Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UMNO's 'Silence of the Kambings'

This morning I posted on Dr Mahathir Ups the Ante, where the ole man threatens to hold an UMNO gathering to talk to UMNO people, in the face of a deliberate high level UMNO (covert) instruction to embargo UMNO members from contact with him.

Dr Mahathir is of course the most un-Malay-like leader because of his bulldozing blunt talking personality. He’s like a nuclear-powered juggernaut steam-rolling every one of his opponents in his path if they don’t get out of his way.

As an example of his blunt fearlessness, he gave it in spades to the Jews while other world leaders would cringe in fear of the powerful Jewish controlled media and political lobbies. Of course the western media had a field day with his outspokenness but did he care?

However, that’s Dr Mahathir. Other UMNO leaders like AAB are more of the non-committal Fu Mountain style, exhibiting old Malay court etiquettes and outward politeness, while talking in oblique nuances. One must read between the lines and then some.

When UMNO information chief, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, was asked about Dr Mahathir’s threat to hold a gathering of party members to speak on his concerns, Taib weaved into traditional Malay political language by saying that “UMNO had its party discipline and everybody should toe the line, and that any effort to weaken UMNO or its leadership will be looked in that context.”

What does that tell you, remembering that Taib was asked specifically about Dr Mahathir intending to talk to UMNO members about his piss-off?

Then PM AAB has this to say when asked to comment on Dr Mahathir comments last Saturday that UMNO was not giving him (Dr Mahathir) a chance to meet with members.

AAB averred that UMNO divisions are free to take whatever action they want to protect their interests and prevent quarrels within the party.

What was he really saying?

He continued: “We do not want anything to happen in the party that will later cause a split. So if UMNO divisions want to take certain actions for the good of their own divisions, that is within their right.”

Isn't he saying, don't f**king talk to HIM if you know what's f**king for you, and don't f**king say I ordered you?

Then AAB responded to the reported invitation of several UMNO divisions which had invited Dr Mahathir to address them, by reminding that council members and UMNO Cabinet ministers would be opening the division meetings due to begin on Aug 3, where they would speak and provide explanations on issues.

He added: “It was this way before, it is this way now and it will stay this way for the future. Everyone has his or her responsibilities.''

If that wasn't a warning to UMNO people not to provide Dr Mahathir the opportunity to hog the division general meeting's lime lights, what was it then?

What is AAB hiding from UMNO members?


  1. "What is AAB hiding from UMNO members?"

    I believe Pak Lah is merely trying to be nice. I would rather say it is Dr. M who has many things to hide. If Dr. M doesn't like how Pak Lah runs the country, he (Dr. M) should just 'keluar dari Malaysia' or 'tutup satu mata'. Dr. M is starting to act like a 'binatang' and should be advised to cease and desist. Of course, no one would dare to ask THIS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT from KERALA, INDIA to shut up as he is very good at 'burnishing' his SOS credentials. May 13, 1969 is a very good example.

    One of these days, we should force all these Muslim Indians (Dr. M included) to join KIMMA instead of making trouble in UMNO.

  2. Lets relax, sit back and enjoy more mud slinging show. Hehehe.