Saturday, April 10, 2021

India finds balls to protest US Navy’s unauthorised transit through its waters


In a rare row, India protests US Navy’s transit through its waters

NEW DELHI: India protested to the US for a navy vessel conducting a transit through its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) without consent, the foreign ministry said on Friday, in a rare row between the friendly navies of the two countries.

The USS John Paul Jones “asserted navigational rights and freedoms”, inside India’s EEZ in line with international law by sailing about 130 nautical miles (241km) west of India’s Lakshadweep islands, the US Seventh Fleet said in a statement on Wednesday.

But an Indian foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement that UN rules did not allow such passage without consent.

“The Government of India’s stated position on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea is that the Convention does not authorise other states to carry out in the EEZ and on the continental shelf, military exercises or manoeuvres, in particular those involving the use of weapons or explosives, without the consent of the coastal state,” the spokesman said.

India’s military monitored the movement of the John Paul Jones as it transited from the Persian Gulf towards the Malacca Straits, the foreign ministry said.

The US Navy has previously conducted so-called freedom of navigation sails through Indian waters without consent, with the last one in the fiscal year for 2019, according to an annual US Defense Department report.

However, the former Chief of India’s Naval Staff Arun Prakash questioned why the US announced the operation in the waters of an apparent ally.

“For the 7th Fleet to carry out FoN missions in Indian EEZ in violation of our domestic law is bad enough. But publicising it?” he wrote on Twitter on Friday.

The navies of India and the US carry out large scale exercises each year that now involve Japan and Australia. The four countries have formed an informal security grouping called the Quad to push back against China’s expanding power.

where's Oz's Scomo? 😁


kt notes:

The non-US members of the Quad (India, Japan, Australia) surely would know their joint objective of pushing back against China's expanding power has everything to do with the US' obsession of remaining Numero Uno in World politics and dominating the global economy, and nothing to do with their own security and economy. It even threatens India economically for mentioning the latter's wish to purchase Russian planes and air defence systems.

The US has a very tired foreign policy which would consist of encircling its main enemy, earlier the USSR with tools or military pacts such as NATO, CENTO, SEATO, ANZUS, Japan, etc, and now against China with so-called allies like Japan, Vietnam, India, and originally many of the "-stan" countries (such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc, but many of whom have slowly drifted away).

It shows its racial hue through its only-Anglo-Saxon pact, the Echelon, on electronic surveillance and intelligence - Anglo-Saxon members are the USA, UK, Australia, NZ and Canada.

To wit, it is a very active aggressor in World Order, acting alike a classroom bully. The hypocrisy in the USA is it's a nation with its kerbau-ish Monroe Doctrine which is a key part of U.S. foreign policy. President James Monroe issued the policy in 1823. It stated that North and South America were no longer open to colonization. It also declared that the United States would not allow European countries to interfere with independent governments in the Americas.

But now it forms the Quad to encircle China (with a failure in a reluctant South Korea which wants to avoid provoking China who it needs to hold off loose-cannon North Korea), provokes aggression by interfering in Hong Kong and Xinjiang domestic issue, deliberately sailing through the Taiwan Straits, setting up and having military exercises outside its American sphere while in its usual double-standards hypocrisy demands 'hands-off' the Americas through its Monroe Doctrine.

The Indians have raised objections to the US arrogance in not consulting even a member of the Quad as it intrudes like a swaggering bully into Indian EEZ without so much as 'by your leave', purely to regain or salvage its Bharat-ish pride.

Much much earlier, the US had already insulted India by calling for the subcontinent nation to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) whilst keeping its Yankee mouth shut on Israel which is also a nuclear-state. How would a nation of 1.4 Billion feel as it was treated as a 'junior inconsequential' to a tiny nation of 5 million on a strip of land in the Middle-East?

Hindustan Zindabad and eff you Yank.


  1. Aiyah, one lonely 500 yo Bullyland ship sailing past the Indian coast is nothing, they never claimed any territory from India did they? Like 5000 yo DaGe Bullyland aggressively parking 200 ships off Palawan and and claiming the sea to be theirs.

    Philippines accuses China of 'incursion' in disputed sea
    21 Mar 2021

    MANILA: The Philippines on Sunday (Mar 21) accused China of "incursion" after more than 200 militia boats were spotted near a disputed reef in the South China Sea, in a rare rebuke of its superpower neighbour.

    The Philippine coast guard detected the boats "in line formation" at the boomerang-shaped Whitsun Reef about 320km west of Palawan Island on Mar 7.

