Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Koon T'au Boe (2)

Rafizi Ramli said Jailing Anwar might trigger street protests.

Gosh, I don't want his satay
doesn't look kosher lah

Bloke is of course the so-called brilliant strategist who f**ked everyone up kau kau, especially Selangorians, Pakatan coalition cohesiveness and even Anwar Ibrahim, with his PKR-sellfish version of Kajang Satay, served to us in rancid rotten retching maggot-festering state, and without the yin-ness of timun and bawang too.

that's why I prefer mee goreng lah
his satay is worse than Jezebel's poo

Street protests have a tendency to turn violent, more so when emotions may run wild over perceived hurt to iconic personalities, even with K-Y gel involved. Do we want that sort of violence in Malaysia?

I don't believe so, especially not from Pakatan.

So, has his latest utterance been a warning, threat or koon t'au boe? And would it be different from those who have warned and threatened to kill Syed Azmi Alhabshi?

The common denominator is just their 'ta'syiok mah'!

alamak, do I have to eat that satay?

For meaning of koon t'au boe, read my post Koon T'au Boe, wakakaka.


  1. Somehow , I can't equate death threats made against a person with a possible street protest.

    As a student, I lived in a city where there was some sort of street protest almost every other weekend. Nobody ever got killed, and injuries or damage to property were very rare.
    In fact, police facilitated the street protests, helping to direct traffic.
    Protests , as such, are seen as a fundamental democratic right.

    Any damage to property or violence against the public is a crime and appropriate police action taken, but that is treated as a separate issue from the street protest itself.

    1. U have to excuse KT's rant.

      By now, anything associates with AI &/or Rafizi, is toxic to his thought, thus he cant think it thorugh.

      Thus, the 2 sen worth of mis-information!

    2. ah I see, so anything with potential for civil unrest threatened by PKR should not be criticized?

    3. Ah I see, so u think all those M'sians who take part in civil protest WOULD cause potential chaos & unrest!

      These M'sians r very UN-civilised & r the potential trouble-makers to break the country's peace & tranquility.

      They deserved to be ISA-ed & now SHOULD be charged under the sedition act.

      Where were u, during the Bersih protests?

      & who caused the 'riots'?

      Ooop, forget to realise that u were safe & sound DownUnder, doing yr keyboard commentating. U ONLY had 2nd hand news from 'whatsoever' media sources/contacts.

      BTW, did u see any of the DU protests turned into violent acts before? & what so special about those protests.... ehhh.. done by civilised culture so MUST be peaceful one!

    4. I said "with potential for civil unrest" which is entirely different from your "WOULD cause potential chaos & unrest!", wakakaka

      remember 1998? wakakaka again

      As for Bersih, I and II were okay but the moment Anwar and PKR hijacked Bersih III, guess what happened? wakakaka

    5. That's why I said u got yr infos 2nd handed. Or perhaps I was too kind in my judgement.

      Violent in Bersih3 by the protesters? Hijacked by Anwar & PKR?

      If there is another political demonstration in the near future, come back & take part lah to see for yrself.

      Arm-chair tokoh is easy but lack on-site realism. The experience is TOTALLY different, being 1st hand account.

      Deep in yr mind, u do think that those protesters r non-thinking anwaritas zombies - just followed the scripts 'instructed' by Anwar & PKR!

      U r just been blind-sighted by yr self professed mammamlai biasness.

      Just remember, not everyone is thinking with such a silo one-track mindset about a person simply bcoz of yr personal dislike about that person.

      There r bigger issue here than what u'd chosen to see. These protesters chose to go & to express their feelings willingly.

      Ditto 1998 reformasi demonstrations!

      U don't want to understand that these people were fighting for a big picture, unlike yr personal one.

      U think they were Anwar's foot soldier under hypnotism. Just like writing yr fovourite bunching bag comments, guided by yr pet personal hatred.

      What a total let down!!!!!

    6. 16 bloody years as a high and mighty UMNO minister, in various capacities up to DPM and even acting PM, and NOT ONE SINGLE WORD of so-called reformasi, UNTIL he was booted out of UMNO. That's when he started his street antics, hoping to claw back the power, privileges and prestige he lost as a result of his treachery to his mentor and superior, wakakaka.

      He has been at it ever since, even including a court case to re-secure his DPM position and a couple of cozy-buddy footsie-tootsie with AAB.

      Reformasi my bloody foot, and the saddest part if he has somehow CON-vince people like you gullible guppies (wakakaka) to believe in him

    7. I dont need any CON-vincing, from ANYBODY, to become a gullible guppy to believe in ANYbody.

      I do believe I have a mind to exercise, freely, based on my personal choice, despite of yr finger-pointing!

