Sunday, November 21, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly

Impatient, arrogant, power crazy - harsh words - all directed at Zaid Ibrahim, the alleged desecrator of the Holy of Holies, the very person of Anwar Ibrahim.

To PKR supporters, criticizing Anwar Ibrahim, let alone asking the great one to leave PKR, is not a done thing. It’s akin to blasphemy.

Alas, instead of understanding why Zaid had gone super ballistic in his disdain of the de facto PKR leader and in general the PKR leadership clique, so as to be able to take stock of possible pre 13th GE weaknesses, no, Zaid was straightaway labelled as an UMNO mole, a Trojan horse, a snake, a frog, a running dog and every conceivable mammalian or reptilian creature that lives under the Malaysian sun, and beyond. These harsh, hostile and irrational treatments are reserved for anyone who dares to criticize the PKR icon, Anwar Ibrahim.

Anyway, what’s wrong with Zaid, as seen from my non-anwarista’s eyes wakakaka?

Years ago my class was taught by Mr Pillai, English teacher extraordinaire, about the idiom "don't suffer fools gladly". And another teacher, Miss Ong, our religious knowledge teacher revealed to us that the Mr Pillai’s idiom was a derivation from the sarcasm of the Apostle Paul as expressed in 2 Corinthians 11:19 (King James’ Version): “For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise.”

I suspect this to be the feelings of Zaid Ibrahim in his recent struggle with vested interests among some members of the PKR leadership. He was appalled by what he came to know of the PKR party polling process, that it was rigged, the polling officials lacked impartiality, and ballot papers were mishandled. He made his complaints, calling for the polls to be aborted and for the polling system to be reviewed. He wasn’t the only candidate to do so.

Despite hundreds of complaints from other PKR candidates and branches, the JPP, PKR election committee remained bizarrely silent. When Haris Ibrahim of the People’s Parliament blog, handed over a PKR ballot paper for the party's deputy presidential contest to Dr Molly Cheah, the chair of PKR JPP, she responded that was the first she knew about. But what has she done about that?

RPK praised Dr Molly Cheah as an honest person. I’m sure everyone agrees with that, but Malaysiakini journalist Terence Netto wrote about Dr Cheah’s cluelessness and lack of know-now in her role as the principal monitor of the PKR party elections. Her personal honesty was not enough. She should have taken a more assertive participation rather than (as we understand from Haris) leave it to the party secretariat to do her job.

Netto asked: ... what plans are there for the re-education of Dr Molly Cheah, the PKR lead election monitor, who was plucked from obscurity and named to her important role rather like one Fairus Khairuddin, who was similarly hoisted from nowhere and made deputy chief minister of Penang in March 2008.

... Her only qualification for the important post of chief election monitor seems to have been her friendship for Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PKR president and fellow doctor. Cheah has no known track record in anything except general practice medicine.

In the event, when complaints about irregularities in the election process began to sweep in from the Zaid Ibrahim camp, Cheah was like a deer caught in the headlights: she simply had no clue about what was happening, not a very reassuring spectacle for a party with pretensions to take over Putrajaya.

Perhaps fence-sitting voters see in the saga of Cheah an uncanny prefiguring of what a PKR-led Pakatan government could be about: an apparition that wafts in and wafts out.

Anwar Ibrahim claimed that PKR had answered Haris Ibrahim’s query on the ballot papers. But Haris pointed out that the explanations by the party secretariat (mind you, not the JPP) did not answer how he (Haris) came to be in possession of the PKR ballot paper, regardless whether the ballot was 'old' or not. It was frighteningly available to Haris, a non-PKR member!

taken from Haris Ibrahim's blog

Yet PKR continued its blatant disregard for complaints and either dismissed them or claimed to have solved most.

It drove a PKR member, Jonson Chong, to write a personal letter to Dr Wan Azizah, the de jure president of PKR, appealing to her to at least allow an independent audit of a small sampling of the party electoral process, those of the Libaran branch, but alas, to no avail.

The PKR top leadership seems hell-bent on bulldozing the polls through to its conclusion, as planned, regardless of complaints from candidates (Zaid and Mustaffa Kamil), party members (Jonson Chong and other branch leaders) and independent observer (Haris Ibrahim).

In the face of such stonewalling, Zaid Ibrahim, the type who suffers no fools, had probably become more riled by the nauseatingly noxious noisome jeers from the anwarista praetorian guard. Did that egg him on to greater and more daring insults of the so-called refomasi icon? Who knows? It was the inevitable cycle of mutual insults which developed into a beautiful but highly destructive vortex.

So Zaid left PKR. What did you expect? To roll over on his back and accept the haram nonsense?