    "We call on the Chinese to stop this incursion and immediately recall these boats violating our maritime rights and encroaching into our sovereign territory," Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said in a statement.

    "This is a clear provocative action of militarizing the area. These are territories well within Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone."

    Lorenzana said the government was considering "appropriate action" to take to protect Filipino fishermen, the country's marine resources and maintain peace and stability in the area.

    "Despite clear weather at the time, the Chinese vessels massed at the reef showed no actual fishing activities," the agency said.

  2. 5000 yo DaGe Bullyland spying for pineapples? Ha ha ha....

    Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese military aircraft
    Defence ministry says 20 aircraft entered its air defence identification zone

    Fri 26 Mar 2021

    Twenty Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Friday in the largest incursion yet reported by the island’s defence ministry, marking a dramatic escalation in tensions across the Taiwan Strait.

    The ministry said the air force deployed missiles to “monitor” the incursion into the south-western part of its air defence identification zone. It also said its planes warned the Chinese aircraft, including by radio.

    It was the largest incursion by the Chinese air force since Taiwan’s defence ministry began disclosing almost daily Chinese military flights over the waters between the southern part of Taiwan and the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea last year.

  3. Blur blur to the end while keep feeding on twisted news for its c&p monkey show.

    Good laugh indeed!

  4. No...Japan and Australia certainly understand their vital national security interests are threatened by CCP's sea , artificial Island and island grab in the South China Sea, if they don't stand together.

    CCP would have it's hand on Japan's throat, with all its trade and oil passing through CCP-infested waters.

    Australia would find itself isolated and alone, surrounded by CCP tributary states in East Asia.

    India's position with regards to USA had been ambivalent and suspicious for decades, probably still so among a large part of the Indian establishment.

    The clash with CCP troops in Ladakh last year shook them up a little bit.

    Russia, India's past ally, with Putin now Emperor Ix's best buddy, will likely refuse to back India if the argument turns hot, or even side with their New Best Friend.

    If that happens things will get very lonely for India, if they don't get Washington on their side.

    1. Re your "Australia would find itself isolated and alone, surrounded by CCP tributary states in East Asia", I haven't read such gross kerbau before. Australia is blessed by the open Pacific Ocean of the Southern Hemisphere (unless you consider NZ a CCP tributary state) and the equally open-ness of the Indian-Antarctic Oceans, where nations in the southern hemisphere abound - Indon (equally open to the Indian Ocean, and hardly likely to be a client state), India, South Africa, Southern and Northern Americas and Europe via Cape of Good Hope and the Suez Canal.

      Your hatred for China knows no bounds save it's exceeded by your propensity for gross exaggeration and fabrications, wakakaka

    2. Australia's strategic geographical situation has not changed from WWII.

      The Europe , North And South Americas, and South Africa you mentioned are a long, long way off , and vulnerable to being cut off, if a hostile nation has a powerful Blue Water Navy.

      CCP is in process to convert much of the South Pacific into tributary states , right in Australia's backyard. Even New Zealand will likely become a CCP client state.

      Indonesia is Touch and Go. If , as likely, all other South East Asian nations , except possibly Singapore become aligned with CCP, it will be impossible for Indonesia to remain on the fence.

    3. monster assertion is valid, nz is deemed no diff as oz, not a good point to defend yr dage. yr hatred towards usa knows no bound. yr bias towards ccp very childlike.

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      "Australia's strategic geographical situation has not changed from WWII"

      Have u ever asked the question of to whom?

      Oz? Or pommie (pre WWII) & Yankee (post WWII)!

      It's NEVER in the interest of oz itself san the motherland pommie before & dage Yankee contemporary!

      "China is in process to convert much of the South Pacific into tributary states"

      Proofs? Not those katak-ised farts please!

      Mmmm… talk about hatred! Refresh all yr blacken CCP/China/Chinese farts lah.

    5. proof? xiaodi hishammudin. a keris racist that now kowtow to dage.

    6. Proof?

      Has that person doing the kowtow to dage obtained the consent or understanding of that 'dage'?

      WongYi has gracefully sidestepped that ampufind!

      One-sided gravelling is just what it's - one-sided!

    7. wangyi is just a emperor dog where got ball, only emperor xi would tell xiaodi hishammudin please rise after kowtow. n of course its one sided, where got emperor kowtow to xiaodi.

      ccp fanboy forum said four sea state xiaodi queue up to hv an audience with dage. my chinese dream, finally.

