Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MCA - its final struggle

Malaysiakini's Soi Lek to resign if Tee Keat fielded reported:

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek is said to have told the party's central committee meeting yesterday that he would resign if the BN fields arch-rival Ong Tee Keat in the Pandan parliamentary constituency.

Quoting sources, China Press today reported that, apart from Ong, secretary-general Kong Cho Ha and vice-president Ng Yen Yen(right), are not on the list of MCA candidates for the impending general election.

Ong Ka Chuan, former secretary-general and elder brother of former president Ong Ka Ting, will not be asked to defend the Tanjung Malim parliamentary seat.

As for Chua himself, a minister before he stepped down in 2008 due to a sex scandal, the Chinese daily claimed that he will contest but that the seat has yet to be revealed.

Let's leave his threat to resign aside for a few seconds and assess the alleged intentions of MCA (meaning CSL) to drop Kong Cho Ha and Ng Yen Yen out in GE-13. I have to acknowledge these would be bloody wise moves as the two MCA ministers are smelling badly like decomposing rats in a sewer.

can become tourist guide mah

Naturally the Ong brothers have been CSL's intra-party enemies so dropping Ong Ka Chuan is a no brainer in the same way as had been his publicly voiced decision, though by indirect inference, to drop Ong Tee Keat when he named Gary what's-his-name as the MCA choice for Pandan.

Internal party strife has been the malaise that has stricken MCA for eons, in a way unlike other political parties' internal strife, even that as acrimonious as UMNO's Mahathir (now Najib) versus Anwar. While other parties seem to emerged from their intra party struggles more or less without much loss of strength, MCA has through its regular fratricides become incrementally weaker and consequentially politically less relevant.

Chua Soi Lek has shown his mean spiritedness in taking action to marginalize Ong TK when the latter is the most popular MCA politician, probably the only one, among Chinese Malaysians.

He has the unmitigated effrontery and outright hypocrisy to tell Chinese Malaysians they would suffer representation in the cabinet if the DAP replaces MCA, yet he wants to deny the Chinese a politician they respect and support and, if I may state again at the risk of sounding like a stuck gramophone record, probably the only MCA politician who's respected and supported by the Chinese community and the only MCA politician likely to win in GE-13 and, if BN wins majority rule, a place in the cabinet.

Yes, Chua Soi Lek has been a bloody hypocrite in his warning to Chinese, because even if his warning were true, he has directly attempted to destroy the only likely MCA representative in a future BN cabinet. Soi Lek talk cock one lah!

In other words, Chua Soi Lek is prepared to destroy MCA by denying the party and their Chinese supporters the latter's preferred choice of candidate and thus their only likely MCA representative in a BN cabinet, all because he, Chua Soi Lek, personally fears Ong TK challenging his party position at some future stage.

Maybe this is a typical story of Malaysian party politics, that of self before party.

Chua Soi Lek may be a wee presumptuous in wanting to contest a seat himself (as the MKINI report stated). He should realize that being supported by the majority of MCA central delegates doesn't translate directly into support by the majority of the Chinese community.

Previously a Merdeka survey (I think) had indicated the Chinese community wanted Ong Tee Keat to be the MCA president, and not him - an indication that the Chinese community don't think like the wheeling and dealing MCA central delegates.

There could be a consequential fallout on his attempt to marginalize Ong TK, where he has undoubtedly antagonized the Chinese community which still support Ong TK.

Now, assuming the MIKINI report has been from a reliable MCA source, he has painted himself into a corner where he would have to resign if Najib announces Ong TK as a  direct BN candidate a la MIC's Kamalanathan in Hulu Selangor.

If he does there won't be a single tear shed. But I hope he will do the right thing in his final act as MCA party president and indeed resign gracefully.

Alas, some PKR supporters have asked him to withdraw MCA from BN and join Pakatan, which I opine has been a stupid moronic and imbecilic suggestion. We want MCA to stay in BN so that it can be clinically, completely and crushingly destroyed in GE-13.

[Note: Ong TK won't be affected as it's likely he will be a direct BN candidate, wakakaka].

However, should Chua Soi Lek heed and take up those anwaristas' suggestion, please PKR, he is all yours like CJM wakakaka. After all, your party is a renown taxi sapu.


  1. Aha! A pornstar takut to pick up LKS gauntlet in southern state! His former backers are putting mullah on the DAP horse! Thought so!
    But will the other Chua stay quietly within PKR? Some say he will try to make an MCA comeback but that is too farfetched! Bridge bakar hangus right? What say you?

