendran and N Mohandas, the first Malaysians to reach the top of Chomolungma (Goddess Mother of the World) as Everest is known in Tibetan.

Malaysiakini photo

Sugu wrote (extract):

An excellent example of this attitude was when two Indians in the first Malaysian team to attempt the conquest of Mt Everest managed to reach the peak first.

The question in Parliament was: “Why didn't they wait for the others?” which beggared belief and exposed that particular YB's abysmal ignorance of conditions prevailing in the Himalayas. His question implied they should have waited for their betters.

The poor benighted man was reacting from a deeply entrenched habit, a product of his environment that continues to this day.

I wasn’t aware of this story, but it's an unspeakable unbelievable unforgiveable words testifying to ethnocentric arrogance and parochial narrow-mindedness!

And who was that Yang Berbodoh?

By contrast, this was what Magendran said: "For all Malaysians it shows racial unity, teamwork, that we could do anything if we work as a team and believe in what we are doing. People are very proud."

Well, you can hardly blame the poor Indian Malaysians for feeling right royally pissed for being considered as the Malaysian Harijans by people like that YB idiot.

200 years of residence in this great country (don't blame country, it's the system) with 50 years of Malaysian citizenship, and the Yang Berbodoh wanted the two Malaysian Sherpas to wait until the UMNO anointed Sahib could catch up and step up to the peak to plant the Jalur Gemilang.


I have yet another story from the blog page of Din Merican. On 01 June 2010, Tunku Abdul Aziz in an interview with (by now defunct) The Nut Graph, Tunku said (extract only):

Tunku Aziz:
My family history goes back several hundred years. We can trace our origins from the days of the Hindu kingdom. My ancestors were Hindu before they became Muslim. I descended from the line of Sultan Abdullah, who had two sons, Sultan Ahmad Shah and Tunku Yaakob, also known as Tunku Embong. He, being the younger, became the Raja Muda. In short, that is my family tree.

As I have indicated, the present Kedah ruler can trace his lineage back to the first Hindu king of Kedah. It is the country’s oldest royal line. My mother was a dayang from Brunei whose elder sister married my father’s elder bother — two brothers marrying two sisters.

Here we have a royal from the House of Kedah, a proud patrician in his own rights, telling the true story of his family as it had been, a lineage which can be traced all the way back to the 1st Hindu (not Muslim) King of Kedah.

8th century Borobudur Buddhist monument (Sailendra dynasty), the largest Buddhist temple in the world

YM Tunku Aziz is like the Indonesians who are extremely proud of their Hindu (not Indians, not Islamic) ancestors - BTW, Indonesians had both Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms. From Mataram, Sailendra, Sri Vijaya, Singhasari, Majapahit to its Islamic identities, Indonesians stand tall in their pride on the glories of their ancient Buddhist-Hindu-Islamic ancestors, unlike some Malays in Malaya who cringed at having non-Islamic ancestry.

Prambanan in Java was built during the Sanjaya dynasty of Mataram Kingdom, one of the largest Hindu temple complexes in Southeast Asia

This is exactly what Ranjit Singh Malhi said about "the early Malay kings were considered as the incarnation of Hindu gods based upon the concept of ‘devaraja’ (god-king)", and we have YM Tunku Abdul Aziz confirming it (as far back as 2010) - Thanks YM.

Yet lamentably today, our so-called 'historians' shy away from such distinguished lineages, probably preferring to have a 'Tantawi' as their name, or a ruler by the name of 'Umar ibn al-Khattab.


  1. xiaodi in msia n hk do exactly the same thing wrt history text book, they emulate dage.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      U do mean those "xiaodi in msia n hk" r picking a page from the Japanese govt in rewriting the content of the history text book!

      Of course, u should know. The dickheaded 台毒 mfers have been nipponised those history texts long since the Jap colonists left that island!

    2. many countries allow their school freedom to choose textbook, for eg less than 1% japs school pick japs righties vesion, while taiwan and to a certain extent msia n hk permit the freedom to criticize and pinpoint what deem not correct or bias. this dont happen in ccpland, which now a model to xiaodi, the blue n green communist.

      dont accuse tuan in msia unless u disagree with what tuan do in ccpland. else, u r just a hippo.

    3. "many countries allow their school freedom to choose textbook"

      Wow!!! Twisting with lies!

      Why r u ignoring the key controlling fact that ALL these freely selected textbooks whose contents MUST compulsively falling under the controlled educational guidelines?

      & what r those guidelines - free for all, mfer?

      <1% japs school pick japs righties vesion!!!

      Where's yr source? From that fart filled well?

      Taiwan and to a certain extent msia n hk permit the freedom to criticize and pinpoint what deem not correct or bias!!!

