Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dr Wan Azizah ignores Jonson Chong's plea?

You know, if Zaid had joined DAP instead of PKR he would have been treated like a King. But alas, he chose PKR not realizing the party belongs not to its members but to Anwar Ibrahim, a man who doesn’t even want the responsibility of being its president but who only wants to exercise the associated authority, essentially having dictatorial control by declaring himself the de facto leader.

I hope you understand what the term ‘de facto’ means. Well, if you don’t it means that whoever is elected leader of PKR it shall still be Anwar Ibrahim who lords over the party. Very Mugabe-ish.

But when Anwar Ibrahim owns the party, it actually means (de facto-ly) Azmin Ali owns the party. It belongs to Azmin, the real de facto leader, or to be more precise the de facto de facto leader. The current party poll is just a bloody sham, like the party's battle cry of reformasi.

162 complaints about polling irregularities in the party race for the deputy president's position, and nary a twitch from the JPP PKR, the party body which is supposed to manage the party polls but which seems to have surrendered the management to the party secretariat. The party secretariat is the de facto JPP.

Jonson Chong, one of the leading lights in PKR, was so alarmed by the reported naughty happenings that he gave a diplomatic opening to Dr Wan Azizah the de jure party leader, for her to amend the less than kosher proceedings.

Jonson in an open letter to Dr Wan wrote (essential extracts only):

Dear Madam President,

Please allow me to make one final plea to you for the sake of our Party's future.

Keadilan's current state of affairs, to say the least, is profoundly disturbing and sad. Indeed, not only party members but all our supporters are extremely disappointed by the manner in which our party election is conducted. […]

Now, whether we like it or not, the credibility and image of Keadilan is at an all-time low. This is nothing less than a crisis for the Party. […]

Currently, there are many doubts about the integrity of our Party's electoral process. I believe that if we can show the public that we are sincere in rectifying whatever irregularities, perceived or otherwise, then we will have taken the first step to salvage Keadilan's tattered reputation.

Hence, I humbly suggest that we take the most dubious incident as a litmus test to show, once and for all, that our Party election is free from irregularities. I am referring to the Libaran results, which shows an impressive but incredulous 60 percent turnout of voters.

If agreed by you, Madam President, I will personally help raise the necessary funds to engage an independent and professional audit firm to scrutinise the polling results of Libaran. With the large number of generous Keadilan supporters who are still hoping that we will do the right thing, I am confident that resources can be arranged to carry out this important task.

If the Libaran results are certified to be free from irregularities, then I will unequivocally accept the Party's overall election results. I believe all other contestants will do the same. However, if the audit results show otherwise, then a resolution must be passed at the upcoming National Congress to nullify the results of the Party election.

We are now at a critical point in our Party's history. We must show that Keadilan is true to its own name. Not only must justice be done but it must also be seen to be done.

Madam President, right now, the Party needs you to take charge and lead us through this challenging period.

Have you heard anything from Dr Wan Azizah?

I have. She said:

"We had a meeting yesterday and we leave it to the central elections committee (CEC) to address the complaints. It is all a misconception that the CEC is not taking the complaints seriously, but they are."

She doesn’t seem to understand or don't want to understand that the CEC is the one not doing anything about the 162 complaints. She has not answer Jonson Chong’s offer.

Looks like Jonson's plea was like pissing in the wind. No wonder Zaid Ibrahim threw in the towel.


  1. ROFL.
    It show that Dr Wan Azizah doesn't lead the party, nor she know how to manage the party.

  2. Ktemoc,
    Although I believe Zaid should join DAP instead of PKR, however Zaid would not be able to survive the Cadre system of DAP. Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew....Hahaha....
    Wan Azizah has used the similar trick by Karpal Singh. I think Wan Azizah has made the right decision on this.
    Zaid has just squandered the opportunity to demonstrate. His outburst on Azmin & Anwar has shown his lack of political wisdom.

