Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chew Mei Fun a cherry blossom?

I'm afraid I'd have to leave Karpal Singh's case to people with legal knowledge to comment, or until I have more information. But I support Bhai as I always have, and as a layman and his supporter for years consider his charge of sedition as incompatible with his sterling quality of loyalty to King and Country. Instead I'll continue commenting on the pending Kajang by-election. 

MCA is in a sad sorry state, at least with respect to its standing among the Chinese Malaysian community. It is not only unwanted by them but also scorned and despised by them, supposedly their base support.

we're holding hands so as not to stab each other in the back


Mind you, this is a party far older than Malaysia herself, one with deep pockets and two newspapers (the English Star and the Chinese Nanyang Siang Pau) in its communication stable. Yet it saw its miserable 15 parliamentary seats in 2008 halved to a shameful 7 by 2013, thanks to its supposed Chinese support, or lack of.

With apologies to the Bible (2 Samuel 1:25) for my paraphrasing, its dirge has to be:

How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle! O Jonathan MCA, thou wast slain in thine high places.

The MCA is currently scorned and despised by the Chinese community because the party has been consistently (with few exceptions) seen to be kowtowing to UMNO's dictates even when those have been detrimental to the interests of the Chinese community and/or to their humiliation.

But this Chinese tragedy has been made worse by the community's perception that MCA has remained silent not so much because it has no voice but more because their leaders prefer to be dumb so as to be on board the BN gravy train.

And its internal party squabbles haven't helped its image, with the Chinese, influenced by their history or more probably the Hong Kong Canto TV soap operas (wakakaka), seeing it as a typically selfish fratricidal scrum for the family assets. And they haven't been exactly wrong too wakakaka.

image from The Ant Daily

Indeed, the MCA is so despised because the Chinese don't believe in its supposed aim to work within BN rather than outside the alliance and against it, in much the same way that many don't believe in Anwar's claim he (in lompat-ing from ABIM into UMNO) had wanted to work within UMNO rather than out of it, for the simple logical and undeniable reason they haven't seen or heard of him in his 16 glorious years in the cozy comfort of UMNO showing any sign of reformasi or even a rat-ass' whisker width from that, ... until he was expelled from UMNO.

So ... MCA knows it will be putting a candidate in the Kajang by-election as mere cannon fodder, to be slaughtered by those who despise the party, and that's almost all of the 41% of registered voters (Chinese) in the satay town. Nor is its candidate likely to win much of the 48% Malay and 10% Indian voters.

It's not impossible Chew Mei Fun may lose her deposit after the votes have been counted. Admiral Onishi, late of the Japanese 1st Tokko (Special Attack) group (kamikaze) could have written the following poem for her in her contest in Kajang:

Mei Fun? wakakaka

In blossom today,
Then scattered:
Life is so like
A delicate Flower.
How can one expect
The Fragrance to last forever?

O my dear delicate Mei Fun flower, you won't have much of a fragrance left when you're slaughtered kau kau in Kajang, wakakaka.

But wait, is there any possible strategy for her and BN to mitigate against (not prevent) such impending doom, if not to win then at least to go down blazing in glory as the kamikaze one-way-only flying bomb, by reducing Anwar Ibrahim's winning majority?

cherry blossom? wakakaka

And isn't it sad for the MCA that its candidate will likely be ignored by the Kajang Chinese voters ironically in favour of Anwar Ibrahim, a former UMNO minister who had had unpleasant relationship with the Chinese community in his hey days as a powerful and arrogant UMNO leader?

But it's also a truism that politicians and political parties don't get into power by winning elections but rather by the other side losing it. Sounds strange? This happens in virtually most Australian elections a la 'bloody time to go' (or 'to change') with respect to the incumbent but disliked party.

In 1969 Gerakan rose to power because Penangites wanted to vote out the corrupt Perikatan - poor Tunku who himself was quite 'clean' was shocked. Likewise in 2008, many Malaysians wanted to vote out BN in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor. Yes, Gerakan and MCA suffered collateral damage for the arrogantly feral conduct of their UMNO boss, not that they weren't already disliked for their meek subservience to Taikoh, and thus deserve their near political annihilation.

[I'll leave Kelantan alone as it has a strong PAS base, and its wins in both 2008 and 2013 were a continuation and reflection of that strong base support]

2013 was but a continuation of the 2008 effort, but alamak, by then Ah Jib Gor, far more politically cunning than his predecessor AAB, had time to buttress his position one way or another.

pokoknya saya menang, nah nah nah

No doubt in May 2013 the majority of voters (52%?) wanted BN out but alas, due to our election system of the old British voting system of 'first-past-the-post' and the EC's absurd level of gerrymandering as in the obscenely unjust example of the Putrajaya versus Kapar contrast,

..... and of course UMNO's strategy to abandon hope of (and effort in securing) Chinese support and to opt heavily on the Heartland's support, BN remains in power - as the military would say, the 1st Principle of War is 'selection and maintenance of aim'.

