Friday, February 07, 2014

Khalid the woodcutter

My previous post was Damn 40, my personal recollection of events associated with the figures 4 to 40,000 (or 40K).

But this post is about 30K. Now, don't dismiss it as of lesser numerical value because the 30K is cash, yes lovely moolah.

Imagine you get a job without even going through any interviews with the Human Resource Manager, which earns for you a lovely monthly salary of RM30K, and even better, in an organization which considers the position or you employed for the position as redundant. In other words, you are not required for the post but you get it anyway, with a yummy RM30K per month.

'Redundant' is such an interesting word. In old British English it means 'surplus to requirements; unnecessary or superfluous', basically unwanted insofar as actual requirements are concerned. Thus someone who has been retrenched would be described as redundant.

But the Yanks in developing their engineering language have bestowed upon this word greater relevancy and less humiliation, making it mean, within the context of a technical system, that there's an extra item that (not needed under normal circumstances, but) can continue to perform in the event of malfunction of the principal item.

The Brits used to call this extra (or redundant) item 'standby' as in a standby generator, or a standby hydraulic pump, etc, but sadly for the Brits and their pride in the English language, the greater dominance of the USA in computer, technologies, aeroplanes and engineering systems has ensured global acceptance of 'redundant' or redundancy' as the new kid in the technological-engineering neighbourhood, wakakaka.

I wonder whether those positions paid RM30K per month (without even going through a job interview) and described as 'redundant' were British 'redundant' or American 'redundant'? Wakakaka.

Okay, what yummy jobs are we talking about?

They were the 22 PKNS contract staff positions which Khalid Ibrahim as MB Selangor had just terminated to save ... now, let me see ... hmmm ... 30K x 22 x 12 ... GOOD LORD ... RM7,260,000 per annum!

Mind you, it might be well that not every one of those 22 positions had a monthly salary of 30K which could be why Khalid Ibrahim rounded up the savings from the termination of those 'redundant' staff positions as about 7 million ... but OTOH it could well be more.

Oh dear oh dear, how did this come about?

Let's refer to a Malaysiakini report which informs us:

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will "assume the innocence" of Selangor PKR chief Azmin Ali pending a probe to find out who is responsible for hiring redundant and highly-paid contract staff into the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS). 
He said this after revealing that those who had their contracts terminated were hired into positions which were already filled upon recommendation of the PKNS board of directors, which then included Azmin.
By virtue of his position as menteri besar, Khalid is also the chairperson of PKNS, while other political appointees in the board are Seputeh MP Teresa Kok and now exco member Iskandar Samad. 
He said PKNS whistleblowers complained that some of these contract staff did not go through interviews and received remuneration as high as RM 30,000 per month. 
To a question, he said: "I assume it is not true (that Azmin hired them), and if it is true I will double check the veracity of the information. 
"People are to be assumed innocent (before proven guilty)," he told reporters. 
The termination of 22 PKNS contract staff raised speculation that the feud between Azmin and Khalid had not been quelled despite PKR triggering the Kajang by-election.

Let's read this again, He said this after revealing that those who had their contracts terminated were hired into positions which were already filled upon recommendation of the PKNS board of directors, which then included Azmin.

Okay, got it, now we know why they were considered 'redundant'!

Of course it's a mere coincidence that the Kajang Betrayal happened only after the PKR brouhaha about Azmin Ali being not re-appointed to the PKNS Board ... and not months ago ... because as we have been told by Rafizi Ramli, the Kajang Betrayal ... ooops ... I mean ... Move has been all about enabling Anwar Ibrahim to stop the UMNO-led government from declaring emergency rule, and it will be an UMNO-led government headed by Dr Mahathir or perhaps Mukhriz Mahathir, so be very very afraid ... and don't ask too many questions ... 'coz we're running out of time.

For some strange reasons I suddenly thought of Terence Netto ... correction .... rather of what he wrote for Malaysiakini on 26 June 2012 in an article titled Selangor MB's pol sec Faekah at bay.  In it he stated of Khalid as MB:

However, he has been slow to recognise as the PKR leader of a state regarded as a jewel in the federal crown that politics is also about providing opportunities, rewarding loyalties and managing expectations of the party faithful. 
Oblivious of these aspects of his role as MB, he has courted trouble with sections of the party - mainly ex-Umno members - whose 10 years (1998-2008) in the political wilderness before the Selangor government was captured by a PKR-led opposition has had them ravening for whatever rewards were to be had.

woi, where's your sheep clothing?

'Ravening' - wow, what a powerful and precise word to use for the article. The adjective word means, according to the dictionary, '(of a ferocious wild animal) extremely hungry and hunting for prey.'

But you have to excuse poor kaytee as my mind tends to wander around with no logical train of thought. How silly of me to be talking about Khalid and the Kajang whatever and then out of context, of Terence Netto's article.

Anyway, I'm sure the Great Political Reformer will kowtim everything once he becomes the Selangor MB (or at least his deputy as acting or Deputy MB) ..... to protect us from the evil ravages of Dr Doom.

