Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Chinese curses

I fell sick and failed to blog for three days and what do I read when I come back?

Terrible Curses.

The three most terrible curses in Chinese are (in order of gravity):

(1) Harm-Kar-Ch’an (Death to your family, may your gfamily line become extinct)

(2) Lu Bay Hoe See (May you have a terrible painful violent death)

(3) Peh Moe Boe Kar See (Obviously your parents fail to teach you manners)

The third may appear mild in contrast to the first two but raised in a family with Confucian values (conscious or subconscious), which most Chinese (regardless of religion) would be unless they were adopted at a young age by non Chinese, it’s a terrible insult to a Chinese when the parents are blamed for his or her mistakes, errors or sins. It would be terribly poot how (lacks filial piety) to have one's parents blamed or cursed.

I see certain similarities in Malay culture as well, like being accused with the offensive word of ‘biadap’.

The first one, as one commentator in a previous post mentioned, is likely to get one killed for mentioning it, because it’s such a horrendous curse directed at the target as “May your family become extinct” implying death for all a la genocide.

We are talking of a Nazi wishing ‘Harm Kar Ch’an’ to Jews, or ultra right wing Zionist Israelis to Palestinians, Hutus to Tutsis, and to some extent, Japanese to Chinese (during WWII), or Hindus to Muslims (and vice versa) in India-Pakistan especially during the partition, etc.

It’s such a vile, vicious and venomous Chinese curse which would only be used by an equally vile, vicious and venomous Chinese. The evil of such a curse is unbelievable.

And it’s all the more terrible when the curser is already an old man who is almost at the end of his life to wish such an evil curse on many generations of innocents including the young and yet unborn. And he dares to call himself a Buddhist. How vile, how vicious, how venomous! How evil.

In all my life, while I know of that curse, I have never heard anyone say it out (not aloud anyway).

Just wondering whether we should invoke the second curse but I believe we should refuse to because then we would be descending into the same gutter with an evil barbarous bullshitting bastard wakakaka.


  1. Hear, hear Monster. You must be deaf and dumb not to heed KT's warning.
    He has come to the end of his patience, catering to your idiosyncracies.
    Please try your antics at Din Merican or other Pakatan blogs.
    We are here at his leisure. You have over-step human decency by wishing death on others.
    Much as I dislike Anwar, I never wished evil on him or his family. No religion allows bad prayers on other human beings.
    You must be the spawn of a devil to do that. A monster is at least loveable.
    Taking people's life is God's business. Ir's not your call.
    Be magnanimous and say Sorry. It's not difficult to utter it.
    Don't get it why you must be so personal. We in the cyber world are just nobodies.
    Our opinions dont really matter whether we are DAP or PKR or PAS or UMNO supporters.
    They become Wakil Rakyats and do they care about us? They are one and the same - politicians pure and simple.
    Life goes on the same for us whoever comes to power.

  2. Monsterball,you are now an outcast in KT's blog.Go back to Susan's blog if she will have you.LKS will not post your comments.Teresa will not post your comments.The only place is your beloved Rocky.Hahaha.

  3. Monsterball,be a man and bite your tonque and appologised like a real man.That is you really have monsterballs.If you do not appologised to KT then you will forever be branded a pariah.You talk a lot.Now show everybody that you have real balls,street fighter.

  4. Where is the monster.Show your face,you chicken.No need to hide,kay boh kiah,boh lam par,kam lam eh.

  5. Monsterball,come out and play play lah.Don't be shy monster.Turned chicken now.I thought that you are a street fighter.Kay boh kiah a street fighter,eh.Ke cheng gown lah.Bo luai beh,chiuk lu a cheh a.

  6. Monsterball,cheng gown boh cheng tae kor ha.Lu poh yau,leh.A hiau kam lam lah.

  7. The 3 most terrible curse in Malay are -
    1. Gua akan liwat sama lu (as Saiful said to Anwar)

    2. Gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua (as Najeeb said when buying votes)

    3. Lu beri "soft loan" sama gua (as Shahreezat said to rakyat, where the "loan" will never be repaid)

  8. yip....I mean every word I say.
    Continue the double head snake acts and speeches.
    WOW!! such nice cultured people posting here.

  9. Cunning bloody bastard...Ktemoc is..with one...change to few...talking cock to me.

  10. WOW!! A post ...all dedicate to me.
    "'100% EVIL"....I like that!
    See you in hell ..one day....Ktemoc...or you think you are going to heaven...meet Buttercup sharing his 71 virgins??..with your kind of character???....HAHAHAHAHA

  11. yip...my curses works!!
    Should plan for more!