Pakatan will only become the new Malaysian government when the voters want to and are prepared to vote out BN kau kau. Leaving the machinations of the EC aside, that has to be dependent upon the political perception of the Heartland, including the fiefdom of the White (haired) Rajah of Sarawak.

Now I have even heard mention of more seats for Najib's 'fixed deposit' of Sarawak, when the current situation already over favours that state with an average of 40K voters for each federal parliamentary constituency in contrast to Peninsula's 75K per (Putrajaya being an absurd atrocious aberration).

Who knows, under Malaysian-style political science of creationism, wakakaka, perhaps Sarawak, at least its remote regions, will be turned into a cluster of Putrajaya's, wakakaka, giving a new meaning to that colourful American term, 'clusterf**k'.

Anyway, with parties & politicians being normally voted out, rather than for them to be voted in, the only way for BN (and the dear delicate Mei Fun flower, wakakaka) to win in Kajang is for voters, especially the Chinese constituting a hefty 41% of voters there, to vote out PKR and Anwar Ibrahim, rather than to dream of them voting in Chew Mei Fun.

Hence lately, BN has been airing lots of 'Hari ini dalam sejarah' episodes on Anwar Ibrahim in his UMNO ministers' role, wakakaka, as one example, his role in Ops Lalang (confirmed true), even a hint of his involvement in May 13 (I have no idea of this so can't comment on it), and so on so forth - see my previous post Will Kajang provide a surprise?

what started the ball rolling towards Ops Lalang

Even Ibrahim Ali has been assigned the task of airing the racially-tinted reminder that Lee Chin Cheh, a Chinese, was made a PKR sacrificial kambing for sembelih in surrendering his Kajang seat for Anwar, rather than for Azmin Ali, a Malay, to vacate his state seat of Bukit Antarabangsa to Anwar when he (Azmin) already holds the federal parliamentary seat of Gombak - see Malaysiakini's Why Chinese sacrificed in Kajang.

Obviously the strategy is to for the Kajang Chinese to be so revolted by Anwar Ibrahim for his past and whatever present sins and for them to vote him out, rather than for them (if under 'untreated' circumstances, impossibly) to vote Chew Mei Fun in, no matter how delicate a fragrant flower she may be, wakakaka.

Unfortunately for Anwar, he does have a lot of political baggage from his UMNO days, but whether the general hatred of the Chinese for UMNO can distract them from Anwar's past remains to be seen.

As some of Anwar's supporters have asserted, we have to forgive his UMNO past in order to defeat UMNO, ..... and presumably if I may finish the argument ..... to put UMNO under new labels into power, wakakaka.

I'm no longer UMNO, wakakaka

So in the midst of such BN campaigning, what do we hear from Anwar the World's Greatest 'Reformer' (wakakaka)?

Let's read TMI's Our fight is with Umno, not MCA, Anwar says ahead of Kajang polls to have a glimpse of Anwar's most recent and very highfalutin speech in Kajang yesterday:

Although he is facing an MCA candidate in the Kajang by-election, PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said his fight was with Umno and its cheating ways.

The Pakatan Rakyat candidate said his main focus was to stop the corruption that is being practised by the family members of Umno leaders, even though Barisan Nasional (BN) had named an MCA candidate to contest the state seat.

"Yes the BN candidate is from MCA... but we are not fighting MCA. We are fighting Umno," Anwar told a crowd of 300 supporters in Kajang last night.

"Before I was from Umno. I don't hate Umno members. What I am against, and will fight, is their policy of corruption that continues to burden the people.

"Look at their children (of Umno leaders), (they earn) billions of ringgit. I cannot accept that. Living luxuriously... so wasteful," Anwar said.

But wait, what about the stories of corruption we have also heard allegedly associated with the internal PKR tussle in Selangor, but yet, not any PKR denial of them? Not by Anwar anyway.

keep f**king smiling just for another 10 seconds

The PKR silence in the midst of such allegations or accusations against the alleged frogological intent because of alleged stalled corruption worries many - see Haris Ibrahim's Kajang by-election : The beginning of the end? The kiss of death? For whom?

But obviously these haven't fazed or stopped Anwar from his highfalutin promises because he knows what Kajang Chinese want or love to hear, namely, the sins and iniquities of the much hated UMNO.

Far far more significantly, we note that in that speech in Kajang, Anwar took enormous strides to differentiate MCA from UMNO, as if only UMNO is corrupt, and how he carefully and cleverly distanced himself from his own UMNO past of 16 years.

Bung you're looking good - And you too

happier days of no-reformasi, wakakaka

We have to speculate his words had been carefully cherry-picked and craftily crafted to strike a chord with the Chinese voters there. But it's all politics!

