Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lost genes or lost soul?

As just I feel sorry for one old man wakakaka, I feel sorry for this man too. Both suffer from the same problem, that of seeking a 'meaningful' role in life wakakaka.

The latter portrays himself ardently as a Malay, making statements like 'kita orang Melayu' to emphasize which race he considers himself as belonging to, constitutionally of course, because when it comes to genes he’s as Cinapek as the old man wakakaka.

The Malay pronoun ‘kita’ implies his articles were meant for Malays and not non-Malays [not that the old man knows anything about this finer point of Bahasa, wakakaka].

In the kindest language one can describe him as an ultra conservative – though whether ultra conservative Malay nationalist or ultra conservative Muslim, I leave that to you to decide as your guess will be probably as good as mine.

There is humongous irony in his attempt to excoriate the Dong Zong's demands as 'insolent' for what he claimed as the 'ultra kiasu' Dong Zong having no intention to integrate and to push for a national agenda, focussing only on 'Chinese, Chinese, Chinese'.

Firstly, it should be noted he has shown a particular preference for the Singapore term ‘ultra kiasu’ which he had previously reserved for columnist (and now blogger) Helen Ang. Maybe now that my dear Helen is rabidly anti DAP and in particular anti Lim GE (just as I am portrayed as rabidly anti Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka) they have made up.

I’ll return to the term ‘ultra kiasu’ at the end of this post.

Secondly, it’s a bit rich for Dr Tee to accuse Dong Zong of having no intention to integrate when his own regular pronouncements and articles have been highly divisive, laying clear stark lines of demarcation between his 'kita orang Melayu' and 'mereka yang ultra kiasu'.

Thirdly, when he condemned Dong Zong for focusing only on ‘Chinese, Chinese, Chinese’, wasn't he pointing to himself given his regular reminder to his readers (Malays only of course) of 'kita orang Melayu'.

At least Dong Zong has not disguised itself other than being a NGO for Chinese vernacular education. What does Dr Tee expect Dong Zong to promote? Swahili?

And talking about 'disguises', what about Dr Tee? What is he promoting?

However, I have to concede he hasn’t blushed, blanched or blenched when he audaciously presented himself as a Melayu. Most certainly he has the constitutional rights to do so, but there have been times I wonder about the conscience of his genes when he made so much emphasis on his legal ethnic status, a racial metempsychosis made possible only by fiat of the Malaysian Constitution.

Admiral Zheng He

Yes, I wonder only because the 22 million Chinese Muslims in China haven’t, for 1400 years, rejected their cultural heritage, from luminaries such as the famed Admiral Zheng He and Ming dynasty generals Chang Yuchun, Lan Yu, Ding Dexing, Mu Ying, Feng Sheng and Hu Dahai to the redoubtable Ma family of Hsing I (Xinyi) martial art fame.

And as a pointer to cultural roots, I am informed that a mosque is called qīngzhēn sì (清真寺) in Chinese, meaning ‘pure truth temple’.

Xian Mosque

Only Dr Tee himself can explain why he prefers to be known as a Melayu, and what part this would play in the role he seeks.

I wonder why he doesn’t drop the ‘Tee’ altogether and replace it with Tawfiq, which means ‘good fortune’ or ‘to be successful’.

Huaisheng Mosque

Perhaps that will meet the needs of his role more appropriately. More importantly, as Ridhuan Tawfiq Abdullah, he then doesn’t need to remind his audience of his ethnic status via his ‘kita orang Melayu’. Maybe then, he need not be so 'ultra kiasu' himself.

Niuejie Mosque in Beiing


  1. Who's sorry now? Who's sorry now?
    Whose heart is aching
    For breaking each vow?
    Who's sad and blue?
    Who's crying too?
    I am sorry for him now.
    Right in the end..just like a friend
    I tried to warn him somehow.
    You had your you must pay.
    I am're
    still.... not sorry now.
    PS:Inspired by Connie Francis.