    8. Hishammudin didn't address President Xi as dage. So what has that gotten to do with President Xi?

      WangYi gamefully sidestepped that unwanted honorific from a mfer seeking favours from China.

      If fact WangYi as the top hunch of the China foreign affair had rejected this surprised beseech!

      Mfer, one-sided as in this gravelling self solicitation, understand?


      "ccp fanboy forum said four sea state xiaodi queue up to hv an audience with dage"

      When did u ever believe in CCP fanboy forum? Yr bread&butter farts r all in the 台毒水炮 forum of brain dead.

      So yr Chinese dream?

      Again, u Chinese?

      What make u keep clinging to that spurious chineseness that u so loudly denied before?

      An advice - no any cringing of yr changing hue would change that shameless fart of yrs!

  5. How do you describe a country which spent 95% of its entire history at war ? They have no hesitation to go to war with anyone who does not follow what they want you to do for them or follow their ideology.

    Modi will soon learn enough Henry Kissinger's famous threat-advice :

    "To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal."

    Obviously Modi is feeling queasy by now with this blatant navy incursion of 'a friend' so soon after India was threatened sanction should it go ahead with the purchase of the Russian weapons for which it had paid a hefty down payment a year ago. Kalau ada kawan macam ni, siapa perlu musuh ? hehehe

    Listen to what Jimmy Carter said about United Snakes of AmeriKKKa :

    "Since 1079, do you know how many times China has been at war with anybody ? Carter asked. " None. And we have stayed at war". The US, he noted, has only enjoyed 16 years of peace in its 242-year history, making the country the "the most warlike nation in the history of the world," Carter said.

    Will there be no end to this rampaging bully ? The entire world is getting really tired of this hegemon addicted to treating the globe like its plaything. The whole earth is groaning under the crushing weight of a sadistic bull-of-a-nation that wants to stay on top for all time, at any cost.

    1. the warlike culture and belligerent policy-preferences of the USA is manifested through an eleven (11) carrier armadas - the only nation in the world with such bellicose power projections, plus hundreds of air, sea and land bases overseas. No other nation exceeds its hawkish nature.

    2. ccp is shifting to the same warlike direction. democracy in usa would revert many aggressor policy when american realise politician shitty deed, zombie dont, thats the diff.

    3. Before December 7, 1941, the USA was strongly resisting getting involved in WwII, but war came to them.
      Jimmy Carter has a strange attitude in his old age towards his country's history, practically calling his country a warmonger even for WWII.

      American carrier groups were instrumental in liberating East Asia from Imperial Japan during WWII. The Yanks were happily demobilising after 1945. Then The Communists invaded South Korea. The heavily demobilised US military initially could barely muster 1 fighting Division to resist the North Koreans. Then later CCP invaded Korea.

      After that there was no chance the Americans would disarm themselves.
      The next opportunity came with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.
      The Kuwaiti Ambassador was practically on his knees begging Washington to save his country.

    4. ck is the typical drum chest monkey similar to all the zombie in most ccp forum, all gibble for war in twn n south sea no diff when nazi n empress dowager taking advantage of monkey blinded nationalism to preserve power n drive aggression, while the small brain chinese stay silence believe that a bullylike china would elevate their superiority when dealing with whites or live among them, as if the 23 million in taiwan r not human n hv rights to live, what a cbmf hypocrite that keep criticise the muslim n tuan for what they did.

    5. Wakakakakaka…

      "shifting to the same warlike direction"



      人不犯我, 我不犯人!

      Especially when outsiders r targeting to rampas her ancestral heirlooms.

      Ooop… 犬养mfer u want to know how yr uncle Sam reacts to the Asia changing geopolitics?

      There is a good anakysis as stated in the ≪The Grand Chessboard≫ by Zbigniew Brzezinski. He had gotten the economic developments of China ALL wrong. But he had accurately summarize the US reactive geopolitical moves!

      Go & read it. Before u parading yr katak-ised farts & lies.

    6. Ref your kerbau (AGAIN) that "The heavily demobilised US military initially could barely muster 1 fighting Division to resist the North Koreans. Then later CCP invaded Korea.

      After that there was no chance the Americans would disarm themselves."

