Monday, October 13, 2014

Char koay teow-ing?

TMI - Khairy can be next DPM if Najib steps down before GE14, says veteran journo

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has the potential to become the next deputy prime minister should Datuk Seri Najib Razak decide to step down before the 14th general election, a veteran journalist said today.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin must be positioned in an important spot in order to become the next deputy prime minister, said Datuk A. Kadir Jasin. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, October 13, 2014.In his latest blog posting, Datuk A. Kadir Jasin said this could only happen if the prime minister post was held by his cousin Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who is also the defence minister.

“If it is fated that Najib has to step down before the next general elections and the current Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has no interest in the top post, then the PM post will go to Hishammuddin. In this situation, Khairy will have the potential to become his deputy,” he said.

We know that the erudite writer, Pak Kadir, is one of Dr Mahathir's henchmen. And for Dr M, there's no one he hates more than KJ, wakakaka.

Dr M hated KJ since AAB, KJ's father in law, became PM. I heard that during that time with AAB's ascendancy and Dr M's slight loss of political power, KJ sabo or frustrated one of Dr M's sons in a fairly lucrative business deal.

KJ's second sin in the eyes of Dr M, perhaps even a bigger one than his first sin, was during the last UMNO party election, when Hisham nearly lost to Mukhriz in a race for the last VP position. It was KJ and Sharizat who marshalled the Youth and Women's votes behind Hisham. We know that Hisham then had a very narrow escape.

No UMNO member can ever dream of becoming party president and thus PM, if he is not at least a party VP. To Dr M, KJ had screwed up his (Dr M's) plans for Mukhriz to ascend to the top of UMNO's echelon, to be one of the 3 VPs. Of course KJ has his own reason to ensure Hisham beat Mukhriz, wakakaka.

So what do I think of Pak Kadir's statement?

Now, why in the world would Dr M's staunch henchman promote Dr M's bĂȘte noire?

I suspect the aim is to tempt KJ into betraying and kowtim-ing Najib.

Will KJ fall prey to temptation?

I believe he's not that stupid, though one can't tell about a person's burning ambition?

But KJ and Mukhriz both are young and have time on their side, so I reckon with KJ being the smart bloke he is, and youth still on his side, he will ignore the bait from Dr M's camp.

The post title reflects the role of Pak Kadir, a char koay teow man for Dr M, wakakaka.

In life I have a friend who was a real street hawker selling char koay teow, but one not in the league of powerful and affluent people like UMNO leaders such as Dr M or Pak Kadir despite the latter's role a la goreng goreng, wakakaka.

Read of him in my post at KTemoc Kongsamkok, titled The 'rich' char koay teow boy.

No, Tan Ah Kow most certainly didn't grow up nor will he ever belong to the world of powerful UMNO people like Pak Kadir, notwithstanding their 'shared' char koay teow role, wakakaka.


  1. U r dead right about this die-hard mamak sycophant!

    Goreng he did, just to entice that other possible 'DPM-in-waiting' (hint - the 2nd generation Melayu M'sian from the abang republic across the strait), to join force with mamak's most useless son.

    Hisham ownes KJ a BIG favour, no doubt. But KJ is NO spent meat under the tempurung to see what's coming his way - both favorably & unfavorably! & he hasnt gotten his backup team formed strongly behind him yet!

    The curious point here is why kadir so eager to goreng the koay teow at this stage. Is there something he is NOT telling?

    Then, again, Rosmah isnt bloated meat either. She wont go away so easily, just like Mr Sleepy-head.

    But then GE14 would push ALL these wayang kulit to zero effect, perhaps with the shortest reigning PM in M'sia history.

    Interesting political time ahead, amid turbulent economic development in M'sia.

  2. No Kadir is not baiting KJ. He is acting on behalf of DrM to protect the interests of Mukhriz, by using reverse psychology to warn of an impending threat, thus rallying the troops to pre-empt any move by KJ's side.