      犬养 mfer, haven't u ignored the proven facts that ALL Jap/Taiwan/HK use modified textbooks favouring to their political system?

      Yaloh, criticize on those distorted & twisted his-stories as long as the criticisms r touch&go within the detailed guidelines.

      ie don't spook the melayu sensitivities in bolihland. Following the stipulated his-story vis-a-vis the alternative history in Formosa & HK.

      China has her own version of teaching materials that r opened for criticisms & reviews by ALL.

      Didn't u claimed to spend at least 30min everyday to scan through China media?

      U didn't read those multitudes of complaints by concerned/worried parents? What about those farts from those good-for-nothing 公知?

      Doesn't happened in ccpland?

      Perhaps, u read those China media to search ONLY for juicy contents to built yr lies!


      U r definitely not that huge animal playing in the river. Behaving gravelling like xiaodi to yr altarized demoNcratic champions.

    4. i never deny the fact most govt adopt historical narrative that suit their political needs. however i read many twnese article that sound critical towards govt stance on 228, i dont see a single one in ccpland that talk 64, its like compare beaver to hippo.

      0.4% school use war glorifying textbook.

      ccpland 100% school use textbook that tell how glorify to kill unarmed student

    5. "dont see a single one in ccpland that talk 64"

      犬养mfer, we r talking about textbook history here!

      What have those Formosa history texts mentioned about 228?

      If u want to compare articles, from web, books or magazines - then if u r looking at the right places, there r multitudes of writes in China about 64 incident - both pro & con!

      犬养mfer, yr lies don't fit in with anything liken beaver or hippo. It's yr pure f*cked fabrication!

      "0.4% school use war glorifying textbook"

      Mfer, haven't u comb through yr beloved Formosa newsprints on how Jap glorified its war & diminishing its crimes?

      Did those Formosa press said anything about "0.4% (Jap)school use war glorifying textbook"?

      Truly pure lie of the nth order.

      "ccpland 100% school use textbook that tell how glorify to kill unarmed student"

      Cbmfing moron, shows proof, don't just fart!

      A reminder - u said CCP school textbook. Don't twist lie & run!

  2. so what s wrong with having tantawi or ibnu khattab as our names. is it different from joachim, sarah or even sugar for chinese?

    1. we were talking about Malays who seem ashamed of their Hindu past, unlike YM Tunku Aziz and most Indonesians, not non-Malays who have Christian names or adopted Christian names

    2. So u like the idea of cultural copycat identity whoever do them?

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  4. wakaka...KT, on the exact reverse you are much coarser and cruder.
    Ok la tu, 8% represented 10 pages,21% represented 10 pages.....65% represented 26 fair la tu oi..... Apa lagi lu mau.

    1. Civil Service, Armed Forces, Police, Vice Chancellors, Kepala GLC???

    2. Very pandai!


      U learn from those well dwelling katak?

  5. The post of Education Minister during the Alliance/BN years was exclusively reserved for Malay/Muslims.

    60 years - what do you expect?

    The position of Deputy Education Minister was almost always reserved for MCA and MIC. They allowed this to happen.

    Many historians had complained about the one-sided History. But the long list of MCA Deputy Education Ministers did NOTHING.

    BTW, the current Deputy is MCA's Mah Hang Song - what has happened to the teaching of KHAT or UEC recognition? No More Issue now that Wee KHAT Siong has his seat in cabinet?

  6. Ranjit Singh must also be upset that JAKIM gets 1 BILLION annual budget but 120 Sikh temples nationwide must share 3 million....or 25k each.

    This is the result of BOH LAM PHAR by MCA and MIC, the self-proclaimed protectors of their minority races, but were in actual fact racists against their own for 60 years, as long as their leaders have exalted seats in cabinet.

    PM announces RM4m allocation for Sikh community
    Monday, 12 Apr 2021

    PETALING JAYA, April 12 — Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today announced a RM4 million allocation for Sikhs in Malaysia this year, to help strengthen the community.

    He said as a government subscribing to the principle of caring and inclusiveness, the Perikatan Nasional (PN) administration was committed to continue with efforts to strengthen all communities in Malaysia.

    He said RM3 million would be channelled to 120 Gurdwaras while a RM1 million fund would be dedicated to establishing the first Sikh centre in the country.

    “This is yet another effort which shows that in Malaysia people are free to practise their own religion, culture and language regardless of who they are,” he said in his speech at a high tea in conjunction with the Vaisakhi Day celebration here. — Bernama

  7. We all know how the so-called great Malay suffers from an acute case of inferiority complex such that he will go to all extremes to exclude the achievements of the nons.

    Hurray for Ketuanan Melayu!!@!