      China did not invade Korea until the Yanks pushed into North Korea towards the Yalu River, the border between North Korea and China. Wiki reminds us:


      On 20 August 1950, Premier Zhou Enlai informed the UN that "Korea is China's neighbor... The Chinese people cannot but be concerned about a solution of the Korean question". Thus, through neutral-country diplomats, China warned that in safeguarding Chinese national security, they would intervene against the UN Command in Korea.[210] President Truman interpreted the communication as "a bald attempt to blackmail the UN", and dismissed it.[212] Mao ordered that his troops should be ready for action by the end of August. Stalin, by contrast, was reluctant to escalate the war with a Chinese intervention.[213]

      On 1 October 1950, the day that UN troops crossed the 38th Parallel, the Soviet ambassador forwarded a telegram from Stalin to Mao and Zhou requesting that China send five to six divisions into Korea, and Kim Il-sung sent frantic appeals to Mao for Chinese military intervention. At the same time, Stalin made it clear that Soviet forces themselves would not directly intervene.[204]

      In a series of emergency meetings that lasted from 2 to 5 October, Chinese leaders debated whether to send Chinese troops into Korea. There was considerable resistance among many leaders, including senior military leaders, to confronting the US in Korea.[214] Mao strongly supported intervention, and Zhou was one of the few Chinese leaders who firmly supported him. After Lin Biao politely refused Mao's offer to command Chinese forces in Korea (citing his upcoming medical treatment),[215] Mao decided that Peng Dehuai would be the commander of the Chinese forces in Korea after Peng agreed to support Mao's position.

    7. [continuing]

      on 15 October 1950, President Truman and General MacArthur met at Wake Island. This meeting was much publicized because of the General's discourteous refusal to meet the President on the continental United States.[225] To President Truman, MacArthur speculated there was little risk of Chinese intervention in Korea,[226] and that the PRC's opportunity for aiding the KPA had lapsed. He believed the PRC had some 300,000 soldiers in Manchuria, and some 100,000–125,000 soldiers at the Yalu River. He further concluded that, although half of those forces might cross south, "if the Chinese tried to get down to Pyongyang, there would be the greatest slaughter" without air force protection.

      After secretly crossing the Yalu River on 19 October, the PVA 13th Army Group launched the First Phase Offensive on 25 October, attacking the advancing UN forces near the Sino-Korean border. This military decision made solely by China changed the attitude of the Soviet Union. Twelve days after PVA troops entered the war, Stalin allowed the Soviet Air Force to provide air cover, and supported more aid to China.[228] After inflicting heavy losses on the ROK II Corps at the Battle of Onjong, the first confrontation between Chinese and US military occurred on 1 November 1950. Deep in North Korea, thousands of soldiers from the PVA 39th Army encircled and attacked the US 8th Cavalry Regiment with three-prong assaults—from the north, northwest, and west—and overran the defensive position flanks in the Battle of Unsan.[229] The surprise assault resulted in the UN forces retreating back to the Ch'ongch'on River, while the PVA unexpectedly disappeared into mountain hideouts following victory. It is unclear why the Chinese did not press the attack and follow up their victory.

      The UN Command, however, were unconvinced that the Chinese had openly intervened because of the sudden PVA withdrawal. On 24 November, the Home-by-Christmas Offensive was launched with the US Eighth Army advancing in northwest Korea, while US X Corps attacked along the Korean east coast. But the PVA were waiting in ambush with their Second Phase Offensive, which they executed at two sectors: in the East at the Chosin Reservoir and in the Western sector at Ch'ongch'on River.

      On 13 November, Mao appointed Zhou Enlai the overall commander and coordinator of the war effort, with Peng as field commander.[223] On 25 November on the Korean western front, the PVA 13th Army Group attacked and overran the ROK II Corps at the Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River, and then inflicted heavy losses on the US 2nd Infantry Division on the UN forces' right flank.[230] Believing that they could not hold against the PVA the Eighth Army began to retreat from North Korea crossing the 38th Parallel in mid-December.[231] UN morale hit rock bottom when Lieutenant General Walton Walker, commander of the US Eighth Army, was killed on 23 December 1950 in an automobile accident.


      Monster, you may hate China but don't tell LIES lah

    8. He either has dementia or he studied "fake" history. Wakakakaka

      Note this is a war that enable China captured some US POWs that were used in exchange for the return of scientist Qian Xuesen, an unplanned consequence that changed the history of China, wakakakaka

    9. These katak r compulsive liers of no class! Never a sense of remorse when been caught red-handed! Feeling shame is just out of their neurons connectivity.

      "Before December 7, 1941, the USA was strongly resisting getting involved in WwII"

      Bcoz yr uncle Sam was happily scamming both the allies & axis in military weapon sales!