Beautifully ugly, ain't it, this stuff called politics!


  1. Without doubt Anwar will win Kajang.But by how many ? .My interest is only to see how the chinese will vote.Knowing very well PR had the best chance ever last PRU 13, they failed despite Anwar assurance and promises of a new government.

    Remember, despite all the malay support for UMNO and BN remains at > 63 % all the time.With problematic PKR currently PRU 14 is not going to be easy for PKR/PR in my view.

  2. this Kajang is turning out to be the platform for relaunching political careers of BN ex ministers ? Clash of the "Has Beens".. Battle of 2 "has beens" with nothing much to lose, except maybe a wounded pride,and a bit of monopoly money ( no big deal) if they lose versus the 1 with potentially billions of real money at stake and credibility that may take forever to regain if He -due to some fluke- really loses...Talk about gambling chips on the table.!

    1. Well, no need to be an Einstein to know what would be the choice for Kajang. Of course, kaytee would out the pom pom to cheer for Zaid. Not sure about Chow Mei Fun though.......Ask kaytee if he ever read a book by Tan Chee Koon on the epic Seremban by election that pitted one lady school teacher against Chen Man Hin...........Wasn't MCA guilty in creating one unnecessary by election? Where was kaytee then? Hahahahaha

  3. anwar win Kajang? Hahahaha! In your wet dreams! Zaid has nothing to lose but can unearth lots of dirt about his former party boys and MCA's Mei Fun knows she's a sitting duck, so why not these 2 candidates insist on Anwar join them in a 3 way debate.....the sort Anwar is famous for demanding but is now evading! The people are sick of his "long-suffering" stories. His long suffering had nothing to do for you or me. Just self inflicted.
    The warts of PKR have resurfaced in its ugliest form....umno Modus Operandi all over again.
    Let's see if it is true about azmin's plan B; take Khalid down in selcat enquiry post-kajang election if anwar doesn't win.
    I smell an umno emergency in the offing.....

    1. Anwar would be smart not to engage Zaid and/or Chew Mei Fun in any debate because his past sins will be aired and emphasized. Why risk it? Besides the Kajang Chinese don't give a shit about debate.

      On the other side, what Zaid and Mei Fun can do to shake up the Chinese trust in PKR would be to keep reminding them of Anwar's past sins against the Chinese. and to expose the real reason for Lee Chin Cheh abandoning his Kajang seat, namely, for Anwar to replace Khalid JUST to please Azmin.

  4. For resigning because of principles, she is now made a prostitute by others. What a cruel world for woman in politics.

    1. Not so much because she's a woman but more because we Malaysians have a Bush-ite view of politics, namely, "either you're with us or against us". Take two examples of Lee Lam Thye and Michelle Yeoh. The former was undoubtedly DAP's most renowned and highly respected MP who was like a 'god' in Bukit Bintang; he retired form politics and because he chooses as a Malaysian to sit on some public boards he is seen as pro BN and accordingly reviled, abused and politically attacked by mindless goons from the Pakatan side, people who weren't even born or have public hair when this wonderful Malaysian politician was already doing the hard yards in KL - Bushism!

      The latter is Malaysia's most famous actor and someone we ALL should be proud of; instead she is treated like Lee Lam Thye, also reviled, abused and viciously attacked on the net because she supports BN - her dad is in MCA.

      The politics or rather political followers/supporters are so idiotic, low class and barbaric that those morons should not be allowed to vote, because they don't understand the meaning of democracy and free choice.

      OTOH, Jimmy Chua Jui Meng despite his long MCA past and his failed attempt in contesting for the MCA deputy president post is lauded when he moved from MCA to PKR as if he is a newly discovered saviour wakakaka.

      And what about Mohamad Mohamad (Mike Tyson, former UMNO MB of Selangor and notorious in Australia)? Anwar Ibrahim has coopted him into the Selangor state government as the expertise on rural affairs (in truth to appease PAS and to gain their support for Anwat's intention to be MB). He is now a PKR-approved saint wakakaka.

      Shouldn't we ban those mindless moronic Myrmidons anwaristas from voting due to their lack of understanding what democracy, free speech and free choice are?

    2. waytha oso well respected by many, of course not from chinese like u, i dun see u tream him like lee lam thye? at least waytha got the ball to resign fr govt, llt is just a parasite. the only good thing was he dare to ignore the son's father nonsense.

    3. KT,

      Yr grandmother story about why LLT quitting DAP is just a chain-whispering parody.

      Cant blame u, though, being not a KLites & sitting pretty so far away writing homeland politics via 2nd hand sources.

      LLT was NO politician but just an able manager, period. He was doing local council works rather than national duty that he was elected on. His biggest handicap, to certain extend, mirrors those of hen-picked pink-lip Najib. Enough said!

