Sunday, March 24, 2013

Go south, young men!

'Go West, young man' is a quote by American author Horace Greeley concerning America's expansion westward, related to the then-popular concept of Manifest Destiny.

Greeley favoured westward expansion. He saw the fertile farmland of the west as an ideal place for people willing to work hard for the opportunity to succeed. The phrase came to symbolize the idea that agriculture could solve many of the nation's problems of poverty and unemployment characteristic of the big cities of the East. It is one of the most commonly quoted sayings from the nineteenth century and may have had some influence on the course of American history.

- Wikipedia

Currently we have our Malaysian version which will influence the course of Malaysian history, that of Pakatan Rakyat's 'Go South young men and women'.

And leading the charge is none other than 'young' 72-year old Lim Kit Siang of the DAP.

And why do I consider him as 'young' when he is already a grandfatherly 72?

Bear with my wee tng k'ooi (chong hei) in explaining my perception of him as one of those young men and women who'll be going south to Johor to change the course of Malaysian history.

There's a proud Aussie joke that an Aussie calls his enemies 'bastards' but his closest mates 'bloody bastards' wakakaka.

I understand (from my viewing of HK soaps) the Cantonese also use 'suoi chai' (naughty mischievous boy) as an affectionate term, I suppose with the affectionate 'chai' (kid) changing the nasty 'suoi' into an additional affectionate adjective.

In Penang we have almost similar use of seeming-derogatory descriptions to express our affections for a person, namely, kuai laan knia (naughty mischievous kid).

Well, Uncle Lim was a kuai laan knia when he voiced his intention to stand in Gelang Patah under a PAS banner if the Registration of Society (ROS) were to suspend or de-register the DAP as a political party just prior to the general election.

Wakakaka, truly a kuai laan knia's statement and, most certainly as a kuai laan knia, he is qualified to don the kaytee's description of him as a 'young' man wakakaka again.

On Friday, Malaysiakini published my letter titled Kit Siang in Johor will be as earth-shaking as 308 in which I state:

By now, everyone knows that veteran politician Lim Kit Siang will not stand in his current blue ribbon seat in Ipoh Timor in order to offer himself as an election candidate to the people of Gelang Patah in Johor to represent them in the next federal parliament.

His intention has struck terror in the BN camp, which has even drawn out former PM and Umno icon Dr Mahathir Mohamad to make what I see as a half-hearted but obligatory dismissal of the DAP man’s candidature in Gelang Patah.

Lim KS standing in and winning that Johor federal constituency will be as earth-shaking as the 2008 political tsunami. More than the BN’s fear of losing a federal seat, the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) knows that such an occurrence will virtually be its death knell, for a Lim KS victory will not only defeat Tan Ah Eng, its candidate in Gelang Patah, but will effectively strike right into its political heart.

So much is at stake for BN but no more than that for Lim KS.

I suspect that BN has now even considered using ROS (on top of EC) as a last desperate measure to handicap the DAP and prevent an already moribund MCA from becoming an overdue item in the obituary column.

Sadly on Friday, we see even Tunku Aziz, once a DAP senator and now its most virulent critic, urging ROS to suspend DAP pending its investigations into the party's central executive committee elections in December.

Apart from the fully and independently audited kosher-ness of DAP's polls, for him to make such a call at this stage when the general election is just around the corner, has been a tragic under-the-belt blow by a man we once held in dear affection and high regard.

At the height of his disagreement with Lim Guan Eng over the Berish 3 issue, I had even supported understanding of his anger at the younger man - see my posts:

So Tunku left DAP in merajuk fashion, despite DAP wanting Tunku Abdul Aziz to stay (Malaysiakini).

I had hopefully thought that was that, the end of an unfortunate misunderstanding, having in mind Tunku had professed friendship with young Lim's dad, Lim Kit Siang. 

But since then, as we all know, Tunku did something I didn't quite expect - he went on a crusade of disparagement against not just Lim Guan Eng but DAP the party, obviously forgetting both his original reason for joining the party (where he was nominated by the party to be a Senator) and his proclaimed friendship with Lim Kit Siang.

