Monday, September 21, 2009

Dr Hassan Ali - whose side is he on?

What can you say about Selangor PAS Commissioner, Hassan Ali, a member of the State Pakatan-led exco, when he wants the State government to stop Selcat (the State special select committee for competency, accountability and transparency) from carrying out public inquiries.

He wants the inquiries done behind closed doors, so we need to ask him where would then be the transparency? And what is his motive?

The public has been both delighted and outraged by the Selcat exposure of the former BN government endorsed Balkis (wives of Elected Selangor Representatives Welfare Organisation) squandering public funds ...

... delighted to have a new clean Pakatan government exposing alleged financial dodginess, and outraged that the previous BN government had been allegedly feral in its financial governance of public funds. Woi, mana itu MACC?

Note that the court has recently ruled Balkis is not allowed to deregister itself, meaning its members may now be called to explain how they had used or misused the organization’s funds.

Additionally Selcat is also probing the questionable ways the previous BN state lawmakers had rampagingly used allocated annual funds in a mere first two months of 2008. That’s half a million ringgit per BN ADUN – in a mere 2 months! Frightening!

Yes, why is Hassan Ali so set on Selcat doing the inquiry behind closed doors. Is it to spare the former BN government from the embarrassing public exposure of its alleged misuse of public finds?

The PAS Commissioner claimed he wants to stop Selcat from “bullying public servants” during the recent public inquiry. The public servants he was referring to are District Officers who approved funds required by the former BN ADUNS.

If these DOs had exercise proper financial governance in their duties then they needn’t worry about transparent public accountability.

Wait for the exposure of Hassan Ali's hypocrisy at the end of this post.

Also, Hassan Ali demonstrated a lack of understanding of how a democratic government has the power and right to exercise the parliamentary practices of institutions like Selcat. I really worry about an Islamic government under people like Hassan Ali!

Hassan had insisted that Selcat be chaired by judges – hahaha, and we in Malaysia know how that will turn out – but I suppose Hassan Ali wants it that way.

Teng Chang Kim, chairman of Selcat lambasted Hassan's pathetic lack of knowledge of parliamentary procedures to make such a silly proposal.

The way I look at it, Hassan seems more interested in shielding BN from the current embarrassment of the public knowing about its questionable financial management of public funds.

And then Teng gave Hassan Ali the final blast about the latter’s claim of wnatin g to protect the District Officers. Teng revealed that Hassan Ali had in fact wanted to replaced them,

“Unknown to them, Hassan Ali had been pushing for all senior civil servants — including DO’s, heads of local authorities, the state secretary and state legal advisor — to be replaced during PR state meetings."

That's his sheer hypocrisy and treachery to the District Officers. One can only conclude that the beneficiaries of his demand for Selcat to be conducted behind closed doors would not be those District Officers.


  1. Hassan Ali is an UMNO trojan horse planted in PR to create the necessary damage at the right time.

    His actions clearly demonstrates his ulterior motive in the UMNO agenda like the Beer sale issue in Shah Alam ; his non-committal in the cow head issue initiated by UMNO linked paymasters and now the Selcat exposure of illegal use of public funds for political purposes.

    His comments are purely nonsensical, smacked of his political motives and wants to protect the UMNO bullies and corrupt BN polticians raping the country and state dry.

    UMNO had promised him an MB post and he is eyeing this for months and hoping to jump ship when possible. He is not worth his salt in the state exco and is not committed to PR's government on Transparent , Accountability and Clean and Fair government.

    His movements and actions had created doubts on the electorates who elected him to power and he should be removed as an exco by PAS immediately.

  2. How to trust PAS if their leaderships still remain silent on so many issues damaged by their own men, simply no sincerity from PAS so far

  3. His past and recent statements simply point to the fact that Hassan Ali is just a plain old UMNO wanker in PAS/PKR clothing. PAS & PKR should just cut him loose and let him re-join UMNO where is obviously belongs. No loss to PAS/PKR and no need to go into damage control each time he opens up his ******* trap.

