Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lovely Penang rojak

Have new post at KTemoc Kongsamkok titled Village memories 4 - kaytee's rojak wakakaka.


  1. The Penang food I knew
    Those were the years I lived there
    The memories stayed no matter where
    The food the day of living

    I remembered Ah Guan Apom balik
    At his stall on Burmah Road
    The best I tried I couldn't find anywhere
    He is the bench mark I used to this day

    Once my staff took me to taste nyonya food
    Believe me it was tasteful home cooking
    It was somewhere in China town
    We went by the back lane...

    Along the Esplanade facing the sea
    There was once this Indian man selling his rojak
    It was a delicious meal every time I went there
    Then he returned to India that was the end of it

    The 2 sisters char kuey teow
    During my first visit to Penang it tasted good
    When I went to stay for several years
    The char kuey teow had too much lard

    I went to Ayer Hitam
    The famous laksa there
    It was too fishy to my taste
    Yet there were crowds gathering around

    For dessert was the Penang cendol
    The best as far as I could tell
    Even in Klang the famous stall
    It couldn't come close to it

  2. For the Chinese is rojak petis. The Malays is rojak pecal. But course there is Mamak rojak of rojak mamak. Unfortunately, I have never heard of Indian rojak.

  3. To be frank, I find Penang Rojak pretty yucky stuff.

    Haha. man's meat may be another man's poison.....

  4. Cinamen really kenna cheated. Out Azizan, came in the big syaitan. Teresa kok says one

  5. Enough with the rojak la. Get on with the next post bro. Haiya! Hehehe.

  6. Ya, I love Penang rojak....but this post is getting so boring.....

    BTW...I heard Anwar Ibrahim loves rojak too...wakakaka....

  7. R U still alive and kicking ?