I was broken hearted by Tunku's actions but out of a personal liking for the patrician, had studiously avoided blogging against his inexplicable path of seeming vengeance against the DAP that he has lamentably decide to adopt. Biarkan sajalah.

See also my subsequent posts on him in my other (shared) blog BolehTalk:

(b) Noblesse oblige missing.

Be that as it was, the DAP is alert to a possible ROS action against the party at the eleventh hour, thus 'young man' Lim Kit Siang became the lateral-thinking kuai laan knia and proposed to stand as a PAS candidate in Gelang Patah.

I bet this would have shaken BN up even more, as well as delighted many in Pakatan. Let's see whether ROS will make those Pakatan supporters' wet dreams come true wakakaka.

Apart from MCA's wailing, railing, gnashing of teeth, casting of ashes on themselves, and the support of Dr Mahathir, Tunku Aziz, and now suspiciously and possibly ROS, I wasn't surprised, as I noted in my letter to Malaysiakini, that pro UMNO blogger Kadir Jasin also took up the cudgel against DAP in his blog post ‘Johor Ahoy, Here Comes Lim Kit Siang’.

Really, there is nothing new or substantial in Pak Kadir's post, with its core appeal or subtext being nothing more than the ‘Malay unity’ mantra again, telling or rather warning his readership of the alleged formidable DAP juggernaut once it has demolished MCA, with its so-called 30% solid Chinese voting bloc becoming presumably the feared pig-tailed Yellow Peril wakakaka, in contrast to what he bemoaned as Malay votes being split three ways among UMNO, PAS and PKR.

Of course he neglected to inform his readership of several truths, that firstly, the DAP isn't and won’t be the only Pakatan component party to win the Chinese votes which would also go to both PKR and PAS ... and that DAP is likely to garner quite a few Malay votes as well which probably was his (and UMNO's) true worries in his Malay-unity mantra chant.

Secondly and far more importantly, he failed or conveniently forgot to explain why the MCA and the Gerakan Party, two Chinese-based (or Chinese-majority) members of the BN, will not be obtaining any of the 30% Chinese votes in Johor.

If only he was brave enough to admit that DAP’s election strategy in Johor has been based in large part on the failures of the BN to satisfactorily represent the non-Malay voters there.

The conventional wisdom in political competition is that parties do not win but rather lose an election, thus DAP’s current concerted move into Johor, a hitherto BN fortress, is in anticipation of a major loss by the MCA in its traditional seats, an indication of the voting public’s lack of confidence in the Chinese-based BN party.

Pak Kadir has actually signalled this BN-MCA fear when he lamented that “the concentration of Chinese votes under one party [meaning DAP] would worsen further the already acute racial polarisation in the political arena.”

I remarked that it’s quite amusing Pak Kadir, a known Umno mouthpiece, who recently made disappointing remarks about the loyalty of Chinese in his earlier post ‘Sabah Incursion: Hang the Traitors’* could bring himself to pontificate about racial polarisation. A case of crocodile tears that by reptilian standard is even implausible, wakakaka.

* I responded to his sad snide smelly remarks in a letter to Malaysiakini and also in my post Chinese policemen.

Heeding the call for ‘young men and women to go South’ are Lim Chin Tong (DAP strategist and MP for Bukit Bendera, Penang) and M Kulasegaran (DAP MP Ipoh Barat) and chilli-padi sweetie hottie Fong Po Kuan (DAP MP Batu Gajah)

Lim Chin Tong

M Kulasegaran

chilli-padi sweetie hottie Fong Po Kuan

Together with Lim Kit Siang, they are the DAP's contribution to Pakatan vanguards to spearhead Anwar Ibrahim’s ascendancy to the PM post, at considerable risk to these intrepid DAP politicians who could have easily stay comfortably in their current seats and win easily in GE-13.

