Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Disloyal Chickenhawk a Tautology?

If there is anything worse than a chickenhawk, it’s a disloyal chickenhawk. But then, am I not indulging in tautology to call such an animal a ‘disloyal chickenhawk’?

John Bolton’s supporters suggested that as US Ambassador to the UN he would bring discipline to that organization, but how can a man who had lacked discipline to be a loyal team player in his country’s Administration ever achieved that in an international agency?

Bolton has notoriously sabotaged his erstwhile superior officer Colin Powell by deliberately withholding vital information that consequentially embarrassed the former Secretary of State on the diplomatic front. He tried that with Condoleezza Rice but the smart lady booted him out of the State Department.

His intentional withholding of information on the UN Security Council’s disinclination to investigate Iran's nuclear program the way the US wanted it done, and the worldwide popular.support for the re-election of Mohammed ElBaradei as the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, had caused the US to lose enormous political face and prestige, when deprived of those important intelligence assessment and thus essential prior negotiations, the US blundered unwittingly against global preferences, and lost humiliatingly.

It has been one thing to bully intelligence officers into ‘reorganizing’ their reports to ‘suit’ Bolton’s secret agenda but it is certainly another, in any language or culture, to disadvantage his own government by deliberately withholding information vital to the conduct of the country’s diplomatic business.

Bolton did both, and took his misconduct to a higher level than mere browbeating of public officers. That has been why Rice had him out of her hair like a flash the moment she was Secretary of State.

This man ought to be sacked for his maverick misconduct that has caused untold political damage to the USA. But unfortunately the Republican Party who holds the majority (by one) in the Senate hearing on Bolton’s appointment is likely to confirm his nomination along party lines because it doesn’t want to lose an inch to the Democrats, even on an appointment that has been fraught with stupidity from the start, and may bring future adverse fallout for the USA.

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