Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yanks unable to stop neo-Nazi Lebensraum

The Malaysian Insider reported in its US urges Arabs to support Abbas on peace talks that: US President Barack Obama has urged Arab states yesterday to provide political backing for the Palestinians to begin peace talks with Israel even if a freeze on Jewish settlements in the West Bank is not in place.

‘Jewish settlements’ is nothing more than an euphemism for Israeli land robbery, that is, the arrogant illegal seizure of Palestinian land for the continuing development of Jewish townships, a Jewish lebensraum* which means the perpetual loss of that land for the weak and oppressed Arabs.

* Lebensraum is a German word for ‘habitat’ or literally ‘living space’. But it carried a sinister meaning in the period preceding and during WWII. It was Nazi Germany's aggressive expansionist concept by which it justified its invasion, occupation and land seizure of countries like Poland and Russia.

Adolf Hitler was the driving force behind Nazi Germany’s lebensraum to bring about a GroƟdeutschland or 'Greater Germany'. The policy was basically about seizing land and raw materials in an eastward move.

The implementation called for the Nazis to kill, deport, and enslave the Polish and Russian, replacing them with racially pure German people.

The Israelis have been planning just that – just substitute Polish and Russians with Palestinians, Germans with Israelis, and Nazi Germany with Israel, and you have an Israeli copycat version of Adolf Hitler’s lebensraum ...

... which has been why many Westerners have been describing the racist Israelis as 'neo-Nazis' to such an extent that the Western governments in Europe have considered banning that description of the Israelis in the same manner as they had made 'Holocaust denial' a serious crime.

Unfortunately for decent Israelis, the Israeli government has become just that, 'neo-Nazis', because its expansionist policy, especially in the West Bank, has been an exact clone of the Nazi government's lebensraum, a continuous program of land grab for racist settlements and the killing and expulsion if not enslavement of Palestinians.

And note, it’s not just a mere act of land stealing but land robbery – and I am sure you know the difference between ‘stealing’ and armed ‘robbery’.

The Malaysian Insider stated: The United States had tried in advance to work out a deal under which Israel would halt settlement building, Palestinians would do more to prevent attacks on Israelis and Arab states would move toward normalizing ties with the Jewish state.

The quid pro quo before resumption of the US-led peace negotiations was that the Israelis stop their land robbery and in return, the Palestinians their insurgent* attacks.

* I refuse to term the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ – why should freedom fighters struggling for their very OWN land, in the likes of George Washington and his men struggling against British redcoats, be called ‘terrorists’. The only ‘terrorists’ in that region have been Israelis.

Obama told a UN General Assembly: “The time has come to re-launch negotiations without preconditions,” implying he couldn’t make any headway with an arrogant recalcitrant and treacherous Israeli government into freezing Israeli settlements.

Israel had itself promised to do just that, freeze Jewish settlements, but it's obvious it had been (as usual) a lie to (initially) appease its benefactor the USA ... until it comes up with an excuse not to honour its commitment, because in reality, when push comes to shove in the actual 'freezing of settlements', the Israelis would always renege as it had been forever doing.

Israel has no intention whatsoever of stopping its illegal land grab, knowing it can play around the Yanks, even with an Obama. Undoubtedly it would have received feedback from its supporters in the USA that Obama is currently weakening in his stature back in the States, and thus his attention to the Middle East, and resolve for a Palestinian State.

Just watch how Israel would now turn the blame on the Palestinians for not keeping their word to stop insurgent attacks (by probably staging a couple of fake rocket attacks). And the Palestinians will once again be termed ‘terrorists’.

US Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman spun to reporters: “We don’t want to have the perfect be the enemy of the good. We’re not going to wait for the perfect package before we start negotiations.”

But of course the USA expects the Palestinians to comply with its (Palestinian) part of the so-called bargain.

It’s time like this, when the Israelis continue with their recalcitrant racist revolting treachery that a man like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran becomes even more relevant to the Palestinians.


  1. The vast majority of "settlers" happen to live in Jerusalem suburbs that happen to be on the wrong side of the 1948 Green Line. How was the 1948 Green Line decided? War - the international border between an Arab state and a Jewish state would be quite dramatically different. A couple of decades after 1967 and suddenly the Green Line is sacred and must be the boundary between any eventual Palestinian state and Israel.

    The settlement movement is still problematic for Palestinians, I'd admit. Perhaps they, and their international supporters, should change tact. Move from, "Stop building settlements and prepare to dismantle them, Israel" to "Lets move to accommodate a Jewish minority".

    After all, the whole point of the settlement movement is to create facts on the ground that will make a two-state solution infeasible. If the Palestinians shrug and say they don't mind Jews in their eventual state, it will knock the wind right out of the settlement movement's sails.

  2. As for terrorism, when was the last time George Washington directed a suicide bombing, or similar attact, on Loyalist civilians? If there were any civilian deaths in the American Revolutionary War, they were either the exceptions or collateral damage.

    Now, compare this with lobbing Negev towns with missiles, bombing Tel Aviv night clubs, Haifa restaurants and Jerusalem buses.

    KT, on one hand you call Israelis neo-nazis because they build towns in the West Bank but call Palestinian terrorists "freedom fighters" even though they intentially target civilians. The height of your hypocrisy.

    '(S)taging a couple of fake rocket attacks'? Man, I suppose with your virulent, irrational hatred of Israel, you'd believe anything.

    P.S. If Israel wanted to really create a lebensraum for themselve in the West Bank, they have the weaponry to execute that within a couple of days. After all, your contention is that Israel is not at all bounded by international norms and have neo-Nazi tendancies.

  3. what constrained Israel thus far has been American opinions - and don't pretend that's not a real political fact. Israel is a parasite requiring American money, military aid and political sponsorship. The US government is in the end governed by the voice of its constituency. Israelis have been very careful not to put the US government in a position where it could no longer support Israel.

    What Israel has been doing is land grabbing of the West Bank by stealth, through the bull on Jewish 'settlements'. It has the financial support of the Jewish community throughout the world, and the US-equipped military power to enforce the illegal land robbery.

    Suicide bombing is an act of desperation like what the Tamil Tigers had done - matter of fact, the Tigers invented the art of suicide bombing. And apart from the relatively less desperate situation, how could Washington and his men in his days of blunderblass conduct suicide bombing? Don't be naive Rajan.

    As for your "compare this with lobbing Negev towns with missiles, bombing Tel Aviv night clubs, Haifa restaurants and Jerusalem buses" didn't Menachem Begin and his Irgun basically do the same? King David Hotel (almost a la twin towers)? The shameful massacre at Deir Yassin?

    And don't forget the recent gross & shameful one-sided attacks on Gaza, including the war crimes of using phospherous bombs against civilians, targetting Red Cross ambulance and women and children including UN and Red Cross buildings (GPS coordinates already provided to Israeli military).

    Your continuous defence of the Israelis while condemning the Sri Lankans is unmitigated cringing hypocrisy.

  4. rajan r, i couldn't help but see you write this:
    "As for terrorism, when was the last time George Washington directed a suicide bombing, or similar attact, on Loyalist civilians? If there were any civilian deaths in the American Revolutionary War, they were either the exceptions or collateral damage."

    Well, it wasn't during the War for Independance, but the US Navy did indeed use suicide attacks, as given here:

    I'd urge everyone to take a listen to this.