Oh yes? What's my post title got to do with all this?

In folklore of many countries, the woodcutter has been portrayed as the bloke who chopped up the wolf, wakakaka.

woi woi nanti dulu, ni aku, member lah!


  1. RM 30 K a month appointees....redundant as well.....ah so....
    Shit, I thought I was making a statement against Corruption when I voted for PKR in GE13.

    Looks like they are no better than "the other guys".
    I should have known, most of them came over from "there".

    Fuck....what to do ?

  2. Salam Tan Sri Khalid… ada kerja kosong tak? Like KT, I would like to offer my services on pro bono basis. Just cover my out of pocket expenses, cukuplah… Saya serious nie, Tan Sri MB.

    - hasan

  3. In Malaysian, especially Malay politics, nothing is ever simply what it seems on the surface.

    There have been counter accusations that the PKNS staff dismissals were done in a summary manner, without due process.
    Many of you are employees in one way or another, and you should know that every employee has a right to due process in any case of dismissal.

    Even contract employees, especially if the contracts are ended prematurely.
    If the contracts are not renewed upon expiry, that's a different matter.

    I would want to see more evidence and explanations come to light , one way or the other.

  4. KT,

    For yr continuing research into Kajang Move;


    Still doubting the possibility of the umno putsch in changing Selangor govt?

  5. hasan/kt,

    the earlier thread become a little bit too hot, i continue here.

    the by election, as both hasan n looes joker did mention, is not against the law (hasan on ec 60d). compare to ‘frogging’, it allow the people, in this case, kajang people to make a choice. democracy is expensive n costly, but we rather choose a democracy versus let say a authoritarian model, n I believe that is oso y kt n turncoat choose to reside in a democratic state, not china or arab, to enjoy the freedom to continue lecture us grandmother story about how bad is democracy, the abuse, the betrayal etc etc, dun we think it’s a bit funny when me n anomie (n hasan) live in Malaysia while hmmm….it isn’t entirely relevant but ironic nonetheless, dun think so?

    moreover I dun see any element of unfairness in this by election. kajang is not pp (no sympathy emotion) , I dun see anwar enjoy any advantage, however I dun like rafizi grandfather story n many fairy tales, I think pkr shd tell kajang folks openly that anwar want to be mb, n let the people to make the decision, which I think they r doing now.

    finally do the people really have a choice to call for an election if they r not happy? I rather have one that choose to resign versus one that drag until the next election in a hospital bed, thus the betrayal is to me irrelevant as long as the voters is given a rights to choose again, which they can abandon pkr if they wish to, or tell anwar enough is enough.

    ps/ pig take note. my writes is not for pig.

    1. HY, it's naughty of you to accuse me of lecturing you with "grandmother story about how bad is democracy". Have I ever said democracy is bad? Au contraire I have always criticized Anwar for attempting to replace the supremacy of the bablot box with his frogs, and now abusing the democratic process (may eb legal but still an abuse) with resigning and re-standing in a PKR held seat just to remove Khalid to "solve" a PKR internal dissatisfaction

    2. And on you "I rather have one that choose to resign versus one that drag until the next election in a hospital bed ..." unless you're blind, you would know that Lee Chin Cheh was "told" to resign. Why would he otherwise!

    3. Hehehehehe.......

    4. How many of u r aware of the fact that CCLee ISNT doing his job as the representative of Kajang?

      Ever since his 'ascension' to YB status, after 505, he has NEVER once appealed in Kajang to solve any local issues arises.

      This is a KNOWN fact.

      Another known fact is also he was nominated by the katak-in-waiting 'blue-eye' boy cum possible future Sel MB if he has his way, against many objections. Thus, he cant & dont works for the PR aspiration for change.

      His 'demanded' resignation is timely. For if it's dragged on till GE14, Kajang would be another lost ground for PR due to this totally non-serving gaji buta YB.

    5. In other words, you;re saying that whoever blue-eyed boy nominates (and most of PKR MP/ADUNs have been his choice) won't make suitable representatives for the rakyat, and they should all resign?

    6. YES.

      & there r many within PKR!

      They r the school of potential kataks that would jump one's the blue-eyed boy know he CANT play the usual game anymore.

    7. you have my support, and let's start with Anwar Ibrahim (for Kajang) wakakaka because I have no doubt he was proposed by Azmin

    8. No!!!!

      That I wont goes for & I'm NOT an anwarista (read my many previous commands to confirm) so as not for u to throw this label at me.

      Anwar is THE only force holding the PR together! Like it or not, for whatever his past deeds, he is the ONLY chance to see the downfall of the umno hegemony.

      I'm also willing to support Anwar, bcoz within PR now, there r a lot of good man/woman who can keep watching for the good of the country - just for their OWN conviction about the BIGGER good.

      Even if Anwar would to act umno-ish later (????), do u honestly think that these people WOULD let Anwar has his umno-ish way?

