Friday, April 23, 2021

Is JAIS mowing everyone down with one bamboo pole?


Don’t make false allegations against all Christians, says ex-minister

Mujahid Yusof Rawa said he believed there were Christians who wanted to live peacefully and have a peaceful coexistence.

PETALING JAYA: Any allegation made against the Christian community must be substantiated, former Islamic affairs minister Mujahid Yusof Rawa said, adding that it was against Islamic law to make generalisations.

Commenting on a book claiming to expose a Christian agenda, published by the Selangor Islamic council, he said the entire Christian community could be deemed to be evil if the claims were not substantiated.

Mujahid admitted there were Christian sects that “aggressively promoted” their faith, and the best way to deal with this was through dakwah, or preaching.

He said that as non-Muslims were barred from propagating their religion to Muslims, the Muslims could take legal action against anyone who engaged with them for that purpose.

“If there are other religions (outside Islam) that do this, the law should take its course.”

He went on to say that not all Christians were evangelistic, and that there were those who respected Islam as the religion of the Federation.

“I believe there are Christians who want to live peacefully and have a peaceful coexistence.”

Christians and Jews, he said, were regarded as “People of the Book”.

He said that, according to the Quran, Christians were closer to Muslims compared to the Jews and polytheists.

Nevertheless, Mujahid said, Islam provided a guide to Muslims living in a diverse community and “draws the line between enemies and friends”.

“For those who oppress Muslims in the name of religion, kill Muslims and drive them out from their homes, they are the enemy.

“For those who respect you and have no hatred towards Muslims, these are friends who deserve respect.”

The book, titled “Pendedahan Agenda Kristian”, is a free book published by the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (JAIS), which is also available for download from its website. It was published in 2014, but its PDF copy has been shared on WhatsApp.

The 120-page book states while it “does not want to make enemies of Christians,” Muslims were “disturbed by Christian evangelists” who were trying to push for apostasy among Muslims.

The book highlights the creation of “Muslim friendship” groups by evangelists as a ruse to indoctrinate Muslims with Christianity, and later convert them.

The book is divided into five chapters, “True character of Christianity”, “Laws on the Evangelical movement”, “The current realities of the Christian agenda” and “A solution to counter the Christian agenda”.


  1. Sounds more like the evangalists are a zionist agenda trying to pick the muslims against the christians.

  2. Ha muslims are so easily spooked.

    Islam in Malaysia must be wrapped with metal sheets to protect against the onslaught of Christian evangelism.

    How fragile is the faith of muslims that they must be protected against other religions being shared with them (muslims)

    And who can forget the "curse" of the simple cross that causes muslims into a frenzy.