Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Malaysian regulatory services tidurkah?

The recent disaster of the catamaran in Sabah is but one of several Malaysian disasters that points to a apathetic lack of regulatory oversight. 

Some years ago we had the same problem on ferries plying the sea route to Tioman. When fire broke out on the ferry or when its engines went kaput, there was no contingency in place to deal with those disasters, nor was there in the first place strict oversight of the ferry service to ensure such disasters did not happen. Far more disgraceful, the crew abandoned the passengers.

Tioman ferry fire: Passengers 'jumped after crew left them'

We also witnessed bus disasters killing people by the dozens, and of cranes falling down at building sites, or concrete blocks dropping from unfinished building to kill someone on the ground, or of stadium roof collapsing or of 
Ring roads breaking up.

Crane hook fell on car, killed driver

One dead, eight injured when tower on top of UMNO Penang building collapses and crushes seven vehicles 

Kuala Terengganu stadium

Four roads are affected by massive jams due to the collapse of a pedestrian bridge near Mid Valley Megamall on Jalan Kampung Haji Abdullah

The regulatory services in Malaysia seem to be sleeping.

I am not talking about MAS flights MH370 or MH17 which were extraordinary events outside the control of the DCA, but more on regulatory services over sighting constructions like DOSH, taxis, buses, ferries. 

lipstick? syariah-compliant?


But the DCA, though weren't blameworthy of MH370 and MH17, must keep n ever vigilant eye on airlines operations especially on those mushrooming overnight with promises of halal this and halal 
that to capture the Muslim market. 

The DCA is also responsible for helicopter flights but we saw two recent crashes involving the death of high profile politicians.

Fatal crash ... former Malaysian MP Jamaluddin Mohammed Jarjis was killed in the explosion

Jangan makan gaji buta, or worse, makan pungli, wakakaka.


  1. culpability and accountability are two words that are alien to every regulatory or government agencies

    have you ever heard of anyone being held accountable, sent to prison or sacked? have you ever heard of anyone resigning out of shame and taking full responsibility?

    is this not the cause of the apathetic attitude of our society?

  2. Yes, you can blame Mahathir for this.
    He turned Malaya/ Malaysia's once proud Public Service into primarily an employment agency for Malays, a Public Service a distant second.
    He turned the promotion selection into the Public Service's leadership levels into an exercise in toadyism, where slavish loyalty to UMNO is the key requirement.

    I would add - what the Fuck is Najis doing about it ?
    We can't fire the Mahathir Administration - it is part of the dust of history, but we sure can fire the Najis Administration.

    To paraphrase Ramkarpal's words - “The question of working with Najis is an unimaginable disaster waiting to happen."

    1. aren't we proposing to bring Mahathir and his ways back again?

    2. Another bloody confused cockaroo!!!

      '...to bring Mahathir = his ways back again?'

      What a sale for the day!

      Besides treating Joe M'sians as mamak haters, can this fear mongering THEME help to sustain yr ahjibgor's political career??

    3. not really, dap suppose to have a chk n balance role, unless they r as useless as mca, which i think is most probably the case, do u feel the same?

    4. hy, what check & balance role are you bullshitting about? I don't think you even understand that term.

      CK, when you vote for Pribumi you are effectively voting to bring Mahathirism back

    5. i am talking abt a check n balance role in the same coalition, which part u dun understand?

    6. I say again "what Check & Balance" because if Pribumi-Pakatan wins the next GE, Mahathir will abandon any alliance with the DAP (which he hates) and re-merge or re-join with UMNO and the Malay section of PKR to form government. What the hell can the DAP do?

    7. 'when you vote for Pribumi you are effectively(?!!???) voting to bring Mahathirism back'


      Then, all the others within that alliance/collection MUST be useless morons, destinated for Mahathirism to be revised!

      BUT, if I don't vote for the alliance, one sure thing is the current jibby pestilences WOULD continue unabated!

      Izzn't that meant the bolihland getting closer to failed state with almost empty coffers?

    8. you can vote for dap candidates but not, if i have influence over you wakakaka, racist pribumi, pas.

      you DON'T have to vote for bn at all

  3. Six of us took a catamaran from Tanjung Pinang to Pulau Lingga. We were on an expedition to climb Gunung Daik.

    There were a lot of passengers in the cat. Some even sitting on the floor. Our cat was over-loaded and I noticed that the sea water level was just about less than a foot below the deck. I told one of the crew that we were risking our lives. The crew said.. "Oh ini biasa aje Om.. ngak apa-apa.." The crew wakakaka-ed.

    The estimated travelling time is 3 hours but we reached Lingga/Daik in about 4 hours.

    We could have perished. Gosh.. I said to myself.. Indon SOP!

    Likewise, perhaps it is our SOP too?

    1. other ASEAN nations have improved over the years, we who used to be the best have gone to the dogs (ooops, I mean 'sausage')

    2. Blame it on Maddy?

      But...But..What about all those successors after him?

      Tak bolih buat u-turn ke?

      Or more likely, give it another kick, so that the dogs now r running away with the sausages!!!

    3. when the foundations are rotten, the building will collapse

    4. In another word, no sense of pride to right what's been wronged.

      So, join in juga!