Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ibrahim versus Ibrahim

I drafted this last night but alas, didn't finish it and thus have been beaten by the Malay Mail Online's headlines today, Anwar and Khalid in open war

sorry I will have to move you aside
sorry I will be keeping you aside

And really, why should we be surprised by the sorry sad of affairs in PKR when Khalid has been repetitively badmouthed by the PKR inner coterie to support the latter's bullshit excuses for the Kajang Betrayal.

A man can take only so many insults, especially unfair ones!

About two weeks earlier Khalid had already struck back with his seemingly quiet announcement that Leaderless Selangor BN [is] no threat to Pakatan, in which he said that the BN "... is still licking its wounds from the general election and unlikely put up a strong fight in Kajang. At the moment Datuk Seri Noh Omar is still struggling to get his team together. At the moment I do not see leadership.”

That statement was in total contrast to those by the Henny-Penny's of PKR and, lamentably, one from DAP who told tall tales of a pending UMNO ferocious takeover of the Selnagor State after Najib has been deposed by the Mahathir faction - IMHO, sheer utter balderdash by the inmates of Svartalfheimas to painfully explain the necessity of the Kajang Betrayal.

Khalid's assurance of the political inefficacy of the BN in Selangor has effectively struck a blow to Anwar & Co's pathetic preposterous pariah-ish excuse for the sembelih of Lee Chin Cheh as a PKR sacrificial kambing so as to enable Anwar to enter the Selangor DUN and the MB position.

Oh, incidentally, talking about kambing (the Aussie type, wakakaka, or lamb) here's an older post of mine titled Political wolf in sheep's clothing, which has something interesting about roast lamb, Manmanlai and the Døkkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

hold still Lee, you're going to be a sacrificial goat, I mean hero

Okay, back to Khalid's chopping Razzler-Dazzler-Embellisher off at the latter's knees for the unbelievable tale about Mahathir faction's coup d'etat in Selangor - that was almost two weeks ago, and if you haven't notice the dissenting statement from PKR's director of ops for the Kajang by-election about the inner coterie's falling sky, wakakaka, then you were either not interested (rightly so) in the unnecessary by-election or still mesmerized by the miasmatic mist of malarkey which continues unabated until today wakakaka.

A few days ago Zaid Ibrahim questioned the credibility of a survey by Universiti Malaya’s Centre for Elections and Democracy (Umcedel), which showed that more than 50% of Kajang voters approve of the by-election to pave the way for Anwar to replace Khalid as Selangor MB, and that Anwar is the front runner in the by-election.

Zaid told us that Umcedel director Prof Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman is an old pally buddy of Anwar, wakakaka, from their Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) days, wakakaka. Thus far, media attempts to contact the good professor for comment have been unsuccessful, wakakaka.

Hmmm, if that has been true then Anwar must be pretty worried enough about his chances (or winning majority) in Kajang to resort to what Zaid's allegation suggested.

Now, apart from Prof Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman being an old ABIM pally buddy of Anwar, wakakaka, why did Zaid doubt the Umcedel’s survey findings on Anwar as the fave in the by-election and that Kajangites approve of both the unnecessary by-election and his candidature there for the reasons provided by PKR inner coterie?

Around June 2011, Zaid was reported in Free Malaysia Today for calling Anwar Ibrahim a liar. Ouch!

Then, Zaid was riled by Anwar’s claim that he (Zaid) had pleaded with him (Anwar) for the opportunity to stand in the by-election for the federal constituency of Hulu Selangor in April 2011.

No, Zaid didn't use the BS-word, wakakaka, but merely asserted as a matter of fact that it was Anwar who selected him to contest.

At that time Anwar was at his political nadir following the desertion of seven PKR MPs especially after the cataclysmic failure of his bullsh*t 916, the most shameful un-reformasi folly of Anwar in his undemocratic but failed attempt on a poker-bluff coup d'etat on 16 Sept 2008.

A poker-bluff coup d'etat? Surely a Malaysian Boleh first in the world if it had succeeded. Perhaps he had thought that AAB was too slow-witted and no match for his manmanlai gab & attempted grab? But alas for him, AAB had been PM while Anwar is still trying to be ... no, not PM ... but a mere state MB. Alamak.

you know, in 1987 he was on winning Team A while I was in Team B
16 years later I became PM while he .. heh heh .. ta'usah sebutlah ... heh heh
I'm NOT as sleepy as you may think .. heh heh heh

Zaid suspected that the so-called de facto boss of PKR nominated him because he desperately wanted to make use of Zaid’s high profile personality (my words, not Zaid’s) to regain lost momentum through winning Hulu Selangor for PKR.