There's no guarantee of election victory. Whether their preparedness to serve as the parliamentary representatives of the people of Malaysia, especially Johor, even at risk of sacrificing their political careers, will succeed has to depend on the voters whom we hope will be left by the EC to exercise their rights in the universal suffrage of one person one vote.

Pakatan's other component party, PAS, is contributing with Sallehuddin Ayub, the Pakatan's designated MB if it wins the state and with HRH's approval.

Sallehuddin Ayub

Gasp gulp omigosh ... I heard incredible impossible implausibleness rumours that PKR may despatch Azmin Ali (thunderous applause please), Saifuddin Nasution (the heroic destroyer of Apcet II) and Tian Chua (Trawler of Tadpoles in Taiwan) to Johor to support the Pakatan's march to Putrajaya and thus fulfil Anwar’s dream of becoming PM, more so when these three are from Anwar's own PKR – wakakaka.

As I wrote in my letter to Malaysiakini in response to Pak Kadir’s jibe at Lim Kit Siang as an alleged rolling stone:

… he [Pak Kadir] also echoes the MCA, though in more subtle fashion, in criticizing Lim KS as a political rolling stone which presumably is unlikely to gather any moss, having contested in four states. Let me quickly correct the traditional impression of that out-dated proverb, for today we don’t want a politician to be slimy as gathered moss, so Lim KS and other DAP politicians should roll as much and as far as is necessary for the public good.

But perhaps Pak Kadir should not make comments out of context, by not mentioning that Lim KS’ courageous political career spans a period of almost 45 years. How could contesting in four states in almost half a century be unusual? Where the need arises for his presence, Lim KS would be there.

Also, unlike many BN politicians who prefer to huddle in safe and comfortable blue ribbon seats for their own political interests [wakakaka, thunderous applause please]  Lim KS is prepared to put his political career where his mouth is. He goes where his party wants him.

Good luck to the kuai laan knia and his kuai laan colleagues - oh how I adore you lovely brave bloody bastards wakakaka.


  1. Tunku Abdul Aziz is just following a well-worn route already taken by others who have left various Opposition parties. Becoming a "BN-friendly Independent" to avenge the wrongs, real or imagined, which the party have wrought on them.
    Gobala, Nallakarupan, Hasan Ali, Salehuddin Hashim , Chandra Muzzafar - all turned from Opposition loyalists to their harshest critics.

    In my heart, I still try to believe Tunku Abdul Aziz is a cut above these idi*ts, but if he chooses to swim in the same sewage tank as these low-life, he will smell just as bad as them.

    1. No, seems Tunku is not much different from the rest. By trying to get DAP disqualified using the ballot counting error issue shows how petty and vindictive he is.

      If he had kept quiet or just speak out on issues in a non-partisan manner, he would have maintained his dignity, respectability, honour and prestige.

    2. Rocketman said: "[persons named above] - all turned from Opposition loyalists to their harshest critics."

      This is not surprising at all if we bear in mind the well-known saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

      Usually a man's bitterest enemy is his ex-wife or ex-lover. So, it's not difficult for everyone to see that all those named persons are the divorced or hard-done-by "wives" of the Pakatan Rakyat. ;-)

    3. Yes, they are behaving like spurned lovers...

      But very unbecoming in view of their public standing and esteem. We are supposed to look up to these people for inspiration, instead they have lowered their standing to those who circulate nasty photos of their spurned lovers after a breakup.

      Most divorced spouses would just keep quiet and move on.

  2. Your analogy to the "Go West" advice during the early days of the USA is an unfortunate one. .
    At that time, it was a means of relieving pressure on its East Coast economy which was stagnating and offering limited prospects of lifelihood to its inhabitants. Most (but not all) of those who went West were poverty stricken and zero education.
    America's "Wild West" and "Brainless Gunslinger" mentality , which continues today and the rest of the world loves to hate, has its roots in that phase of the country's development.

    In hindsight, the settlement and development of the Western states was instrumental in transforming USA from a small, struggling nation into a global superpower, but at the time, a lot of it was the last recourse of desperate people with little to lose.

