Friday, October 10, 2014


Malay Mail Online - Grenade attack linked to gambling kingpin, source says (extract):

Malay Mail Online photo

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 — The grenade attack in Bukit Bintang that killed one man and wounded 13 others yesterday was targeted at a top Imbi gangster involved in a boiling online gambling war, Malay Mail can reveal.

A source close to the police investigations said the 53-year-old man known as “Ah Hai” was seeking to expand his gambling empire by recruiting bookies from other syndicates with the promise of higher profits.

This angered rival gambling syndicates that are believed to have put up a hit on him.

Note in particular the source of the news!

"A source close to the police investigations said  ..."

A 'source close to the police' could likely be a police source who wanted the information issued though NOT as official police information but nonetheless information the police likely wants people to learn and believe, to wit, that the grenade attack was caused by gangsters and not terrorists.

Taking it further, the police may even have a different take on the incident altogether, but in the interim wants to assuage public concerns about terrorist attacks occurring in Malaysia.

Today there's no more communist terrorist to blame. What a f**king inconvenient shame.

But I suppose for the moment the gangsters would have to do (until we can get hold of Chin Peng's ashes), though I would imagine gangsters weren't likely to resort to hand grenades when a handgun or handguns were more their tools of trade.

Hand grenades kill indiscriminately, which would be more of terrorist behaviour, namely, to terrorize.

I suspect that apart from the distant scene of interests, politically it would not do to blame terrorists or bandits from the southern Philippines.

Far far far worse, politically that is, the authorities don't want people to even imagine that the grenade attack was an act of sheer terrorism against a place serving alcohol.

I bet there would be more than one people in KL, let alone the nation, who are also entertaining similar thoughts.

Mind you, I am not saying I am correct, but alas, as Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi once said: “The moment there is suspicion about a person's motives, everything he does becomes tainted.”

And why are we suspicious of the police?

You see, it's not just planes, naval boats, billions, fairness, etc, that are missing in Malaysia, but also the credibility of the authorities, including and especially now, that of the police.


  1. Its likely just a more-violent-than-usual incident with a bunch of Chinese gangsters fighting another bunch of Chinese gangsters for the right to conduct their criminal rackets.

    Millions or even Billions of ringgit of cash change hands in the Bukit Bintang area, either illegal or barely legal activities.

    Female prostitutions, Male prostitution, Message parlours, Bars, Pubs, Karaokes, all manner of weaknesses of the flesh.
    Just to be sure its not a racist business, there are also Malay and Indian gangs who are muscling in on the lucrative area.
    One of the biggest gangs is controlled by Malays, but operated on the ground by Chinese thugs.

    1. Wakakaka...

      Did u just mentioned the PRDM?????

      Freudian slip again????

  2. Gangsters are no doubt capable of extreme violence , but rarely engage in gratuitous killings.
    Nowadays, the gang leaders are essentially businessmen, though their businesses are often on the illegal or borderline-legal side. And they won't hesitate to employ violence as a business tool.

    Frankly, this incident has the random look of a terrorist attack....

  3. The Sun Complex is Kuala Lumpur's Gomorrah.
    All manner of depravity and debauchery occur within its walls.

    Some would say a mere grenade attack is too mild a treatment for it.
    The whole place deserves a Sodom and Gomorrah treatment.

    Yes, it is likely a "terrorist attack" or Vigilante attack from some group or someone who have undertaken to cleanse the place.

  4. Was it a factory-made grenade or IED (improvised explosive device) ? Police would know , as they blew up the remaining bomb.
    Either possibility raises difficult questions. IEDs can be built from commonly available materials, and don't need to be smuggled in. However ,it takes a skilled bomb-maker to create an IED, and it would be scary to think there are such rogue professionals walking around KL.

    There are plenty of hand guns around, even though there are severe penalties for owning an illegal gun. A manufactured grenade is not commonly available in Malaysia, even on the black market.
    These are military weapons, and normally available only to military or law enforcement agencies.

  5. It was initially reported in the press that the grenade blew up by the police had a manufactured date on it - year 1983.

    Some have asked this question....does this mean that this attack would be used as justification to bring back the ISA ?

  6. I did some "corporate entertaining" a few months ago at the Sun Complex.
    Its a necessary business tool to help smooth the way for a successful deal.

    Yes, the place is a Sin Centre, all manner of pleasures catered , as long as you have the money.
    Most of the businesses outlets there have legal permits to operate, but there are those providing "additional services" not stated on their license.....wakakaka...

    I'm pretty sure most of them are controlled directly or indirectly by underworld figures. A legitimate businessman will find it very difficult to run such businesses unmolested....

  7. Remember lagi tak Perang Larut.Gangster kaum mana?Agaknya boleh tak imply Islam teroris behind the scene?

  8. People on the street Bukit Bintang tu under Tokong YTL control.Any komen?

  9. In a political riot in Bangkok in 2010, the same kind of grenade M67 that exploded at Bukit Bintang, killed an army General and four soldiers.

    - hasan

    1. Its not appropriate to compare Thailand to Malaysia.
      Thailand has the highest level of firearms killings in the world. There are estimated tens of thousands of weapons floating around. Illegal grenades are not surprising.

      Malaysia is a country with strict control over firearms , and very severe penalties for illegal firearms possession. Use of a grenade as a weapon by underworld figures is a wholly new escalation.