  4. This ex-umno goons is good for nothing and umno spy.He should be sack immediately.No respect for this type of idoits.

  5. Take action on this OPPORTUNIST, otherwise, forget about votes from those who want to topple BN. PAS track record so far is not good, their future performance may be in trouble

  6. many opportunists just like to hide under/inside the clothes of religion, their actions seriouly dented/ cheated the faith of their own religion.

  7. Very obvious the white hair bugger is trying to topple PR state government and form a new state government and bugger himself to be the MB with the support of Umno thieves and crooks.

  8. i) hassan ali is still receiving instructions to muhammad son of muhammad; and also toyol.

    ii) look at his face - he is an umno (ketuanan melayu) man.

    iii) he was formerly from biro tata negara, right?

    iv) sack him. put khalid samad in his place.


  9. He uses his religion (ketuanan melayu) to control or supress other races to take the back seat. There is nothing he can show to prove his worth in PR. An umno stooge. Knows his days are numbered. I hope he too doesn't pull the UMNO/BN stunt - receiving threats on his life. Don't worry no life hereafter the next GE

  10. Hassan Ali was, is and will always be a liability to Pakatan Rakyat!

  11. Every time there is a by-election, Hassan Ali will raise up issues in order to embarrass and to sabotage the PR election efforts.

    PAS must do something fast because this Hassan Ali is not only a closet UMNO cadre but is openly thumbing his nose at his own party. He is similar to the other Ali in Kelantan: Ibrahim Ali?

  12. This guy Hassan Ali is certainly on UMNO payroll. HIs job is to sabotage PR government till it cripples and he will recruit a few other Adun to cross over ( or stay as BN independent) for BN to take over the state.
    I hope PR and PAS will be prepared to handle this at the bud and not to repeat the blunder in Perak

  13. i dont what what the hell is taking pakatan so long to


    NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!


  14. Well, we do have to be (a bit) sympathetic to the DO's. They were put there by UMNO warlords to blindly carry out orders and to not question UMNO's demands. Of course many got to their positions no doubt by sucking up to the UMNO warlords.

    Hassan Ali is undoubtedly playing a dangerous political game of his own. He is seems to be trying to shore up support for himself from certain quarters. One wonders that maybe he knows of the impending takeover of Selangor by UMNO?

    Hassan Ali probably knows that PR can't afford to loose anyone, and he is sending out clear signals to UMNO that he is ready to 'negotiate' if the price is right. He obviously doesn't want to be left behind when UMNO takes over.

  15. Just my opinion;
    Hassan is obviously up to something. But he is the sgor PAS head and thus very influential.
    Instead of "lambasting" him to the press, Teng should instead seek to engage and reason with him.
    Aren't they after all supposed to be in the same side? (since that is what they told us when they came begging for our votes)
    By embarassing Hassan in public, teng has effectively made him an enemy and angered both Hassan and PAS supporters.(and further fed the rumours that DAP controls the state govt)
    Instead of seeking to establish bridges, people like Teng just create more issues.

    WHAT IS IT WITH DAP AND PRESS CONFERENCES??? LKS, LGE, Jeff ooi ...... all the same. Keep opening their mouth and putting their foot in .
    I really want Pakatan to succeed, but until they ALL (dap, pas, pkr) grow up and conduct themselves with more finesse and decorum, they are doomed to fail and they only have themselves to blame.

  16. Anon of 2:24 pm, I agree with you in principle but then your advice applies not just to the DAP but equally to Dr Hassan who has a habit of announcing his policies unilaterally, without letting his Pakatan colleagues know beforehand, let alone being consulted.

    He would state his stand (eg. beer issue, even against the written law and worse, without seeking consent from HRH) in a pre-emptive way, hoping that his desires would be accepted as fait accomplis.

    He deserves Teng's public criticisms of his bullsh*t.

