Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6 months

6 months!

He could have waited for Ghafar Baba to retire, an old man, a member of Tunku’s original UMNO pioneers.

Yes, Ghafar Baba was only a standard six trained teacher, not like Asia’s greatest intellectual who uses words like ‘Kafkaesque’ (wakakaka), but then, was it worth the unnecessary humiliation of an old man? And to use a massive RM200 million to do so?

It seems that after Ghafar's defeat and loss of his UMNO deputy presidency, while a jubilant faction crowed sweet rejoice, Ghafar found himself alone in one of the halls of the UMNO building, wandering around in a daze with a plastic shopping bag on one of his hands.

Just a mere 6 months before Ghafar Baba was to retire anyway.

6 months!

He could have waited for Dr Mahathir to retire, a man who had already anointed him as the heir to the PM’s position.

Yes, Dr Mahathir might have been a medical doctor and undoubtedly an Asian intellectual but he had never used words like ‘Kafkaesque’ (wakakaka), but then, was it worth the unnecessary betrayal of a mentor. And to use a massive
RM445 million plot to do so?

Alas, unlike the crushing of his earlier opponent, the aged standard six trained teacher Ghafar Baba, his opponent Dr Mahathir saw to it he lost his position as UMNO deputy president and DPM Malaysia.

Unlike a dazed Ghafar Baba who found himself alone in one of the halls of the UMNO building, wandering around in a daze with a plastic bag on one of his hands, he went to prison.

Just a mere 6 months before Dr Mahathir was to retire anyway.

And between March 2008 and 916, just a mere 6 months. Coincidence?

If only he had practised manmanlai for a mere 6 months.

6 months! 6 months! 6 months!


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  2. Bro, u r asking too much (yes i know its only 6 months) for someone who can give only GRAND LECTURES WITH LITTLE MEANING :)

    cheers, anas

  3. Impatience for results is a Rare commodity among Malays, don't you think ?

    I often wished my Malay staff had more of that Oomph...nothing racist against them, but I have to manage a competitive business.

    But I suppose Anwar's impatience had gone overboard...

  4. Just a mere 6 months before Dr Mahathir was to retire anyway.

    I doubt if that is true.

    Mahathir finally retired in 2004 because it had become abundantly clear his continuing to hold the PM position was a crushing baggage for UMNO. It is likely the political tsunami would have occured in 2004 - 4 years early if UMNO had gone to the polls with Mahathir as PM.

    UMNO totaly misread its electoral success in 2004. It was a vote for change (because people thought Badawi represented change), not a vote for reactionary politics.

    Even today Mahathir is trying to play back-seat Prime Minister - playing a major role in removing one, and almost dictating major policy to another

  5. Haha...6 months

    For a mere 6 months, an old veteran was unnecessarily humiliated. Very sad, touching image...to see an old dazed man wandering alone in an empty corridor with a plastic shopping bag in hand :(

    For a mere 6 months again, couldn't wait for an old fox to retire and take over the throne...and end up being sentenced to 6 years in jail instead....

    Now if we have a June GE, again the number 6 comes up again ! lol

    666 - sign of the devil ? LOL

  6. again, ktemoc and his fairly useless and idiotic jibes and analyses...

    this presupposes people like Mahathiu will gladly give way in 6 mths ! a person like Mahathiu who has screwed his Deputies like Musa, Razaleigh etc left and right.

    Handing it on a platter to DSAI?

    Please, your analyses smacks of non-objective and totally biased against DSAI.

    You should be exposed for what you truly are ktemoc. Narrow minded full of hate person that you are !

    Shining example of a human being you are!


  7. All these UMNOs - current members or ex....semua full of bullshit...now all the skeletons come tumbling out. Most likely this is just the tip of iceberg - lagi ada 90% belum di bongkar.

  8. Hahaha. Short and sweet. Succintly put. Vintage Ktemoc. Love this. I see Monster sucking on his putty!
    Better to be holding a plastic bag than to end up in Bamboo River for 6 years.
    Poetic justice for an ambitious Brutus. His impatience this time around will lead him into permanent oblivion. Good riddance!
    This fella knows Ghafar will appoint Ku Li as his deputy if he is still the DPM.
    And Ku Li will appoint Najib as his Deputy. That is why he finished off Ghafar.
    He was there because of Mahathir and when the old man goes, UMNO will rid him.
    KT, Ghafar is a qualified Malay Cikgu who passed out from Tanjung Malim Malay Teachers College now uograded to a University.
    No difference from that egoistic pompous fella who is only a Malay studies general degree holder.
    Ghafar has political acumen, when this self-declared intellectual has none.
    Malaysia will not be in this position now if that Mr Trouble wasn't in UMNO and elevated to a position he was incapable of.

  9. Malay leaders are all full of shit.

    I'm so glad I quit this Tanah Meloya 30 years ago.