      Bi-partition politics is the ONLY game for a growing democratic like bolihland at this juncture of her political development. It's also being emphasized & expanded via twisted/lack-of-factual/wide-spread-intellectualism among all walks of lives by ALL sides.

      It's utopian to be impartial, when every happenstance is going against the very sense of fair & just.

      In fact, one CANT avoid this mass political trend even in a mature political setting! The politicians there might acted non-bi-partition, but the fact of matter is their support is solely based on partitional methodology.

      KT's - 'The politics or rather political followers/supporters are so idiotic, low class and barbaric that those morons should not be allowed to vote, because they don't understand the meaning of democracy and free choice.' - is a pure showing of elitistism of highest order. A pure detachment from the reality of ordinary lives!

      If u propose to ban these 'anwarista' from voting, then what about the 'other sides'? R they above-board? If they r not, then ban all voting bcoz the voters r all non-partition, yes?

      What then is democracy?

      What a mind? (Perhaps u r just like that semi anmoh, suffering from a prolonged on set of bruised-ego-ti's?)

      U have yr sense of TRUTH being overrun by yr pure distrust of AI.

      Anything that can put an obsticle on his path of political 'advancement' is justified by yr sense of 'high-&-mighty' self-righteousness. Along the way, u lose the fact that it MIGHT be the best chance to save M'sia!

      In fact, u know nuts about democracy, since u don't(pretend???) to understand big-self (big picture) vis-a-vis small-self (silo view) of a political development.


  5. Chew Mei Fun has plenty baggage of her own. She is no fragile cherry blosom.
    Just another MCA slime ball. That she is a woman is irrelevant.

  6. A large proportion of Kajang voters are long term residents.
    Nobody in BN can pretend they have good chances of winning, but BN and MCA's best bet was to field a local candidate, or at least someone who could pass off as a local. That would highlight Anwar's weakest point - that he is an outsider in Kajang.

    Chew Mei Fun - former PJ Utara MP , rejected by that constituency , hardly counts as a local. Nobody has ever seen her in Kajang before yesterday.
    Its really ineffective for BN/MCA to focus on Anwar's alleged past misdeeds. BN , and Chew Mei Fun personally, have plenty of rotten material in the closet, of much more recent vintage.

  7. My own informal poll of Chinese voters I know in Kajang.
    "Of course, we will vote for Anwar"....simple as that.
    Chew Mei Fun is a sacrificial lamb to the Wolf-In-Sheeps-Clothing....

  8. If Mei Fun stands in Kajang and won over Anwar,she will not only be doing Khalid a favour by getting rid of Anwar with his blue eyed boy Azmin at one blow.She will also be doing Malaysians from all walks of lives the biggest favour too.But a win can be regarded as a misfavour to Umno/BN because it will be opening of the stuborn mindsets of Umno diehards.As the stuborn Umno diehards will have no more reasons to hate other Malay leaders in PR.Therefore they will be more willing to support the PR,causing the very very potential painful downfall of the ruling elite.But the sufferings to be endure by the ex-ruling elites,will be offset by the free accomodations of five stars hotels and nasi kuah ikan,excluding the usual daging,ayam,udang and ikan,courtesy of the Malaysian tax payers.

    1. Hey Bruno baby. Rambling incoherently again ya. Don't you know those monster-ite days are long gone? Still taking the bitch for walks? Hehehe.

  9. There will most probably be three candidates.What if one had a huge landslide and the other two lost their deposits?Zaid and Anwar or Zaid with Mei Fun?I will be shocked but not surprised by a Mei Fun win,as this lady although past her prime is considered a cutie by Kaytee.

    1. hey man, I learned this when I was studying in Britain, that "there's many a fine tune to be played on an old fiddle", wakakaka

    2. Where is your voting area in UK? Hahahaha! You are aussie lang la! Hahahaha!

    3. Lu siao Kia. Ee kong Ee thak chek tau engkok. Tiongs kin tua ooh chiew. Lu boh beng pek?

  10. Nurul should be the one to stand in Kajang.Why her daddy,I just cannot understand as he is past his prime in politics.The one with the best qualities and potentials needed to be PM is the daughter and not the father.Malaysians can be partially blind,color blind or even totally blind if their think that everything is all about Anwar.What they should ask themselves is that how come Anwar is not the PM yet?

    1. It has to be Anwar because the PKR (inner coterie's) aim is to get rid of Khalid Ibrahim for Azmin. Do you think Nurul would do that for Azmin? wakakaka.

      Besides, if it was to be Nurul, why even "persuade" Lee Chin Cheh to vacate his Kajang seat?

    2. Simple!!!

      It has to be AI & nobody else, bcoz majority of the blur-sotong (pro or anti-umno) would accept ANYONE ELSE outside their race.