But alas, Zaid lost, partly because, as it was said (in fact blogged by RPK), of a photo depicting Zaid as a yamseng-ing and kaki kuda which was provided to UMNO by someone in PKR to sabo Zaid for fear of Zaid’s ascendancy in PKR. That photo caused Zaid a lot of votes from the Heartland.

Zaid told FMT: “Anwar is a liar and this is how he makes his living in politics. He thought I could pull it off. He did not spend a single sen on me [in the by-election]. I paid the deposit with my money. The party did not do anything to help me. His remarks are a joke. It’s not true.” 

To demonstrate that he had not pleaded to stand in Hulu Selangor, because he was doubtful of his chances in that UMNO stronghold (the 2008 GE result for Hulu Selangor being more of a fluke), Zaid referred to DAP’s Lim Kit Siang and PAS’ Mustapha Ali as his witnesses, that he had asked the two Pakatan leaders for advice.

According to Zaid, Lim and Mustapha told him that “it would NOT be good for me, as a party member, to decline the offer, because it would seem that I did not want to help the party," presumably despite mentioning his preference to decline Anwar's request because the election odds in HS were against him.

Thus, on the two Pakatan leaders' advice he accepted the candidacy and because he had also believed Anwar’s offer was made in good faith. He tossed in another couple of names as his referees, namely Dr Mahathir and AAB, as to his style of never pleading for any opportunity.

I am not surprised by Zaid readily referring to personalities from both sides of Malaysian politics - Dr Mahathir and AAB from UMNO, and Lim KS and Mustapha Ali from Pakatan - as his character referees or witnesses to what he alleged as Anwar’s blatant lie of him pleading to stand in Hulu Selangor.

And that’s because Zaid has consistently been mature in his political stance, unlike the feral examples introduced by the UMNO-faction of Anwar Ibrahim, a vicious herd mentality that now prevails mainly among the PKR anwaristas and some UMNO people, and unfortunately which might have infected some DAP members as well.

No doubt those pack of attack hounds have been, are and will continue calling him all sorts of names. After all, Michelle Yeoh is much prettier than Zaid and yet has suffered such vile vicious venom from mindless moronic Myrmidons of Pakatan, wakakaka.

Just a reminder, Zaid willingly resigned as Law Minister from the AAB cabinet (not expelled like Anwar) on a matter of principle, namely, to protest against the ISA being abusively used on Teresa Kok and a Sin Chew lady journalist by an earlier Home Minister.

Zaid also informed us via the Malay Mail Online's Zaid: MB post last hurrah for has-been Anwar of HRH's displeasure with '... Anwar’s political maneuverings after PKR newspaper, Suara Keadilan, featured a front-page picture of the PKR de facto leader with a member of the state’s royal household.'

He continued: “A week after the Suara Keadilan picture came out, the Palace issued a ‘yellow letter’ (a palace decree) wherein the Sultan in no uncertain terms prohibited members of the royal household from engaging or associating themselves, directly or indirectly, in politics or with any political party.”

Hmmm (again)! I wonder whether WWII General Heinz Wilhelm Guderian, the acclaimed 'Father of the German Blitzkrieg' would have said with regards to the allegations (if true) of the applicability of his famous saying 'There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people'? Wakakaka.

And Anwar, a politician who's always so fond of challenging Najib to a debate, has refused to debate with one of his Kajang by-election competitor, Zaid. Hoe Keng ah? [Takutkah?]

Zaid wants to debate Anwar on issues and not personal matters, but now, PKR's Rafizi Ramli has threatened to dig dirt on Zaid, who a la Clint Eastwood merely scoffed at that - see FMT's Zaid to Rafizi: Go ahead make my day.

Things are unfolding as per Rafizi's threat as we read this, but a word to the wise - people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, wakakaka.

Addendum: For more dirt on Zaid, please read RPK's latest post here, wakakaka.

Update 27/02/14: please read Zaid's reply to Rafizi in Malaysiakini's Zaid denies 'black hearted' Rafizi's claim where he ... derided Rafizi further as a "black-hearted" person who thinks he is now a "hero" after the National Feedlot Corporation expose.

