Sunday, September 15, 2013

NS 'commando' training?

As a socio-political blogger I feel I'm somewhat biased towards the political side of blogging, thus this post will focused on the social element.

TMI has an article titled Fix deplorable state of NS camps or our kids will leave, warn parents in which we are informed that the National Service (NS) White Resort camp in Balik Pulau suffers from deplorable conditions such as poor hygiene, unsanitary conditions, broken toilet locks, filthy sleeping paraphernalia and unbelievably in Malaysia, insufficient food.

NST photo - White Resort camp

But worse than insufficient food for the NS youngsters there was even a complaint of maggots in the food. WTF!

TMI reported that one parent Noor Asa Elang complained: ... the plight of trainees had not been looked into by the camp operator despite their many complaints, which included clogged sinks and toilets.

How can we allow our young citizens to stay at such a hell-pit? This is Malaysia, not Bangladesh!

NST reported that the NS Training Department's acting D-G, Rozainor Ramli, admitted that the camp operator had failed to meet the contractual standards.

But even with such existing horrendous conditions, he still provides the camp operator ONE BLOODY WEEK (7 DAYS) to sort out the awful mess.

So our NS cadets will have to suffer for another week?

This is NOT bloody good enough.

When Najib was the Defence Minister, he conceptualized the NS program, so what does he, now as PM and Finance Minister, has to say about the appalling state of affairs at the NS White Resort camp in Balik Pulau?

This is not politicizing the issue, but an urgent matter of health, hygiene and satisfactory nutrition for our youths.


  1. I know the operator of the particular Balik Pulau NS camp.
    He's an UMNO-putra (needless to say) , and already spent a big chunk of the NS funds on "other" things.
    The meals, for example, are amply budgeted by the Govt, but this guy's funds have dried up.

    Same with the camp amenities - beds, mattresses etc.

  2. who cares when the draculas had sucked tall he cream.
    check it out the key lady behind this death trap.
    how many youngsters have came back in black plastic bags since its inception?

  3. "Whenever the government splashes money on programmes and projects, it is the rich and connected who benefit most. The rest feed on scraps."

    Now you see why children are feeding on maggots infested scraps ? The is the SOP of the UMNO Pooteras....parcel out projects and projects to their cronies, cream off the top twenty to thirty percent for themselves, and leave barely enough for the operators, hence buildings are falling down and now children are also falling down. Developed Status in 7 years' time ? LOL