Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PKR Selangor - internal power struggle

Azmin Ali attacked Hasan Ali for profligacy in spending as an ADUN.

But alas, Khalid Ibrahim ended up as collateral damage, shot by Azmin Ali’s barrage at Hasan Ali, because in the final analysis Khalid Ibrahim as MB failed to check and control Hasan Ali’s expenditure.

As blogger Choice wrote in his post Things Get Messier in Selangor As Khalid Ibrahim Jumps Into the Fray Khalid also confirmed that Hasan spent RM 329,000 on office renovations, but followed procedures when doing so. Phew, what a relief that these exorbitant amounts were officially authorized.

Nevertheless, these clarifications do leave behind the bad taste of cronyism and wasteful spending practices, begging the question of oversight. And why do these revelations only see the light of day now?

If Hasan wouldn't have been sacked, could he simply have continued his contract allocation and plush refurbishment unhindered? Would Khalid have stayed silent? 

This bit, frankly, we don't get. An objective observer might think Khalid was making these disclosures about Hasan Ali to cover his own tracks, his own past louche administration. 

On the other hand, was it just friendly fire, where Azmin had unwittingly exposed Khalid’s poor governance in his control over Hasan Ali, compelling poor Khalid to come up with a weak excuse, as pointed out by blogger Choice?

I hope you understand what blogger Choice had been meant by “his own past louche administration”.

Some say Azmin Ali wanted to get Khalid Ibrahim by showing the MB was incompetent, meaning someone wakakaka is now eyeing the MB’s post.

Meanwhile Hasan Ali attacked Azmin Ali though it was a low blow to raise questions about the parentage of Azmin’s child. But Hasan Ali is known to be an asshole. Though he professes to be highly Islamic and thus rightfully in accordance with the teaching of Allah swt, a supranationalist, he is in the end nothing more than a racist, being just revealed kau kau as a Chinese-hater who preferred to cooperate with UMNO and to sabotage Pakatan’s rule in Selangor because he couldn’t stand the idea of some Chinese (DAP and PKR) being part of the Selangor Exco. Hmmm, not just a racist but a treacherous betrayer of Pakatan as well. But this post is not about him.

Back to dear Azmin Ali who had been revealed by RPK as the bloke who had during the Hulu Selangor by-election provided UMNO with photographs of Zaid Ibrahim jollying, wakakaka. Poor Zaid, stabbed in the back kau kau. And apparently Eli Wong had also suffered the same internal party sabo. It must be a wonderful party where the musuh is dalam selimut, with members killing off each other rather than the external (real) foe - not unlike someone attempting to knock off the Sifu wakakaka - see my April 2006 post The Master & The Disciple.

I have to admit that Azmin Ali has made remarkable achievements. For a start, he was instrumental in getting rid of Rosmah Mansor from the UNISEL Chancellor’s post.

On 20 February 2010, I wrote in Mean-spirited Malaysians ... In a Twitter posting by PKR vice-president Azmin Ali, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has agreed to Rosmah's removal in a month's time.

"Students urged the MB to remove Datin Rosmah (right) as Unisel chancellor. MB agreed and will announce in one month. Thunderous applause," read Azmin's posting. Azmin's posting was referring to a gathering of 300 students from various universities with Azmin, Khalid and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim. 

This is really pathetic, shamelessly partisan and totally mean-spirited. She was invited by the previous Selangor government so why not let her term as Chancellor finish off without re-inviting her? Why make such a spiteful announcement? It’s pathetic, pitiful, petty and utterly childish. Don’t Azmin Ali and other PKR leaders have more important things to do, like running Selangor State, than to dabble around with such masturbatory indulgences? 

I presume after that fantastic Azmin Ali’s achievement, there was better food on the tables of Malaysians, rental costs became more affordable, fuel prices dropped, school education standards improved, streets became cleaner, sand mining in Selangor was better controlled, birds sang cheerily and rainbows span the Selangor sky every day, etc. 

In my October 2010 PKR's immature childish leader? I wrote: 

Meanwhile, Anwar’s blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali, just can’t make up his mind whether he wants to be MB of Selangor (which means Khalid will be sabo kau kau, and indeed poor Khalid was for a while) or a federal minister (maybe Finance?) especially now when Putrajaya could possibly be within reach.