  12. Tua Lam Par Boe Kar See

  13. Tsk tsk....same old recalcitrant, this monster sebiji macam another old man who also partake in birds' saliva. No amount of the so-called youth elixir will save these two monsters.

    Waste of breath imploring him to say sorry or take back his curse......why, he even extend his curse by bringing in HELL, heheheh.

    Now we understand why monsterbaby refuse to come back from mongolia, his only ally who also cabut kuat kuat,seeing how papa is so biadap.

    PS : welcome back KT....perhaps you could soak yourself in some pure rose water to rid yourself of the monster's curse, heheheh...it seems the curse will also fall back onto the curser himself, haha.

  14. When people reach their 70's or older, some of them suffer from changes in their brain - perhaps a series of mini-strokes, brain cells dying, plaque forming in the brain - which can cause personality changes.

    The change in personality can be obvious, especially to their close family members. Some victims of these age-related brain changes may become docile - they become quiet and withdraw into themselves; others become manic - garrulous, quarrelsome, overly sensitive, suspicious, cantankerous, and may even revert to behaving like a child once more.

    Some years ago there was a sit-com on TV called The Golden Girls where one of the ladies suffered from such a condition. She would say the most outrageous and rude things because she had lost the ability to empathize and to apprehend the deleterious effects of her speech on others.

    Another movie that has a humorous take on what old age does to some people is Grumpy Old Men with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as the protagonists.

  15. He insulted Lord Buddha...all OK....a saintly man.
    Forget that and move on..is what he keep doing and non stop allowing insults thrown at me...approving another "monsterball"
    Today is Judgement Day.
    He judged me as 100% EVIL.
    I judge him as man..100% with an EVIL HEART.
    He put out a post...so vividly supports his points.
    No one can see an evil heart.
    I repeat...he INSULTED my lord Buddha with his stupid prayer...and talk cock about how be became a Buddha....corrected..never apologize. Always ignore and move on..never apologize anything.
    What kind of people.. similar to him???....all UMNO b ....bloody crooks and their ONE becomes few supporters...in this blog.
    Ktemoc insults Anwar Ibrahim....non stop.
    He brags having so many pretty girls fooled by him for free fucks.
    OK la...I am 100% EVIL...and he is 100% godly man.
    And so bullshiter must get the same medicine he gives to Anwar...Lord Buddha..and yours trully.
    It is me....he wishes to enjoy his fun...to be a hero some sort.
    Check it out....he is a POLITICAL blog owner that dares not reveal details about himself...not even his real name.
    He is faceless and nameless....COWARD..talking cock to me.

  16. My power is as clear as crystal....so QUACK DOCTORS..keep prescribing your idiotic findings and medicine....promoting your foolishness and idiocy..yourself.
    I hate to think..braggarts must support a braggart....like crooks must support crooks.
    But they cannot see the HEART!!
    And so these self appointed DOCTORS...are nincompoops...exactly like Ibrahim Ali.

  17. I gave Ktemoc respect and he keep returning with comments..teaching me...hoping I will submit his brain better than mine.
    Few asked why don't I leave...and actually all know why.
    Ktemoc makes this an anti-Anwar blog...and with his cow brain..faceless and nameless...want to be anti-Anwar?
    So I stay and see far he goes.
    Two monsterball...revealing all my details..all approved by him...I don't run away from this kind of kotok...and I will chan him...chan toe lantang tan..hamkar ling.
    I am 100% EVIL????what are YOU??

  18. He failed in his missions so many times...no respond..no debates...move to next method..how to frustrate me.
    He wants to project how fair minded a man he is.
    This faceless nameless blog owner..fair minded?
    He is the most vicious cruel and evil minded blog owner I have eve met.
    Others like Dr.Hsu...which we have battles too...but he ALWAYS delete all personal attacks...not Ktemoc.
    To him...it is fun and have "someone" teach me a lesson or two....so much so....he went overboard few times..I kept quiet.
    Yes....this faceless...nameless piece of shit blog owner....APPROVED all private details of me.
    When a man have never met the other...he should addressed him as "Mr.Lim Kit Siang" .not "Uncle Lim" and if that old man is respected by Ktemoc..who am I...young man?
    You see...he thinks his balls carrying can also work....while actually insulting LKS supporting Anwar.
    That's the kind of langtan tan he is.
    100% EVIL...I am...meeting a toothless ghost.
    EVIL MAN fights a coward GHOST....WHO DO YOU CALL?????...GHOSTBUSTER.
    My post..if I don't talk..I will not do justice to this faceless ..nameless...smart ass blog owner.