      AI is the ONLY ONE who can be accepted by majority of M'sian (note the difference!!!) to lead the country.

    3. anwar has to be the one to get rid of Khalid for blue-eyed boy's sake

    4. Pure 100% KT imagined conspiracy!

      Just wait till after Kajang election! Wondering whether KT would apologise?

    5. more likely you'll be the one to apologize to me wakakaka

  11. Just for the visuals alone at this site is worth the time spent here...! OMG...dear Bushy all sprightly in his biking gear...clusterfuck accomplished ? wakakaka. And that sheep draping over wolfy.....a gem that paints a thousand Anwar lah...another deserved wakakaka ! ( I'm no longer Umno....indeed !!.....just as you can't make your mamak genes disappear, you just simply can't do that to your Umno genes too ).

    1. thanks mate - just one correction, Bush was in his fighter pilot's gear. In 2003 (during the US invasion of oil-rich Iraq) he landed in a Viking S-3 (probably as a trainee pilot, though he was a National Guards pilot himself) on the USN aircraft carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln just off the coast of San Diego and pompously but disastrously proclaimed 'Mission Accomplished'.

      A few months later the Time Magazine had on its cover "Mission NOT Accomplished" as 4347 more Americans continued to die in Iraq after Bush's boast.

    2. Thanks, KT...for the correction. Interesting fact though ! Btw....somehow, quite surprising to find that he was a National Guards pilot.

    3. During the American-Vietnam war, Americans of a certain age could be drafted and horror of horrors, sent to Vietnam. His dad was a prominent politician so it won't be nice to see young George not in the military. By being in the National Guard, he could be seen to be in uniform yet not being drafted and sent to Vietnam, wakakaka. That's the gossip in America.

      But what is true is that his Vice President, the belligerent bellicose Dick Cheney took 5 (not one but FIVE) deferments from the draft(excuses for not being drafted like being in university and a host of other reasons). For such a man, he turned out to be most warlike when he was VP, saying stuff like, "we must have the guts to finish off the war in Iraq" - where was his guts when he was in the era of being drafted to Vietnam? Americans call him a chickenhawk - a chicken with his own skin but a hawk with other people's sons

    4. Hahaha....chickenhawk.... that's a new one for me ! Tq so much for the above interesting bits....quite invaluable for a newbie like me.

  12. Salam Ktemoc,

    1.I am a regular contributor in The Scribe outsyedthebox, Jebatmustdie, Aspan and Sakmongkol when I have the time.Discovered your blog by chance yesterday hence my first comment above.

    2.I too saw my sparring partner buddy bruno here.bruno is a resident contributor in my colleague Sakmongkol blog and the demised Sir Wenger Khairy, Pirates of Putrajaya.

    As for that naughty and childish looes 74, to me he is more of a nuisance in most blogs.So don't engage and waste your time on him.He is more of a Socislist and a separstist who adore Hishamuddin Rais , the troublemaker, that weird man who flew Sang Saka Malaya , remember ?.Hishamudin should have continued living in London at Hyde Park speaker's corner forever and need not come back home to this beautiful Malaysia of ours.

    3.I lived in Bangsar and used to be Anwar neighbour in that vicinity of Federal Hill near Sri Perdana.I saw that REFORMASI and I know this man though he doesn't know me.Anwar is charismatic and a good crowd puller and that is about all.In april 1999 Anwar was found guilty by the Mahkamah of four CORRUPTION charges and sentence to six (6) years in jail.He has too many baggages with him and this is the man that you chinese voters put so much hope ?.Forget him.

    4.Let it be known ,to me Anwar is no longer relevent politically in the eyes of most Malays for his misadventures and the damage he has done to unity, peace abd harmony that we Malaysians had built..To me Anwar, the PM wannabe is an insincere politician who fight to remain relevent and more for his personal agenda.

    5.The Chinese voters should not be carried away by Anwar and for that matter the PR coalition.As I have said PR had the best chance of making it last election but a mere 89 seats is no no good despite the 'Tsunami Cina' with over 90% chinese voters went for PR.The Bersih , Blackout and all the street rallies did not help PR either.T

    6.Anwar may win Kajang but I see that PR is slowly dwindling, disintegrating even lacking the ummph. Malaysians are sick and tired of this daily over politicking and now in Kajang in less than nine months after GE.Damn it.

    7.I am all for the moderate MCA/BN.BN may have made mistakes in the past, BN remains the better choice due to their proven track record.PR should continue to be a good opposition and they will continue to be even in the next two GEs according to my kampung bomoh and the Bangsar Feng Shui Master.

    Thank you .

    1. welcome Kampong Man, my blog is open to all political views, even crazy ones from looes74, wakakaka - I don't mind robust comments provided of course there is an underlying courtesy and acceptance of difference of opinions.