      "American carrier groups were instrumental in liberating East Asia from Imperial Japan during WWII."

      There were never any sight of the Yankee carrier fleet near East Asia until the Japanese attacked Pearl harbour by military strategical miscalculation!

      "The Yanks were happily demobilising after 1945. Then The Communists invaded South Korea. The heavily demobilised US military initially could barely muster 1 fighting Division to resist the North Koreans. Then later CCP invaded Korea."

      Wakakakakaka… a f*cked lier trying its best to rewrite Yankee war scores in the Korean war!

      "The next opportunity came with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.
      The Kuwaiti Ambassador was practically on his knees begging Washington to save his country."


      Mfer haven't u forgotten to add that Powell displayed a vail of white washing powder in UN to start the Iraq invasion!

      All u f*cked katak-ised liers r just behaving the same. Regurgitating stale fart from that fart filled well w/o even some creativities from new dressings!

    10. 犬养 mfer, finally a piece of long shit from that petrified jelly!

      But, don't play yr usual labelling fart game lah.

      Who's that:

      "typical drum chest monkey similar to all the zombie in most 台毒 forum, all gibble for war in twn n south sea no diff when nazi n empress dowager taking advantage of monkey blinded nationalism to preserve power n drive aggression, while the small brain chinese stay silence believe that a bullylike yankee would elevate their superiority when dealing with China or live among them, as if the 23 million in taiwan r not human n hv rights to live, what a cbmf hypocrite that keep criticise the muslim n tuan for what they did."

      1) u r the follower of 台毒水炮, so u should know what's going on there about all gibble for war in twn n south sea. BTW go read ≪The Grand Chessboard≫ by Zbigniew Brzezinski to know who has been "gibble for war in twn n south sea" since the 70s. Brzezinski had been the adviser of national security under Carter administration.

      "all gibble for war in twn n south sea"!!!??

      Mfer, if yr house is been claimed/hijacked/overrun by outsider, would u raise hell to defend yr territorial right?

      Mmm… maybe u just hand over & gravel silently like u behaved during those danhdut parties.

      2) "as if the 23 million in taiwan r not human n hv rights to live"

      Precisely bcoz of that China has been consistently considerate & passionate about the well-being of those 23 Taiwan Chinese that the unification approach has been mild with multiple helps.

      Cases in point - ecfa to help elevate the trades of Taiwan & sustain the Formosa economy. Holding back forced unification despite the clear & loud unhappiness in unification delay shown by the Chinese masses.

      Do u know u have just released a fart stinking to high heaven?

      Mmm… lier is always in denial first when caught.

      3) this is yr best showing of double face - "cbmf hypocrite that keep criticise the muslim n tuan for what they did."

      Mfer, haven't u forgotten about what u have farted about yr ketuanan freaks, alpha zombies etc etc?

      Short memory is the nature of katak - the mfering lying kind.

    11. ccp support invader kim, interfere korea affair, demonstrate that ccp can always find excuse to interfere n invade, war with vietnam is a good case in reference, unless one do like xiaodi hishammudin n start licking n sucking.

    12. 1 warmonger always look for excuse to blame others, like nazi.

      2 twnese live a good lives in the last 70 years with gdp per head much much higher than zombie. no thanks n get lost.

      3 pas for all n pas for muslim is 2 diff concept. i didnt know pas is no diff with ccp, a communist that full of lies, i am gullible n wake up now, what abt u?

    13. 1) warmonger? Haven't u gotten enough from those 台毒水炮 about China 'aggressions' towards Formosa?

      Who's warmongering, mfer?

      2) w/o China's economic supports in opening up her hinterland & trade agreement like ecfa, Taiwan WOULDN'T have that 70yrs of growth.

      Remember that!

      3) the only thing u r gillable is yr know-nothingness & keep maintaining such to fart.

      Ooop… fabricating lies along the way too.

      Me? I'm just debunking yr fake news & lies - simple as that.

      Do check back my rebuttals of yrs. All I did were just throw yr lies, fake news & know-nothingness for all to see.

    14. Ooop… don't just continuously using yr f*cked one-liner statement to sustain yr lies, fake news & know-nothingness!

      Mmm… on second thought, this is the best way to hide the evil intended know nothingness in u. The more say, the more loopholes to cover!

    15. 1 ccp is warmonger

      2 without usa, zombie still eat grass.