  2. hhhhmmmm..."sorry for one old man"...and then laugh.
    Others are suffering from something.
    He is not suffering anything at all.
    You see..a CRACKO...a NUT..does not know he is suffering like others..for sufferings is part of life.
    Ktemoc thinks...he is a happy happy we see a lunatic... walking in the streets...talking to worries at all.
    Ktee loves to insult...and he is getting it back...ten folds more....yet he feels no shame.
    Where got shame man....from a faceless ...nameless talking Malaysian politics..3000 miles away.

  3. "sorry for one old man"...hint hint balls to talk straight at all.
    Is that not a Pondan Saiful? Buttercup..whose cup is now D size...even a cow can force his head in.
    Buttercup....busy busy busy..updating files...waiting for 13th hope carry Anwar's balls.
    After 13th's not commenting in blogs.
    It's writing and warm PR leaders of people like KTee and Buttercup.
    Ktee should be banned from entering Malaysia...and Buttercup must be send to the hospital for complete check up of her cup...for AIDS..and put her in a position...where balls carrying have no place in the cleaning toilets.
    Millionaire..she said she is...yet wife sells nasik road side.
    UMNO b and their supporter clowns can lie with eyes wide Ktee.
    Enough...let others talk....I keep quiet and read.

  4. This creature was borned a Chinese.But because he is a potong,he thinks of himself as a Malay.Even a schoolkid can tell him who he is.He is a Chinese Muslim.

  5. kt, a good articly though the comment section were stuff with spamming.

  6. I read in his Blog that his children are attending SRJK (C)- National-Type Chinese medium primary school.

  7. Ridzuan Tee is kiauthor and not kiasu.His skin is potong and not neutered.He wears sarong but is not a pondan.He wears panties but is not a pohyiau.He is Chinese and not a Melayu.

  8. I have always found hybrid Malays to be a real worry. Invariably they seem to find that they have this need to prove themselves to be more Malay than the Malays - thus causing more grief than necessary to one and all in the process. One has only to open one's eyes to see the utter mess that the most prominent hybrid Malay in the past 30 years has made in this country.

  9. What so important to discuss about this idiotic Professor..Ridzuan if the whole country future depends on his one vote.
    It is a trying to intelligent he is....knowing so much of history..using Ridzuan.
    It is non stop Ktee.
    It is a DULL DULL DULL useless subject that Malaysians are not concern about.

  10. If anyone tries to build a mosque looking like a temple, like those in China, there will be a huge hue and cry from all the purists that the Chinese are a threat to Islam in Malaysia.

  11. Whatever it is, Ridhuan Tee is a good Muslim and a good Malay. For that I salute him.
    Under the constitution, he is regarded as a Malay because he practised Malay customs and the Islam religion.
    Way better Muslim than some of us anglicized Malays.
    Of course much, much more (million xs) respected than Ball's revered hypocrite I am a good Muslim leader - PM wanna-be.
    Ridhuan still reveres and respects his non-Muslim parents. Islam teaches us to respect our parents even if we are converted.

  12. Ktemoc is barking up the wrong tree about pitiful old men.

    The real Cracko Old Man is one semi-senile Malayali named Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty, who was last seen strutting around looking ridiculous with a Tengkolok, Sampin and Keris.

    I once showed a Primary School kid Mad-Hater's photo, and asked him to guesss his ethnicity. The kid, who had no idea who Mad-Hater was, replied without any hesitation "Indian".

    There's Something really creepy / crawly about those have the need to fervently affirm daily their Constitutional Malay-ness.

  13. what about Dr Tee? What is he promoting?

    Actually he is frustrated that he has lost forever his precious foreskin. That's why he took it out on his fellow Chinese.

    //The kid, who had no idea who Mad-Hater was, replied without any hesitation "Indian".//

    He should had answered "Keling"

  14. Wow...Zheng He was not only a "Potong" he was also a eunuch.
    Double cut....

  15. Ktee already potong-ed and shipped off to Aussie land....fooling with gangster's daughter.
    Fooling once...fooling twice....keep fooling...fooled a wrong one.
    Buttercup needs constant sewing her CUP.
    Cow RM300 million..not yet settled...Shshrizat roaming free and easy...yet Ktee does not care to talk more about it.
    Najib said he wants Selangor back..Anwar said...he wants PutraJaya...also no post on this...involving all Malaysians.
    One idiotic professor.....very important.
    This is busybody stuffs.