    1. CJM is stuck in PKR for the meanwhile - who knows what will happen in the future?

    2. i dun think the chinese society still support otk, unless you mean compare to another one from mca. i talked to a old chap from his constituency, he said to me "otk name (repute) stinks already" this old chap dun live in uk or australia.

      csl is right not to pick him.

  2. CSL is cheh see lor for Chinese in Malaysia. Liow is no better. Yes I believe as we all do that MCA will be totally destroyed in GE13. Always make chinese angry only.

  3. Kaytee,as GE 13th will be very hotly contested and hotly fought,and already it is no secret that it will be the dirtiest GE ever on this planet.And as hotly contested and hotly fought elections,the winning margin can be the narrowest,maybe by a nose with some experts predicting a possible hung parliament.And so the business of trading frogs and horses might be in play.

    In such a potential situation,Najib as we all know is not one to take risks.Najib is no Lim Kit Siang and he will take the more probable way.That is to select OTK as a winnable candidate,shunning and at the same time showing Dr Chuah the middle finger.

    Besides Najib do not want CSL to be a not winnable candidate,but doesn't have the balls to offend and tell him so.By selecting OTK as a candidate is the easy out for Najib,by getting rid of the porn actor wannabe president of Mca and his out of control "birdie".Good riddance to bad garbage.

    1. Bruno,
      However, such move is potential damaging to OTK. OTK should have learnt from Sharir Samad who "huated" to be independent just to give the middle finger to Madhater. Since our kaytee loves to cringe personalities from the other side, I would prefer to admire Sharir Samad instead.

      Ah so what say you about Sharir? His brother is with PAS you know

  4. not entirely relevant, just to share.

    if dap pull out from the congress, and more than 60% chinese give our vote to dap, how chinese screwed up? this fella dun know how to count, see the problem of how uk education fail their people, in the near future, the only road ahead for this anglo is to become a english tuition teacher in asia.

    now hearsay, a mca lady leader told us the reason y she support lee kim sai during the party strife with lls, she said leeks at least have the courage to say no and interrogate, unlike lls, and csl that is equally cowardice, turn on the mute function in almost every meeting with, of course, the bully. otk use to be political sec for leeks, but it seem they cant persist to the end, typical mcaism, sad.

    another hearsay :
    After the opening of the 37th MCA General Assembly yesterday, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, again attacked the DAP for our withdrawal from the National Economic Consultative Council (NECC).

    Dr. Mahathir expressed regret over the DAP¡¯s withdrawal from the NECC, claiming that the DAP was undemocratic and wanted to politicise the issue to run down the Government.

    It is Dr. Mahathir and the Barisan Nasional who are guilty of trying to politicise the NECC issue to their electoral advantage, while not sincere in wanting a genuine forum to work out a national consensus on
    the post-1990 national economic policies.

    If Dr. Mahathir is sincere about the NECC as the forum to work out a national consensus for post-1990 economic policies, and undertakes to accept the NECC report as the basis for post-1990 national economic policies, the DAP is prepared to return to the National Economic Consultative Council.

    However, the DAP representatives in the NECC have found from our participation in the NECC that the Barisan Nasional was never serious about the NECC, denying to NECC members data about national economic policies and performance needed for meaningful discussion about post-1990 national economic policies.

    If Dr. Mahathir is serious and sincere in wanting the NECC to be the highest forum to seek a national consensus on the post-1990 national economic policies, why is it the Barisan Nasional government did
    not appoint their top leaders into the NECC ¨C but sent instead lightweights whom they could always disown later?

    The DAP is prepared to return to the NECC provided it really becomes a meaningful forum to seek national consensus of post-1990 economic policies which will bind the government.

    ps/ u believe he is not a turncoat?

    1. HuaYong,
      you ask: ps/u believe he is not a turncoat?

      What you wrote is a bit unclear. Who is this "he" that is a turncoat? Are you referring to Mahathir?

    2. That's a good one and I understand you and I agree with you.

  5. "Alas, some PKR supporters have asked him to withdraw MCA from BN and join Pakatan"....

    The very fact that there are even such calls from PKR supporters for these decomposing rats to join PR speaks volumn ! Reformasi, Tranparency and Intergrity konon. Pordah !