      3. i am a victim of liar. i believe the red n green communist lie. u r a double std pea brain zombie, u shd hv live in oz if u do have a human brain like our host n ccp red n rich did.

    16. 1&2, pure loser farts of inconsequential!

      3) u r a victim of yr OWN lies. Such a standard katak-ised stereotyping commonly used by Formosa trained katak when been caught red-handed.

      Anything more creative than these stale farts that I have heard so so many times before from those pilgriming 台毒 dickheads that I encountered on flights?

  6. This exercise by the US Navy must be punishment to India for buying Russian military hardware, and for even considering a naval exercise with Iran which they did a coupleof months ago.

    Better for India and for Modi's health if he briskly wraps up his dhoti and join the BRI now-asap, rather than continue being the Tea Lady of the Quad.

  7. Unfortunately only the US can counter China's expansionary policy in the South China Sea.

    We should ask if China really has peaceful intentions in the SCS. What's with their occupying and building infrastructure on some of the islands?

    Already it is sabre rattling vis-a-vis Taiwan. Frankly, we should all prepare for an economic meltdown once China and Taiwan clash. And I suspect it may happen sooner than we think because the longer China waits to exert "control" over Taiwan, the further the Taiwanese will drift from the "motherland".

    As it is, even President Tsai alludes to Taiwan being already independent.

    1. motive? resources such as minerals, oil, fish - it's not interested in invasion of any littoral states in the area as that will bring more trouble than any perceivable benefit - ask the USA on its adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam

      difficult for Taiwan to declare its full independence if China maintains even a partial blockade

    2. "We should ask if China really has peaceful intentions in the SCS. What's with their occupying and building infrastructure on some of the islands?"

      Poor mfer of know-nothing keeps repeating fake claim!

      What do u call depending yr ancestral heirlooms from been rampas?

      Maybe u really only understand demoNcratic propagandas!

    3. ccp will revert to tributary state, would punish whoever that not wanna be xiaodi, war with vietnam is a proof, what troble u talking abt as if ccp care.

    4. That's based on yr katak-ised his-story under that fart filled well.

      U know how the recent war with Vietnam started?

      Or AGAIN that katak-ised version!

    5. The easiest way is just interchanging all mentioned CCP/China/Chinese with vietnam in yr katak-ised version!

    6. Only idiots who cannot debate intelligently use vulgarities

    7. No!

      Only scum would throw muds while lying & then pretending no willing to wrestling in the mud! Meanwhile recourse to false labelling to claim his one-upmanship.

      U want to debate intelligently? Then don't lie & justify yr takes with proven facts & records.

      Not just a simple statement coming out from an egoistic mind of know-nothing.


    8. not really idiot la, more likely zombie that hv dream. dun fight zombie, cure it with good heart n rational remarks like what i do.

    9. Wakakakakaka…

      Typically Formosa trained katak if no brainier when been caught red-handed!

      Loser in self denial under that fart filled well, recuperating for another days of lies, fabricated stories & blacken facts!

  8. Wakakakakaka…

    Parading our know-nothingness, ye?

    "CCP would have it's hand on Japan's throat, with all its trade and oil passing through CCP-infested waters.

    Australia would find itself isolated and alone, surrounded by CCP tributary states in East Asia."

    Mfer, goes check with yr transport agent about sea lanes to japan/oz before u fart lah!

    Furthermore do check & update yr f*cked understanding of the maritime territories disputes of China with the surrounding countries.

    Show concrete proofs that China has been doing "sea , artificial Island and island grab in the South China Sea" that's historically not her ancestral heirlooms!

    So easy to fart. Just read the headlines of the western fake news to form yr bloody opinion.

    Mfer, keeps that trash to yrself before u monkeying itself all-over & repeatedly!

    1. which ancestors? genghis khan?

    2. How about warring period 三国?

      But do u know when it's?

      All u want to fart about Genghis Khan period is the distorted katak-ised his-story based on


      & Genghis khan, more correctly Kublai Khan, failed in his attempt to conquer Japan.

      Not only u a Yankee asslicker. U too r a clone of 岩里政男 - the closet type!

    3. show proof, cao cao stay 2d1n on that island?

    4. U r the one that raises that statement, u prove it yrself!

      Why should I prove yr fabrication?

      Wakakakakaka… really an oxymoron f*ck that that katak-ised Formosa could trained!