    2. "bn may have made mistake in the past?"

      may n past? joker, looes is at least honest, a similar joker like u though.

    3. Hahahahahaha! kamsiah! kamsiah! Time for this joker who claim to study in edinburgh to watch these 2 clips

      1) Village Idiots aka Kampung man

      2) Crazy scottish disease that may have infected village idiots such as Kampung man

      Kamikaze scot..........nah! It could be Kampung man

      Of course, people are dreaming of this german singing about her tryst with scot


    4. There didn't I told you and that you have been warned.looes 74 is fond of youtubes and linkages and use foul language as his strength sometimes. Poor looes 74 has not grown up still unfortunately.Not very nice.

    5. it seems unlike most of us who have a day job, looes must be retired and spend all his time surfing YouTubes wakakaka

  13. Oh,so it is afterall my old buddy,Kampong man.Long time no see man.At first I was wondering if this Kampongman is an impostor or the real Kampong man.Now that the real Kampong man is here,I hope that Kampong man will hang around for a very long time so that we can argue our views or differences.Maybe Kampong man can bring his nephew,Quite despair tagging along as company for more lively debates.

    1. You mean Quiet Despair......aka Buttercup when he wishes to air his ketuanan views at KTemoc.

    2. All these have been r resurfacing at KT's!

      The only possibility is that they share the ONLY same passion of dis-credit AI.

      Moreover, their choir at the other site had been disbanded due to same old same old tune played on a broken record.

      Perhaps, they hope to find new members at KT's.

      Just wondering how long they would last, on the same trick? Maybe after Kajanf erection, then they would turn dysfunctional again?

  14. Another Kampung Man10:41 am, February 23, 2014

    "BN may have made mistakes in the past, BN remains the better choice due to their proven track record"

    I LOVE BN/UMNOk/ MCA's proven track record links with Perkasa..... (remember the "White Packet" incident organised by MCA man ?)

    how are they going to spin that with the Chinese ?

  15. Another Kampung Man11:14 am, February 23, 2014

    I will leave Bhai alone since Ktemoc has chosen to make minimal comments.
    However, I will leave with a reminder of Ktemoc's own words, which apply to Bhai's case as well.
    Malaysia's judiciary has a long record of being largely apolitical and impartial, even more so than the military.

    "There is an unfortunate politically motivated insinuation that he is being victimized for his actions which he now faces legal charges. The danger of Malaysian politics (applied equally to both political sides) is for political parties to take sides in every bloody issue even if the issue is not of politics, in fact even apolitical ones like what (Karpal Singh) is facing.

    This political interference (obviously for political gains) has the dangerous effect of politicizing and poisoning (citizens) into believing they can do what they like, basically to f**ks with (the country's laws) because Party A will support them even if they (break the law) to say something to Party B's disadvantage, and vice versa."

    The same principles and standards apply as much with regard to a Pro-PKR military officer, as with a DAP leader, NO ?

    1. It has to be acknowledged that interpretation of 'sedition' in a court is a more nebulous subject than the case of a military man allegedly going against Armed Forces Standing Orders

    2. What a lousy excuse!

      If ' 'sedition' in a court is a more nebulous subject than the case of a military' then why r all mature democratic nations have done away with sedition charges whereas charges based on Armed Forces Standing Orders r still common practices throughout the world!

      Could it be sedition is a more wide-based definition, thus more open to abuse, then a court matial's narrow definitional jurisdiction?

    3. thanks for agreeing with me, though you weren't even aware of it, wakakaka

  16. MCA has little influence on the election outcome , especially with the continuing shenanigans surrounding its EGM.

    More worrying for Anwar is DAP's cool , very cold support for his candidacy. While the top leaders pay lip service to supporting Anwar, DAP's grassroots are virtually boycotting the Kajang campaign.
    The majority of the local Chinese are really DAP supporters. If DAP effectively withholds support from Anwar at the ground level, Anwar will have a lot of problems with Chinese support in Kajang.

    As it is the majority of Malays do not support PKR.

    What was thought to be a virtual walkover is shaping up to be a tough fight for Anwar. If he loses Kajang, or scrapes through with an unconvincing majority, he's in big trouble.

  17. KTemoc,.

    1.Chinese voters must get to their senses back again.BN need only minimum 30% chinese support through MCA if they think BN is the way forward.After all chinese voters are smart and strategic voters who can go for and against the gomen as has been proven in the past.

    2.If they think PKR/PR and DAP is still their choice wait till PRU 14 when PR will pay heavy price when we gonna have 'Tsunami Melayu' when most malay voters will turn their back on PKR and Pas leave PR, a possible scenario.In politics we have endless possibilities. NO?.Cheers dude.

    Thank you.

    @ No worries I am metely a passenget hete.The Scribe, Outsyedthebox, Rockybru and Helen Ang blogs have limited access for some reasons.Shit !