      Anwar is a good politician BUT without those good people who has the future of m'sia at heart, Anwar is nowhere as its NOW!

      Think about this, WHICH Anwar is painfully/gracefully aware.

      So stop yr usual AI-bashing, & if u cant keep yr contempt about Anwar down, then keep it to yrself till after Kajang bye-election.

      Then, perhaps both of us CAN indulge in some rounds of I-tell-u-so wakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN?

    9. I think this anon may have hit the jackpot about CC Lee. Continue to ask who was the Kajang adun in 2008. It's definitely not CC Lee

    10. joker, we know cikgu lee la, we curse the anwar boy kaokao when the chosen one is a cb lee, but that's politic. most that help cikgu lee is his student, no money no resourses no fund no cable....n the cb boy just dump the cikgu in 2013. the one that hit jackpot already sit in a benz.

  6. Dear KT, The appointments of the 22 staff was done by ahli lembaga penarah pins n Khalid is the pengerusi of the lembaga.strange at that time he didn't know abt the hiring n the big gaji.years from now he will claim I were not aware that Hannah Yweoh new punya gaji n elaun amount to about RM 44k a month.

    1. Khalid said "those who had their contracts terminated were hired into positions which were ALREADY FILLED upon recommendation of the PKNS board of directors" Who hired these contract staff into those filled positions is the objective of the current probe.

    2. U people r political sua-ku, real kampong pumpkin!

      Political favours r fact of life, ALL over the world. This I'd learnt during my volunteering internship during Clinton's presidential campaign many many moons ago.

      Many of my colleague then worked pro bono (KT's pharse) during that campaign & many got coolest jobs with big paychecks when Clinton got elected.

      The ONLY difference between what KT described here in PKNS & my Clinton internship experience IS - all my colleagues r people of deep passions & high abilities. They DIDNT need the political favour to secure any advances in life. they COULD do it on their own even if there is NO such favour. Moreover, when engaged, they carried out their duty, ringed around their passion, & doing the best they could to their believe, for the country. When there is ideal crashing, they let go of the position without 2nd thought.

      Of course, like all things in life, I could still remember some slummy one, worming their way through the thick of political plays, just to survive. But many didnt make it long, as the US political process, both supervising/accountability, would eventually caught up with them & phased them out.

      Whereas, I'm NOT so sure about those high-paying contract workers in PKNS. If they were being engaged in a redundant job position with high pay. Then the 1st question SHOULD be R they getting gaji buta, political favours or not. If they r in REALLY a engaged in REDUNDANT positions, then that question is self answered!

      So dont make it out as political favoring is bad. The ultimate question is the people that the favours r been given. If these people can perform & create new opportunities/ideas from their positions to benefit the reign, then that in itself is worth the money/opportunity given!

    3. Since Kaytee's into PKNS staffing pay, why not ask? Why Azmin so hard up on PKNS? See! Kaytee has always been very shortsighted ones

  7. Just another thought before I forget - as a state governor goes, Khalid is only good as treasurer 2nd class, despite of his current report card.

    The problem with Khalid is that he runs the state like a corporation, ie a business entity. And that's his BIGGEST downfall, even though he has managed to accumulated RM3B state reserve.

    The 2nd rule of a good government is. - state CANNOT get involved with business. Indirectly it also means that state CANNOT run like a profit organsation.

    The main responsibility of a state is to take care of his people. While doing so, the state might incurred financial deficit, & that's ok, subject to fiscal prudentiality of bad time spends & good time saves. Notice, this is different from personal/corporate financial management.

    By spending money, borrowed &/or accumulative saving, to eradicate or to reduce the sufferage of the people due to natural disaster/economic downturn is a sign of good governance. And that's why people elected a democratic government for - to take care & look after them comes rain or sunshine.

    In this regard, Khalid is a scrooge reincarnation. He accumulative wealth BUT he don't spend them for the rakyat of Selangor.

    Despite free RM20 water charge & others of similar tokens, he has done NOTHING else.

    His negotiation skill is abysmal, judging from that protracted & still unsuccessiveful Selangor water concession deal.

    In short, one cant see any major development, socially & economically, happening in Selangor. Even though the state machinery is slightly better run, Selangoreans' complaints r still aplenty! His dismay wakil rakyat performance in Ijok is the telltale sign of his poor governance skill.

    If he got nothing better to do with the 3B state reserve than he should return all or portion of that money to all legitimate Selangoreans, just like HK or The S'pore govt did with the excess budget reserve. Penang's LGE should take BIG note of this!

    Thus, it's time to replace Khalid with someone more in tune with state management skill. He can be put in charge of financial controlling to play out his earned skill.

    A BIG BIG caveat - definitely not that katak-in-waiting blue-eyed boy. My spider 6th sense keeps rising alarm. He wont be good for Selangor, or M'sia. Sorry AA!!!!!

    BTW, the 1st rule of good governance is transparency. SunTzi's war game can Only be played during engagement. Once the war is over, win or loss, transparency takes over on ALL fronts. This is non-negotiable, period.