Monday, February 24, 2014

The wrath of a Khalsa warrior

Malay Mail Online - After sedition conviction, Karpal urges Kajang to punish BN

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 — DAP’s Karpal Singh today urged Kajang voters to strip Barisan Nasional’s (BN) candidate of her deposit to express their discontent with sedition laws that allowed him to be convicted for commenting on the 2009 Perak constitutional crisis.

Bhai is pissed off

Telling voters to rise up in his stead, the Bukit Gelugor MP who faces disqualification as a lawmaker following his conviction last week said the people of Kajang have the opportunity to convince the ruling BN government of their unhappiness with such laws.

Maybe Anwar Ibrahim's luck is changing. He is now virtually guaranteed of the majority of Chinese votes because of Bhai's wrathful call. They will respond to Karpal's urging and it'll be a shoo in for Manmanlai.

Isn't it serendipitous for the Døkkálfar Dwarf. Bhai kena hukum, and probably will lose his parliamentary seat, while the Dwarf will benefit most when Anwar becomes MB Selangor.

And there's a likelihood that in the intermediate term, we may see the centrifugal effect of Anwar's MB-ship on PAS as I discussed in my earlier post Kajang Sate.

As for poor DAP, it's so fixated on ousting UMNO from Putrajaya with WHATEVER IT TAKES (and this worries me) that it will definitely go along with Anwar's political play, as can be seen in Mr Mushroom now supporting the Kajang Betrayal, while Mr Henny-Penny from DAP informed us: 'Goodness gracious me! If Anwar doesn't win in Kajang, the sky's a-going to fall down on Pakatan; I must go and tell the king' disregarding the likelihood of himself, the pathetic Chicken Licken, having his head bitten off by the wily old fox whom he follows just a wee too willingly.

I'll take you fowls to see the King  Kajang, wakakaka

This is DESPITE or IN SPITE of Khalid Ibrahim telling us 10 days ago, via the Malay Mail Online, that Leaderless Selangor BN [is] no threat to Pakatan, where he said that the BN "... is still licking its wounds from the general election and unlikely put up a strong fight in Kajang. At the moment Datuk Seri Noh Omar is still struggling to get his team together. At the moment I do not see leadership.”

Political analysts said Khalid with these words has effectively written off the likelihood of any possible challenge by BN in Selangor. And as we've already heard, Anwar's unusual descent to participate in state level politics is about salvaging his party from disintegration due to bullFrog politics.

But Khalid assurance of the political inefficacy of the BN in Selangor has effectively struck down that, the tall tales of pending UMNO ferocious takeover of the State Government - sheer utter balderdash provided by the inmates of Svartalfheim as to the necessity of the Kajang Betrayal, and supported by Mr Henny Penny.

But now, with Bhai's wrathful call, all those omong kosong* will be buried and forgotten.

* surprisingly in today's Malaysiakini's Minister says will sue Guan Eng on 'Burn Bibles call' Lim GE has been reported as using this Indonesian phrase (though it was reported as 'omong2 kosong' where I believe 1 x omong is correct, not 2). I believe it was incorrectly translated by Malaysiakini as 'empty threats' when 'omong kosong' means poppycock, claptrap, baloney, nonsense, bullshit and such like but certainly not related to 'threat' or 'threats'. Sometimes, when used among friends, it means idle talk or idle gossip.

I have to admit I am annoyed by the Døkkálfar Dwarf (eventually) benefiting from Bhai's misfortune. The f**king luck of the Devil Dwarf.

(l) the MP, (r) the ADUN


de facto MB


I don't suppose we may hope that HRH Sultan Perak will stun us by coming out to say something in favour of Bhai? 

Nah! Too improbable.


  1. Kaytee,call it lady luck or a cat's nine lives.How many has already being used?Hehe.

  2. dap damn childish. they want to exploid the kajang people votes for their own problem, rule by law, according to some, is okay one what.

    the bhai lagi teruk, he think kajang people is daft ka.

