Friday, November 19, 2010

Loh Gwo Burne & Gobala - one-term MPs?

Malaysiakini - Gwo Burne, Gobi not following Zaid

That Loh Gwo Burne became the PKR candidate for Kelana Jaya and eventually its MP had been a brilliant example of how Anwar Ibrahim treated (and seemingly still is treating) PKR like his personal fiefdom.

Can Anwar Ibrahim justify how he came to nominate Loh for the federal seat when there were more qualified and senior PKR members, more so when Loh was nominated just a week or so after he became a party member?

In February 2008 I wrote in PKR's Kelana Jaya sweetheart deal? (extracts):

Loh’s only fame (If you can term his coming to public notice that) was a
Malaysiakini revelation of him as the bloke responsible for recording the controversial phone conversation of VK Lingam.

Here’s a person, who until the Lingam tape, was a PKR nobody but now suddenly being rewarded with the party's nomination for a parliamentary seat while hardworking, dedicated PKR member and a human rights lawyer, Elizabeth Wong, gets a state seat.

Yes, Elizabeth has been denied a parliamentary seat unlike HRH the Crown Princess and the Royal Video Cameraman, thanks to the de facto leader.

Now, Haris Ibrahim, PKR about Loh Gwo Burne’s nomination in
PKR, why, why, why? He wrote:
I’ve had e-mails from Kelana Jaya registered voters asking this time and again. Why Loh Gwo-Burne?

He was unheard of until just before the Royal Commission proceedings began. There’s talk now about giving a protest vote to the independent, Billi Lim!

Have we missed something? Pray tell, PKR.
Indeed, but Haris should ask Anwar Ibrahim, not PKR because there are decent people in that party who are still furious with Loh’s nomination.

Tough luck for them in having a dict…. de facto leader.

Fortunately for Pakatan, Loh won. As they said, the tsunami would have swept a monkey holding a froggy toy into Parliament if it wore a PKR badge.

Strangely for a political nobody, Loh had recently supported Zaid Ibrahim rather passionately, to the extent of writing a letter to Malaysiakini lambasting Azmin Ali.

Now that Zaid has left and Azmin is about to become PKR deputy president and the real power, Loh is likely to find himself a one-term MP. Gobala is also at the short end of the stick for supporting Zaid. In these two, I feel Zaid has not done the right thing by them and his other supporters in not discussing with them his intention to quit.

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  1. At least Loh did not hop over to BN as an "independent", as several veteran PKR traitors did.

  2. Including Zaid who continue the verbal tirade against Anwar, Syed Husin & the rest. Kaytee boy still believes Zaid is the only SAINT in Malaysia. Wee Wee boy must be very proud.

    I can't stop Kaytee boy from condemning Anwar Ibrahim.

    Kaytee boy,
    Did you know Zaid condemn Syed Husin? Remember the Nyanyuk/Nyanyu comment. Syed Husin is going GA GA & being irrelevant? Irrelevant to today's politics that must be swept away.....That's what Zaid has espoused.....
    Perhaps, you watch at across the the clip. It's woman NGO in Singapore. Who says that Singaporeans are docile creatures? Those echos sound familiar to Zaid.....Why no least criticism on Zaid when Din Merican & Khoo Kay Peng have voiced out their disapproval on Zaid

    Now people are saying DAP Selangor also got problems. Smell a rat going on

  3. " while hardworking, dedicated PKR member and a human rights lawyer, Elizabeth Wong, gets a state seat."

    - No, Elizabeth Wong is not a lawyer. Please check if she is a "graduate" though she spent years in Australia.

  4. kinda insulting being put on the same catagory as gobala haha! but ultimately this article is somewhat selective in its facts. for example quoting Harris ibrahim's disapproval of me, but ignoring Harris' subsequent approval (after we had a long chat). as for the party elections, ultimately it is loyalty to the party and the cause that counts most no? let me just say there is alot to be done yet, plans to be executed, plenty of fight to be fought, and a demon to be slain. am i about to quit? hell no!!!
    Gwo Burne