Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dumb or Devious? But Certainly Despicable!

When asked about the probability of Saddam Hussein having WMD, former CIA chief , George Tenet told Bush that it was a slam dunk Iraq had those weapons. He now regrets those, in his admission, “two dumbest words” he had ever said.

That assurance from the CIA boss gave the Bush Administration the prime justification for the illegal war.

Perhaps it was more than just been dumb. There have been continuous accusations that the neo-cons in the Administration, particularly chickenhawks Cheney and John Bolton, had demanded, bullied and threatened intelligence officers to come up with the required intelligence output that justified the Iraqi invasion and occupation.

Like many other officials, George Tenet might have decided to fall into line.

The result of the Bush Admnistration connivance for America? Read and see this.

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