"But this is Zaid... He should dig harder if he wants to really do an expose," he said, adding that his integrity is beyond reproach.

He also snidely dismissed Rafizi as a student of Anwar's politics and a "graduate" of the reformasi movement, which he said was filled with "dirty politics".

But then, oh dear, dearie me, PKR's brilliant strategist has turned archaeologist? Hope he doesn't bury his own party, wakakaka.

And doesn't Rafizi know that Zaid Ibrahim is a man who had on principles resigned from his position as Law Minister in AAB's cabinet, so unlike someone who had to be forcefully expelled from UMNO into screaming on the streets? Hmmm, maybe Rafizi was then too young to be aware of that, or maybe resigning on principles haven't yet been the practice in PKR? Wakakaka.

Anyway the other Ibrahim, Khalid, has now in a show of defiance and strike-back, picked up on Zaid's allegation of the unreliability of the Umcedel's survey, as published in the Malay Mail Online's headlines today, Anwar and Khalid in open war to discredit the finding that Kajangites approve of the preposterous excuses provided by PKR for the Kajang Betrayal, especially Anwar as MB Selangor. The Malay Mail reported:

What appeared to be a plan to end the feud between Khalid and Anwar loyalist Azmin Ali, who is also party deputy president, has now become Anwar’s trump card to oust Khalid and take over as mentri besar.

Khalid has been put on the defensive since then as Anwar and the party director of strategy Rafizi Ramli have gone on the offensive, making it seem as though Khalid had done nothing good.

Anwar’s attempt to unseat Khalid has now become an obsession as he continues wooing voters although on the offset everyone knows he will win.

And Anwar’s pre-campaign trail has revealed the truth about the split in the party — Khalid was only present once and since then he appears to have been sidelined. Although he is the director of operations for the by-election, Khalid seemed to be more occupied with his responsibilities as mentri besar.

Khalid may feel out of place whenever he meets other PKR leaders in Kajang for any by-election campaign events as all eyes will be watching his body language against that of Anwar.

Party members know the fight is not a small matter when it comes to a face-off with Anwar, but Khalid, being politically naïve, is never going to give up that easily despite knowing he is not going to win.

What Khalid is doing right now is not to give Anwar a smooth and easy path until the next general election in 2018.

It's also interesting to note that Dr Wan Azizah who has hitherto remained silent has now emerged to support Khalid as MB. We are informed:

Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail yang sekian lama ‘mengunci mulut’ berkenaan Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Dewan Undangan Negeri (Dun) Kajang akhirnya bersuara.

Beliau menolak dakwaan ramai pihak berkenaan kemungkinan Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan mengambil alih jawatan Menteri Besar Selangor dari Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

“Tan Sri Khalid sudah mengendalikan kerajaan negeri dan kita sudah tengok sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor… tidak ada cacat cela.. jadi kita teruskan. Kehadiran Anwar (di Selangor) pula, hanya nak membantu.. ” katanya menurut laporan laman blog

Bagaimanapun, dari mulut Anwar yang juga suami kepada Wan Azizah, ada kemungkinan ia akan dibincangkan tetapi biarlah ia dibincangkan selepas Pakatan Rakyat (PR) memenangi PRK Dun Kajang pada 23 Mac depan.

Anwar yang juga Ketua Umum PKR sebelum ini pernah mengkritik cara pentadbiran Abdul Khalid yang disifatkan sebagai lemah kerana gagal menguruskan dana kewangan negeri dengan baik.

Wakakaka, as Alice in Wonderland said (probably in Manglish, wakakaka), 'Curiouser and curiouser!'.

I wonder who's Khalid's backer, someone who gives him such a depth of confidence that he is now not only openly snubbing Anwar and the inner coterie's campaign messages but also repudiating them.

Anyway, Lim Guan Eng a.k.a Mr Mushroom (because though he is sec-gen of DAP was kept in the dark by Anwar about the PKR's Kajang Betrayal) has this to say:

"If it affects DAP or PAS or Pakatan Rakyat as a whole, of course PKR should inform us. But even though this matter (the Kajang Move) affects Pakatan, it is more to resolving an internal PKR problem, so we should give them some space."