This was a man who resigned his ministerial post in protest against the use of the ISA against Teresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamarudin and a sweetie reporter, not one who had to be chucked out of UMNO screeching, screaming and taking to the streets. Zaid does not suffer fools gladly.

Of course it was to the relief of the Anwar-Azmin camp, and as the anwaristas would have exclaimed, good riddance to bad rubbish.

But everyone knows the PKR polling process was tainted. Haris Ibrahim questioned the party’s secretariat for running the show instead of the JPP. It would be akin to UMNO running the general election process instead of the Election Commission. Free-Malaysia-Today reported phantom voters in PKR’s Kelana Jaya division early last month. There was more, please read on!

Haris Ibrahim wrote in his post Indeed, who is lying of his informant telling him the PKR returning officer attending an election could manipulate the list of members, where if voter turnout was low, the numbers could be adjusted upwards with additional ballot papers dropped into the ballot box.

Haris also was informed by Rashid Azad Khan of phantom voters in Kubang Pasu, where Zaid’s polling agent reported that the voter turnout in Kubang Pasu was only 84, yet the result mysteriously showed Azmin winning with 80 votes while Zaid obtained 76, a total number exceeding the actual turnout by 72 votes. Shades of the phantom voters that PKR had blamed UMNO for!

Rashid also pointed out that there was a 30-minute blackout immediately after the election ended but candidates’ agents were not allowed into the polling room, at a time when the ballot boxes were still not sealed. He also mentioned an election officer was caught on camera wearing Azmin’s campaign badge, raising questions over the officials’ impartiality.

The gravest indication of the questionable polling process came to light after Zaid’s agent lodged a complaint on the extra 72 votes as well as his exclusion from the polling room during the blackout. Rashid Azad Khan said the party election monitor decided, probably in the face of such damning complaints, that the Kubang Pasu result should be a tie of 81 to 81.

Undoubtedly, in the annals of Malaysian election experience, it was an amazing, bizarre and unprecedented decision, where the election official not only raised the total votes cast to 78 above the actual turnout (instead of the earlier extra 72 votes), but could rule arbitrarily on a fairy tale result, from the earlier dodgy 80 to 76 to an outrageous fabricated nonsense of 81 to 81.

According to Haris Ibrahim, Rashid Azad Khan also confirmed that the Zaid team have evidence in hand of the fraud in Kubang Pasu and had communicated this to Saifuddin, the party's secretary general. Rashid says that Saifuddin promised to see them but has reneged on the promise to this day. Well, Saifuddin needn’t worry about his broken promised anymore now that Zaid has left!

The result of Azmin Ali becoming the new deputy party president is no doubt inevitable. But technically at this moment he isn’t yet as the polls hasn’t concluded. He’s only a party VP, yet at the Selangor party rally last night his face beams from the most prominent position in the giant poster on the main stage of the Shah Alam City Council auditorium. VP Azmin Ali occupied the central premier position, flanked by Anwar and I believe, Khalid Ibrahim

Malaysiakini photo

Tell me, which political party in the world provides the leadership positon in a group poster to a mere vice president? Yes, only PKR!

It’s clear who will be is the real power in the party, and Anwar and Azmin don’t believe in being subtle anymore.

Impatient, arrogant, power crazy - harsh words – ask yourself who deserves them!

As blogger Aizuddin Danian, the blogger of Volume of Interactions wrote: ... the whole purpose of the elections was to reinforce the charade that PKR was not UMNO. In the perfect irony, the elections have shown everyone that PKR and UMNO are actually very much alike. From the heights of GE12 in 2008, the darling of the electorate everyone expected to make further inroads in GE13 is now being spoken of in cautious tones. The turnaround is almost complete, and instead of GE13 being the litmus test of BN's rule (as it should be), the people are now wondering instead if it would be better to use the next elections to show their displeasure at how poorly PR in general and PKR in particular have performed. How the tide has changed.

So ... was Zaid Ibrahim’s departure from PKR a case of good riddance to bad rubbish? Or, was Zaid Ibrahim the one who exclaimed “Good riddance to bad rubbish”?


  1. Politics isn't about feelings
    It is about who is hungry to get the top
    How to climb there depends on one's skills
    Along the way making friends and enemies

    The harsh reality in the world of politics
    A game plays by the brave warriors......
    Along the uncharted waves of the beyond
    It isn't for the chicken croaking on the roadside

    PKR polls and voting system
    On the run complaints rolling in
    The only sore point the tortoise way to respond
    Transparency is still a catch phrase

    The losing candidates shouldn't speak ill-will
    They are in the party knowing the system
    From the beginning if there are loopholes..
    Say it loud and clear in the formation

    Washing it out in public
    Crying out on the spilled milk
    Go take a broom or cloth and wipe it clean
    Fight again within the party system

    Running away and forget the episodes
    It shows lack of character unwilling to compromise
    It isn't about losing one face it is about fighting another day
    Politics isn't about emotion it is about iron fist mind

    The rule of the game
    You must be the master to play
    Earning a black Dan isn't easy
    You have to suffer bruises and pain

    Running away leaving supporters behind
    A leader has lost his role in any party
    Bruises and pain a leader must face it
    Else stay behind the line counting the stars

  2. Cannot stand the heat? Do not get into the kitchen.

  3. heat is okay but the stench, maggots, scum and pilfering?