  10. I know its not nice to speak ill of the dead, but since you made this out for discussion, here goes...

    One of my regular teh tarik buddies, a retired Top level govt official used to be a regular at Cabinet meetings of that era.
    Ghafar Baba often used Cabinet meetings as his siesta time. When awake, he had little to contribute. He was respected in the Old UMNO, though, so he served a purpose for Mahathir.
    Other than that, Ghafar Baba Makan Gaji Buta....you know how much it costs to maintain a DPM ? Its much, much more than the basic salary.

  11. KT,for the very inpatient 6 short months is like six long years.At least Jibby had more patience.He waited as usual,until all the players have put in their bets,before he made his call.

  12. A devilsh man love to talk 666.
    Everyone knows Mahathir had to retire.
    Malaysians growing in numbers hating him..by the minute.
    Gaffar was the first UMNO b man to be "president" of MCA solving problems there.
    Now why did this escape Ktee's attention?
    Buttercup sucks and rent his cup for a price.
    I don't.

  13. Look at Buttercup's comment.
    It was Mahathir appointing Ghafar...and Ghafar was the 4th DPM sacked by Mahathir...and that CUP never say one word...how stupid Mahathir was..making 4 mistakes.
    But was Mahathir stupid?
    Never. He simply love dirty politics and anyone that do not kowtow to him...when he was in power..get the stick.
    Buttercup never say Mahathir was a Dictator.
    Why is he so shy to say that...when Mahathir even claim he was one.
    And like Monsterbaby said...Mahathir is still playing back seat PM...as he got the worst of the two to be PMs.
    He never retired at all.
    Mamak has to save his sons..Najib has to save himself and Rosmah.
    What is this..
    "saving"..I write?
    Are they nonsense?...Buttercuppee??
    Soon Buttercup needs to work harder to make ends meet..looking after cows and counting them..not one must be lost.
    He will have plenty of teats to play with...milking cows....for his CUP getting old..like me...no more wanted by customers.

  14. KT is damn right....that monster is sex obsessed.

    "....plenty of teats to play with.." Even with the cows...moooo. His young wife's two good teats not good enough ? Wakakaka.

  15. monsterball,
    Buttercup has a "D" cup-size-lah

  16. Hahaha a guy with a six-D cup. Anwar will sure like me better than Saiful.


    Better get a grip on yourself. Stop the spinning. If you wanna have teats, start working at the Gemas ranch. Suck, suck.

    Mahathir appointed Ghafar DPM as a stop-gap measure. Ghafar knows that too.
    He is a loyal UMNO servant who saves the party when it was in a crisis after Musang's resignation.
    Mahathir of course is grateful to him for saving the day.
    Ghafar is not like the power manic Anwar who is politically stupid. He made history when he solved the MCA single-handedly. That is why I said he has political acumen.
    The BIG mistake Mahathir made is bringing that Abim preacher into UMNO and wreaking havoc to the party and our nation.
    The problem starts and ends with Anwar.
    Anwar should be consigned to the dust-bin of history.Burn HIM and his ashes is your ABU.

  17. More than 6 months but the police still can't catch these bastards!


  18. for me DSAI is anytime better than Jibby Razak.

    A Najis Razak that blows innocent people up with C4 !!

    That's the current Prime Minister we have.

    To all you sex obsessed DSAI haters, remember this fact!

    You are so obsessed with DSAI but u overlook our hate filled Najib Najis Razak and his sexcapades with Mongols and also Port Dicksons!!


  19. 'stop the spinning. If you wanna have teats"...says Buttercup to me.
    Can anyone understand that?
    Anon 8.54AM..I guess when you said that..Buttercup is very angry and pick it on me.
    The power of keep denying have convinced weak one I am only interested in teats...and Ktee is a saint..no shiok with teats.
    Maybe new comer....never read Ktee's past bragging how many beautiful women he cores in the past...all FOC..in Penang.
    Like the usual UMNO b leaders...keep denying...but our young voters do read alot and keep up with the times....thus bluffng games do not work with smart one nowadays.
    Only idiots like Buttercup's cup...getting bigger and bigger..balls getting smaller and smaller...comments getting cloudier and cloudier.
    I suspect.. Buttercup is taking pregnant pills...with his imaginations that "SHE" is all woman now.

  20. Anon "sunwayopal"....that's telling off these bloody hypocrites...with style.

  21. Now Bishop Paul Tan hantam Hasan Ali again.
    Here we must keep hantaming blog owner with few disguised to be many..their balls carrying BN tactics...as 13th GE is drawing nearer and nearer...to the date that Najib must announce ....some projecting it to be as close as June and maximum to be 1St week..September.
    So many exciting current topics to debate with...yet Ktemoc prefers to choose grandfather stories.
    You know why??
    Current stories....ALL no good for BN.
    Buttercup with his D cup..is a fucking sick ass...that Ktee love most.
    Two assholes...one is a description .the other is real...for sale.