In plain words, Lim GE has confirmed the Kajang Betrayal is about resolving an internal PKR problem. I wonder whether his take, so accurate and so different from Mr Henny-Penny, has been influenced by Anwar/PKR's disrespect to him when they sembelih Lee Chin Cheh without advising PAS and DAP? And PKR, if we recall, is the minority party in Pakatan.

I suspect this DAP perception (save for Mr Henny-Penny wakakaka) as well as many other factors in Kajang such as the lukewarm support by PAS have had Anwar also worrying about the Chinese in Kajang, who may, horror of horrors, indulge in their fave past time of mahjung on election day instead of voting, wakakaka, especially a by-election which is deemed unnecessary.

has the sky fallen yet? wakakaka

Would these possibly explain those allegations (yet undisputed or challenged by PKR) about Anwar's involvement in the Umcedel survey and his photo-ops with a Selangor royalty?

He will still win of course, given the Chinese despise and disdain for MCA, but his winning majority could be very much reduced from those for Lee Chin Cheh in 2013, and this is what he fears and what UMNO hope for.

But now, he must have heaved a great sigh of relief when Karpal Singh urge Kajang to punish BN kau kau to the extent of making the BN candidate, Chew Mei Fun, lose her deposit, as a show of their displeasure with the nonsensical sedition laws, which incidentally PM Najib has promised to do away with.

Can Chinese dislike for MCA-BN overcome their community's inclination for mahjung, wakakaka? Because if they stay away and his winning majority is abysmal, Khalid's status quo will become stronger and more entrenched, especially with PAS and even opposition support. And poor Manmanlai will then have a hard time with the Døkkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

Way before Bhai voiced his wrath at the sedition conviction, a charge which in case you forgot the court had earlier dismissed in favour of Bhai before the prosecution appealed, I had written in an earlier post Chew Mei Fun a cherry blossom? that today the MCA is so despised it will be putting a candidate in the Kajang by-election as mere cannon fodder, to be slaughtered by those who despise the party, and that's almost all of the 41% of registered voters (Chinese) in the satay town. And the MCA candidate losing her deposit is probable!

But underlying all this is a far more interesting issue, that PKR seems to be disintegrating, if not completely now, most certainly at some stage in the future.

'Twas a disintegration started long ago by what I had written of briefly in Political wolf in sheep's clothing, because of Anwar's blind invincible support for the Døkkálfar Dwarf.

I'm like Lee (with his pelt after he was sembelih), wakakaka


  1. You have the unfortunate tendency to believe anything negative said about Anwar by everybody and anybody, as well as disbelieving anything said by Anwar or others who support him.

    That's not the mark of a credible blogger.

    If you have a closed mind, everything bad about Anwar is already proven, but is it ?

    1. Oh sorry, I didn't realize that Anwar's 916 was only an UMNO lie

  2. Interesting to see the parallels....the disintegration of both PKR and UMNO. Like dying twins! Great summation KT. Mahjong anyone? Wakakakaka!

    1. If it leads to DAP being the sole party in running Malaysia, perhaps I would support KT summation. The question is......Cam it happen? Hahahaha

    2. aisehman looes, you're not proposing a one-party rule, are you? That's dictatorship. Aha, I forget, you don't care about Westminster process. Besides you're a Sing lang and obviously approve of LKY's 'guided democracy', wakakaka.

    3. Hahahahaha! People say that there is a similarity between PAP & DAP. DAP was originated from Malaysia PAP. Malaysia PAP established by Devan Nair, Sinnathamby Rajaratnam & Toh Chin Chye. Hahahahaha! In PAP, you have LKY, GCT & LHL. In DAP you got LKS, Karpal Singh & LGE........

      Who was the first senior minister in Singapore? He was not a chinese.......Hahahahaha!

  3. Kaytee.haha,anyone thinking Anwar is of MB material,might be in for a shock.First to forced a by-election in Kajang and sending his stooge and attack dog to bad mouthed the MB Khalid.But most importantly is his baby Azmin.His babe is causing all the problems for Khalid and Selangor PR gomen.If Anwar cannot keep his babe in line,how can he run the state,lest to say the country(that is he will have a chance for another shot at it).Hehe.

