Friday, September 25, 2009

Mad cow mathematics of Makkal Sakthi Party

R.S. Thanenthiran the new leader of the Makkal Sakthi Party has invited PM Najib to launch his new political party.

He gushes: “The Prime Minister is launching our party and we are honoured but it does not mean we have lost our independence. We are working together with him as partners … we walk together for the benefit of the Indian community.”

Now you may wonder how a party with a name like Makkal Sakthi is waltzing with an UMNO man after 25 November 2007?

Thankfully Thanenthiran explains: “It is true the BN did not do much for us in the past 52 years but the Pakatan Rakyat has done even less for us in the past two years.”

52 years versus 2 years? And even then he got it wrong.

Then he gushes again: “BN under Datuk Seri (Najib) is beginning to do for the Indians in major areas and we welcome it. We want to work with him to get a fair share of the nation's resources.”

Terrific. Bodek-ism in Malaysia is not yet dead!

And mind you The Malaysian Insider revealed that the invitation card Thanenthiran sent to Najib “… is glossy, in gold colour and of superior quality, in keeping with the VIP who is guest of honour …”

Wow and double wow! I hope Najib frames it!

Well, I must do my good deed today and advise YB Datuk Najib bin Tun Razak to exercise his neck from now, and it may just be strengthened in time for the Godzilla-ish garland that Thanenthiran and his bodek-ites will be placing on the neck of the VVIP guest of honour on 10 October wakakaka.


Waynamoorthy worried Thanenthiran taking Hindraf into BN?, a post outdated, alas, by events undertaken by Waythamoorty and his brother Uthayakumar, contrary to Waythamoorthy's earlier resolve, in forming their Human Rights Party tsk tsk!

More importantly, also read Indians - 50 more years of marginalisation? where Hindraf activist V Ganabatirau pointed out that Waythamoorthy did not condemn RS Thanenthirran for using the title Makkal Sakthi as the name of his new political party, when that title was coined by Ganabatirau and K Vasanthakumar for the Hindraf movement.

Ganabatirau reminded us that Thanenthirran in forming the Makkal Sakthi Party had immediately made overtures to the BN government which then led to the possibility of Waythamoorthy's return to Malaysia.

And Ganabatirau further questioned Waythamoorthy's motives in blaming Pakatan Rakyat for the Kampung Buah Pala fiasco. Oh yes, while we are on this issue, don't forget his brother Uthayakumar as well - yes, we did wonder about these two brothers attacking the DAP which had supported them when they were in strife.

Ganabatirau sneered: "Who does he [Waynamoorthy] want to please to ensure his safe return?"!


  1. kamunting has a successful record of turning in lesser mortals hohohohohohoho

  2. Krismuddin has done wonders. Rehabiate the Hindraf guy to be pro-gomen. ha ha ha Too bad that Nordin Top is dead, if not he will also be an angel.

  3. RPK just wrote about politicians vs political activists. Politicians are just obsessed with power while political activitis seek change, says RPK. Looks like these Hindraf fellas has shed their political activists skin and have now got a new skin as politicians. Yup, only snakes change their skin....

  4. hey greenbug ,if that is the case ,it applies to dap ,pas,pkr and others.of course ,ttemoc can't say the same thing towards dap since is a bigot.looks to me ,the malaysian chinese have become too shiok sendiri since they like to condemn others to hide their ugly behaviour.remember perak ! plus their are problems in perak dap before the election.
    so why don't you write about your beloved chinese -race based party insteads og taking very cheap shot at others?

  5. The state of Indian politicians and their politics in M'sia is so pathetic that many Indians are ashamed to be associated with them. Many of these politicians of old and new have sold their sould for lucre and mammon.

    The new especially do not seem to understand that it is their principles for which we backed them. And the day they show themselves to be bereft of principles, we will drop them like a stone!

    If this is what is left of the rich legacy of Ghandhi, Nehru and Sambanthan, we will vote Pakatan everyday. We don't need MIC or the pretenders!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  6. Send Mamaktir to kamunting and then release him after 6 months, so that he can form a new party, Parti Nordin Top Malaysia

  7. Please-lah. We know there will be thousands of turncoats. Be it malay, indian or the great chinese of DAP.

    BN has both the carrot and the stick; and we malaysians are generally a materialistic lot. Remember how the chinese saved Mahathir's hide in 1999.

    Hindraf of Udayakumar has done one thing that is to be forever appreciated. It destroyed the fixed deposit that was indian vote to BN. New voters like me and so many others have registered and we won't be voting BN.

  8. When you chinks eventually stop blowing each other off you may realize that you're irrelevant anyway.

    Bet Ktemoc can't get enough yellow cum in his mouth. Like mother like son.


  9. Did you also read what the new Makkal Sakthy Party said about their effective role at Kg Buah Pala? What did they actually do? I thought they said were not involved? LOL... hahaha Makkal Sakthy now a part of Barisan... wakakaka! Joining the party they claimed to have marginalized the Indian community?

  10. For 52 longlong years : bn did nothing for us !
    BUT pr is worse : for 2 shortshort years they did nothing for a..aa..a.
    apa ini ...a...aa...wat i saying a..aa..!!??

  11. tht's why it's mad cow (BSE or bovine spongiform encephalopathy) maths ;-)

  12. history is replete with acts of judas.
    it aint just indians. look at the ex-editor and now editor again after an act of judas.