Monday, September 16, 2013

The importance of Malay entrepreneurship

UMNO's Saifuddin Abdullah has been a regrettable victim of the indiscriminately blind ABU campaign which benefited undeserved blokes like someone in Gombak but only hurt a good Malaysian like Saifuddin Abdullah.

We need more people like Saifuddin Abdullah, especially in UMNO, not just because he's a good man but we don't want any coalition, even Pakatan, to be too powerful to the extent it has a 2/3 majority in parliament, which can then temptingly lead to unscrupulous and sinister constitutional amendments.

Today the Malay Mail Online reported Saifuddin Abdullah stating that the Creation of Bumiputera entrepreneurs [is] a must.

I fully agree with him. Why?

Please consider, our Malaysian population has a ethnic mix consisting mainly of 50% Malays (only 65% if we add in the non-Malay bumiputeras). Commonsense tells us we Malaysians won't enjoy a healthy social situation when 50% of the population are economically miles behind the generally better-off Chinese minority.

Of course I am talking in general terms where there are still Chinese and Indian poor and evidence of their terrible poverty, but the truth is that in general the Chinese have been doing quite okay.

The Indians have their problems, perhaps even far worse than the Malays; likewise with the non-Malay bumiputeras. 

Yes, the Malay nouveau riche which arose and is still arising overtly and obscenely obese from the UMNO gravy train have been an annoying distraction to and worse, for (not 'in') the eyes of the non-Malays, a sinister mask on the general poverty among the Malays.

Yes, we know some of them have expensive mansions, apartments, penthouses in London, Paris, New York and the Bahamas, etc, and they live opulent lives like the rich Saudis and Kuwaitis. But the general Malay community still struggle to eke out a decent living or enjoy facilities like electricity and tapped water or even safe bridges for their children to trek to schools - for example, read my 2006 posts:

(a) There are bridges & there are bridges! 
(b) Kelantan's bridges of death
(c) Bloody No Light, Bloody No Water, Bloody Nonsense!

In fact the need to address the Malays' general poverty including uplift their economic well-being was (note the grammatical 'was') the objective of Tun Razak's original NEP.

But alas, someone with a humongous chip on his shoulder strayed songsang-ishly (perhaps gradually?) from that objective, turning the program of affirmative action into one of obsessively creating (come what may) an elite group of Malay billionaires, which in turn metamorphoses into get-rich-overnight cronyism, and which in turn explains the ultra feral racist politics that dominate UMNO party politics that I alluded to briefly in a previous post The blowjob story.

Perhaps the songsang-ness of the so-called NEP in the last quarter century explains why Saifuddin commented wryly that: Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the current chambers or business organisations. We need to empower the young entrepreneurs or start-ups to group together and form new “communities” among them.

I perceive Saifuddin Abdullah's statement as one that essentially divorces hopes for Malay business entrepreneurship from being fostered under UMNO aegis and/or sponsorship which only feeds cronies.

Saifuddin Abdullah is the newly elected Chief Executive Officer of an NGO, Global Movement of Moderates (GMM), where he succinctly emphasized that the Malay new entrepreneurial community must be led by entrepreneurs, not just ordinary officials to ensure its effectiveness.

Does his proposal imply the Chinese entrepreneurs should lend a supporting hand? I hope so and I trust the response will be forthcoming and sincere, if not for anything but for the well-being of our future Malaysian society. Teach the Malay entrepreneurs how to fish rather than give them each a fish.

Saifuddin Abdullah wisely suggested that: Agriculture is the sector that should be emphasised. We should continue modernising the agriculture sector and, most importantly, motivate the youths to venture in this sector.

This is a wise proposal for the new Malay entrepreneurship to exploit a traditional sector which was lamentably discarded in favour of heavy industry, and thus represents one with a rich and hitherto untapped potential.

In the final analysis, it's lamentable that capable blokes like Saifuddin Abdullah and Zaid Ibrahim have been wastefully marginalized.


  1. Malay Entrepreneurship? Why only Malay? Why not Malaysian? Why always emphasized on Chinese lending a helping hand?
    This is not a one-way street.
    I am afraid KTEMOC's article here adds no value to the way forward for all Malaysians.
    Remember - it takes 2.

  2. You give both Zaid Ibrahim and Saifuddin Abdullah too much credit.
    They can't even get elected, so that's the end of the road....Too bad, that's the system, ya.