  4. Kaytee,I think that the beauties are too young to be playing mahjong,unless no money changes hands.Hehe.

    1. they thought: what the heck lah, PKR says the sky is gonna fall down soon, might as well enjoy our last game of wonderful mahjung - wakakaka

    2. All the chio bus are very pretty lei.......Can introduce? Hahahahaha!

    3. didn't you read above that Bruno considered the beauties as too young? You could be accused of being a pedophile, wakakakaakakakakkakakakaaaaaaa!

      Sorry mate, as LKY said of AI re the Sodomy case, you walk right into it willingly, wakakakakakakakaa

    4. Hahahahahaha! People also say that LKY MIGHT have Najib's photo with that........ HAHAHAHAHA!

  5. unlike some hypo, i never badmouth khalid.

    n who is this clown that want to debate with anwar? anwar back by both party and people (pp at least), this clown cant even get a job, as a clown, in circus. buat malu aje.

    lge is of course in the dark, his ball shrink since ada benz.

    again bhai is teruk, exploit kajang people to save his ass. i vote yr son to serve me la, not the other way round, betul bangau ini semua father n son.

    1. your so-called 'clown' has the principles to resign from his minister's position unlike someone who had to be forcefully expelled from the party crying and who had tried to work his way back, wakakaka and who had attempted frogological coup d'etat, really pariah-ish power crazy

    2. how can bhai exploit people to save his ass - do you seriously think the government cares how Kajangites vote and will thus spare Bhai? Don't talk nonsense

      OTOH, hasn't PKR exploited the Kajang people thrice over - first by Lee (unwarrantedly) abandoning the trust they put in him, and then by bothering them to re-vote so as to force Khalid out for the Dwarf, and by telling them long tall tales about the world is falling down?

    3. Yeah, kaytee. Just like what happen to Lee Lam Thye when he wept in front of TV3 & RTM. He said specifically that Lee Lam Thye was forced to leave DAP, alluding to the fact he was elbowed out by Lim Kit Siang & his cronies. Hahahaha! Okay, Lee Lam Thye never did bad things to kaytee's sister cat. Most probably during his young days, he & his gang fought with the chinese school students located nearby. Hahahahaha!

      Kaytee, I never forgive you what you did to this Bhai called Karpal Singh......Admit it, you voted Tan Kah Choon instead of bhai right......Hahahahaha

    4. and I haven't you too for treacherously voting against my hero Bhai and Uncle Lim (or for egging Penangites to vote against them)

    5. Hahahahaha.......where is my voting area in malaysia? Hahahahahaha.......Ain't you a Penangite? kaytee the traitor........HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. Oh sorry, I didn't realize that Zaid's earlier support of AI was only an 'UMNO-ised' lie!

    Wakakaka, ' And that’s because Zaid has consistently been mature in his political stance,'. More like a lalang sways with the angin (kepala+carma type???).

    Zaid's resignation from AAB's cabinet beared the same signature as the one he quited PKR. He saw zilch future for him in both instances - being a lone voice with NO viable support within an organisation which he thought he could made a name (someone with title & weight) for himself. Otherwise it would considered as a waste of his 'talent' by him fir being just an ordinary member!

    In fact, he did make a name for himself as a non-team player, with a suprious self-bloated ego.

    He resigned from AAB's nominated law minister NOT bcoz of principle (as KT so much like to chewed on). It's more of his love of face, after all for someone like Zaid, it's 100 times more important that he resigned on his own accord than being sacked. He would be sacked sooner or later for trying to act out of tune with the umno-ised culture of tolling the party line. More so, with a sleepy & weak umno president who kept looking over his shoulder for hidden darts.

    In PKR, it's the same again - knowing he would be an easy toast for the faction that bearing the feral examples introduced by the UMNO-faction of AI. So he walked out again to avoid being a nobody, which would be a big blow to his self-important face!

    Zaid could termed as a principled man if he REALLY resigned from umno bcoz of his honest objection to the abuse of ISA. Was he?

    He proved himself of otherwise when he quit PKR again. He joined PKR after quiting umno bcoz he thought he could contribute to make a difference. Yet he quieted again after losing the by-election. If only hr wss principled, this time riund at PKR he should stay & fight. Instead, he turned tail again. Where was his principle that KT so much cherished?

    Unless his principle was something else & Rafizi's archaeological dig proved that once again!

    So, KT Kia, everything against AI must be smelled fragrance to u - irrespective of that fragrance originated from cesspool!