      Yr description of Anwar fits closely with many of the game changers in world politic. Many r acclaimed statesmen - among them Gandhi, Mandela & Lincoln. There r evil doers, too.

      In their respective early political lives, they made many similar mistakes as u had mentioned about Anwar.

      Abraham Lincoln was a known racist during his earlier stage of political career. He objected vehemently to anything about the Blacks been free. His speech in the Kentucky General Assembly were full of racist tone, then.

      He changed when he was elected the 16th president of the United States.

      Part of it, was due to the necessity to get the help of the Blacks to enroll into the Army to fight the civil war. The other part of it, was the BIG picture he saw with his own closed mindset then about the atrocity of the inequality done to the Blacks.

      Lincoln's liberty given to the Blacks contributes what's the US of A today.

      People change or enlighten, possibly when they age &/or going through a profound insight along their journey of life. Those who accept the change, in turn, create ground-shacking phenomenon. Whether, that phenomenon results in good or evil, only history will tell!

      Adolf Hitler was another example that resulted in evil death of millions.

      & DONT u jump to conclusion that I'm equating Anwar with anyone one of them.

      All I'm saying, is to give him a chance to prove himself at this stage of his life journey. I believe GOOD will come out of it while u stand otherwise.

      So far the sign is encouraging for me!

      Yr continuous diatribes about this mammamlai, STRONGLY remains me about the on-going antic of that in-famous Ms Muppet's 180-degree change of 'opinion'!

      Perhaps, indeed u couldnt forget about yr sister's cat been fingered by this mammamlai.

      Enuff said.

  2. the gaffe guy who know's12:34 am, October 29, 2014

    This dude Rafizi is either a fucking sicko or a fuck up political moron.First he was demanding that every PKR division send at least a busload of supporters to the courthouse as a show of force,either to intimidate the judges or worse,herd mentality run wild.Then he demanded that PKR divisions in PR run states sent two busloads of supporters.Now,he is talking about street protests and mob or herd mentality.

    What a fucking screw up this dude is.First he fucked up and almost cause the PR to self implode in his fucking Kajang move,and now this Manmanlai sodomy appeal street protest.If his master Manmanlai fucked the poor guy,then what? He is like the Umnoputras and above the law? To go off scott free,because his puppets have street protests? This dude Rafizi should go to the pond in the park and shiok sendiri himself together with the fishes.

  3. Rafizi Ramli is an Anwar stooge and a political moron.He fuck up big time with his clown act,the "Kajang Move".Yet,he was rewarded and appointed secretary general of Pkr.

    CEO's in the private sector got sacked for screwing up.But this moron from Pkr got promoted big time for screwing up.Go figure.

    No wonder,he is screaming for street protests and mob mentality to rule the day.When can these stooges come to their senses that if Anwar is found guilty for screwing Saiful,he has to pay the price.Paying the price means doing jail time.Good riddance to bad garbage.

  4. I'm not into street protests.
    However, the basic injustice of the situation Anwar Ibrahim faces ought to concern any open-minded person.

    First on the charge of sodomy. Senior retired lawyers I have spoken to can't recall any other case in the history of the Malayan/Malaysian legal system from the 1950's until now.
    Plenty of people get charged for rape, indecent assault or causing injury, but never Sodomy.
    The Sodomy charge has an almost medieval concept to it, not surprising why almost nobody ever gets charged with it.

    Yet Anwar Ibrahim has been brought to trial twice on such charges. Don't you think something very odd going on ?

    I was following the trial, and a lot of things don't add up.
    The complainant met with the Prime Minister of the country BEFORE he lodged a police report.
    The complainant was walking around in public, smiling away , a full two days AFTER the alleged event, then he lodged a police report.
    The DNA extracted from the complainant's Anus was kept in an office filing cabinet (!!!).
    After all this, it was found to be pristine (so says the Malaysian "experts")
    The Malaysian "experts" refused to refer to any notes, claiming Perfect Total Recall. Per legal procedure, any notes they refer to during the trial can be inspected and cross-examined by the defence. So no notes tendered by the Prosecution, because they don't want the notes made at the time to be examined.

    Again, I'm not an Anwar supporter, not even very interested in politics, but there is something very wrong with the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy trial.

    Amnesty International correctly states that if Anwar Ibrahim is jailed on this charge, he will be considered a prisoner of conscience.