    1. not quite a story of just gunslingers. The farmers or settlers were the first. The gunslingers like leeches only came after the farmers made the settlements prosperous

      Lim KS and company by contesting in Johor and offering Johoreans an alternative political choice, even if PR doesn't win majority rule, will wake BN up from their complacent lazy slumber

  3. The deadliest timing by the ROS to strike is after all the DAP's candidates have filled in their nomination forms and then declare DAP as an illegal party and then the scumbag returning officers to disqualify all the DAP's candidates in similar fashion to what happened to Dr. Kua (while the 1st copy of the nomination form was witnessed the 2nd copy was not) BUT when it came to Rafidah Aziz the returning officer turn both blind eyes even though both copies were not witnessed.

    1. I'm seeing the disqualification of DAP as a party before GE13 as a growing possibility.
      One, BN/ UMNO has tried anything and everything - GTP, ETP, BR1M , BR2M, Sodomy II, Anwar Sex Video 1 & 2, M&Ms, PPP, ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, XYZ. - and its still not translating into a BN victory.
      BR2M was actually well received - RM 500 is a lot of money to many of the target receipients (a sad commentary on 55 years of UMNO rule of such a resource rich country) but most correctly read it as an attempt to buy their support, hence its not translating into BN votes.
      Anwar Sex Video 2 turned out to be a dud, coming so near to GE13, most people treated it as just political smut.

      If anybody doubts BN is in trouble, you need look no further than the calendar. Today is March 26, 2013. If Najib was confident of a victory, Parliament would have been dissolved long ago.

      What do you do when you have tried A to Z, and it doesn't work ?
      You bring out your Atomic Bomb - the last , ultimate weapon. Get DAP deregistered or suspended.

      And DAP is not entirely innocent, no matter how you defend it, the DAP CEC elections were not entirely kosher.

      It would be a dastardly act, and would earn widespread condemnation, but worth it (for UMNO). DAP is (for UMNO) the scariest Pakatan Rakyat party. A large proportion of Chinese in rural areas trust DAP enough to vote for PAS - that is the dangerous dynamic which UMNO is facing in the many mixed seats in rural Johor, a good example being Keris Hisham's Sembrong.

      I still have friends in UMNO, and they are belatedly waking up to the fact that Johor is in danger - not in danger of losing the State (that's too far out) but in danger of losing many Parliamentary seats, even in Malay majority areas.


      The idea is to get BN into power uncontested. ROS would do it on the nomination day


  4. Hallo?Today is March 25, lah!

  5. Kaytee,
    Just as Cenangau says, we stop all internal fighting till BN is defeated. Plus, Hisham Hussein, our beloved Home Minister has beyond board. I don't really like Tian Chua. But he's worth supporting & to be saved

    By the way, BN's master stroke is beginning to come to much clarity. Just read

    1. looes, this is what u learn from reading the romance of the 3 kingdom? liu bei is a hypocritical opportunist and that is why he is a loser unlike caocao. btw rot3k is for kids la, we read sanguozhi (三国志)wakaka.

  6. We are not sure who is more Machiavellian, Tun or LKS? These young ones really can't compare to these old geezers.

    1) Maybe the rumour was right. PAS was going to sabotage DSAI in Permatang Pauh. So now he moves into LKS seat.
    2) De-registrating DAP will be the greatest gift to the party. Aiyaah.. use rocket, bycycle even payung, we still know the players mah. That old man's face - cannot run away plus sonny's blycream look. Have photo mah. It will stir the voter base to come out in full force to vote DAP.
    3) Crafty LKS has thrown his lot with PAS if de-registered instead of a "more?" multiracial PKR. Any reason for this? Wakakaka. Now he has blunt the PAS juggernaut.

    If PAS decides to do a number on PR and join UMNO, LKS has just fixed that notion. They cannot refuse such a "kind" gesture. Wakakaka
    4) In one blow, LKS will take out KTee's two "Chua"s which is the topping on the ice cream.