  3. Anwar sure will get a lot of sympathy votes,courtesy of 'Bhai Karpal'.Politicians make lots of fu#kup's during by-elections and GEs.PKR fu#ked up during GE13,so it is fair that it is now Umno's turn.But by comparing the two,between an MB'ship and a PM'ship is world's of difference.

  4. If the voters follow Karpal's advice and Mei Fun loses her deposit,than she will no longer be KT's 'cherry blossom'.Hehe.

  5. "And as we've already heard, Anwar's unusual descent to participate in state level politics is about salvaging his party from disintegration due to bullFrog politics."

    BullFrog politics?
    That's apt.
    I'm pretty sure PKR will disintegrate when they hold their next Party Election, which is long due. I think The Rear Admiral is having more sleepless night thinking of it, than this by-election.
    Remember that chaos, manipulation and defection, during the last party election?

  6. the blossom flowergirls4:01 am, February 25, 2014

    Mei Fun will make Anwar make an immature retirement permanently from politics if she can make him smell dusts from her high heels cowboy boots.This man Manmanlai needs to be taught not to play with fire.And who better than Madam Blossom herself.Kaytee will heartily agree with me.

  7. anti cronism and corruption5:07 am, February 25, 2014

    Selangor do not need a new MB or a de facto MB.It has had one of the best MB in decades.Can Anwar who aspires to be the new MB or his coat tail ridding blue eyed boy Azmin do a better job than Khalid? Yes,robbing the cookie jar.

    1. Moron, just bcoz Khalid did something no one has done before, he is the best?

      What about the fact that u r comparing a multiple-cell to a single-cell? Or a Neanderthal to a Homo Sapiens?

      Never mind, Moroni cant understand that!


  8. DAP's relationship with PKR is always complicated, especially with many (not all) their leaders having crossed swords before when they were on the Other Side with UMNO or MCA.
    Most DAP leaders, including Bhai, know Anwar is a flawed figure with an unsavoury past and not really clean present either.
    However, DAP needs its alliance with PKR as much as PKR needs the DAP.

    The relationship with PKR I would describe as Workable and Businesslike, and that's good enough as things stand.

    That PKR may mutate into something much darker, they may have thought about it, but the general attitude is Lets Focus on getting BN out of Putrajaya first.
    We'll deal with the other concern later, if it ever comes to pass.

  9. Better put,all the infighting and back stabbing in PKR,and it will self implode long before Umno.

  10. To all u arm-chair conspiracy theorists (KT included) out there, be warned, the 2nd phase of re-take Selangor is NOW in progress.

    Phase 1 has checked-mate Khalid as an up-turned tortoise, using JAIS to re-enforce the religion enactment, passed in the Selangor assembly 25 years ago and enforced in July 1988.

    Meanwhile, the 're-education' of the heartlanders about the kalimah Allah is going smoothly, just like the starting of a bush fire, waiting for a right spark for ignition. ETA ~ hearing on the 2013 Court of Appeal by The Herald.

    Phase 2 has now put into action pitching Syabas against Selangor state govt over the rationing of water, due to the current drought.

    Same pattern, same strategy of using 'gray-area' govt body to up against the state govt. The up-turned tortoise would now have to hide its head & legs, too! In fact, to save itself the tortoise might have turn rouge, with sideline incentive of the out of court settlement of personal court case.

    Phase 3 would be interesting, when the 3rd R is involved. The one having the constitutional powers would bend his constitutional role to suit the need of the day. The tortoise is IN the bag - mission accomplished!

    A real life conspiracy that's better than all that's out there! Still tune!

    BTW, this has nothing to do with the Døkkálfar Dwarf. His political journey has reached the destination - which one would be the most interesting part.

    1. wakakaka, guess who's the arm-chair conspiracy theorist, and don't defend the Døkkálfar Dwarf - this Kajang Betrayal has all to do with him

    2. Just wait & see lah......

      Be man enough to apologise & else forever keep yr manmanlai rants to yr bed time story board!