  17. Oooi,
    Engaging Hassan Ali....Why his prick is bigger? Is that it? Hassan Ali is just an Exco. Even as MB, don't think he can'r overstep his authority of ordering the presiding officer of the legislative assembly to close Selcat
    Well, one who create the mess must clean up the mess

  18. Ktemoc,
    It derives from the fact that Hassan Ali thinks that he's the de facto MB. Hence, having the biggest prick on town. Bigger than anybody, not to mention HRH. Ohhh.....he's the Exco in charge of malay custom.
    Of course, it's not the first time Bakthiar kenna defended. Ronnie did that. Of course, as a capacity of Local Goverment Exco. His purview, His pasal
    Bakthiar has just earned himself a tribunal & Hassan Ali a stand before the privilege commitee

    As great fan of Yes Prime Minister, Hassan Ali is caught in a tangled web that entangles himself. Khalid Samad & co would be extremely happy. I do wonder how does Hassan gonna wriggle this time

  19. Hassan Ali should not be sacked but has to be managed well. The kind of diatribes, issues and aggressive public posturing isn't helping the selangor PR government. Silence is not an option.

    How he is being managed or bring in line will reflect on the government. Something has to be done. If not it will come back and haunt PR when the next election came around.

  20. Great commentary & comments all round. Looks like it's unanimous - this guy H.Ali needs to shape up or ship out. His handlers should redeploy him elsewhere where his utterances/actions will cause minimal or no damage to the state government.

    However, just voicing one's opinion here in this blog won't change things. The people who can effect change - the PKR, PAS & DAP leaders - probably don't read this blog so they don't know the feelings of the little people, namely the electorate.

    It may be more effective to email directly the aforementioned leaders above with one's opinions and suggestions. If they get enough messages all saying the same thing, it may prompt them to act. And that is what everybody wants.

    This is called citizens' activism and is commonly practiced in mature democracies such as the US where ordinary people have no hesitation writing their congressmen stating what's on their minds.


  21. hassan aint no torjan horse planted by UMNO.

    he is an overly ambitious PAS man with his main objective to be the MB of Selangor. Even if it means stabbing everybody that stands in his way.
    Beers, Selcat are all sideshows to distract from the real objective. Remember he is behind the behind talks with UMNO?

  22. you said
    ...... delighted to have a new clean Pakatan government ..

    man, you must have gone out of my mind...i only see incompetent, cant be criticised and power hungry pakatsn govt

    AND CLEAN will not be the word i would described it

  23. This quote is rather interesting---
    “Unknown to them, Hassan Ali had been pushing for all senior civil servants — including DO’s, heads of local authorities, the state secretary and state legal advisor — to be replaced during PR state meetings."

    Reason is why? Most obvious answer would be, sacked personnel will hostile witnesses, most probably no cooperation at all.That probably solves all past state reps problems with ongoing investigations.
    If this is the type of leader, Pas could offer, hmmmmmm?

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  25. Anonymous of 1:52 PM, September 22, 2009 said [as edited by kaytee ;-) ]...

    This guy is as dumb [edited] as that [edited] Perak mufti. These 2 guys are supposed to be 'learned' in the holy scriptures. But these 2 [edited] can't interpret the holy scriptures to save their lives. Their statements so far expose their ignorance of the laws of the state and teachings the holy book. How did they rise to the positions they now hold. Obviously not on their own merits.

    And for the life of me, I cannot fathom how the 'esteemed'& learned' royal Perak pair cannot see through their mufti [edited]. Just a couple of years ago, these 2 royals were held in high regard. But the two royal pair have [been] a huge disappointment of tsunami proportions since. Obviously, they don't read blogs

  26. hasan ali , another clown same league as rais yatim nazri aziz and ng yen yen..maybe his is the least clown among them.

