Friday, November 01, 2019

DAP voters in Tanjung Piai out to get Guan Eng

Extracts from Another Brick in the Wall's Tanjong Piai by-election is a test for DAP.

Chinese voter test

PPBM Pribumi offered a heavyweight candidate thus in the words of an UMNO Vice President, it is not possible for BN to secure an 80% Malay vote with a Malay candidate and win without Chinese votes.

Both PPBM Pribumi and BN need Chinese votes. Having Wee Jeck Seng as candidate, it increases BN chances tremendously.

In the current dispute between Mahathir and DAP on transition for Anwar to replace him, DAP could possibly sabotage the election and get the Singapore based Malaysians registered by DAP at Tg Piai to vote against PPBM Pribumi.

There are indications DAP members intend to vote against PH and teach Lim Guan Eng a lesson. Will that translate to sufficient votes for BN?

That should be the objective of BN for Tg Piai to test the Chinese votes and hopefully find the turnaround in fate with Chinese voters. It is also the opportunity to prove Muafakat Nasional is not racist and the chance to prove it is inclusive of non-Malays and non-Muslims.

It makes no difference whether BN win or lose Tg Piai but it makes helluva difference for BN to make inroads with Chinese voters. The pathetic economic condition favour them so focus on the economy instead of petty issue on personality.

For those right wing ultra insisting everything Malay or Muslim, that position will not gain them the power to serve their interest and without power, the current situation is a glaring reality they cannot not ignore.

Without any effective effort, only God's miraculous will and divine could make them realise their aspiration. Only chosen few gets the benefit of divine intervention. For the rest of us, it has to be within the grasp of one's effort.


  1. Most Malaysian Chinese have very short memories, and largely mercenary in their politics. MCA is now the Hero.

    DAP Ministers and Deputy Minisers are being heavily condemned on social media.

    All signs point to a victory for the UMNO-PAS-MCA Alliance

  2. You are either naive or twisting the fact.

    DAP supporters will vote against Bersatu to get at Toonsie, not Guanee. Guanee actually prefer Bersatu to lose, so Bersatu's count is reduced from 26 to 25, reduce the size of their swollen head and more importantly embarrass the old man.

  3. Wakakakaka…

    Another mold on the wall! A zombified ketuanan freak out for another con piece to earn his kayu api tiga!

    & u dare to quote him?

    "… to prove Muafakat Nasional is not racist and the chance to prove it is inclusive of non-Malays and non-Muslims."

    Muafakat Nasional is that hive populates by elite ketuanan freaks & alpha zombies with the tail wagging desperados huaren running dogs playing table-waiting.

    Truly a mafulat setup.

    Yet this jibby ampu-ee wants to con the cinapeks to help Muafakat Nasional! He has forgotten the denigrations that he used to write about the Chinese Malaysians.

    Not in a million chance!