    1. Still dreaming an a cockup plan that sunk Razaleigh.

      Few simple questions :

      Are you a crony of Madhater? How much money your suck from their beep beep?

      I only have sympathy to you if BN do win when Madhater, a fucking mamak suck you dry

  7. Hi KT,

    Please keep up the good work (writing fabulous, interesting, exhilarating, fantastic etc. etc.)articles. Never failed to liven up my day reading them. Hope can meetup with you someday in PG (are you in PG?) over a cuppa.

    Best regards.

    1. wah Alex, thanks man, I seldom receive compliments, usually brickbats wakakaka

      Cheers, will advise in blog when I'm back in Penang.

    2. Count me in too, Alex. Am also one of the many, many ( who lurks here but decide to keep mum ?) who appreciate KT for his even-handedness ( in other words...being fair ! ) which is more than I could say for the more well known very partisan bloggers, not to mention KT's sense of humour, pretty sharp analysis, writing style and interesting format, and last but not least his courteousness to his commentators....exception to ( but richly deserved ) recently-deceased foul-mouth, crude and extremely rude old man, wa ka ka ka.

      Keep it coming, KT !

    3. kamsia kamsia, my tail is now all spread out like a peacock wakakaka

    4. Pride cometh before the fall...

    5. but until the fall, enjoy the pride, wakakaka

  8. Introducing Singapore Hokkien

    Guess what! Singapore National Development Minister was a Penang lang

    1. hmmm no guess, everyone know singapore is our regional scrap collector.

    2. scrap collector wakakaka, HY, don't be jealous of those Chinese Malaysians who went to Sing, were/are appreciated and made it big

    3. Ada manyak sour grapes here lah...... that's the trouble with being too small-minded and petty-hearted. One just couldn't get away with complimenting a good blogger or praising those who made their lives successful.....alamak, these puny men just tak boleh tahan punya.... the green-eyed monster in them will start grumbling and spew their toxic all around.

  9. Interesting...apart from Lim Kit Siang, DAP appears to be ready to "sacrifice" a number of its Perak MPs, namely Kula and Po Kuan, by moving them to Johor. Then again, part of the Perak DAP leadership may see the move as "Good Riddance".

    I hope it doesn't end up like the disastrous "Charge of The Light Brigade"

    "Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to do and die:
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred...."

    "Boldly they rode and well,
    Into the jaws of Death,
    Into the mouth of Hell
    Rode the six hundred...."

    ....Alfred, Lord Tennyson

    1. yes, it may turn out that way, but then it may turn out to be a winner for the southward bound DAP people, whom I heard may even include sweetie Teo Nie Ching (yummy)

  10. Yes the kuai laan knia is admirable. He should be made a Tun given your blessings. I do share a feeling of elation with the possibility that all DAP candidates might stand on a PAS ticket. Thanks to the nobleman without grace.

    On another note the brilliant Kadir Jasin is not capable of giving the correct answer to 2+2 whenever any of the integers involves a Malay or a Chinese. He has been blatantly off the mark as a writer for years.

    1. Pak Kadir is just an UMNO spinner so in a democracy (wakakaka) we should give him that room due to him to write what he wants. Our duty is to show he has been incorrect or naughty, a job that should have been taken up by Hartalmsm but which had (still has? dunno, don't care) but which instead was hijacked (via moronic buddy buddy network) by one anti DAP person to blog against Lim GE and the DAP.

      I've lost total respect for what was originally a brilliant concept initiated by Brother Haris Ibrahim but which (after he left the concept with some people) deteriorated into (at one stage) nothing more than an anti DAP blog because of one person.

  11. Kaytee, what will happen if the ROS declare DAP an illegal party immediately after the close of nomination ? will all the DAP candidates nomination be disqualified ? If yes, then BN will definitely end up wining the 13GE with a 2/3 majority.

    1. Would UMNO be so stupid as to go down that road to the longkang ? Cuba lah....kalau bodoh-berani. The perverse side of some of us WOULD actually like to this scenario unfold ~ *rubbing hands gleefully in anticipation*