    5. Here is the recorded proof that Formosa was a territory under the jurisdiction of Wu, during the 三国 period.

      台湾有文字记载的历史可以追溯到公元230年。当时三国吴王孙权派1万官兵到达“夷洲”(台湾),吴人沈某 的《临海水土志》留下了世界上对台湾最早的记述。

      Wakakakakaka… know why I knew u r just lying?

      CaoCao could never been to Formosa as that island was under the territory control of Wu, which was a warring state of Cao Wei.

      Truly hp6 中国通 of the f*cked kind. U better stick with yr nipponised China history that u have been indoctrinated?

    6. han emperor handover the crown to cao, wei got mandate. shu emperor is the cucu cicit of liu bang, also got mandate. so who the hell is this wu states with surname sun? a foreigner kot, so foreigner is one that discover taiwan. ccp get lost.

    7. 犬养mfer, haven't u forgotten u were referring to CaoCao visiting Formosa?

      He might have the mandate. So too all those that came after him. So what?

      CaoCao had never been to “夷洲” as no any historical texts, that the Chinese had meticulously kept, have mentioned such.

      Wu was the state when the historical record mentioned about “夷洲” during the warring period. Thus, Wu king, Sun had that jurisdiction over “夷洲” - simple as that!

      Unless u want to lie to twist that Sun is a foreigner to jerk up yr nipponised China his-story.

      Wakakakakaka… keep farting. I'm sure many r enjoying the parading of yr hp6 China history.

  9. A Malaysian, name unknown except for that Aningo nick, has made some wave on the social media, in an article titled : China Has A Long History of Non-aggression

    " I’m from Malaysia. China has traded with Malaysia for 2000 years. In those years, they had been the world’s biggest powers many times. Never once they sent troops to take our land. Admiral Zhenghe came to Malacca five times, in gigantic fleets, and a flagship eight times the size of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, Santa Maria. He could have seized Malacca easily, but he did not. In 1511, the Portuguese came. In 1642, the Dutch came. In the 18th century the British came. We were colonised by each, one after another.

    When China wanted spices from India, they traded with the Indians. When they wanted gems, they traded with the Persian. They didn’t take lands. The only time China expanded beyond their current borders was in Yuan Dynasty, when Genghis and his descendants Ogedei Khan, Guyuk Khan & Kublai Khan conquered China, Mid Asia and Eastern Europe. But Yuan Dynasty, although being based in China, was a part of the Mongolian Empire.

    Then came the Century of Humiliation. Britain smuggled opium into China to dope the population, a strategy to turn the trade deficit around, after the British could not find enough silver to pay the Qing Dynasty in their tea and porcelain trades. After the opium warehouses were burned down and ports were closed by the Chinese in ordered to curb opium, the British started the Opium War I, which China lost. Hong Kong was forced to be surrendered to the British in a peace talk (Nanjing Treaty). The British owned 90% of the opium market in China, during that time, Queen Victoria was the world’s biggest drug baron. The remaining 10% was owned by American merchants from Boston. Many of Boston’s institutions were built with profit from opium.

    After 12 years of Nanjing Treaty, the West started getting really really greedy. The British wanted the Qing government:

    1. To open the borders of China to allow goods coming in and out freely, and tax free.

    2. Make opium legal in China.

    Insane requests, Qing government said no. The British and French, with supports from the US and Russia from behind, started Opium War II with China, which again, China lost. The Anglo-French military raided the Summer Palace, and threatened to burn down the Imperial Palace, the Qing government was forced to pay with ports, free business zones, 300,000 kilograms of silver and Kowloon was taken. Since then, China’s resources flew out freely through these business zones and ports. In the subsequent amendment to the treaties, Chinese people were sold overseas to serve as labor.

    (continue next...)

  10. In 1900, China suffered attacks by the 8-National Alliance(Japan, Russia, Britain, France, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary). Innocent Chinese civilians in Peking (Beijing now) were murdered, buildings were destroyed & women were raped. The Imperial Palace was raided, and treasures ended up in museums like the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris.

    In late 1930s China was occupied by the Japanese in WWII. Millions of Chinese died during the occupancy. 300,000 Chinese died in Nanjing Massacre alone.

    Mao brought China together again from the shambles. There were peace and unity for some time.

    Then came Deng Xiao Ping and his famous “black-cat and white-cat” story. His preference in pragmatism than ideologies has transformed China. This thinking allowed China to evolve all the time to adapt to the actual needs in the country, instead of rigidly bounded to ideologies.