    1. Re your "Yet he quieted again after losing the by-election" - you seem to have omitted the PKR party election, yes, that Onderful PKR party election where, just an example, the number of votes at a station far exceeded the number of party voters wakakaka,

      And the pro-Dwarf election officials could then propose a draw by splitting the total number of votes (regardless that far exceeded the number of registered voters) 50:50. There were a host of other polling atrocities which were so revolting that not only Zaid left the party in utter disgust but many others (eg. Jonson Chong) as well, with neutrals like Haris Ibrahim lambasting PKR officials. Chegubard also had words to say about that election.

      And PKR had a nerve criticizing the EC (it was blameworthy of course but no more than the remarkable PKR election officials). Pot calling kettle black.

      But it's public knowledge Zaid resigned his Law Minister post, unlike someone wakakaka

    2. Talk about archeological dig, if Rafizi is 2nd, then, u must be the 1st. Wakakaka!

      Anyway, things are getting clearer. Soon, we shall see whose right & would KT principled enough to apologise for his consistent AI bashing spins!

      But one thing for sure, KT is NOT only a small-pictured man, he is also has a tendency to act like a scorned woman. Loose could be right about his sister's cat, after all!

      Let's dig the timeline for KT's bed time story board;

      1)Kajang move
      2)AI been proposed to contest
      3)Conspiracy theories all over town
      4)umno is in dis-array & knifes r out for pink-lip
      5)Dwarf has been silenced & getting impatient
      6)Khalid poured more state money than necessary to get the state govt involved in business, in cooperation with umno!
      7)Doing so without PR acknowledgement, another sign of turning rouge?

    3. I like No 3 above - BUT BUT BUT wakakaka, guess who have been spreading them? You're right if you answer "The Henny-Penny's" wakakaka - morrow sky's gonna come fallin' down, wakakaka

    4. BUT BUT BUT wakakaka, guess who have been spreading them?

      KT, included!

      U should said- morrow sky's gonna come fallin' down at bolihland, wakakaka. While I'm safe & sound at DU, writing story board for bed time story, wakakaka!

  7. Ahhhh....all these anwaristas....still so gung-ho and tireless in defending the indefensible, wakakaka.......quite amusing to see how easily KT 'gave back' to them kau kau ......LOL

    As for Khalid ( he's not exactly an angel, but compared to the Dwarf and that infamous inner cotorie, he is positively shinning, hehe )....he comes off now as an underdog, gaining sympathy and support from even those not having an iota of interest in these infernal wrangling of these dirty politicians.

  8. Kaytee,the PKR roadshow or rather circus has hit town.That is sleepy Kajang town,famous for its Kajang satay and now Kajang clowns.I always thought that the PR parties have more senses that the jokers in Umno/BN.But what Umno/BN doesn't have PKR had.Lots of circus clowns.

    First we have Azmin,PKR's Selangor chief acting like a wife scorned.Now we have a newly crowned MP stooge who is badmouthing the present MB,so that his boss can come in the back door.Then he went after your favourite Zaid.Why spent time,in fact wasting time attacking Zaid,who as an independent is not a force to be reckon with,and is going to lose his deposit anyway.

    Rafizi should spend more of his time after blossom Missie Mei Fun.Although Mei Fun will surely lose to Anwar,if she can keep Anwar's winning margin low,in the eyes of the public she is already a winner.Anything less than double the majority of the previous adun and we can declare Mei Fun the (moral) winner.

  9. Hello, I read with amusement the reasons behind Zaid Ibrahim failure in the K Selangor bye-election.
    In politics just like the Olympics, winning is everything and losing is nothing.
    No amount of spin, justification, reverse psychology will explain away the defeat.
    Zaid had a fair chance of winning but choose all the exit strategies to explain away his problems should he be defeated.
    The rest they say is HISTORY!


  11. Today's Star front-page photograph illustrates perfectly what is happening in Selangor - and more in store -
    as UMNO effectively takes over Selangor decision making, even while Pakatan Rakyat is nominally still in charge.
    Khalid Ibrahim grinning from ear to ear, with Maximus Ongkili, Najib and Muhyiddin in tandem.
    No Pakatan Rakyat leader, national or state invited. Not consulted, not informed.

    Hint....the multi-million ringgit "settlement" between Bank Islam and Khalid Ibrahim for his personal loan...follow the money, as they say...