Saturday, April 10, 2021

Siapa main kotor untuk bankrupt-kan Najib? Signs of Ass-binte-ism?


How can I pay my lawyers if I’m bankrupt, asks Najib

Najib Razak said besides him, his lawyers like Shafee Abdullah have also been dragged to court for alleged money laundering.

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak has criticised the Inland Revenue Board’s (LHDN) move to serve him a bankruptcy notice, which his legal team had earlier called a political ploy.

“How am I supposed to pay my lawyer, (if I am bankrupt),” questioned Najib on Facebook, whose legal team is filing applications to set aside the bankruptcy notice and stay the proceedings that LHDN seeks to initiate.

The LHDN filed the bankruptcy notice against Najib for failing to pay RM1.69 billion in additional tax arrears for 2011 to 2017, as well as 5% for each year amounting to RM45.9 million from the date of the summary judgment, and costs.

The Pekan MP lambasted the government for trying to bankrupt him with a law he cannot challenge in court, pleading his case on social media.

“If it is a political contribution, it is not taxable. If it is considered personal income from abroad, this has been tax-exempt since 2004.

“If it is from a robbery, are the profits from robbery also taxable?” he asked sarcastically.

Najib said the government was using specific inland revenue laws that cannot be challenged in court, adding that he was also not given an opportunity to plead his case before the Income Tax Commissioner.

“If this is not bad, two of my defence lawyers are facing charges under the money laundering act in relation to the legal fees I paid them.

“Now, they not only have to defend me, but also themselves,” he said.

Earlier this week, Najib’s lead counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah called the bankruptcy notice a “a clear abuse of process and intimidation” and a ploy by some to disrupt his place within Umno.

“We are also asking for a stay against the RM1.69 billion summary judgment order,” he said, adding that the High Court will hear the bid to halt the summary judgment on June 11.


  1. Najib fell on his own sword ler...

  2. As usual Jibby thinks only about HIMSELF, not one word of regret to the pensioner's 4 BILLION that he caused to LENYAP...

    April 8 : Court of Appeal judge questioned status of RM4b KWAP loan
    Justice Vazeer Alam posed question to counsel.
    We only know RM2b came in August 2011, same day transferred out
    March 2012 RM2 billion came in, transferred out transfer of money did not go through the SRC board. We do not know who approved it. Any act of removing RM4b is theft. To say theft difficult as no police report lodged. Transfer of funds made through secret SRC International account
    RM4b almost immediately transferred outside the country. SRC did not have proper corporate structure. No police report was made
    SRC no proper corporate structure when RM4b loan granted by KWAP
    at that time, there was no board of directors.

    OSTB :
    Malulah. Tuan Hakim pula tanya lawyer apa sudah jadi dengan duit KWAP RM4 billion itu.

    Patutnya pencarum KWAP yang perlu tanya soalan ini. Sebab duit RM4 billion itu duit tuan-tuan. Duit itu sekarang sudah hilang.

    Lawyer pula jawab muka selamba sahaja : we do not know, no police report lodged, no proper corporate structure, no board of directors.

    RM4 Billion duit pencarum (duit tuan-tuan) sudah hilang tetapi pihak KWAP tidak buat police report pun. Sampai ke hari ini.

    Ini menjadi satu lagi kes "bukan duit bapak dia tetapi duit bapak tuan-tuan'.

    Depa ambil duit bapak tuan-tuan lepas itu depa buat macam duit bapak dia sendiri.

    Bila berita duit KWAP RM4 billion ini mula bocor pada masa Najib jadi Perdana Menteri saya OutSyed The Box telah bangkitkan soalan ini berulang kali dalam blog ini.

    Soalan yang saya telah tanya ialah apakah KWAP pernah terima bayaran interest ke, coupon ke, Islamic profit ke, dividen ke atau apa jenis bayaran untung pun daripada pinjaman besar RM4 billion itu? Jika tiada bayaran interest atau coupon atau profit rate etc diterima oleh KWAP maksudnya pinjaman RM4 billion itu sudah jadi 'bad debt' atau hutang yang tidak boleh di bayar.

    Saya ingat lagi pada masa itu pihak KWAP telah buat kenyataan media bahawa semuanya ok saja. Tak ada masalah.

    Sekarang kita tahu duit RM4 billion itu sudah hilang. Tuan Hakim yang kena tanya lawyer.

    Tuan-tuan pencarum KWAP semua bengong ke? This is your money lah. Kalau awak semua diam, buat bodoh saja, kemungkinannya duit itu tidak akan datang balik.

    Kecuali Kerajaan ambil duit taxpayers funds (duit bapak kita) dan disalurkan masuk ke dalam KWAP untuk tampal lubang RM4 billion itu. Jadi saya pula jadi mangsa sebab saya bayar segala jenis cukai kepada Kerajaan. Serupa juga dengan tuan-tuan. Kita semua adalah pembayar cukai.

    Depa curi duit kita dan depa sudah joli dengan duit kita sebanyak RM4 billion, sekarang kita pula kena beri sumbangan bayar banyak jenis cukai untuk tampal lubang RM4 billion itu! Banyak cantik lah.

    Masalahnya ialah dalam negara kita ini terlalu ramai orang yang bengong, bahlol dan bangang. Stupid people. Yang tak faham apa yang sedang berlaku dalam negara ini.

    Di negara lain rakyat mereka boleh faham perkara yang simple seperti rasuah dan salah guna kuasa. Dalam negara kita pula orang yang patut bertanggungjawab jaga duit tuan-tuan tidak membuat laporan Polis pun apabila duit RM4 billion hilang. Dan tuan-tuan pun buat dunggu selamba saja - pun tak ambil peduli duit tuan-tuan sebanyak RM4 billion sudah hilang.

    Bangkitlah brader. If you just keep quiet, satu hari nanti awak boleh hilang segala.

  3. Why KT never ask who main kotor against Guanee, charged with two ridiculous charges?

    Ask for 3.3 million bribe for a 6.3 billion project?
    Ask for 10% share of profits of a project which MAY OR MAY NOT eventuate more than 15 years into the future?

  4. Why was the 1MDB board members never charged? Or obedient civil servants in the FM who were supposed to be in charge of SRC International?

    Top officers in corporate scandals must not go unpunished, says Ku Li
    Noel Achariam
    11 Apr 2021

    BOARD of directors, top officials at government-linked companies should be penalised for decisions they made which resulted in company losses, said Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

    The Umno veteran said that it is not right that top officials get away despite making mistakes that cause companies to incur huge losses.

  5. Toonsie95: I No need runway lah...
    Anwar73: I have been on runway for 20 years
    Yiddin73: I am flying with no lesen but no runway to land
    Jibby: I'm desperate to run away
    Xi68: No runaways from Xinjiang
    Trump74: Refused to get off runaway
    Biden77: Where is the runway?
    WeeKHATSiong: Let me fix the potholes on runway

  6. When u r been caught, u pay the consequences!

    That's the sacrosanct rule of law that so many of u championed.

    Including this pinklip!

  7. This issue is SOOO Timely, given that all Malaysians who have taxable income in 2020 are currently engaged in submitting their LHDN returns.

    The SRC money went through Najib's personal bank accounts. Income Tax is owed by him on the INCOME.

    Fair and Square.

    How Najib disposed of the INCOME is of little relevance to LHDN, just as they care little about how you and I disposed of income earned.

    If you donated it to Tax Exempt organisations, you have to prove it.

    Just say so that they are political donations doesn't cut it.

    No need for Najib to cry AhChi AhChor about some people trying to Bankrupt him.


    Najib has to be subject to exactly the Same Laws that you and I have to obey.