Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr Mahathir advised Isa Samad; Chua Soi Lek should listen too

In Malaysiakini’s Mahathir: If I were Isa... the former PM advised Isa Samad to stay the f* out of the Bagan Pinang polls, stating: "If I am Isa, I will urge the party not to make me the candidate. Then I will work hard to campaign for the chosen candidate. With that, it will boost his reputation."

And Dr M was right again when he sneered: "But in Malaysia, such a culture does not exist." wakakaka

When advised that Samy Vellu stated he would be taking a two-month leave to allow his deputy Palanivell a trial-run as acting president, Mahathir commented rather brilliantly: “It should be extended to 20 years”. wakakaka again.

The advice he gave both Isa Samad and Samy Vellu should be extended to Chua Soi Lek.

Chua and his supporters must realize that a publicly tainted man should never be president of MCA or for that matter, any political party.

In another society, perhaps it's okay for a politician to commit adultery and still continue with his political career, but in conservative Malaysia (even among the Chinese community) Chua had breached a sacrosanct rule. He is now deemed to be unfaithful - if to his own wife, then surely to his party too.

If Chua has any love for MCA, he should stop fighting with the current party leadership and quietly fade from the scene.

But alas, as Dr M had said: "But in Malaysia, such a culture does not exist."


  1. "Sadly, such culture does not exist in Malaysia" and this is indeed true. The minister who was caught when the anti-vice cops raided an illegal den at Holiday Villa few years back, the khalwat raid in an army camp in Port Dickson in the mid 90s, all these people should also listen to Dear Leader.

  2. How about CM Malacca

  3. please lah, don be such "holier than thou" thing. CSL is a competent leader. if some race can kahwin empat, what's wrong of having a "personal friend" when his wife already pardoned him. take example of clinton, even he had reputation of having affair, it does not stop him of doing american service of freeing the journalists from north korea.

  4. That sex scandal led to Clinton being impeached (admittedly for a directly related offence rather than the sex per se), tho' the impeachment failed.

  5. For once you have to agree with the old man. And you are quite right about Chua Soi Lek. It goes to show how desperate he BN parties are. Umno, MIC, MCA, SUPP and the other minons are all in the same situation. The problem lies with old men who refuse to acknowledge that their shelf life has expired long ago. I hope Pakatan learn a lesson from it and put a self imposed curtail on the number of terms of their leaders.


  6. Everytime when a CSL's supporter uses the "holier than thou" phrase, my toes start laughing. Please lah, I admit I am not "holier than" CSL but I never want to be a leader of any party, let alone to represent Chinese in this country. And what? If it is alright to fxx your "personal friend" why bothered to say sorry in the first place when it was first known to the public, and said that your wife and family had pardoned you. You're talking cock.

  7. CSL is a competent leader ? In Bed extraordinary performance . Can equate it to F1 performance .

    if some race can kahwin empat, what's wrong of having a "personal friend" when his wife already pardoned him.
    The kahwin empat is legally sound unless he CSL can become Ahmad Chua bin Abdullah .
    Are you sure the wife already pardon him ? Hmmmm...should ask the ladies that .
    Personal friend ? Can , but don't get caught and video taped . Once get caught , do the honorable thing , Japanese style . Can provide the shorten dagger , just ask , have it mailed to him free of charge .
    Clinton, even he had reputation of having affair,
    Oh he denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky all the way during his impeachment trial , kept on saying I did Not have sex with Monica . However our pornstar admitted , that's me in the tape .
    Should have followed Lingam saying , that looks like me , but Not me , sounds like me but not me , you can say its me but I say its not me . yohoho ...

  8. Chua Soi Lek case has very serious implication.

    Many Malaysians still blur about this.

    In Malaysia, oral sex is an offence under section 377 Criminal Penal Code.

    Anwar Ibrahim is charged under 377, even though no video dvd evidence.

    Why is Chua Soi Lek not charged despite having video dvd evidence + Youtube global broadcast?

    1 Malaysia, 2 sets of laws ?

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