    The current Socialism+Meritocracy+Market Economy model fits the Chinese like gloves, and it propels the uprise of China. Singapore has a similar model, and has been arguably more successful than Hong Kong, because Hong Kong being gateway to China, was riding on the economic boom in China, while Singapore had no one to gain from.

    In just 30 years, the CCP have moved 800 millions of people out from poverty. The rate of growth is unprecedented in human history. They have built the biggest mobile network, by far the biggest high speed rail network in the world, and they have become a behemoth in infrastructure. They made a fishing village called Shenzhen into the world’s second largest technological centre after the Silicon Valley. They are growing into a technological power house. It has the most elaborate e-commerce and cashless payment system in the world. They have launched exploration to Mars. The Chinese are living a good life and China has become one of the safest countries in the world. The level of patriotism in the country has reached an unprecedented height.


  11. For all of the achievements, the West has nothing good to say about it. China suffers from intense anti-China propagandas from the West. Western Media used the keyword “Communist” to instil fear and hatred towards China. Everything China does is negatively reported.

    They claimed China used slave labor in making iPhones. The truth was, Apple was the most profitable company in the world, it took most of the profit, leave some to Foxconn (a Taiwanese company) and little to the labor.

    They claimed China was inhuman with one-child policy. At the same time, they accused China of polluting the earth with its huge population. The fact is the Chinese consume just 30% of energy per capita compared to the US.

    They claimed China underwent ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang. The fact is China has a policy which priorities ethnic minorities. For a long time, the ethnic minorities were allowed to have two children and the majority Han only allowed one. The minorities are allowed a lower score for university intakes. There are 39,000 mosque in China, and 2100 in the US. China has about 3 times more mosque per muslim than the US.

    When terrorist attacks happened in Xinjiang, China had two choices:

    1. Re-educate the Uighur extremists before they turned terrorists.

    2. Let them be, after they launch attacks and killed innocent people, bomb their homes.

    China chose 1 to solve problem from the root and not to do killing. How the US solve terrorism? Fire missiles from battleships, drop bombs from the sky.

    During the pandemic, when China took extreme measures to lockdown the people, they were accused of being inhuman.When China recovered swiftly because of the extreme measures, they were accused of lying about the actual numbers.When China’s cases became so low that they could provide medical support to other countries, they were accused of politically motivated.

    Western Media always have reasons to bash China.

    Just like any country, there are irresponsible individuals from China which do bad and dirty things, but the China government overall has done very well. But I hear this comment over and over by people from the West: I like Chinese people, but the CCP is evil. What they really want is the Chinese to change the government, because the current one is too good.

    Fortunately China is not a multi-party democratic country, otherwise the opposition party in China will be supported by notorious NGOs (Non-Government Organization) of the USA, like the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), to topple the ruling party. The US and the British couldn’t crack Mainland China, so they work on Hong Kong. Of all the ex-British colonial countries, only the Hong Kongers were offered BNOs by the British. Because the UK would like the Hong Kongers to think they are British citizens, not Chinese. A divide-and-conquer strategy, which they often used in Color Revolutions around the world.

    They resort to low dirty tricks like detaining Huawei’s CFO & banning Huawei. They raised a silly trade war which benefits no one. Trade deficit always exist between a developing and a developed country. USA is like a luxury car seller who ask a farmer: why am I always buying your vegetables and you haven’t bought any of my cars?

    When the Chinese were making socks for the world 30 years ago, the world let it be. But when Chinese started to make high technology products, like Huawei and DJI, it caused red-alert. Because when Western and Japanese products are equal to Chinese in technologies, they could never match the Chinese in prices. First world countries want China to continue in making socks. Instead of stepping up themselves, they want to pull China down.


  12. The recent movement by the US against China has a very important background. When Libya, Iran, and China decided to ditch the US dollar in oil trades, Gaddafi’s was killed by the US, Iran was being sanctioned by the US, and now it’s China’s turn. The US has been printing money out of nothing. The only reason why the US Dollar is still widely accepted, is because it’s the only currency which oil is allowed to be traded with. The US has an agreement with Saudi that oil must be traded in US dollar ONLY. Without the petrol-dollar status, the US dollars will sink, and America will fall. Therefore anyone trying to disobey this order will be eliminated. China will soon use a gold-backed crypto-currency, the alarms in the White House go off like mad.

    China’s achievement has been by hard work. Not by looting the world.

    I have deep sympathy for China for all the suffering, but now I feel happy for them. China is not rising, they are going back to where they belong. Good luck China. "