    3. Hahahahaha! Don't care.......I don't wanna see Zaid or worst still Chew Mun Fun win.....One Chia Kwang Chye is good enough.......Thanks to people especially kaytee, you see leaders such as Alfred Jabu came into power. Ok la, Stephen Kalong Ninkang was a hospital dresser before he became CM.

      Perhaps, LKS should lose to LCE. Hence, no "hoot la" Tsu Koon become CM. Penangites except kaytee kenna suffered for 18 years of misrule. Hahahahaha!

  11. I think Karpal Singh knows this time he's going down with the count. He's respected for his forthright and direct speech, but he was really skating on very thin ice on the Perak case.

    We all support Bhai as a person, but this Sedition case is a very tough one for him to beat.
    The two main aspects of this case are the Sedition Act itself, and what he did or did not say or act.
    As everyone knows, the wording of the Sedition Act is broad enough drive an 18-wheel semi-trailer through. It was deliberately designed that way, to be usable as a political weapon. Whatever it is, its the law of the land, unless and until the law gets amended or repealed in Parliament.

    During the trial a number of flaws in the case emerged. One of those numerous police reports, thought "Ultra Vires" - an internationally well-known Latin legal term - was some sort slur against the Sultan. It also emerged that the Utusan (who else ?)newspaper report was inaccurate and added in words which were never actually said.

    Nevertheless, what he actually said is well documented, since it was a public Press Conference and there were many witnesses and even tape and video recordings.
    Karpal's stand was that he had expressed a legal opinion based on the Constitution. Lawyers and other legal experts surely have the right to express a legal opinion on the merits of a case or legal situation. That comes with the profession.

    Unfortunately, that does not hold up against what he actually said.
    He said "We will sue" the new Perak State Government (which he considered illegal) AND the Sultan of Perak. He was acting as a belligerent - not providing legal advice. And the Sultan of Perak was clearly acting in his official capacity over the Perak case, so the Special Court he mentioned does not apply in this case.

    You can argue that Mahathir said as much or worse on Royalty back in the 1980's, or UMNO /Perkasa politicians have said a lot more incriminating words recently, with impuntiy.
    But that is irrelevant to the court, which can only consider the evidence and legal merits of this case.

    I'm afraid Bhai is likely going to have to face the penalty meted out by the law.

    1. I am curious.....By any chance, are you James Wong of Kampar? Or related to James Wong of Kampar? James Wong has a very interesting comment about his master. It runs parallel with what kaytee got to say about Anwar Ibrahim.

      Nothing wrong with what James Wong saying.......Of course, we all knew what LKY done with insisting most MPs & Aduns to stand in new constituencies........Guess what happens next that sunk DAP in most aduns seats including the total collapse of DAP in Penang

      Now you knew why I never forgive people especially kaytee has done to Karpal & LKY's effort? Otherwise, DAP may have more than seats to run Penang on its own. Hahahahaha!

    2. looes having guilty conscience about betraying LKS and Bhai in 1999. This closeted PKR bloke is trying to shift the blame onto me, wakakaka, and he's a Sing-Yinglish-whatever

  12. Bhai,Bhai and Ah Bhai,please lah help Manmanlai.Boh hu heh sin hoe,lah.

  13. Since Anwar knows that he is not destined to be PM,he has now decided that being MB of the richest state in Malaysia is not bad either.A self confessed demotion or to get his and cronies hands on that few billions Khalid has so enviously guarded and stacked away..

    1. anwar is STILL interested in being PM. the kajang bullshit is all about supporting the Døkkálfar Dwarf in whatever that pygmy wants

    2. How hot is this conspiracy theory?

      Wakakaka, as long as it attracts all the AI bashers to this site to join in the choir!


    That's a great photo you have of Baba Deep Singh, one of the most revered figures in Sikh history.
    The history of Sikhism is full of the continuous defence of their right to practice their religion in what was then Moghul controlled India. In the process, they turned their entire male population into a military society, the khalsa.
    There are unfortunate overtones to this long conflict, because the oppressors were the Muslim Moghuls and other Muslim rulers, who tortured and killed most of the Sikh Gurus and leaders.
    Ultimately , they fought the Moghuls to a standstill and the Sikhs controlled most of what is today Pakistan.

