Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cari pasal? Cari kerja?

Bernama informs us that Jamil Khir, Minister in the PM's Department (meaning the PM couldn't find a portfolio for him, wakakaka) said the authorities had arrested a 43-year-old man who claimed to be 'Jesus' and had taken his statements.

Yehoshua ben Yosef
(or in Greek, Jesus)
(or in English, Joshua) 

Yehoshua's Chinese brother Hong Xiuquan
(1 January 1814 – 1 June 1864)

He was a Hakka who launched China's biggest civil war, the Taiping Rebellion, which saw 
about 20–30 million civilians and soldiers killed

Why arrest him? What for?

That Jesus bloke that the Malaysian police has just arrested could well be Yehoshua's Malay, Indonesian, Kadazan, Iban or Mamak brother.

In San Francisco I've seen Moses, Jesus, King David, his son Solomon and even God as well as the 12 tribes of Israel walking up and down the street, wakakaka. They were dark, or even darker, in their complexion as Yehoshua in image above, and strangely, not at all like the blonde figure below.

Despite the Bible coming to life in 'Frisco, no one gave a damn and affairs went on normally.

In Malaysia? Cari pasal? Cari kerja?

Mungkin Muslim akan jadi bingung (confused)?


  1. UMNO knows that time and again, promoting and manufacturing (if necessary) issues of Race and Religion are effective diversions whenever the regime is faced with serious issues.

    Mahathir was a practitioner of this tactic, and "Moderate" Najib is a Master Practitioner, via his various Sub-

    As things stand, the Najib Administration has no direct answer to the US Department of Justice's suit clearly laying out the misdeeds of Malaysian Official 1. Attempts at discrediting the accusation have been ineffective and laughable , including
    a) Raising the spectre of US Neo-Colonialism e.g. Idris Haron and PAS Hadi
    b) Painting the US as pathological liars , including This case as well , e.g. Quintin Rozario, Syed Keruak, and Ktemoc.
    c) Pretending the case does not concern Najib e.g. Khairy Jamaluddin and Najib himself.

    So , the key defence is now the Good Old Race and Religion card.

    Watch out for many and more serious provocations in the months to come, to take the heat off Najib, and incite the Malays to circle round to defend the Fatherland against "Christian" and "Foreign" threats to Islam and the Malays.

  2. monsterball ~ 'foreign threats to islam and the malays' is real. just look at the attempted coup in 'your' examplary islamic country - turkey? the attack on tourists in the precint of the blue mosque.. and the continuing sporadic detonation of bombs, etc etc.. it is only right for erdogan to declare a state of emergency and to bring back the death penalty. what is sad is the latest leaks - that it is the usa who manufactures islamic terrorism? thus any accusation on najib's administration and or allegation on the impropriety of 1mdb, by the foreign elements, i shall consider it as random allegation and gibberish until proven so. i am prepared to make a u-turn if you can prove it.

    1. Don't bull lah. That means you are not going to believe it no matter what because even if I produce a copy of the AmBank statement of MO1 with the relevant entries, you will still say it might be forgery (despite the fact that person admitting the money did go into his account), you would also say that the money was donation (despite all the contradictory statements, that is impossible to have been uttered by a country leader unless he is a retard or he lied and lied). Therefore to say that you are prepared to make a U-turn is a fairy tale lah.