  6. I felt that Ong Tee Keat is kinda overated. Don't believe ask Nga Kor Ming or Teng Chang Khim.

    Of course, kaytee stiil has soft spots towards ong tee keat for obvious reason. But wait a minute, PKR may ask OTK to join PKR instead. Don't believe me....Just read

    I quote what Rafizi has said "When asked, however, on what he would do should Ong decide at the eleventh hour to quit MCA and join PKR’s ranks, Rafizi said he would willingly step aside for the latter to recontest in Pandan if his party desires.

    “We will welcome it and if he is the best candidate to win Pandan, I will be campaigning like hell for him... because it is not about candidates or anything, it’s about going to Putrajaya.

    “So if he quits tomorrow, he comes to PKR, he is accepted and the party decides that he is a candidate, jolly good... I can go and make more movies!” he joked, referring to his coming production of a comedy on the NFC scandal."

    Just cringe to see how how hua yong gonna say about this

    1. It could well be a grave mistake for OTK to join PKR. It may do unsalvageable damage to his reputation as a man of high principles.

      PKR is a go-nowhere party. It was formed for the sole purpose of helping a certain person to be PM. Now this PM-to-be has alienated some many people that many in Pakatan Rakyat have become deeply disappointed with him and have already turned their backs to him. It appears like even his original stronghold of Permatang Pauh has rejected him so that he's now forced to contest elsewhere.

      PKR is at risk of shrivelling up and dying a natural death and its members will very likely sheepishly return to its mothership, UMNO. Do remember that was the fate that befell Semangat 46.

    2. Josh Hong said it well "But if I were a Pandan voter, I would not hesitate to vote for him (rafizi) rather than former MCA president Ong Tee Keat, who is now reduced to being a court jester awaiting crumbs from Najib Abdul Razak's table."

    3. What the heck! That's what I am saying much earlier. Ong Tee Keat has committed grave mistake by accepting nomination from Najib himself. Hasn't Ong Tee Keat learnt from his MCA comrade in Tanah Rata?

      I am not sure it would be dead naturally but if PKR doesn't get rid of opportunists & turncoats quick, I guarantee that PKR will self destruct.

      One must understand that there is no such thing as short cut. Even our dear kaytee would agree with that statement

    4. Because of the way BN works, divide and rule, BN direct candidates will be committing political suicide, especially if the reason for resorting to "direct candidature" is because no BN party will accept him, as in Ong Tee Kiat's case - MCA doesn't want him, UMNO pushed hard to get rid of him as MCA President in the first place.

      Basically, the BN machinery will not support him, and OTK will get really lonely as a BN Direct Candidate (except maybe PPP will help OTK with Indian votes?)

  7. Here's my prediction - MCA will retain all its Johor seats.
    Gelang Patah will be Lim Kit Siang's career terminator. He will be out of Parliament after GE13.
    In hindsight, moving from Ipoh Timor will be seen as a disastrous move.
    That's the reality on the ground in Johor, in spite of all the Pakatan Rakyat spin.

    1. If knowing the reality on the ground as you claim but still make a move to Johor, DAP and LKS deserve our respect and support, except that they limited their preferred choice to the so call Chinese area, but DAP is a Chinese Party.

      But i agree one thing though, Johor Chinese have less resentment and grievance, partly i believe is due to Singapore. PAP is not much different with Umno on politicking, unlike us, most Johorean actually brainwash by not only the regime here, and also the one at the other side of the causeway, double effect.

    2. huayong, i know johoreans who work in s'pore go in and out of the country like zombies daily due to not enough sleep, but i didn't know they'd become so chaam that they couldn't differentiate BN with PAP!!


    Waging war against the Agung ?
    As I read Section 121 of the Penal Code, it is clear that it is meant for the penalty of Treason - a Malaysian citizen(s) engaged in combat or other kinds of war-like operations against Malaysia.

    Since thes are Filipinos this is a very wrong application of the law. These are foreign combatants who can claim their rights under the Geneva convention, which prohibits prosecuting them as common criminals. This is exactly like the legal failure of the US incarceration of the "War on Terror" detainees in Guantanamo.

    If they are accused of war-crimes, that is a separate matter, but that is not covered under Section 121

    Or is this a tacit admission the Suluks are Malaysian Blue-Mykad holders, courtesy of Mahathir ?

  9. Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, ....Anu War is irrelevant...PKR is irrelevant to GE13. PKR is just a dead man still walking (for the moment), about to be massacred in GE13.
    The only real battle is MCA vs. DAP , but its a storm in a teacup, because the number of Chinese majority Parliamentary seats is too small to swing the final GE13 results..