  27. Hassan Ali MUST Go!
    Even if PAS manage to secure the majority state seats in the next state election, and let say, Hassan Ali becomes the MB, PR partners especially DAP will not be TOO Pleased to cooperate with PAS.
    No two ways about it, PAS has to take ACTION against this bugger or else forget about harmonious cooperation amongst the PR Selangor state govt.
    Also PKR needs to take actions against that bugget Zul Noordin, or else PKR will be perceived by the Rakyat to be weak in implementing disciple amongst its MPs & Aduns.

  28. Can anybody prove which side Dr. Hassan Ali stand? (Chief of Selangor PAS) Some say he is PAS real fighter and some say he is a trojan horse. Let's look into damage what he has done.

    1. He always created troubles to Selangor PR.

    2. As PAS head of state, he do not appear to help while his PR colleague being screwed up and down in Section 23 episode.

    3. He do not care to bother while the umno have shown the indian how to play football with a bleeding cow head.

    4. He look like already divert from basic understanding of all PR party main agenda that is to 'fight corruption'.

    (IMPORTANT: His objective and moves seeing to help the heavily corrupted BN for coming by-election)
    BN do not have strong issue to convince the chinese and indian in near coming Bagan Pinang by-election. Maybe Hassan Ali need to create one because the PR candidate there will be PAS. For Dr Hassan Ali, what do you think if the BN going to say as follow:-

    A. The BN can now go and tell the chinese. Why you all chinese so stupid giving your precious trust for PAS.

    i) Can you all see how the PAS leader (Boss of PAS Selangor, not small PAS leader) treat their marriage of convenience with chinese DAP leaders. He asked your elected chinese leaders to step down whenever they make decision that they PAS was not happy.
    We in BN nowadays help lots of you all chinese. We in BN are proven to stand together malay and chinese and others govern the country for the past 53 years.
    You can see yourself what style PAS wants Selangor multiracial state to follow them. The PAS will ONLY BE HAPPY when you all must be govern follow their ISLAMIC LAW, restrict all other races practice of drinking beer and later all non-halal food in restaurants must be sold under the selves.

    ii) Do not support PAS, why you all so blind cannot see that DAP-PAS marriage then divorced then re-marriage again. Do you think this family will last if everyday husband and wife keep querreling. Don't you all think that the fed up husband will go find new wife and the insecure wife will get another stable husband. BN proven to be united of all races not like them, only 1 year with big issue more than us in BN for the past 53 years.

    iii) You see how ENVY the PAS when your Selangor chinese was appointed to lead small organisation, they all PAS asked them to be replace.
    We in BN have given many ministerial posts to chinese even they not won big. The chinese can go read your ancient history that the minister post is big or small. We still gave then opportunity to manage the country even they are young and green. Have you see in history we replace any of chinese minister haft way when we don't agree with their decision?

    In BN we take care for everyone and manage the country as one big family of 1Malaysia. We are sensitive towards all races in Malaysia and we also put our top priority of security for the 6 millions Malaysian chinese. That is why we are still governing the country peacefully till today.
    We admit we are not happy as what happen to your chinese representative in MCA. But you saw DPM gave small advice in the very early beginning and then PM also gave advice for the chinese to solve the problem wisely.

    Don't you all chinese see the bigboss of Selangor PAS scold the chinese leaders, have you all chinese hear anything what their PAS PM and DPM say? Nothing!

    Wake up my fellow it-chia-ren, trust what you are enjoy for the past 53 years and if you all support PAS and one day this Dr. Hassan Ali become Minister, you all will going to regret for the rest of your life.
    Do you all really want PAS to rules the country? What Hassan Ali did are exactly the 'doa' of Hj Hadi and his deputy prime minister.

    - continue -

    Anak Penyu

  29. This is just to show how stupid the Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan Rosak). How can 3 parties with too different ideology sit together? DAP look so dominant and errogant.
    PAS look so stupid in the pakatan.

    Selangor Pakatan Rakyat will slowly sink by itself....Wait and see..