  16. "kita orang Melayu"...if spoken by Najib...ah....that's important.
    "kita orang Melayu" said by Ridhuan or Buttercup....who cares.
    It is Hasan Ali that can stir up racial problems.
    Ridhuan can shout at the top of out Twin Tower building....with a loud speaker.."kita orang Melayu"...FRU will handcuff him like a mad man.
    Ktee sense of priorities..very poor.

  17. Monsterball should also potong to be a better man. Can stop his rabid hot air spewing everywhere.
    Scared eh, Ball? Don't be.
    It's like ant's bite. I will hold your hand. But if you are still shouting, I will chop the whole sausage off. Wakaka.
    Then you can be Anwar's eunuch.

  18. If you browse through Lim Kit Siang's many posts on Lynas and Shahrizat.....NONE on Ridhuan.
    And on voting rights...Nazri said no
    foreigners can vote as none have Mycard or IC card....accusing LKS talk like a school boy in Parliament.
    Ridhuan was speaking at an MCA gathering...and if Ktee is trying to fan for racial troubles between Malaysians...he is doing a lousy job....even though he sometimes...appears to be on PR side.
    What Ktee wants is PR stays as Opposition and his Gerakan and MCA pals get elected.

  19. The moment you are able to hold my hands...your Cup..balls..teats are all gone.
    Don't talk those samseng....Buttercup...the pondan.

  20. We Malaysian Chinese do not potong...and have a track live longer and healthier lives than you guys...potong...declaring love for Allah...yet are rouges and thieves....stealing from all Malaysians.
    Don't ever talk to me about your culture and rituals.

  21. Alamak, Monsterball has a point lah.

    Why the bruhaha about one yellow insect who thinks he is a darker shade of brown just becos THEY told him he can be (note, not he is, a significant difference).

    Push-comes-to-shove, when the chameleon comes feeding for brown insects, this yellow insect will be pointing out all the brown ones to save his cretinous yellow chitinous skin. Brown insects (including Buttercup) be warned.

  22. 4 billion population on many potong .how many do not potong...Buttercup?
    Muslims out of Malaysia do not talk like Buttercup.
    In fact Muslims in Malaysia also don't talk like Buttercup...except Muslims from UMNO b party.
    Your working days in Govt. are numbered...Buttercup.
    Ge real....get ready to VAMOOS!!
    Bloody skunk..teaching a Malaysian Chinese who is a staunch Buddhist to be like a Muslim?
    Your bloody manners is as bad as Ktee.
    No wonder you love each other so much.
    Try telling all Malaysian Chinese to potong and be like Muslims...and see what will happen.
    One moment complaint Christians converting Muslims....and right here..Buttercup trying to convert me.
    What these bloody UMNO b crooks do are all OK.
    Others do back to them....shout...want blood..this and that.

  23. KTemoc is a typical small minded country bumpkin. Criticize Tee for his opinions. But his self-identity is his personal space and an expression of personal autonomy. Only country bumpkins can't make that distinction.

  24. A seow kau does not know he is a seow kau...saying others are seow kau...exactly like Mahathir.
    If I am a seow kau....many agrees with me are seow kau too.
    OK la...seow kau...Ktee....what's new?

  25. One moment ...pitying old me a seow kau....that Ktemoc.
    He will get wild and angry......if his beloved Buttercup is being bashed by me.

  26. Malays accept him as Malay. The same way they accepted our past and present Prime Ministers as Malay - even though none of them truly are. Malayness is not by birth. It is by acceptance and embrace of Malay culture and Islam. Ktemoc is the racist here. MALAYS ARE NOT A RACE, you idiot!

  27. Buttercup ask me to potong and I get insulted...and replied...and I am the seow kau.
    This Ktee has sold his soul to the Devil.