    1. in which case you must inform my erstwhile matey Helen about this when you get access to her blog - she has a way with words, especially against Dapsters, wakakaka

  18. candidate choices from another point of view..if i were to be a voter in the Kajang constituency and i vote pragmatically.. i will be thinking along this line..Ms Chew wins , Kajang has a DUN merely from MCA... If Zaid wins...then Kajang has a DUN with hopeful messages / promises to try but unproven track record,
    If Anwar wins , Kajang constituency may have representation from a DUN who may turn out to also be the MB of the state of Selangor...(whether it effects any difference or how one feels about the guy is besides the point) this is a psychological advantage..if the powerful Chief Minister of the state which your constituency's jurisdiction is under, happens to be also your DUN, representing your constituency's interests - Scores some points,I'd say..Unless one really hates the guy and cannot nor refuse to see beyond he passion.

    1. or unless Kajangites can see thro' Anwar's true motive (to get rid of Khalid for blue-eyed boy's sake).

      We have to respect Kajangites for being able to see the bigger picture of a well-governed and minimal corrupt Selangor than just material rewards for themselves/their constituency


    I'm probably not renewing my Malaysiakini subscription.
    Mkini's coverage of Anwar in the Kajang by-election is disgustingly sycophantic.
    They are losing credibility big time !

    1. aiyah, the reporter was just reporting what he saw, and I believe him because it's well know Anwar loves Hindi and (now revealed) Tamil songs and dances. After all, Anwar has Indian blood in his veins, like his former mentor-godfather, wakakaka. And I hope the temple bells at Maha Marriaman Ladang Braemer temple were ringing, wakakaka

      Bad back? wakakaka

  20. wet dream for you kt for anwar to lose, eh?
    u are darn consistent.
    this man can do no right, eh?
    just who is more manmanlai, anwar or najib, KT?

    1. kt,
      manmanlai on allah.
      give credit to your manmanlai.
      in front of the malays, he dare to take a stand on allah issue, rightly or wrongly.
      where is your manmanlai?


    Before the GE13 elections, MCA threatened the Chinese that the consequences of not supporting MCA would be loss of Chinese representation in the Cabinet.
    The Chinese proceeded to vote as they please.
    Less than a year after GE13, they now "vote" (show of hands only) to reverse that
    position and now accept Cabinet positions. Either the original "threat" was badly thought out, or this latest "vote" is badly considered.

    Thank you , MCA.
    One day after they put up Chew Mei Fun as BN candidate for Kajang, MCA just reminded us why we didn't - and won't bother - to support MCA/BN.

    1. Liow as MCA party president has been a bad choice for the party but alas, it's the party delegates who had decided on his election. It's all about which party faction has the power through intra-party wheeling and dealing.

      In a poll taken (admittedly) in 2010 by the Merdeka Centre Polls, the Chinese community (not MCA party delegates) voted for Ong Tee Keat (not CSL or OKT) to be MCA president to politically represent them.

      Liow has always been a fave of UMNO so we may expect more of the same old syconphantic MCA rather than a born-again MCA.

    2. But then thanks to kaytee, Chew Mei Fun may fun. See! kaytee doesn't wanna the country destroyed because one christian made a qualified stand. I wanna kaytee to mampus because I can't bear to see time & time again, BN wins. ALL THE TIME

  22. Anwar lost the Kajang by-election. The acrimony and blame starts immediately.
    Anwar comes under tremendous pressure to accept take responsibility both for the maneuvering which led to the by-election as well as the loss to Zaid Ibrahim.
    Both the Azmin and Khalid camp , in a rare moment of unity insist he has to quit.

    So Anwar bows out from PKR , retires from politics and takes up an overseas teaching position.

    Then I woke up and realised its just a wet was wonderful while the dream lasted....


    "Under a year, and MCA's drooling for gov't posts"

    I love that photo of MCA leaders eagerly voting to rejoin the Cabinet.

    Its ironic that just when MCA is going into Kajang to fight its big battle to prove that it is still relevant to the Chinese - and it is better than Anwar, it saddles itself with this U-turn.

    I'm no friend of Anwar.
    I wished there would be a credible and winnable alternative, but MCA just isn't it... Fried Rice Noodles was the best face they could put forward, but not enough to neutralise the party's bad image.

    Zaid Ibrahim isn't going to cut it, much as his admirers would wish otherwise. In a PR vs. Pakatan contest, "Other" candidates generally don't get a foot in.
    The only recent exception was PSM vs PAS vs. BN in Kota Damansara. But that was PSM , which had plenty of respected local track record, while PAS has their core supporters, neither of which Zaid Ibrahim has in Kajang.