I think he must have finally decided on Putrajaya because Khalid is currently off the hook, well at least for now ... but Zaid isn’t. 

That was in October 2010. Things have changed since then, where now Najib and his ‘creative’ ways (including the questionable partisan services of a disgraceful EC) has seemingly made Putrajaya slightly out of Pakatan’s reach (as admitted by PAS). Thus, Azmin Ali may have re-assessed his chances and is now turning his attention to second best spot wakakaka. 

So my dear Khalid Ibrahim, watch out wakakaka. 

I leave you the words of Richard Teo, one of Malaysiakini’s more serious and prolific letter-writers, who wrote Why Zaid must be elected PKR's No 2, where he stated:

… That explains why the person who fills in the position of deputy president of PKR is of vital importance because that person could, in most probability, become the next prime minister of our country. 

Well, someone had hoped wakakaka. 

Zaid [Ibrahim] has proved his mettle. He relinquished his ministerial post from the government on a matter of principle. His vision and articulations on national issues resonate with people of different race and religion. On issues of vital importance he was not afraid to be vocal and candid. That is a mark of a great leader. 

To deprive this man of serving this nation is not only a loss to PKR but a catastrophic loss to the nation at a time when our nation is in dire shortage of charismatic leaders. 

I do not wish to disparage his opponent's ability to be a deputy president and I do not wish to undermine his ability to lead the nation if there are calls to do so. Azmin Ali's loyalty to Anwar and the party is without question. 

He is young and has tremendous energy to garner support from the grassroots but when it comes to articulation of national issues I cannot remember a single occasion when he has made a stand. A leader who lacks the ability to articulate important issues publicly cannot be expected to lead. A person without vision cannot lead a nation because of his impairment to discern the path and route he has to take. 

As a concerned citizen of this country, I humbly appeal to those who are empowered to elect the next deputy president of PKR to make your choice wisely because your choice could possibly determine the next elected prime minister of our country. 

Too late Richard, and besides the polling process, as informed by various personalities both in and outside PKR, didn’t allow for choices wakakaka. 

Sorry Richard, please permit me to somehow defend Azmin’s record, well ... at least on one specific stand – he was personally instrumental in removing Rosmah Mansor from her position as chancellor of UNISEL wakakakakakakakakakakakaka, and folks, that had been Azmin Ali’s major/sole visionary contribution – for more, see my Mean-spirited Malaysians

I wrote above prior to the PKR party election wakakaka, so I wonder whether I ought to add to Azmin’s long list of remarkable achievements his …er …well … hmmm … ahem ... becoming PKR deputy president wakakaka.


  1. Azmin may only have one singular achievement.

    But thats still one more achievment he has than Najiz Tun Razak, corruptor and murderer extradinaire currently living on borrowed term as PM of Malaysia.

    Low as Azmin Ali may b, he is still better than the BEST UMNO person !

    This u forget to mention pulak.

    All DSAI bashing !

    Tsk tsk.


  2. Ktemoc apparently quotes extensively from "The Choice" - another faceless blogger - as if it is a credible blog.

    To give context to "The Choice" editorial position, here are some of their other Headlines.

    Racial Disputes Fall 30 Percent Due to 1Malaysia Spirit
    Government to open NFC management to public tender
    Don’t Politicise GST, Says Idris
    Lim Guan Eng in Attack Mode Over Lynas, Again

    This is no more than a BN-propaganda blog

  3. Now he more than Anti Anwar.
    He is Anti PR ..slowly revealing his true colour.
    As of looks like he keeps picking ONE race in insult...and that race is Malay.
    Trying to help Najib to get Muslim votes?
    Monsterbaby is beginning to know..this faceless ...nameless "Ktemoc" true character...besides his anti comments...that goes against People Power and wishes.

  4. Tons and tons he can talk about Najib..and Mahathir characters...including s many ministers...100 times worst than..Azmin.
    Today is targeting Azmin...while trying to add in FEW unimportant fool fair minded he is.
    Who cares about Hasan and Zaid..but they are included.
    It is Azmin he is aiming at to discredit.
    As you can see..when he hates someone like Anwar..just look how much Anwar got bashed by him..and so in his's monsterball...but now it's pitying lonely I am...then...wait...
    few copycats ...including another "monsterball" to confuse readers.
    That's Ktee style to frustrate me...yet he says he pity me.
    He is another BORN LIAR.