  28. Certainly Malays that do not support UMNO b party are not racists...and true...Ktee is a racist...for he supports race politics ...supporting MCA and Gerakan.
    It is UMNO b keep using the Malays..keep fooling the Malays...for corruptions and PAS keDAILan...both with majority Malay members...are joining hands with DAP to fight the Devil.
    Buttercup have step out of his line to tell me to potong...yet Ktee call me seow kau...mad dog.

  29. And getting deeper into thinking....Anon right...MALAYS ARE NOT A RACE.
    But Muslims potong and Buttercup tell me to potong...insulting me or asking me to give up being a Buddhist and embrace the Islamic religion.
    This is fucking insulting ..YET Ktemoc protect Buttercup..labeling me ..a mad dog.
    In this blog...race and religion are promoted...and all must keep quiet or else...Ktee will call you all..mad dogs too.

  30. A sound human being will achieve some wisdom gone by age, happy say that "I am who I am" than grief he/she cannot become "something other".

    Alas, perhaps this is the mother nature ultimate punishment to griefer like this Ridhuan-t fella, by not giving him any wisdom. :-)

  31. Going for an early dinner...driving out..eating cool down.

  32. My breasts, my pointy breasts. Seow Kau wants to potong. Ouch!

  33. His father regretted not having worn a condom, the result of which is this THING!!!!

  34. Tee, the slit-eyed, yellow-skinned Chinko goes around repeating "I'm a Malay" day in, day out.....

  35. Hey, D-Cup "Man", we know you are a Bi-Sexual, but its really not necessary to publicise it all over the Net, you know...

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. Ktemoc,
    Isn't your post rather Ad Hominem ?
    You attacked the person and his self-identity rather than any objective matters.

  38. That's his trademark character...Jebat.

  39. Jebat, my post on Dr Tee was to show the irony and hypocrisy of his stand (through his bigoted statements (nd various articles); in light of these, one cannot but help question his motives for repetitively rejecting his racial origin

  40. Anon 4:55, Jebat,

    Sorry, in Islam there's no Personal Autonomy. "Self-identity","personal space", etc. are Western, Liberatarian (not liberalism) concepts, not Islamic.

  41. Sorry Monsterball, but having said the above, it does not mean that those concepts are not compatible with Islamic principles and shariah.

    It's deeper than that.

    Anon 8.35am

  42. someone should be grateful to me for giving him a role (meaninglessly superficial as it may be) to play in his generally empty life wakakaka

  43. To Idiot Anon 8:35 AM, March 30, 2012

    Nasi Lemak is also not an Islamic concept. So? Bloody fucking idiot.

  44. To Idiot Anon 8:35 AM, March 30, 2012

    Changing religions - which is what Muslims want non-Muslims to do - is an act of personal autonomy.

    Don't talk about things you don't understand you fucking moron.

  45. Chinkos are the biggest blight on Tanah Melayu's environment.
    Kurang ajar.

  46. "Chinkos are the biggest blight on Tanah Melayu's environment.
    Kurang ajar." - Anon 2:02

    Belacan Melayus are the biggest blight on Tanah Orang Asli environment.

    Their pirates came, they saw, they grab, declare themselves kings, they multiply and they import their own kinds from their own original hell holes from Indonesia and then they claimed they are the true BUMIPUTRAs and claimed this land as Tanah Melayu...( the word melayu in Indonesia means 'run-away people'...these malays run away from Indonesia to settle in our beautiful land of Malaysia ).

    Benar benar KURANG AJAR. The Sabahans and Sarawakians and the nons in Penisula hated them with the heat of 10,000 burning suns.

  47. Oi Monsterball, enough lah. At every postings here, you hurl insults after insults in the foulest of language.

    A man of 72 years of age....what sort of behaviour is this ? This is no freedom fighting lah.

    Totally like an old man OUT OF CONTROL. Like your brain sudah karat and you wake up from bed just looking forward to come online to write continous comments of the lowest quality in gutter language.

    Enough is enough lah.

  48. "...the redoubtable Ma family of Hsing I (Xinyi) martial art fame"

    Ahhh be that old Ma Xueli, him of Xinyi Liuhe flavour than Hingyi Quan, Grasshopper?!