    Please take off your blinkers for a while to see the light...

    1. I am not commenting nor have I commented on his alleged crime, but only on the latest "threat" to resort to street protests. Please take off your blinkers for a while to see the actual issue in my post.

  5. Is it consensual or non consensual? Should it be Section 377B or 377C of the Penal Code? It would be interesting to see how the five judges decide on this legal tehnicalities?

    1. Unfortunately in Malaysia both (consensual or not) are crimes

  6. Bersih 2 & Bersih 3 Walker12:00 pm, October 29, 2014

    Street Protests = Violence is the image PDRM and their political masters want to cultivate in your mind.

    That is why during Hindraf, Bersih 1, Bersih 2 , Bersih 3, the violence was actually INITIATED by the police and almost all violence proferred by the police side.

    That is PDRM - they fired 262 tear gas canisters during Bersih 2 and 967 canisters during Bersih 3 (Police testimony during Suhakam public inquiry) .

    PDRM were photographed firing the tear gas levelled at the Bersih 2 and Bersih 3 crowd, like a rifle, contrary to internationally recognised SOP, which is to fire tear gas high, above the heads of the crowd.
    When fired level, like a firearm, tear gas canisters turn into dangerous and potentially deadly bullets.
    In fact, similar to tactics used by the Israeli Defence Force in Occupied territories.

    It appears Royal Malaysian Police were trying to kill or seriously injure some protesters - its a miracle it didn't happen, but not for lack of trying.

    Its not that the PDRM police are bad - they were under very bad orders and instructions.

    Hong Kong police were heavily criticised for firing 87 (only !!!!) tear gas canisters during the recent non-violent protests.

    1. in Bersih 3, Tonto and his mate were seen and reported using hand signals to break through the police cordon, sparking police retaliation. What the police did was not right (as police they should have exercised restraint and used only sufficient force to ensure safety and security), but it didn't hide teh fact that some troublemakers were intent on causing civil upheavals.

      From Malaysia-Today's "Press pounces on Anwar and Azmin", the following extracts:

      PKR de facto leader and deputy president were castigated in a media conference by reporters from various news portals and newspapers as the pair faced accusations of being the culprits responsible for inciting protesters to invade the barricaded Dataran Merdeka during last weekend's Bersih 3.0 rally.

      Both Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali found themselves on the defense during in yesterday’s press conference at the party headquarters, deflecting onslaughts from distraught journalists from both pro-government media as well as those known to have leaning towards the Opposition. [...]

      However, Anwar was confronted once again when a Bersih 3.0 protester, Benjy Lim, suddenly came up and accused the Opposition leader of being responsible for causing the chaos.

      Lim said Anwar’s purported action of inciting protesters had caused people to be exposed to danger where lives were at risk.

      “I know how the police operate in this country because I was not born yesterday. The riot happened because the Opposition started it,” said Lim, who had refused to accept Anwar’s explanation that the police were the ones to blame.

      Upon failing to give an objective explanation to Lim’s accusation, Anwar then promised to ‘entertain’ Lim in a separate session as the conference was exclusively for the media.

      In other words, manmanlai to Benjy Lim, wakakaka

      For more press comments on the disruption to Bersih 3, see my post http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/awakening-has-begun.html


    2. 2nd handed infos AGAIN!!!!

      I'm not defending AI based on what u'd written.

      Dont u think It's just preposterous that u chose to believe a tale by one 'player' against another?

      Sodomy 2 revisited!!! Some more in a situation that any happenstance could be opened up for interpretation.

      Pick yr choice!

      Next time, when u r thick in yr whatsoever in a bar, make VERY sure u understand the wince of an eye, or that subtle sweep of a finger across the lip, by that SYT sitting directly across yr table is making a (intentional) pass at u.

      U might ended up getting yr face redecorated FOC by her date!

      Yr buddies' buddies might think otherwise when u told them about those killer hints when this story was retold umpteen time later.

      Wakakakaka..... “I know how the lady behaves in this country because I was not born yesterday. The sign happened because she willed it,”

      Where's yr thinking cap? Down there, sitting pretty????

    3. wakakaka, you've lost me with your bar story - not sure what that was for or how it would be related to the hijacking of Bersih 3

    4. Wasnt yr hijacking of Bersih 3 story linked to a sign language?

      Act blur?????

  7. Its impossible to debate issues surrounding reaction to the possible jailing of Anwar without considering the merits of the legal case of the Sodomy trial.

    The author here attacking possible street protests and keeping silent on the Sodomy trial is doing a "head in the sand" position.