    The Sikh empire was later defeated by the British, but in the process, the British so admired their loyalty and ferocious fighting skills that they created the Sikh regiment to recruit their fighters, which still exists in the Indian army today. The Sikh Regiment was awarded some 14 Victoria Crosses during its history of service with the British.

    One wrinkle in that history is the murder of Indira Gandhi by her own Sikh body guards. At the time, there were suggestions to disband the Sikh regiment and distribute them among other Indian army units, because there was a worry the loyalty of the Sikh soldiers to India could no longer be counted on. Fortunately, that was decision was not taken.

    1. trust a 'countryman' to recognize Baba Deep Singh ;-)

  15. At the same time, we should make sure Zaid Ibrahim loses his deposit as well.
    No policy to talk about, nothing....
    The fool is just a gutter politician now, just doing personal attacks day after day.

  16. Anon 1.24pm,
    where exactly does it say that Zaid is doing personal attacks? What news portal says so? You another PKR paid mouthpiece ka?
    Zaid's request to Anwar to debate is the best thing for Kajangites. Zaid has nothing to lose except his deposit. Anwar faces extinction and party revolt this coming frog season. Anwar's Rafizi's threat to pull dirt on Zaid is utterly juvenile and rafizi is fast becoming the rakyat laughing stock! Come on Anwar, be a man! berdebat-ah!

    1. Hahahahaha! If that's so, why such intensified attack? If Anwar is as good as dead, why worry? You guys are really jokers la

    2. Zaid wants to debate Anwar on policies and direction but Anwar takut; Rafizi wants to dig dirt on Zaid a la PKR/Dwarf politics. Recall how Zaid lost the Hulu Selangor seat to Kamalanathan partly because of a kuda-yamseng photo that was allegedly provided to UMNO by a very short person, wakakaka - that's the sort of dirt digging. Apa ni Anwar takut debate

  17. Anwar may not be candidate for the Kajang polls. Looks more like the "I no speaky English" going thru the back door to strengthen PKR for the coming 14 GE.

    Makes sense to you all?

    Or perhaps it's Nurul, his own daughter outsmarting Mamakutty's move in Kedah?

    Personal battle feud between 2 diehards fans? And the rest are all dumbos.

    1. Hahahahaha! So why are you here? Why not give up voting? Better still be Aussie lang just like kaytee is aussie land. Malaysia has become as such that one guy called himself Mark Shaibuddin got to reside in Big Apple

    2. or English (sometimes Sing) like looes, wakakaka

  18. Anwar and pkr cronies are thriving on the publicity generated on the blogs and forums. Focus elsewhere and watch them fizzle...
    We are watching the wrong channel. PKR can bleat all they like but the real action is now on putrjaya. Umno warlords are moving in on kangkung

  19. gerimis bayu
    lembut sepoi mendayu
    namun cukup
    untuk menggugurkan
    daun nan layu
    satu persatu
    ke bumi gersang
    penuh api
    di dalam sekam

    embun di waktu pagi
    hening dan syahdu
    segar bugar
    walau sedikit
    namun cukup
    untuk memekarkan
    teratai nan layu
    di danau pinggiran
    penerus warisan

    - hasan

    1. very inspirational, not unlike the Indon's 'Gugur Bunga di Taman Bakti'

  20. Frankly, I have little sympathy with Bhai's legal predicaments
    He's in real life no khalsa warrior, more like grubby lawyer.

    Hope he joins his good friend Juburi in Kajang prison soon.
    They say Bhai men are very "popular" in jail........wakakaka....but this Bhai obviously "take boleh pakai".......

  21. the gaffe guy who know's12:25 pm, February 26, 2014

    Has anyone ever thought about Manmanlai losing the Kajang by ERECTION? In elections as in life,anything possible and impossible can happen.Maybe the people wants to teach Manmanlai a lesson.Kaytee would love it.

  22. Bhai says let Mei Fun lose her deposit to teach Umno/BN a lesson.Then her flowers cannot blosom anymore.And Kt will be very sad.