Friday, April 08, 2005

US sends Chickenhawk to Dovecote

Bush’s nominee to the US Ambassadorial post in the UN, John Bolton has been accused by a former State Department official, Carl Ford, of interfering with and attempting to influence intelligence reports on targeted countries like Iraq, Cuba, Syria, etc.

Bolton was alleged to have intimidated intelligence officers, and even barred those who disagreed with him from intelligence policy meetings. He has even resorted to have the professionals who dissented posted out.

Bolton is of course a core member of the notorious right wing think tank, Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which has advised President Bush, through its belligerent policies and its members serving in the Bush Administration, to attack and invade Iraq. The American global diplomatic disaster for the last several years could be traced to PNAC members in the Administration.

But typical of right wing hawks, Bolton has been correctly identified as a chickenhawk.

Bolton is known for his hatred of the UN. It may seem strange that the US would want such a man at the UN as its representative at a time when President Bush, in his second term administration, wants to re-build bridges with the World.

Probably the principal reason why he has been nominated as the US Ambassador to the organization that he loathes, despite several career demerit points - being part of the coterie who had misled Bush on Iraq, interfered with intelligence processes, sabotaged his previous boss, former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, on the Korean nuclear disarmament issue, and worked towards dismantling a host of international treaties that had contributed to US interests as well as global peace and stability for the past several decades - may be related to the report that Condoleezza Rice doesn’t want him in her State Department.

Like Wolfowitz, Bolton may have been kicked sideways to the outer. Can you blame Rice?

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