    Zaid Ibrahim is no Karpal Singh & yet he acted like Karpal Singh or worst still Kula.....Watch TV3 lately....Hahaha.....I have less confidence on a fellow who is not cold & collected. Perhaps, you should read again about one famous character in Men in Whites
    His name is Ong Eng Guan. Zaid Ibrahim has fast become the Ong Eng Guan of PKR

  3. zaid did not join dap because he could never become its president and therefore never become pm.

    zaid's only agenda is to become pm in the shortest possible time by a strategy of rocking whichever boat he is in so that he can be pronounced its leader.

    he met his match in experienced politicians in pkr

  4. OK, but what about Dr Wan (or the CEC) 'acting dunno' about Jonson Chong's letter. I suspect it's an open letter published in Malaysiakini, People's Parliament and elsewhere because Jonson has no confidence Dr Wan or CEC would do anything. That's the pathetic lack of integrity in PKR's polling process. Thus we cannot blame Zaid for not only being mad about the dodgy process but that no one in PKR's JPP wanted to do anything. Nor should we blame Dr Wan, the poor dear because she's just a figurehead.

  5. this is pkr's first poll....

    the apparent lack of integrity may be a deliberate attempt to get the people anwar wants into positions of power so that the pm's post is his without any challenge.

    wouldn't you do the same if you were anwar and had gone thru all he has to reach this position?

    does not make what anwar is doing right but it is understandable.

  6. "You know, if Zaid had joined DAP instead of PKR he would have been treated like a King"

    A typical try harder foolhardy smart phrase from Ktemoc ( behind the computer screen ) , without basis and of course, wrong.

    You Sir would have made a terrible hot air salesman, for you almost always fail to deliver when it matters

  7. Inability to act?It all boils down to family ties.Never a good thing to have family members in the same organisation.Objectivity goes out the window!

  8. “….politics isn't about feelings”
    All feelings should be kept under control
    You should go and do public services
    Monetary gains and power secondary for your time

    Politicians have many hats to wear
    It can't be one hat makes the differences
    It takes a magnet to pull in the party unit
    Work for the party and country

    Personal feelings shouldn't be at the stage
    Though one can claim of human tendencies
    In politics ia a game who will score the goal
    When the whistle finally blows shake hands be friendly

    Politicians have no souls
    In the arena only the strongest rule
    The weak heart person shouldn't even try to play
    You will get clobbered losing many balls

    Politicians bid their times
    For opportunities to ride...
    The eager to win;eager to carry favours
    They will fall flat crying life isn't fair

    “….politics isn't about feelings”
    Be a politician be a devil's agent
    Tunku says long ago “is a dirty game”
    Those who can't stomach it don't play

  9. Ktemoc,
    Whatever irregularities happened in PKR election, it's confirmed that Zaid has biased opinion that Anwar would favour anyway....Hmmm.....No wonder people says all politicians are the same
    I can't blame you because you as human beings you have prejudice. Spare me your thought that Zaid is the only Saint around.
    By the way, I wonder if you fully know DAP's history......What you think about Kua, Hu or James Wong Wing Onn.....Hahaha....So, Karpal & LKS's DAP is extremely koyak.....Because according to former DAP folks including Wee Wee Boy, these folks are dinasours.... hahahaha.....Kaytee oh kaytee!

    A taste of DAP's past.....

  10. Kay tee
    Repeat a lie often enough and they'll take it as the truth...

    question is who is the liar

    Saifuddin berkata, bagi MATC, Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP) menerima 289 aduan membabitkan 121 bantahan berhubung pencalonan, 119 aduan mengenai proses pemilihan dan selebihnya berhubung keputusan pemilihan.

    Katanya, bagi proses pemilihan MPP, JPP menerima enam aduan yang sedang diteliti jawatankuasa itu sebelum tindakan lanjut diambil.

    Beliau berkata, 90 peratus dari aduan itu sudah diselesaikan dan disampaikan kepada pengadu melalui surat.
    Mengenai memorandum dihantar calon Timbalan Presiden, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, meminta supaya proses pemilihan itu dibatalkan kerana didakwa tidak telus dan adil, Saifuddin berkata memorandum itu sedang diteliti JPP dan Biro Politik PKR.

  11. ZAID:Its a mere SOUR GRAPE !