    The Multi-multi Billion Dollar UMNOputra enrichment scheme announced whose responsibility is that ?

    Anyway a "Good" UMNO dude like Saifuddin Abdullah if elected would have just have become another seat in UMNO's majority...and vote accordingly in Parliament, including unjust laws and Parliamentary motions.
    What's the good of that ?

    1. Ex gelekan,
      Totally agree with you. En Saifuddin may be very good, in fact, perfect, but once voted in and in the Cabinet, or even not in, he can't have his own voice. Remember that Wathya guy? If Saifuddin were to be out of sync with umno's opinion, it's 'get out'. Anyone voted on BN ticket must toe the line. So, it's good that Saifuddin lost.

  3. Please do not depend on government hand-outs and promises. Just look at the people of Cuba. They are stuck in the 50s.

    1. They are stuck in the 50s because of the embargo, stupid

  4. UMNO or Kerajaan Malaysia directed Chinese "help" for Malay "entrepreneurs" usually requires full or partial sale of a profitable company built up over decades at rock-bottom prices.


    1. Bingo. Spot On. This is the help that Malay 'entrepreneurs' understand. Would they want our help if let's say....we start off on equal footing to go into a joint venture, both equally taking the full risks and both put in all our effort, without 'special' perks like free company car, big company expense account, working half day, longer holidays.....ugghh...better wake up, this is just angan-angan lah.

  5. What you have written cannot emphasized more about granting helps and assistance base on needs not race.

    No matter what justifications are made, it simply make no sense when most of the assistance went to the top and not to the bottom where they needed most.

    But how many are willing to let this go? How many are really willing to help the poor?

  6. you think he can make a difference in teh cabinet? was he not the deputy education minister prior to 2008? waht good came out? science and maths in english?
    every anwarista is wrong in your eyes? what about najibista,like you who can also walk on water, no? in front of chianman, talk chinese. in front of melayu, talk bahasa. now Utusan becomes mainstream for him. suddenly his 1 malaysia becomes baloney? or is it sloganism fo 2008 election? did I hear you criticising najibistaabout this?
    dont give me the crap that najib has to now kowtow to the rightist in UMNO because he ddidnt win big in the election. now, he has to survive the next UMNO election and therefore is right to do wahtever necessary.

  7. wishful thinking only. zaid ibrahim who for instant was appointed de facto law minister once said that he wanted to reform the system. as expected he did not last and the 'system' stays. mana boleh lawan towkay leh. only the 'maharaja' can make anything move or stop or divert. even if saifuddin had been an mp and made a minister, he too would not be able to accomplish anything. what were his achievements and contributions in 'the kementerian'?. absolute power solely belongs to the emperor and the rest just follow orders. idea2 bernas untuk kebaikan rakyat boleh disimpan dlm drawer.

  8. KT,

    After the long hiatus, what have u been smoking lately?

    Spoiled kids cant survive in the outside world. More so those that r grew in the greenhouse. When daddy is around, just act cry babies to get what u want. What about when daddy's gone? Blame everybody but yrself?

    Sound familiar?

    So, Saifuddin Abdullah's statement as one that essentially divorces hopes for Malay business entrepreneurship from being fostered under UMNO aegis and/or sponsorship which only feeds cronies is but a BIG political farce, playing for the coming umno erection for their kindred's orgy, that's all.

    Perhaps, he has finally realised that in order to survive the umno game, one just have to play along. Like that infamous & incredulous KJ?

    More likely, it fits that wise saying of - u can bring one out of umno, but u can never bring umno out of u. That's once u r tarred with that organisation in any slightest link! So AK47? All, a plenty! Look at Aspan & all those frogs.

    KT, u r wrong to imply that's the Chineses, Indians & the Others had not help the Malays in the past, directly or indirectly. Many had, especially those from MCA, MIC & Gerakkan. & along the way, gathered some crumbs & led the way to their now downfall.

    To the general all Others, THEY contribute the SEED MONEY to ALL the past, & possibility future opulent excessive indulgences of umno's in PNB, UiTM, MARA & now GLCs etc etc.

    So again, who should be graceful for their sacrifices - no thank you note but cries of 'kalau tak suka, kelaurlah dari negara ini'!

