Tuesday, February 01, 2011

PKR - a sinking ship?

Today I feel like having a bit of PKR bashing, mind you, not Anwar bashing but PKR bashing wakakaka! Apart from Anwar Ibrahim, PKR was noticeably conspicious by its absence in Tenang. This party is in deep disarray, and I don't have an iota of sympathy for it.

The Malaysian Insider -
Azmin says Tenang a victory over MCA

Now, since when has he appointed himself as Pakatan spokesperson?

The Malaysian Insider -
Pakatan wants local elections in KL

My dear Tian Chua, considering your party is in deep spin (downwards), shouldn't you be focussing on far more important things than to ask for the currently impossible? Incidentally, when were you appointed to speak on behalf of Pakatan?

Malaysiakini -
PKR goes on a roadshow to repair dented image

So … attempting to close the stable doors after the horses (Zaid, Gobala, and soon a few more) have bolted! How about first answering the complaints about the party polling irregularities by Chegubard, Jonson Chong and Mustaffa Kamil, if not those by Gobala and Zaid? And what about the Jenapala scandal?

Malaysia-Today -
The sour grapes syndrome

RPK wrote: Whenever anyone resigns from PKR or Pakatan Rakyat, the opposition supporters always say it is because these people are ex-Umno or ex-Barisan Nasional people; so what do you expect? These ex-Umno or Ex-BN people are not reliable or honest and eventually they betray the opposition cause and go back to their old party, is the argument we are given. Does this argument apply to all ex-Umno or ex-BN people in the opposition who are yet to leave the opposition to go back to the ruling party?

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  1. "shouldn't you be focussing on far more important things than to ask for the currently impossible?"

    But fixing PKR is actually asking for the currently impossible.

  2. But wait! Here's the PKR gang calling Gobala a racist! Well now.


  3. Cannot access the articles on TMI. Think it may have been hacked. Anyone able to access the site?

  4. Aiya missed already this Anwar bashing.
    I like Anwar bashing.