Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Anwar's Indian bid - too little too late

The Malaysian Insider - Anwar in bid to win back Indian support.

Nallakaruppan, Jenapala, Gobalakrishnan, etc!

A stupid case of stopping the Indian temple bells from ringing (in PKR), as Anwar had threatened when he was DPM.

But I reckon his survival-driven bid, galvanized by the recent collapse of his Sabah house of cards, may be too little too late. Anwar’s dream of Putrajaya is becoming more of a nightmare.

As I had mentioned in my 3-part
The Poison within PKR, that so long as Anwar Ibrahim blindly supports Azmin Ali to the extent of unfairly sweeping the latter’s competitors aside or stacking the odds up for Azmin’s supporters, this poisonous policy will eventually destroy his party.

The lamentable Sabah situation for his party is yet another case of this poison. Does anyone really believe Dr Wan Azizah has her heart in settling the Sabah issue, or the ability to do so? She’s nothing more than a puppet of either Anwar or Azmin, or both. The poison continues to prevail.

The Anwar-Azmin poison has affected more than just the Indians. Zaid Ibrahim has been the biggie, but soon we may see Jonson Chong, Chegubard and other good people leaving the ‘party-for-two’ in sheer frustration, as Zaid Ibrahim and Gobalakrishnan, the latter once his biggest supporter, had recently done.

And then Anwar doesn’t have to worry about stopping the Indian temple bells from ringing, because there won’t be any Indians (including a number of good non-Indians) in PKR anymore.

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