Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Israel Chucking Garbage Over its Fence

We have all heard of the word NIMBYNot In My BackYard. People don’t want nuclear stations, hugh rubbish incinerators, radioactive waste dumps, rubbish tips or airports in or next to their neighbourhood.

But have you heard of CISBYConveniently In Someone’s BackYard? Well, I wonder whether Israel should be accorded the dubious honour of creating this term.

No prize for guessing where Israel is using as its garbage dump!

International law? Israel hasn’t heard of it.


  1. How about when the French decided to test their nuclear devices in the Pacific instead of in France

  2. Exactly. Unless one is no naive to think this is a perfect world called the Garden Of Eden!

  3. I am flabbergasted. Are you suggesting it's OK to dump your garbage in your neighbour's land, because the French tested nuclear device? That's like saying it's OK to shit on Ah Kok's head in Penang because Ah Chong in Rawang let off polluting giant fire crackers!

    That's really a very desperate attempt to divert attention from, or to excuse the Israeli vandalism.

    Incidentally, the French reminded everyone that they did it in French territory. Whether the N-test was good or not, they were right that it was conducted in French territory.

    Let's keep our eyes on the garbage dumping on Palestinian land, and discuss that, rather than hijack the topic into a French N-test debate.