    What a shame & mockery to their religion & tradition, that gone down the drain the moment Razak enacted NEP in the 70s. Oop, the older generation atleast knew some SHAME & thus the time cap of 20 yrs. But that Mamak, the pseudo-Melayu & the spoiled brats of umno baru have turned that SHAME into maruah ketuanan, instead.

    Perhaps, situation would ONLY change when the general Melayus realise that they r now exporting their kindred as maid & labour to Indonesia/Thailand/Middle East.

    But then dont count on it, for in psychological term, how could one uplift a group of feudalistic subconsciously inferior, & god-fearing gentiles into 21st century, without drastic upheavals, both religiously & socio-politically?

    Come again - tak akan Melayu hilang di dunia - the never ending chorus. Only the sound, but not the people. For the people has allowed their spurious leaders to lead them to hell, on the path of sugar-coated charms.

    So KT & the rest of u dream on.

    1. Plan B, plan B, plan B.....that's the only plan for the non Malays in the near distant future....if they don't want to be incinerated in the sure-as-hell coming upheavals ! When we approach Greece-Land, the finger will be pointed at the NONs as the culprit (read scapegoat) for "stealing" all the wealth and causing all the misery of bankruptcy. And it will not be a pretty picture you bet ! May 13 will pale in comparison. So watch out guys !....put Plan B into action...don't just complain and wring your hands....this require super hard work and lots more sacrifice if you want to save your future generation. No exaggeration lah.

    2. "After the long hiatus, what have u been smoking lately?"

      Ktemoc's blog is primarily focused on chewing up Anwar Ibrahim and Anwaristas. They haven't been much in the news lately and there are only so many times you can repeat lambasting Anwaristas on past issues.

      So Ktemoc has been running out of subjects to write on lately.

  9. Last night I had dinner at 1Utama - which happens to be a favourite hang-out for the Chinese middle-class in PJ Utara. The Chinese family at the next table - parents and three children - waiting for their dishes to be served, were all busy tapping away at their individual iPhones and iPads. I estmiated there was over RM 12,000 worth of Apple gadgets around that table alone. And this was no unusual case.

    Malaysia's large Chinese middle-class ranges from comfortable to Very well-off. In addition to those who own businesses, the Chinese are also heavily over-represented in Malaysia's management and professional class.

    The fact is the Chinese are truly First Class citizens in Malaysia, well above Malays, other Bumiputras and Indians.
    Of course, there are poor Chinese, as there are many poor Malays. Illness, Accidents, gambling debts (common problem among the Chinese) can all lead to financial ruin.

    As an entrepreneur myself, I don't deny the Chinese work very hard for their money. What riles me up is how they are accusing the government of discrimination. If the Malaysian government is truly unfair, how do you think the Chinese get the opportunity to do so well ?

    Now to the Malays.... a lesson too many Malays Don't learn from childhood onwards is that the most important factor to success is your own attitudes, the skills you learn and personal effort- sheer hard work. Not Bantuan Kerajaan.

    Government aid is, of course, essential for the Malays - to provide a leg up for those from a disadvantaged background, those who lack their own capital to start a business, those who lack access to the Chinese-dominated supply chain for all kinds of products.

    1. F**ker,

      'If the Malaysian government is truly unfair, how do you think the Chinese get the opportunity to do so well ?'

      Two words - ingenuity & corrupted Melayu officers!

      Ingenuity to search for alternative channels. if local market cornered, then go oversea, ie Supermax. Cut overhead by working overtime & using own labours. etc etc.

      Of course, the corrupted Melayu officers help too, in the scheme of thing. Afterall it's business.


  10. You acknowledge that there are poor chinese and indians, but did not say that they also need affirmative action. Are you saying these groups of people do not need help. Who is to help the chinese poor and indian poor, no one?

    1. They do but are not likely to get it from the government. Chinese and Indian NGOs have to do the job

    2. Ktemoc,
      You are right, the non malay ngs have to help the poor nons. And since the Govt Is falling over itself helping, mollycoddling the malays, what valid reason is there for the nons to help the them?

  11. You said there are millionaires and billionaires among the malays. Why are these people not lending helps to teach the malays. Why did you single out the chinese to give a lending help. Surely these groups of successful malay entrepreuners can teach the malays better since they have been so successful in making millions and billions. In fact, the poor malays are more willing to listen to them than to other races because they can understand them better.

    1. "Why are these people not lending helps to teach the malays"?