  3. I am quite impressed with this Minister for Youth & Sports. I was at a convocation ceremony last Saturday where he gave away the scroll. He gave an opening speech in English for about 20 minutes without text. It was a sterling speech. The next day he ran the Standard Charted KL Marathon for under 10km category in under 1 hour. His kids go to Sek Keb TTDI. And he defended the Chinese against PERKASA and has demanded that the Perkasa Chief to be charged under the Sedition Act.

    - hasan

  4. KJ is good potential Prime Minister material.
    In any case, whether KJ or Mukhriz , it would certainly be a superior choice to what Pakatan Rakyat has to offer - Anwar ManManLai , Abdul Hadi or Azmin,

  5. How does Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi figure in this equation?

    Ascending to the coveted position is not only based on having potential, but how good he is at out-maneuvering the other contestants.

    1. Some one with the initial of A ( not Anwar or Azmin lah), described that guy as the nearest thing to evil ? wakakaka

    2. Yes, that makes him even more potent, combined with his home ministry resources at his bidding, he can easily take on his opponents. Good boys like KJ will not stand a chance. (shades of Ghazali Shafie though he did not get his way).

  6. So can Anwar Ibrahim aka Manmanlai.Manmanlai lah.Hehehe.

  7. One have to admit begrudgingly from amongst the sorely lacking or dearth of intellectual talent within the UMNO stable. KJ isn't among the ranks.He has done some shrewd PR to endear his image to the public.
    In the realm of wishful thinking and terms of preference over names like anwar, azmin, rafizi , zaid hamidi, ,mukhriz , hisham and even najib..that we fancy imagining as PM. Think Rafizi and KJ are evenly positioned and ranked highest.,by virtue of how they have managed to present their images/persona to the public as simply "smart capable dudes".

    The personification of the UMNO stereotype will be like Muyhidin.whose aura simply oozes malay ethno-centrism with that perpetual sneer/frown and consistency in statements that reflect his so very "Malay first" mindset..that , KJ and few others in UMNO.don't seem to fit in that mould..KJ has a image that has a certain appeal to it.,which can be exploited to his advantage,if milked right.
    And the grand ole man TDM himself, maybe sensed consolidate all within UMNO,the smart and the dumb, ignorant or well informed..he is going to need all the help he can muster to send a message to Najib and put a stop to where Najib wants to go and take the country along, esp his pro US stance among many other things that Najib did that has rubbed him the wrong way..most know how TDM feels about the west ,particularly the US.
    So his personal feelings on KJ may be set aside for time being.,for there is also the consideration of what may be in the best interests of Mukhriz.

    1. Bryan I have my doubts about what you suggested in your last sentence though I agree with the one before it. Thus TDM's move is more likely aimed at causing discontent among the Najib camp (which includes KJ). It's not unlike tossing among them the apple of discontent, to break them up. Stir up mutual suspicions etc etc.

      However, in defence of Mukhriz, he is not so much a ethnocentric Malay (au contraire, quite a nice kid not quite cut out for the sheer viciousness and brutalities fo UMNO politics) but a newcomer in top level politics who has to show his jaguh-ness to his constituency, Heartland and most important of all, the UMNO rank and file, probably under dad's and uncles' tutelage, wakakaka

      Mukhriz is no match for KJ, hence the char-koay-teow-ing coudl well be aimed at arousing Najib's suspicion to eliminate KJ as a potential threat, and thus to clear the way for Mukhriz. Fun ain't it, wakakaka

  8. KJ as PM won't happen while Mahathir is still breathing.

    He has surmised that AAB's failed PM-ship , other than Dollah's personal faults is largely due to KJ's maneuverings during the time.

    During AAB's term as PM, KJ was one of the most powerful men in the country.
    The First Son-In-Law acted as gatekeeper to AAB, and was often considered the real decision maker, as AAB just rubber-stamped his intentions.

    Indeed, KJ was an ugly and noxious operator during the period. He has since attempted to make some amends, but many people have not forgiven him or do not believe he has reformed.

    There are interesting parallels to another onetime malodorous UMNO operative who has been reinventing himself, and also aims to be PM , though o a different generation - Anwar Ibrahim. Here too, many remain suspicious of who is the Real Anwar Ibrahim, whether he has truly changed.

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