  4. Funny thing....what exactly is that your guys want......UMNO to return is it....if so just say so not la write meandering tales.....

    PR is currently the only alternative to UMNOed BN......if the smell is rotten in PKR, I guess you like the the Rotten Smell of UMNO better........

    ps...Zaid was very gentleman when he quit UMNO, he said he was tired....b4 he left PKR, He call Syed a Nyanyuk...btw..Syed spen 6 years under ISA...was Zaid ever under ISA......Calling on the PKR leader to resign, got no guts ka to ask the UMNO goon to resign....

  5. Seem to me...there is a concerted effort to pull PR down.........

    I am not saying PR is 100% good...but look like UMNOed BN is quite succesful in getting the pro PR Blogger now to be very critical of PR esp PKR........By Running PR down, will you be in Goboment maybe...a Ministership under UMNO and with a Tunship on the side.

    Guess @ end of the day $$$$$$ & Power is great...

    Be Critical, we have enough from the the alternative media seem to be almost UMNOed as well....

  6. PKR is now like UMNO, an unjust party. Mind you, I am a strong supporter of PR but not PKR. I feel that PAS and DAP are miles ahead of PKR in terms of integrity.

    Luckily, given a choice between UMNO and PKR, I'll still choose PKR as UMNO is a party of thieves and a traitor to the Malay community (UMNOputras have been stealing from them for the past 50 years) and thus beyond redemption.

    PKR, the damage has been done to your image. For your party's sake and the future of PR, pls bite the bullet and ends all these nonsense. Remember, your political power comes from the people who voted for you and nothing else.

  7. UMNO is corrupt so we want to bring it down. Good. But does that mean we close our eyes to PKR's corruption? Does PKR shit smell better than UMNO shit? If we should close our eyes to PKR's corruption as you seem to suggest, then what's the difference we are supposed to make?

  8. Anon of 11:26 AM, November 21, 2010, don't be anwarista-ish. It's childish.

  9. like I need to get personal...why feel bad...just bring PKR down..then we will enjoy the UMNO shit for the next 100 years....

    Remember, rakyat is king.....not PKR not if both are still hv to make a choice....UMNO shit of PR (PKR Shit) the end no choice la..... its either one shit la...

  10. For me both are shit...except that PR is a newer shit whereas UMNO is the KIng of Shit......gievn no choice..I take the PR Shit first la...then if they do not perform..I guess we thow the shit back at their face.....

    But not before we thro th bigger shit UMNO first.

    Friend we cannot hv the best of everything but we should try and make the best for Malaysian...

    Stay with PR if you still believe in PR nothistanding all it shortcoming or go over the the Bigger UMNO shit if you believe PR is beyond redemption and UMNO is the best.

    For me the deep blue sea is still better that the DEVIL that we in Sabah knew for the past 47 years.

    I pray that UMNOed BN be wipe out from the face of Malaysia.....just a piped dream I guess...

  11. what will you say if come GE 13 BN did the same. Would you accept the result kniowing that all is not fair? Those that live by the sword will die by the sword.

  12. yesterday program was 'Selangor PKR mass gathering with Anwar Ibrahim. Try not to forget Azmin is chief of Selangor PKR and not just a PKR vice president.

  13. The last Ge12 the majority ppl forgot abt alternative media. But now many ppl are wiser when every one is playing on a level playing field. It's not an easy road for PR to go to Putrajaya and not an easy task for Najib to stay put. If both side can clean their shits, it's good for us to breath a clean air. But, now wherever u sit, still stink. - Ikhsanmukhtar- gopeng

  14. My exact sentiment!

    To those who needlessly insult Zaid, their ignorance is disheartening. To those who needlessly defend PKR, their ignorance is disheartening. I don't think either has a reason to be boastful.

    Anyway, every family has a skeleton in the closet, and in this case, PKR too has a skeleton. As for UMNO that goes without saying, in fact the saying goes by it has a whole cemetery! HOWEVER (here comes the "but", and I believe some/most of the hostility may come from this), when a bad situation is justified by pointing out that others are in a worse position, does it somehow makes it as if it is better??? Damn!!! PKR and associations ought to read 'Gulliver's Travels'. Everyone finds themselves within its pages, and it isn't a pretty picture...