      They aren't real entrepreneurs but mere parasites sucking off UMNO's NEP tits

  12. KTKia,
    You mentioned, "Yes, the Malay nouveau riche which arose and is still arising overtly and obscenely obese from the UMNO gravy train have been an annoying distraction to and worse, for (not 'in') the eyes of the non-Malays, a sinister mask on the general poverty among the Malays."

    How is one to measure the success of social rengineering in country like Malaysia? You have painted the Malay nouveau riche as filthy which I feel a bit unkind. The creation of nouveau riche (whatever that means to you) is unavoidable in any country or society, be it in PRC, Russia, or the USA. But then again you might elaborate further that these Malay nouveau riche were endowed with the golden tray? So when or how is a Malay noveau riche never an obscene ?

    1. key phrase is "... from the UMNO gravy train", and not the noveau riche from their own apabilities

  13. Actually the likes of Saifuddin have come and gone many a times in Malaysian business. They realize business success is not guaranteed, but needs hard work and some acumen which may or may not be present in the businessman, which is why sometimes businesses fail not for want of effort.

    However no one can create an environment not only of cronies but also of "entrepreneurs", where every entrant must be nurtured until he succeeds, for often it is failure which teaches one to do the right thing next. We have a bunch of seemingly immensely successful people who:
    a) Have never had to sell anything. In fact a lot of their enterprises have zero salesmen
    b) Have become billionaires at the expense of earnest wannabes and caused the failure of thousands who were on the way to being millionaires
    c) Have instituted government authoritarianism is their businesses, which defy marketing wisdom, like "Pay me using bank drafts because we don't want to accept Ringgit in cash; accepting cash means we need to employ cashiers." In other words these business operate like they are the Examinations Syndicate.
    d) Have never needed to compete to sharpen their claws. It was always easy to succeed in because failure is always because of other players. So they want monopolies like in vehicle inspection, drug sales to government, and plenty more, the current one being the monopoly to deal with foreign students in Malaysian colleges and universities. Some people say this is akin to extorting from legitimate players.

    And the list goes on. But are they really immensely successful? Are they really entrepreneurs? Have they really had to fish? Can you blame Saifuddin for wanting entrepreneurs instead? I am sure he wants successful people too, but who succeed because they have better ideas, more talent and more resilience and perseverence. Everyone has come across Bumiputeras of this ilk sometimes. Why is this necessary? Because we need them not just in Malaysia but for our forage into other territories too, for other people's markets. And when we go overseas, we cannot make a business presentation that we are No. 1 in Malaysia because our forte is our jalan, or connections. Saifuddin's entrepreneurs when in foreign markets have to contend with what has no value in those markets, where "Connections are not required."

    These are entrepreneurs who are friendly to Chinese but understand that they cannot expect Chinese just to help them, because these Chinese too compete with Chinese and have been known to cause Chinese failures in the survival of the fittest.

    All the best to Saifuddin. Entrepreneurship Required. Jalan not Required.


  14. It is technical-know-who first, and technical-know-how second. That's the reason why there is so few Malay entrepreneurs.

    1. For a zero-kabel Melayu,

      It is technical-know-who first, willing to pay second, and technical-know-how last.

  15. KT,
    We all "dream" that there SHOULD be more SA's in UMNO, but that, I'm afraid is just wishful thinking for an org run by mob. He will NEVER be the conscience of UMNO(though many feel he should be) mainstream? Don't hope la.

  16. Agree that the economic disparity between the racews should be narrowed.

    But disagree that the Chinese majority are doing better.The reason being the Chinese spend more on thwe followings :

    a) Child's education

    Knowing that Chinese would not get much jobs in the government sector the Chinese need to work hard in private sector or abroad which required English education or Chinese education where the tertiary education at private colleges can be expensive.

    b) Higher housing and transport expenses

    Given that majority of the Chinese stay in urban areas , they have to fork out more monies on housing and transport expenses

    c) Dsparity btween the government sector and private sector

    Over the past years the income derived from private sector are getting less attractive as compare to public sector

  17. FIX the CULTURE is the only solution. Otherwise all call is just empty talk.

    If Ktemoc don't get it, go asking around your Malay friend, what is the reason of the majority of Malays older generation and some young generation so fond of securing government job (not law enforcement ,but any other OA job) , even the pay is lower than what their academic achievement expecation.