  8. Wee KHAT Siong, when you were Deputy Education Minister did you ensure the proper recognition of Indians and Tamils in the development of railways, or were they just "tokens".....ha ha ha...Or were you just happy to have a seat in the cabinet...?

    Historical token shows Indian community's contribution to the rail sector
    Monday, 12 Apr 2021

    PETALING JAYA: A train key token with Tamil script was proof that the Indian community significantly contributed to the development and operation of the country's railway system, says Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.

    The Transport Minister said he saw the token when he boarded a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train from Pasir Mas to Wakaf Bharu in Kelantan on Sunday (April 11), and was told that it was the key to keeping trains running smoothly.

    "The key token I have is quite heavy. It is 136 years old and it is still being used today," he said in an Instagram post on Monday (April 12).

    Dr Wee learned from Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) train driver Mohd Dasuki Setapa that key tokens breathed life into trains, as it allowed trains to depart and pull in at stations.

    Dasuki explained to Dr Wee that only one token can be given at one time to prevent collisions, and station masters at each station would give out the tokens which indicated the train's destination.

    "The tokens will be placed inside a leather bag and the train driver must return the token to the station master when he arrives at his destination," Dr Wee said.

    In his post, Dr Wee put up a picture of a token with the number 23 and Wakaf Bharu and Pasir Mas written in Tamil and Roman scripts.

    He said he was fascinated by the fact that the Tamil script was included in the token, which showed the significant contribution of the Indian community towards the development and operation of the railway system.

    "This just shows that the community played an important role in building the train tracks and operating KTMB," he said.

  9. Green Komunis learn from DaGe to institute "Patriotic Education".

    10 years if such indoctrination will convert all of the children into good Party supporters.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      The greatest "patriotic education" happens right in yr beloved demoNcratic West!

      Assimilate, behave, talk&think like yr aspired & adopted country.

      Minority must follow majority even when that majority is race biased. That's how almost all the minority soon losing their own identity!

      Communism DOESN'T have such doctrine. But demoNcratic capitalism has multitudes of such dogma inbuilt into its facades.

      But, as a known-nothing, all u can do & want to do is to blame communism!

    2. i read ccpland media at least 30 minutes everyday to get a feel how zombieism work n evolve, our local tuan media appear insignificant if compare against ccp, while the reverse seem to happen in many western states education where political correctness become a norm to a point they always remain silence whenever a black criminal start to talk racism.

    3. Yes u read ccpland media that r published/available inside yr fart filled well. Any wonder?


      "in many western states education where political correctness become a norm to a point they always remain silence whenever a black criminal start to talk racism"


      Political correctness to whom & by whom?

      That's that f*cking essence that u r unable to sieve through!

      U read what the western media want u to read. Yet down in the streets, all evils & dark side of their state education r been parading every second of the day!

      Case in point - the never-ending of black killing by police in yr Yankeeland. Follow by black riotings & rampaging shops lootings.

      The shooting is a cause but there r black criminal chanting racism & political incorrect slurs to add oil to the raging fire.

      These r the sign of the failures in their education system. What political correctness r u baggarting about? Has that political correctness silence of their state education covers up anything?

      Mfer, the fruits of Western state education r there for u to pick!

    4. as usual, u conflate authoritarian with education.

      95% that rally anti asian hate crime is white, thats education, the 6% ccpland born that choose to stay home is the product of authoritarian, not education.

    5. Wakakakakaka… do u actually know what conflate means?

      Throughout history, education had long been conflated with politics - been it demoNcracy or authoritarianism.

      "95% that rally anti asian hate crime is white"


      Mfer, where did u get that number? Watching CNN, BBC or fart well news?

      If 95% r white then only 5% r Asian!

      U called that anti Asian hate crime rally? U might as well labelled it as bleeding-heartish whites fighting for gravelling Asian minion rally!

      Those China born Yankee wannabes r the product of western brainwashed zombies. That's why they wanted so much to be an imitated Yankee doodles!

      That's western EDUCATION indoctrination for u. They made their choice. They face the consequences!

    6. BTW, u want to know education conflated with politics?

      I have been raising hell in many forums about the unethical disposing of Fukushima nuclear waste water into Pacific ocean by the Japan govt with the contents of US & IAEA when that announcement has been declared in the last few days.

      Where r that "how dare u" Swedish know-nothing girl in her crys for environment?

      Where r all those western bleeding hearts who have been shouting their lungs out for environment protections?

      Where r all those western press that nailing down on China about her carbon emission rate?

      Global temperature rise of 1 degree over decades is more critical than eating nuclear waste contaminated seafoods allover the world within years!

