Thursday, October 09, 2014

Astonishing Malaysia

From TMI:

(a) Ambiga in sedition dragnet over remarks against civics bureau, and

(b) Perkasa chief’s Bible-burning call to defend Islam, says minister

There are other more astonishing cases of flabbergasting contrasting treatment as per above.

We all know the reason, or rather, many of us think we know the reason, though only some know the real reason.

We still like to scream, rail and rant at, but then that's our nature. Mind, I'm not against screaming, railing and ranting at the authorities because that's good for democracy.

Besides, we need to let our amazing sweetie cutie Nancy Sukri know where she's sweetly going, wakakaka - for more, please read my BolehTalk post late last year titled Astonishing Nancy Sukri! Wakakaka.

Could it be the reason for our political instability (nationwide, not just the state notorious for its manmanlai satay, wakakaka) has been due to UMNO instability, indiscipline and insidious infighting?

Ah Jib Gor is not only attacked by Pakatan but also shafted by his own UMNO members.

I hate to use that infamous 's' word, derived from a biblical city, wakakaka, but I believe our poor PM has been sandwiched kau kau between Pakatan and UMNO plus plus, where I'm confident you know what or who are the 'plus plus', wakakaka.

While the world including that annoying lil' southern red dot plus its cousins in Suzie-Wong city and Alisan-kuniang Isle zoom forward at Warp 8 ('8' being auspicious for cinapeks, wakakaka), and Arirang Land conquers and dominates the globe with its Galaxy S5, Looking Good appliances, and "Modernity"
(현대) vehicles, we languish behind, perhaps too astonishingly busy looking for missing naval gunboat, holy scriptures, ha-ha-ha universities' performance, seditious subversives and many many billions.

Great stuff Malaysia, lu astonishingly memang Boleh lor!

will that Valentine-Day obsessed bloke like me?



  1. Nancy Shukri is a classic example of an often asked question - why are the cute ones often so dumb ?
    Of course, to be fair, there is also an equivalent question why are the handsome ones often so dumb ?

  2. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs of Singapore, Wong Kan Seng, once commented on Singapore’s Sedition Act... “it should be strengthened or renewed”.

    Be it as it may… so be it. Amen.

    - hasan

  3. Singapore's Sedition Act is also what could be termed as a draconian law.

    However, to Singapores' credit , it is rarely applied.
    So it is obvious the Sing government takes the law very seriously and action under the Act is not to be taken lightly.
    Likewise , the UK had a Sedition Act for 400 years, and , together with its Treason Act were repealed only in 1980. However, in the last 100 years, it had only been very rarely applied.

    In Malaysia , every Ahmad, Ah Beng and Muthu seems to be at risk of being charged with Sedition, as long as you are not an UMNO supporter.
    It has become a stupid , trivialised politically weapon, and day-by-day the AG, the PDRM , the Home Minister, are losing respect in the eyes of ordinary people.

  4. 1. GMM CEO Saifuddin Abdullah said “Ibrahim’s burn the Bible remarks could not be justified as defending the sanctity of Islam. The Government should not come up with this kind of argument, because it may lead to a misconception of Islam”.

    2. PAC Chairman Nur Jazlan Mohamed said “ The failure to charge Ibrahim under the Sedition Act and the lack of action will be viewed as bias towards defending the rights of Malays and politicians”.

    Bravo to you both.

    - hasan

  5. Defending Islam requires Bahasa Bibles to be torched....???