  5. //Racial Disputes Fall 30 Percent Due to 1Malaysia Spirit//

    30 percent too little lah. Make it 95%!!

  6. Do you all..honestly read his long long nonsense?
    I glance through..and catch what other say and comment.
    So far...everything said about music to me.

  7. Everybody has their own shit to deal with. What do you call Kapak and that Rama fellow bashing each other on the head? A friendly game of chess?

  8. Kt,
    I'm not sure whether you realize that you sound so RPK lately. Accidental, coincidental or by design?

  9. In this blog...there is no such thing as a "friendly chess game".
    It is a propaganda characters assassination blog...disguised as
    "KONSIDERS"..considering.....this and that.
    It is the very character of this faceless and nameless blog owner...who is actually balless too...a coward...talking so much about Malaysians affairs...3000 miles away.
    He has an ax to grind with Anwar...and now adding me into his list.
    He loves to show off his so call skills and intelligence in judging as if...his Confucius upbringing have contributed towards making his brain....the best of the as a Christian..teaching all...telling all..showing to all...the truths...nothing but the truths..somewhat like Hasan Ali.
    But it's actually..the biggest busybody minding Malaysian affairs...3000 miles away..promoting BN to win 13th subtle and cunning ways. now under control...under observations by many...under fire from smart commentators who knows and read him.. like a book...that whatever he says or plan to say in the future...all will be gunned fast as he put out.
    This is my greatest satisfactions to see commenting here has a purpose ...and none are lonely or love his blog at all..but I must admit...fucking him up...have given me so much joy cannot buy.....for his bragging sucks....his lying sucks..and so are ...his
    This blog owner is full of shit.

  10. Is Ktemoc an On-Line Anwar stalker or something like that ?

  11. He is worst than that..Anon 7.14PM.
    He is a Gerakan or an MCA member.. disguised as a moderate and fair man.
    He is a cunning RPK.
    He is mean and malicious.
    He hopes PR will stay as a strong Opposition...after 13th that Anwar cannot be a PM.
    He love confusing his visitors..treating all like suckers....if you support PR to win.

  12. Don't ever fall into his trap to discuss....anything.
    Gun him down and put him where he belongs.
    He will never contribute to change of Govt.

  13. KT,it is no secret that Azmin Ali has been sabotaging Khalid from day one of his MB'ship.His aspirations as MB of Selangor was blown away into thin air when Anwar choose Khalid over him.

    Just look at Sabah.Zaid was put in charge of getting the factions together.But Azmin and his master came and put in their cronies and get the Sabah PKR all upside down.

    Everyone knows that Zaid and Khazid are from the same faction.In comes Azmin to sabotage Zaid in the Hulu Selangor by elections,thus causing Zaid to lose and a weakened Khalid.

  14. Anwar: Christian threat is Umno propaganda

    Here is Anwar Ibrahim being a genuine leader for all Malaysians,

    ....but all Ktemoc can do is carry out character assassination against Anwar all day , every day, while keeping silent about BN's abhorrent activities.

  15. Azmin is nothing but a stooge of Anwar. Something like Buy 1, free 1 or 2 for the price of one. Cheap, cheap one.
    You get rid of Anwar, you get rid of him too.Just a paper tiger posturing when his strength comes from Anwar.
    Bruno is so right in saying that he outplayed TS Khalid and Zaid. Yeah, he's just following the techniques of his boss to divide and rule.
    He's the pot calling the kettle black on allegations of extravagance against Hassan Ali.
    And Khalid has come to the defence of Hassan Ali.
    Hahaha, people in glass houses should not throw stones.
    Now night AFTER night on TV3, all his former friends are asking how did he get RM60million shares in 1992 when he was just earning RM2,000 then.
    They want to know who gave him the money? You know who they meant.
    So clean and transparent Keadilan ya, Ball??