  22. Anon 854AM said Buttercup has a D cup size.
    Buttercup 914 AM said she has SIX "D" size cups...saying HE/SHE sure better than Saiful.
    Also saying she is an animal...not human...having 6-D size cups.
    My female pugs have 8 teats.
    From time to time...you can to real the real Buttercup..just as we all know....the real Ktemoc.
    They belong to each other..like heavenly made.

  23. Ktemoc's blog is BORING and DULL...all running away.

  24. If this blog is that boring and dull..., why anchored yourself here when the owner said please clear your butt away.

    A thick skinned idiot knows not what is shame and dignity. Squatting under kt's sarung and yet complaining about the smell. Why come to the kitchen when you can't stand the heat?

    Shameless parasite!!

  25. anon of 1:09 PM, March 28, 2012, we're malaysian/asians so please b kind to the old man. He has no where to go, being banned everywhere. He desperately seeks a role, a meaning to his life, and behaves like a kera kena belacan on my blog to attract attention. He tells blatant outrageous lies about me and my alleged sexual activities because he seretly fantasizes such sexual escapades himself, but shy shy one lah, uses my name as a front for his wanking satisfaction. Kesian dia lah, wakakaka

  26. Heheheh....padan muka lu monsterball. Now everybody knows you can only come when you fantasize about others' love life and hehehe....making up such stories about KT sexual activities to get a sexual high must be the real reason why you keep coming back here. Wild horses couldn't drag you away eh ?

  27. F*ck Monsterball
    F*ck Ktemoc
    F*ck Mahatiu
    F*ck Anal-war

    All stupid F*ckers

  28. Actually i think he's coming back here less there are young and impressionable minds out there that might be poisoned by ktemocs hate filled DSAI filled postings.

    We all have a duty to rebut ktemocs lies and slander lah.

    Monsterball obsessed with ktemoc?

    Methinks it's more ktemoc is obssessed with DSAi.

    Full of hate this ktemoc.


  29. Ktemoc's distaste & detestation for DSAI is deep and strong.

    Its rare to see such enduring vitriol against someone unless the person is known personally or has directly suffered some deep wrong due to the actions of that person...

    Perhaps there is more than meets the eye on this blog...

  30. What name "Ktemoc" is talking about his name?
    He is faceless and nameless blog owner....yet keep telling all I am a liar....lonely and all that stuffs.
    He is Anti Anwar and I am FOR Anwar to be PM...and that's the main reason I am here.
    As time passes by...he chooses me to be his punching bag...and that's where he made he biggest mistake.
    I am not obsessed with Ktemoc...and "sunwayopaL" has said it so well at his 2.31PM comment.
    Monsterbaby is right too.
    Ktemoc desperately want to be noticed by BN ..to be employed.
    Ktemoc talk so much...about Susan...as if Susan is so close t him...exactly like how he talk about LKS...Karpal and LGE.
    Lets take Susan..as an example.
    She is NOT faceless nor nameless blog owner.
    From day one....her blog if bringing TRUTHS to all visitors...and she focused on justices and fair play...which ALWAYS shows she hates BN totally.
    She does not carry any balls..for a job.
    She has few talents that will carry her to earn a living easily.
    She NEVER talk bad about Anwar.
    She is now...the Regional Manager for Malaysiakini based in Penang.
    Now you tell me...will such a lady have a friend like Ktemoc?
    Friendly yes...that's her job too..but trust and keep Ktee as a true friend?...NEVER!!
    Now...who is the biggest LIAR???...Ktee or Monsterball???
    Anyway...a one screw loose man decided to carry BN balls...will never care about his reputation...for he has none...starting...being faceless and nameless blog owner..YET...judge me with no shame at all.
    He pity me??? how weird he is......hahahahahahahahaha.

  31. If I remember correctly the political drama of that era, initially DrM was neutral when DSAI challenged Ghafar.

    Then in one instance, a statement from DrM show a slight bias towards DSAI. This started an avalanche of nominations towards DSAI.

    Then someone made 4 predictions of the dates (3 turned out right) when Ghafar will give up the contest, resign from DPM, resign from dep. president...

    Can someone enlighten here ...?

  32. if u r asking for enlightenement from ktemoc, all u will get is more biased hate against DSAI!

    he will never admit to the above.

    Ie its the Mad Hatter's fault that caused the downfall of sleepyhead Ghafar.

    Everything fault in the world is down to DSAI, even Lynas now given TOL to operate in Pahang also DSAI fault in ktemoc's eyes.

    Yes, PKFZ also DSAI's fault.

    NFC feedlot also DSAI fault.

    semua pun DSAI pasal.