Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bovine dust

Heard on the grapevine that:

(1) The MACC (Moolaysian Anti-Cowruption Cowmmission*) informed that the cow whose head was dragged around by BAC (Bull-s*tter Action Committee) was not killed – the poor creature had committed suicide,

* thanks Jamal ;-)

(2) A local Balinese exclaimed “Not me, I am Balinese ma – we love cows!”,

(3) Dr Hassan is promoting cow’s milk as the preferred drink,

(4) My ‘friend’ Anwar has gone to where there’s no cow but plenty of camels,

(5) Ong Tee Keat is not a man easily cow-ed,

(6) Many suspect the RM10 million allegation is all bull,

(7) To cover more bovine-poo in PKFZ,

(8) We’re going to retaliate against Indon’s free carcinogenic smoke with our free comical bullsh*t,

(9) Supplied by those so-called leaders of Kg Bu(ll)ah Pala who had been sniping bull-poo pellets at Lim Guan Eng,

(10) Especially if they (the Indons) don’t shut up about the bull on our stealing their Terang Bullan for our national anthem

Moo moo moo (translated = correct, correct, correct!)


  1. (11) Other people's cows always have bigger udders. (German variation of 'the grass is always greener on the other side').

    I'm not sure though, whether this proverb is meant for CSL or KT. Why the former temporarily abandoned his own cow for another is inexplicable to some, and in the excited opinion of one Mr Ong, it deserves a sacking from a political party no less! CSL, being the fighting bull that he is, is not cowed, and is striking back! As for KT: why did he abandon Malaysia for Australia? Are Australian cows' udders bigger than Malaysian ones? One wouldn't argue with him on this one though!!

  2. (11) Chua SL's hotel room "personal friend" was not a female but a male--- that's why Ong TK is furious that Chua was not arrested for sodomee

  3. Love your wit, your humour.
    Wonder what Mr Lingham has to say.
    Will it be correct, correct, correct.

  4. BAC is actually a misnomer - it's still MACC: Moolaysian Anti-Cowruption Commission...

  5. toyo
    : ...cow is a stoopit animal laa !