    Thus far, nobody in PKR or as a matter of fact PR as a whole has ever offered a credible scenario with how the country would be run if ever they formed the government. Platitudes and pipe dreams, yes, but nothing credible. Like people the world over, when facing a serious issue whose consequences are way off into the future, they don't face the hard reality over the horizon but breezily assume that the future will take care of itself somehow... And so, like what RPK said, "The ends can't justify the means", very true! We are never able to will the ends without being prepared to will the means! In the end, who will suffer, kita rakyat jelata jugak, ngam ke tak ngam?


  15. I used to be a supporter of PKR but now, I have to ask myself, why get rid of umno only to replace it with another umno but called pkr? both are equal shit whatever you call them.

    pkr has not even tasted full power already acted so arrogantly, won't it be a worse monster when it actually has power?!

  16. Ktermoc, brother, you put such beautiful words to explain exactly the disgust and disdain we feel towards that crap of a party called Parti Karut Rakyat (PKR)

    Let's continue to defend Zaid's reputation from the crap shooted out by these UMNO-lites.

  17. Don't bother analyzing Keadilan KT.
    It is a goner party.
    The Indian members are leaving in droves and many Malay branches have closed.
    The crisis has exposed Zaid and Anwar for the world to see.
    Hungry for power but little appetite to serve.
    Zaid is what Malays call clever but cant be followed, stupid but cant be taught.
    Anwar is like a rooster crowing with a backside full of shit.

  18. Zaid is right when he said that PKR is not about anwar.
    He tried to undo it but fail.
    PKR is all about anwar afterall.
    This might mean that more people will leave PKR.
    Anwar can have PKR to himself.

  19. Ktemoc,
    No point arguing with you over the points you have prepared.

    Your beloved Karpal has spoken

  20. that I adore Karpal doesn't mean I listen blindly to him on everything - I have my own assessments and opinions - difference between me and fanatically blinded anwaristas wakakaka

    See articles over at MT2Day by various people like Haris Ibrahim (new one), Art Harun etc

  21. Excrementally yours,...2:46 pm, November 22, 2010

    KTemoc ruminates (as usual, when it comes to DSAI, his thoughts become excremental): "Does PKR shit smell better than UMNO shit?"

    Yes, it does. KTemoc's nostrils have gotten use to the smell of UMNO shit, and feels nostalgic whenever it is threatened with extinction.

    Yes, anonymous (Nov 21 12.45 pm), he can tolerate another 100 years of UMNO shit (well he'll be dead for a good part of the 100 years, so doesn't really matter to him).

    Yes, Urang Sabah, KTemoc is unable to see whose shit is bigger (due to his pathological inability to see anything positive about DSAI).

    Yes, my dearest buttercup (the one who deserves to be kissed!). She says: "Anwar is like a rooster crowing with a backside full of shit." If Anwar is a rooster, are you willing to be his hen? (Don't worry, the shit is on the other side of his body).

  22. ktemoc,
    Likewise, I don't buy into the part that Zaid is the only SAINT around. The knight shining armour for some ladies. The messiah.

    Kaytee boy,
    When are you going to learn? Again how come Jenapala all of the sudden become so impeccable in english? Who actually behind all this?
    Heard of the Pied Piper story? I am sure you would be used this as reference to Anwar.....

    Kaytee boy boy,
    Since you have been extremely logically pointing out how Anwar/Anwar cheating in the elections, perhaps, you should put on the thinking cap on this story.
    Hamelin folks hired the piped piper to do the job. Question one : How did the Piped Piper offer the service to Hamelin folks? Was Piped Piper kenna suffered under persecution? What did Piped Piper do when things does not go his way? Similar to Zaid.....Hahaha

    Using your own advice on youself. Do not be so damn opiniated. What did Zaid say about Syed Husin Ali? Can you tell Syed Husin Ali face to face that he's corrupt?

  23. Excrementally yours

    Yes I am a pretty gal with smiles like sunshine as my moniker suggests.
    Alas King Sodomy only like pretty boys like Saiful or Azmin.
    So I cant be his hen.
    Yea man, he sure talks cock in Australia recently. Wonder KT was there?
    As usual Anwar takes flight not fight when the party is in trouble.
    Like Ayam berak kapur.
    And that Seabiscuit Zaid is better off riding his horses into the sunset!
    P.S. Dont be cruel to my man KT. At least he allows you to talk crap.
    Try going to Din Merican's blog. He deletes you if demonize Anwar or PKR and praise BN.

  24. The line of decency is so blurred that it is so hard to know who is right and who is wrong.

    Everyone seems to have an opinion.

    Fight all you can within yourselves and at the end of the day, all you have are just hopes and memories of what could have been.

    Bunch of fools?