Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to cure the rot in public institutions?

Look at above photo. Note the face of the cop (second from left) holding the truncheon in readiness to bash an unarmed Tian Chua, who's already in the locking hold of a PAS AMAL man* another security personnel. I would say there was an element of aggression and hatred. Why did an unarmed Tian Chua trigger off such emotions in that cop?

* thanks to visitor Cadraver who wised me up as to the organizational identity of the security personnel holding Tian Chua back

The photo is 3 years old. It accompanied yesterday’s news that Tian Chua, Gobala and 15 others were acquitted by the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court from participating in an opposition (Bersih) organized rally on 10 Nov 2007, deemed by the BN controlled police as illegal assembly.

One may safely assume the cops looked upon Tian Chua and company as the enemy rather than just members of the Malaysian public in an, well okay, illegal assembly.

There has been this unfortunate lack of professionalism by the police in treating members of the opposition as such. Some MPs like Tony Pua were even manhandled by the police. Such treatment of the people’s representatives would have shocked any western democracy but here in Malaysia, it seems to be okay. The police don't even realize the serious enormity of manhandling MPs or ADUNs. They think they are above the law and only answerable to UMNO.

The reason is obvious, where the police and other public institutes consider themselves to be employees of UMNO rather than the public. 22 years of this indoctrinated impression have been the evil outcome of UMNO brainwashing of the public services. As the public services comprise in general personnel from only one ethnic group, the brainwashing has been fortified by disinformative propaganda designed to exploit ethnic fears.

I would not be at all surprised that most of the lower echelon police and pubic service staff aren’t even aware of their (suppose to be) impartial roles. We have witnessed the lamentable pro-UMNO conduct in the police, MACC and civil service

Do you remember that most biadap Penang State Development Officer who wasn’t even ashamed to attack CM Lim GE, at an UMNO gathering. Who in the democratic world would ever imagine the likelihood of a civil servant attacking an elected people's representative at a political gathering? Well, it happens in Malaysia!

He should have been sacked for violating at least half a dozen of the civil service codes of conduct, but disgustingly, the Chief Secretary defended his biadap-ness and instead blamed CM Lim. Both the Chief Secretary and that SDO aren't poorly educated lower echelon public service members, thus their civil service 'sins' have been all the greater. Their shameful lack of professionalism in their all too obvious political allegiance have been horrendously irreparable. The late Tun Ghazalie Shafie would have turned in his grave at their chowkana behaviour.

The so-called independent third branch of a democratic government, the judiciary, is also one of the most despised Malaysian public institutes, if not the most despised (since it is the last recourse for members of the public).

Thus when Malaysiakini released the news that the 17 protestors were acquitted by the court, the news portal’s column Vox Populi has this headline One swallow doesn't make a summer.

Obviously the readers reckoned such judicial decision would be the exception to the rule, a rarity. One reader wrote: The court is invariably under the thumb of the corrupt elites but in any organisation there is always a few noble characters. But in a system corrupt to the core, you can rest assure that judges like Jagjit will never make it to the Appeals Court and above.

While readers acknowledged the fairness of judge Jagjit Singh Bant Singh in dismissing the frivolous but potentially punitive charge for Tian Chua, Gobala and colleagues (for more of his judgement, see Malaysiakini’s Bersih rally: Two MPs and 15 others acquitted), the reference to his impartial judgement as a 'swallow not necessarily making a Malaysian summer' summarises the public general loss of confidence in the impartiality, integrity and professionalism of public institutes like the police, judiciary, MACC and the civil service.

22 years of rot will take a long time to cure.


  1. The mata-mata (second from left) holding the truncheon in readiness to bash an unarmed Tian Chua seemed to be saying, "Hoi mata sepet, I am going to send you back to Tongshan, horizontally..."

  2. Look at Tian Chua face. This guy is a troublemaker. Not suprise anyone want to have a stick on him.

  3. stinking UMNO cops. Trigger happy and good in selesai seja.
    thats why first get rid of thuggish UMNO. Then set to revamp the MACC, police force and the judciary. thats hell of a lot of dogshit to get rid. Massive clean-up indeed.

  4. anon 12.56pm,

    your face like UMNO? Like a piece of shit,ok.

  5. lu punya bini punya puki pun polis jaga jika tidak lamasudah kami all liwat meka itu if ur wife cantik maa. coz police we all tak berani.. fuck u.. u tidur nyaman2 meka semua keja...kalau demo diThailang itu army sudah tembak lu maa...

  6. umno punya thugs in display.

  7. The more opposition members the cops bash up, the more promotions they get. For instance, for bashing up 3 demonstrators, the cop will get 3 stripes and the corresponding pay rise

  8. Hey, Ktemoc, I think the fellow in the red uniform may just be a PAS 'Unit Amal' member. Crowd control personnel employed by the party. Just for your information:

  9. Bad governance is the same as a river. The lighter material will always float to the top.

  10. Thanks Cadraver, a sweetie has also written in by email to tell me. I wasn't quite sure of his uniform which was why I wrote "another security personnel" - not entirely untrue but certainly lacking the precise information you two provided. Cheers.