      They can't see the effort of China in greening the deserts over decades silently while a known-nothing girl turns environmental heroine overnight by shouting "how dare u" to China over her carbon emission!

      Mfer, that's western education for the impressionable western youths! Similar to yr favourite selective pick&choose to condemn. Political considerations over everything else, if u can see the truth!

      Politically correct? My foot!

    7. 95% i got it from toutiao, a ccp apps, u can read the same number from netease n sina or any other ccp apps, the diff btw me n ah jerk is i rarely do west media, i dont appreciate english like most of u did.

      ccp media dont report fake number, for eg they wont say sinovac effective in brazil is 70.5, however they would give reason why efficacy is low, or spin how 50.7% is still a much much better than 92%. thats a expertise not monopolies by ccp alone, our tuan n green communist here, n also our host live in oz, ah twat, ah jerk n the greatest of all, u, possess similar skill if not better.

      whats the common aspect among your type? thats an educational subject that need further explore n discussion.

    8. "95% i got it from toutiao, a ccp apps, u can read the same number from netease n sina or any other ccp apps"

      Keep lying lah, mfer. U r not the only one who read those China social media!

      It also proves conclusively u only pluck juicy choices from China media to supplement yr lie fabrications!


      "rarely do west media, i dont appreciate english"


      Maybe bcoz of yr, 南魔萬 England comprehension & yr f*cked affinity for katak-ised farts, which have been double or treble twisted by those Formosa dickheads - mind u using English sources!

      U want to fart about how China reporting the efficacy of her covid vaccines? Mfer, there is currently a report from BBC, quoting a Chinese official saying local vaccines 'don't have high protection rates'

      Believe it or not? Why don't u quote it & tambah spices to fry it?

      It's in the nature of the Chinese - in not braggarting about their achievements until been verified by external source!

      Very different from yr uncle Sam's instant gratification that u so aspired to. Right?

      So, whats the common aspect among our type?

      Simple! We don't lie & we debunk the lies, fabricated news & ad hominem farts coming from u katak with FACTS!

      Educational subjects? That's the one 犬养mfer, like u, keep alluding to with more lies!


    9. 犬养mfer, let me give u a piece of tritium mind about yr education fart!

      "95% i got it from toutiao"

      Mfer, toutiao is opened for all to have a piece of their says within China, contrary to yr off claimed censored news. Surprised?

      Thus, there r misquotes, lies by 恨国贼, dress-upped farts from 公知 sandwiched within many other authentic news.

      If u r truly educated u would have work ed out the sidetrack just like me in reading that 95% f*cked content!

      Yet, u shallowed wholesome - just bcoz it fits nicely into yr insidious evil mind!

      That's yr ONLY reason!

      "rarely do west media, i dont appreciate english like most of u did."

      Mfer, how many times have u quoted in total &/or verbatim about adversed news wrt CCP/China/Chinese from western media?

      Remember yr fraudulent claim of 6% China born Yankee wannabes? The Korean war etc etc?

      Lies pile upon lie, many time with fabricated advocates & stories. That's yr contemptuous doings in trying to run down everything CCP/China/Chinese!

      If u have a true education that institute that taught u must be one hell of a evil factory.

      Sleep on it, 犬养mfer. I'm watching yr very move to run down ccp/China/Chinese. & I will hit u NO ENDS!

    10. y no comment on daya bay nuclear plant waste treatment? ccp education indeed, close both eyes when japs was a friend, now tokkok as if they care about pacific ocean.

    11. U know Daya bay nuclear plant!

      Then u should know how HK been so kindly treated by the motherland.

      Daya bay nuclear plant waste treatment follows more stringent treatments & storage restrictions than those proposed by IAEA!

      Although some countries, most notably the USA, treat used nuclear fuel as waste, most of the material in used fuel can be recycled as in the case in China.

      The low and intermediate level waste will be isolated by near surface disposal method or underground disposal method, but the spent fuel in China will be reprocessed first, followed by vitrification and final geological disposal. All done within China!

      Mfer, did those nuclear wastes been done as in the case of US - secretly dumped into ocean surrounding the Micronesia. & Japan now openly want to discharge into Pacific ocean?

      U truly know f*ck about how China treated her nuclear wastes. U just pluck a western mythology & expect China would do the same!

      Who's koktoking?

    12. China develops fast neutron reactor used in nuclear power plant. It is more efficient in requiring less uranium to produce energy, thus reduces radioactive waste as a byproduct. It can even potentially utilize nuclear waste with trace amounts of uranium from older, less efficient reactors as fuel.


      犬养mfer, do remember this is not for yr consumption!

  10. Tunku Abdul Aziz has since joined the Race and Religion Zombies, after 2013, his public statements have been in support of the Race and Religion Supremacists.