  19. WOW!!...so fast .new post...and like I said...he wants all to forget and move FORWARD...exactly like Najib mentality.
    No wonder...Buttercup love him so much.

  20. Anon 11:53 PM

    You might have a point there....and very well pointed out too.

    In Monster's case, the only way to ocnfirm if he has this sort of 'dementia' is for some one who knows him well for quite some time to verify if he has any behavorial change for no apparent reason.

    Are you listening monster ? However, there is some glimmer of hope....latest reliable reports has it that eating a daily sufficient dose of walnuts and cold pressed, organic coconut oil could almost completely reverse the situation. Lucky to be alive at this age in this era....such help is at hand with more advanced knowledge.

  21. Dr.QUACK is talking.
    I wonder why this Dr.QUACK never talk about Mahathir's advance age.
    I guess...he thinks the older Mahathir gets...the wiser he is.

  22. "an old man who is almost at the end of his life" said that chowceebai man.
    True true...my life will end like all others..including yours.
    What I am afraid is that your end may come sooner than mine.
    All the off and on sickness you are getting....bad signs.
    I am as fit as an Ox.
    You cow brain needs check up.
    Life & Death is not for you to predict.
    It's God's will....bloody moron.

  23. You bring cures to your family.
    Don't twist the facts.

  24. I still smoke 10 cigars ..and 10 cups of coffee..as water..a day and love eating fatty stuffs..like pork ribs and pork legs.
    Do you have that strong healthy life to do what I am doing?
    Have your BALLS produce any children?

  25. "He brags having so many pretty girls fooled by him for free fucks."

    and this lying old man calls himself a Buddhist. Not me who insulted Buddha but the monster for lying (see above) and providng false info (49 days to becoming a Buddha wakakaka) about the Enlightened One.

    Lose mucho kamma liao - yours already in red ink in the debit column wakakaka

  26. Anon 2:56 AM March 21,

    You wrote: latest reliable reports has it that eating a daily sufficient dose of walnuts and cold pressed, organic coconut oil could almost completely reverse the situation.

    That's very good news and really nice of you to share this info.

    Thanks to the Net, nowadays people can be much better informed and up to the minute with the latest news. The only minor drawback is that we have to be careful and verify the accuracy of the info before acting on it.

  27. And there...Ktemoc...denies and return his curses.
    He brags about scoring so many pretty girls in Penang..now says...he did not say that.
    Of course.you don't expect Ktemoc says.."I fucked so many pretty innocent girls"
    hi...Ktee....read all the comments at your latest post.
    Why no reply?

  28. I do not need to talk about Buddha to him.
    His prayer...starting "Lord Buddha"...is an insult to Buddha himself.
    Ktemoc..are you blind and deaf?
    Go to your current post and answer all charges.
    Otherwise...you are a real full of shit man.

  29. Look at Ktemoc's post on Altantuya...with all the sexy photos.
    Is this a compassionate man...respecting anyone...even a dead?
    This lantang tan man..needs carn carn toe kow kow...carn toe.. ham kar carn....caused by him.
    Have you seen a whole family being cursed because of one evil son?...so many cases and Ktemoc is one of them.
    Faceless...nameless...talk big...3000 miles away.

  30. He keep on hurting others...that's OK...his blog...that's what he thinks.

  31. Anon 10:29

    Yes, we have to verify carefully whatever we read on the www, especially medical infor.

    As far as the dementia breakthrough is concerned, may be this clip will provide some help :


    Dr Mary Newport's work and personal experience with cold press coconut oil is giving some hope to those suffering this ailment.

    One other website that is considered reliable and credible is DrMercola.com for alternative healing.

    Anon 2:56 AM

  32. To: Anon 2:56 AM

    Thanks for the Youtube link, I'll take a look at it afterwards.

    Yes, I've looked in on Dr. Mercola's site before but haven't been there quite a long while already. It's quite an interesting site.

    "Food as medicine" is a topic I find rather fascinating. In fact, there is a book by that name authored by Earl Mindell.

    Another book with a quite long-ish title, viz, What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You by one Ray D. Strand, M.D., sounds quite persuasive in his argument.

    Anon 10:29 AM

  33. You're most welcome Anon 10:29 AM.

    Coincidently, i do have a copy of Earl Mindell's book too of the mentioned title ! :)

    Looks like we get to share some 'healthy' notes beside the political type...and ironically we have to thank a monster here for it :)

    Anon 2:56 AM

    [PS : anytime there's a need to check out any issues on the health scene, let's share share...who knows, it might save someone or help someone trememdously. Regards.]