    Clinton, Blair and Obama - the most effective political campaigners of recent years - all understood the decisiveness of simple, easy to understand political platforms.
    Zaid's "Vote for me to keep Khalid Ibrahim as MB" message is too convoluted for anyone except hard core politikus just to understand, let alone whether they agree enough to give him their vote.

  24. Well,we all know my buddy Kampong man is for Umno/BN come rain or shine.But PAS leaving PR? No way,Jose.If PAS were to leave PR as KM speculated,where will they go.Jump into bed with Umno again.The last time they did this they got screwed badly in the you know where.Hehe.

    1. bruno, there's a section within PAS who prefers to work with Muslim-Malay UMNO rather than non-Muslim non-Malay DAP and the non-Muslim non-Malay section of PKR. Former PAS deputy president Nasharudin is one of them

    2. I recalled the radio political broadcast made by DAP in 1990 general election. Those were the times where Ku Li vowed to tui lam Madhater through 2 rather interesting groups. You see Ku Li has never said that he had left UMNO. Hahahaha! DAP then still wanna teamed with this person who professed "ketuanan melayu" freak. No different than Anwar Ibrahim. But then why support him......To tui lam Madhater & establishment........

  25. Another Kampong Man11:19 am, February 24, 2014

    Rural Malays, especially, are still a very communal people. You just have to see how the whole village comes together for joyous occasions like weddings, or sad events like funerals. I may be mistaken, but the depth of community amity has no equivalent in modern Malaysian Chinese or Indian society.

    For many Malays, Muslim/Malay unity is still an ideal they yearn for.
    There is no denying it, though the daily reality is that of political competition and even betrayal..
    Add heavy doses of sweet talk and juicy carrots thrown in as inducement, and many (not all) will be tempted to support a "Unity Government" , even on UMNO terms.
    Personally, I don't think Uber-UMNO is going to be a reality, though a minorityof PAS members ultimately may break ranks, if they get riled up enough about PAS cooperation with the DAP.
    The genie is out of the bottle, and isn't ever going back in.
    In my view, the watershed was the Anwar Ibrahim case.
    Mahathir got his way ejecting Anwar and destroying both his career and him personally. However, the masses saw Mahathir as THE driving force behind the case, it was not just an apolitical and impartial court case.
    Throwing Anwar into prison on such serious charges crossed a previous red line. The factual merits or otherwise of the case are only side issues.
    A Malay leader just didn't do such things, in the context of Malay unity.

    Some older folks, especially, will still dream of Malay unity, but its not going to happen any time soon, unless things change drastically.

    1. Malay 'unity' is a myth....this 'race' has NEVER been united..... before, now or in the future. That's a given. But emotions can be manipulated, especially in a multiracial setting, for political gain, for which Umno is a master at it, but this is wearing thin, hence the 2nd and 3rd R will have to be stepped up, as can be seen recently.

  26. Many people in Kajang work in the training institutions, colleges and universities around Kajang/Bangi. Kajang voters are educated. They are not emotional people. For the last 25 years they have given their support to DAP, to BN, to PAS, to BN, and to PKR. But remember, in 1999, PAS won by mere 37 votes.

    Cik Gu Lee Kim Sin and his supporters would still be wondering what were his misdeeds that he had to be replaced by LCC? There are also rumours that the PAS Youth Wing has threatened to boycott this by-election.

    Most Malays (inclusive of the pious and the educated) in Kajang do not support AI. They know the truth. “Tanya sama pokok kenapa pokok bergoyang?” They also know that the outcome of this by-election does not going to make any difference to Selangor or Malaysia for that matter. This is not GE14.

    As KT mentioned, 4347 Americans continued to die in Iraq after Bush’s boast “Mission Accomplished” on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1 2003. That image would always come back to haunt and curse Bush with vengeance for the rest of his life.

    - hasan


    Lim Guan Eng playing gutter politics....DAP is just as bad as PKR, no, worse...

    1. Dahlan, that Hasan the Kadayan good friend......HAHAHAHAHA!


    Zaid says Nuar manipulated Emcedel survey that said most Kajang folks supported him for Selangor MB.

    Uh-oh, Nuar looks really desperate, even twisting opinion polls....

  29. Kaytee has made an interesting case about Lee Lam Thye. Yeah, he's the King of Bukit Bintang. Even melayu then supported. Which I felt very strange why can't LKS put him in a mixed area? Or better still in Serdang to tui lam that ex DAP running dog. Anyway, kaytee may have missed the famous TV broadcast (RTM 1, 2 & TV3) made by Lee Lam Thye. What incensed many supporters that Lee Lam thye said that he's FORCED to DAP........strongly alluding that HE WAS ELBOWED OUT BY LKS & DAP........Hahahaha! Yadda Yadda, Lee Lam Thye has held the fort but then why made a dramatic exit from DAP..........Hahahahaha. Defending the indefensible