Friday, March 30, 2012

Foreign Maids

Malaysia is now looking at the possibility of employing Myanmarn (Burmese) maids, given the Indonesians' tarik harga conditions for employing their people.

Personally I am against importing any foreign maids, especially those from Indonesia.

My principal reason is that most Malaysians are incapable of being decent human beings when managing their maids. We're the f* ugly Malaysians.

But why single out Indons as maids not to employ?

Because our neighbour can turn humongously ugly (and have done so on several occasions in the past), and may thus hurt our diplomatic staff, students, business people and tourists in Indonesia.


  1. KT,maybe Malaysia should stopped the import of foreign maids once and for all.It is either mistreatment and abuse of these maids by the spouses.Or the sexual abuses or advances by the horny husbands.Or accused rape by ministers.

  2. Anwar Ibrahim is a significant factor in instigating a negative attitude towards Malaysia among the Indonesian body politic.
    Quite a number of Indonesian leaders have links with him going back decades.

    He bad mouths the country every time he goes to Indonesia.

  3. Scratching my head over this poser--

    Malaysia sends hundreds of students to study medicine in universitas throughout Indonesia.

    But Indons (rich ones, that is) came flooding to Malaysian private hospitals to seek medical treatment.

    Funny isn't it?

  4. Monsterball 0
    Ktemoc 0

    This is what I call a Lose-Lose battle.

    Cool it....

  5. There are an estimated 350,000foreign maids working in our country, with the majority of them from Indonesia.

    In most developed country, only the very well-to-do could afford live-in maids but look at their support system, especially to the working mothers there, such as govt/employers-provided creches, flexible working hours, longer maternity leave (in some countries, fully paid maternity leave up to 2 years, with the hubby entitling to half year or 1 year leave too), affordable nursing homes for their aged parents, special tax exemptions for those with children born/afflicted with certain ailments needing special care, etc etc.

    In our country, there is an undeniable need for these home-helpers given the lack of the support system as mentioned above. Certainly it would benefit them overall if there is less negative publicity of such maid abuse stories so often highlighted in the media.

    Even a 5% 'bad-apples' employers generate no less than 17,500 cases of such complaints in Malaysia. And SEVENTEEN THOUSANDS cases of abused maids is no small matter. The real losers ( besides the abused maids ) are of course those 90%+ employers who DON'T ill treat their maids.

    There are also some charges that the maids are paid slave wages working slavery hours in the malaysian homes. How true are these charges ?

    Maids from Indonesia and other neighbouring countries like Cambodia ( prior to their ban ) are paid RM 700 per month. The Filipinos are generally paid RM 1200 to RM 1350 per month. But effectively, the employer paid RM 2700 per month to the Filipino maids and RM2100 to the other non Filipino maids. [This is after taking into account the Agency Fee of RM 8600, the RM1000 work permit, and other incidentals like medical, housing and food, airfare back to their home country etc.]

    Many of the employers interviewed revealed that they would prefer to get local maids and are willing to pay up to RM 2000 per month, complete with EPF allowances, and the mandatory days off etc and even willing to offer flexible working hours shedule but todate, there is no takers. Malaysian women are simply NOT interested in working as maids. For that matter, Malaysian men are not interested in blue collar jobs, especially in the ocntruction industry.

    The REAL reasons why Indonesian maids stopped going out to work as maids in foreign countries, not just in Malaysia :

    * There is a huge mushrooming of Korean and Taiwanese factories now in Indonesia, which are providing employement to the locals there, especially Indonesian women.

    * The Suharto Family Planning policy started 2 decades ago is now starting to bear fruits. The average Indonesian family size is now almost half of what it used to be.

    However, based on our current scenario, it would not be too far fetched if one day, in the not too distant future, the tables would be turned and we instead will be sending maids out to other countries to earn the much needed foreign currencies.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Anwar Ibrahim is a significant factor in instigating a negative attitude towards Malaysia among the Indonesian body politic.
    Quite a number of Indonesian leaders have links with him going back decades.

    He bad mouths the country every time he goes to Indonesia.

    the question is whether Malaysia's current batch of nincompoop leaders deserve it or not!

    Dang! If I had a chance, I would also bad moth people like Najis Razak and political parties like UMNO if I am overseas much less DSAI!

    ONly the blind , deaf and dumb will say Mlaaysia of today is a country worthy of anything!

    I spit on the government of today !

    Please - know the differnce between bad mouthing the government and badmouthing the country.

    I will NEVER EVER b loyal to Barisan Najis.