    MCA will easily win those Malay-majority seats that it contests.
    PAS has been effectively neutered by DAP.

    After GE13, Najib wil go on to be Malaysia' most successful PM.
    Anwar is headed for Sungai Buluh prison again, after he is convicted for Sodomy II upon appeal.

    1. I guess you just came out from the cave right. It's not spring yet!

  10. Mr listen, whom are listening? A ghost? Best of luck.

  11. " We want MCA to stay in BN so that it can be clinically, completely and crushingly destroyed in GE-13" This is the most beautiful sentence I have come across in the whole week of reading news from Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today. OTK is the only MCA leader I respect and I have been following his ups and downs in his political life. If I were to choose between OTK and Rafizi of PKR, I would without any hesitation, vote Rafizi. No matter how principled and effective leader OTK is, he is still a Barisan man. Rafizi has earned his status and achievements by himself and for himself.

  12. This is getting very interesting......Chua Jui Meng may finally gave up Johor state chairman because of seat......Hahahaha

  13. When will Ktemoc be coming out with your GE13 election stand ?
    I expect it will be - Support DAP , but not supporting PAS or PKR elsewhere - that's effectively for BN in other words..

  14. Day by day, BN grows stronger, while Pakatan Rakyat grows weaker and weaker, moving in 10 different directions.
    PAS dreams of its Syaria state.
    DAP dreams of its Chinese...oops..Malaysian Malaysia
    PKR dreams of Anwar as PM
    Anwar dreams of...guys...

    BN will win big...just accept it.

  15. Listen Listen, I have not published your comment about Anwar Ibrahim and the video because it's not related to the thread on this post, about MCA.

    Sorry, you just have to wait until I publish such a topic, but given my lack of interest in such topics, you have to wait forever, wakakaka.

  16. Kaytee,
    How accurate my analysis is? Hahahahaha

  17. Kaytee,
    Would Chua Jui Meng do a "Dominic"? Or that Hulu Selangor guy to huated to UMNO? When people such as Hua Yong ever learn that DAP is a better political party

  18. u mean u r accurate that dap has been very patient for the last 40 over years n still zilch until the unexpected gift from the feeble ktk?
    so good then contest 222 seats la. wakaka

  19. Give merajuk-ing CJM Muar or even better wakakaka Permatang Pauh ;-)

    1. Wait a minute! Anwar may ask for Ipoh Timur!

      Oh by the way, according to china press, Mahfuz Omar may be poised to be next MB Kedah if Pakatan retained Kedah state government. In my opinion, PAS should have ditched that Azizan & appoint Mahfuz as the leader.....Sure win one? Mahfuz first act were to give more seats to DAP

      Frankly, CJM's action demonstrate the fact that he doesn't have much clout in Johor. He can't even stand in Tebrau & still got to poach DAP's seat (Segamat). CJM can do a "Kit Siang" go north......Stand in Alor Setar....Frankly, it's better than that Idoit ex-gerakan bastard

    2. Kaytee,
      You know you would fucking hell says......See I told you so.....What the fuck new? what the fuck

      Guess why I am very pissed over the seat arrangements......It seems that DAP always kenna friendly fire from its allies especially those FUCKING CB PKR.

      Aku simply takdak faham, why can't CJM stand in Tebrau or better still Johor Bahru? Does it mean the incompetency of CJM, PKR Johor & the entire fucking PKR machinery

      I thought Hua Yong says that PKR is a multiracial party, FUCKING HELL STAND IN TEBRAU la......Lay your fucking hands off DAP seats

    3. Just to fucking hell refresh the memories of some folks including Hua Yong......The backstabbing of DAP in Kedah

      Hua Yong,
      Eat this! Sound fucking similar! Yes, it's all PKR's fault.....Pure Greed!

      HOW PKR called DAP to FUCK OFF

      What's yours mine. And mine remains mine......Hahahaha! This is just Kedah. We have skirmishes in Kedah, Johore, Pahang Sabah & Sarawak.....PKR is the fucking culprit
      Do notice that DAP has always been fucking diplomatic. However, it seems to project weakness, till PKR took advantage

      Hua Yong,
      Can you read this & tell me what the fuck PKR means by dreaming

  20. dammit u're my man ktemoc hahahah...after all the write-up, you must pull pkr underwear by inserting that dammmned keyword sapu!!