  16. And TV3 Never asks how did Nazi's son came to afford a Porsche...

  17. Loyal to Party and to Anwar is known as a Buttercup.
    I wonder what label will he give to Najib taking RM700 million from Malaysians and call that as commission.
    Forget about a murder involved...just that RM700 million.
    Does he agree it s rightful commission given out?
    And speaking of stooges....Najib is known to be a mouth piece of Mahathir.
    Is he a stooge to Mahathir????yes or no??

  18. And of need to add in some spices to make it interesting....and call that facts.
    I sat Buttercup in a 2 stooges in to Najib...another to Ktee.
    Correct CUP?

  19. First Azmin.
    Get these two into trouble...keDAILan is finished.
    You see..Anwar in trouble...Azmin will take over...with the 2 Anwar ladies waiting to hantam kuat kuat.
    eave ladies aside..not manly to label use Azmin....and Azmin is another...problem for UMNO b party.
    Pariah UMNO b non stop character after another.
    hi idiotic Buttercup....if Azmin is a corrupt man....MACC will act with lighting speed to arrest him.

  20. Monsterbaby....character assassination it in day out.
    Provocation is back..using Christianity to peep against Islam.
    I fail to understand...why Ktemoc...such a devoted religious bugger does not seem upset on this matter ...while Pastor Paul Tan is confronting Hasan Ali again.

  21. It is Catholic Chief Bishop...Dr.Paul address him rightly ...against a PARIAH...a nobody fanatical Muslim...Hassan Ali.
    I am glad...Bishop Paul Tan is defending Christianity well....while Ktee a Christian blog owner....just sit and only in rumor mongering.
    Ktee only know how to lan see lan yong...while Buttercup....also lan see lan yong....both with no substances.

  22. If you anwaristas come to power I'll be burnt at the stake or flogged to death like those poor Iranians who dare question the Ayatollah. Hail Reformasi!

  23. I will do worst.
    I will peel your skin off slowly that you wish to be dead...or beg for forgiveness and REPENT.

  24. But we have no time for a useless toad like you... jumping 3000 miles away...talking cock and bull.
    We are after big fishes and you are not even qualified to be call a frog.
    After are faceless a ghost talking all the time...and changing the divert are the best.

  25. No, Ktemoc is not worth the trouble and energy.

    Najib, Mahather yeah, they should undergo Malaysia's first public capital punishment.....after all due legal process, of course.

  26. KTemoc said...

    If you anwaristas come to power I'll be burnt at the stake or flogged to death like those poor Iranians who dare question the Ayatollah. Hail Reformasi!

    5:01 AM, March 29, 2012

    Dont flatter yourself too much.

    You are not that important for anyone to bother with u lah ktemoc. Probably u will b cringing and wailing away in this blog of yours still flailing away at DSAI.

    DSAI has more important things to do than worry about low life like you.

    And by the way PKR rules together with DAP and PAS. Anyone of the trirumviate bolts, the whole thing falls apart so all your nonsensical worries about Hudud and PKR is misplaced.

    Again, idiotic analysis.

    But expected from someone like you.


  27. The message is you anwaristas are totally intolerant. I dread teh day when you come into power. Then the Hindu temple bells won't be allowed to ring and Chinese will be told once again to balik Tiong Sun, courtesy of manmanlai wakakaka

  28. Slapping Anwar from the land which is going to dump their radioactive shit on us. If it takes the devil to stop the Aussies from sending their shit to us, so be it. If it takes ABU to stop the Aussies so be it. This is our reality KT. No relation to yours in Aussieland. By the way Anwar is the devil you describe him to be. Give me one reason for calling a politician clean and I will give you ten for calling him dirty. LGE is no exception to this rule but he is one of the devils we need to save ourselves from UMNO which is a dear and present danger to Malysia, especially for the nons. Cest La Vie

  29. Yup. Ktemoc clealry cant see the forest for the trees right in front of him?

    waiting for DSAI to ask u go back to tiong sun.

    My dear ktemoc, UMNO people is already asking u TODAY to f*** off back to Tiong Sun lah

    and here u r worried about what DSAI might or might not do.

    Talk about a rabbit staring at the headlights of a car right about to run it over and not knowing whats happening today.

    I would worry about future DSAI. Worry about the sh*t right in front of your yard now lah!