Thursday, November 04, 2010

Culture of violence

DPM Muhyiddin asked: Is violence a PAS culture in relation to alleged PAS aggression during the Galas by-election.

Meanwhile, we read too in Malaysiakini of Ng Suee Lim, the DAP representative in Sekinchan being bashed in Tanjong Karang, allegedly by 30 UMNO members.

Noh Omar, the Agriculture Minister said Ng got what he deserved for ‘coming into someone’s territory’.

Ahem, who was it that Muhyiddin asked whether violence was part of their culture?

Meanwhile in Penang, Mohd Ghani Abdul Jiman, the VP of the Komtar Traders Association and also UMNO-ite challenged DAP Ng Wei Aik to a fisticuff.

Now, who was it that Muhyiddin asked whether violence was part of their culture?

And of course we already know that the brother in law of Teoh Beng Hock was brutally shoved to the ground by Senator Heng’s minders. Chua Soi Lek refused to apologise for MCA’s thuggish behaviour in spite of photographic evidence of the MCA’s hooliganism. Maybe he wanted then to be on DVD before he would accept the truth?

Err ... what was my question again?

Finally but not the least, who was it at the recent UMNO general assembly who talked about 'crushed bodies' and dire consequences if UMNO's special privileges were questioned?

Muhyiddin, any more questions?


  1. UMNO the apes. that land grabber mouth stinks to high heavens.

  2. pakatan riot

    its the right word for it

  3. bn will be better and better

  4. Boxer fighters. Oh wait, that one reason the qing empire collapse. well.

  5. Muhyiddin, any more questions?

    Moo: Yes, satu saja. How long do you ingat you boleh last in kamunting?

  6. MCA = kaki pukul + money grabbing outfit - serve the chinese???? line their own pockets maybe. pornstar's son is in charge of MCA's $2b assets. more bullshit on the way

  7. The hawk flies in the air
    Living in the moment of his power
    Circling over the small birds
    Chasing and crushing them instead

    The nature of the powerful
    The backyard hooligans they close one eye
    Within their own ranks they don't see
    Birds of same feathers flock together

    When the fish head is rotten
    The tail can't move in tandem
    Even breathing will find it difficult
    What's more to see in open eyes?

    Ameeno leaders want to protect Putrajaya
    Amongst our own people marching there?
    The 'jaguh kampong' rears its ugly head
    In the world they can't fight alone

    They live in fear
    Of their own shadows
    The recent buy elections
    The alleged bribery and cohesion

    Who live in 'culture of violence'?
    We know where the faults lie
    We don't have to say many words
    Only this to show the way

    Change the future
    Don't be like Indonesia
    Exporting women to earn hard currency
    When oil was gone so were the good life

    The culture of violence
    The party leaders who live in fear
    Of losing power and wealth
    They know it will happen

  8. Anon at 1:59 AM November 05 said, "bn will be better and better" at being more thuggish than PAS or anyone else for that matter!

  9. Like they say, if you are stupid, the chances are you will assume that everyone else is even more stupid than you. This accounts for the plethora of embarrassingly idiotic statements and comments that half-baked ruling politicians and their appointed serfs have been making for the past 50 years.

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