Monday, February 28, 2011

If I were the Home Minister

Yo everyone, I'm back ;-)

Have been catching up with the news, and I see lots on HRP, Interlok and the usual police antics.

You know, if I were the Home Minister, I would NOT have permitted the police to jump on HRP as had happened. Instead I would have allowed HRP to protest, rally or rave and rant, do what it wants (short of perpetuating violence). Really, how much political impact could HRP make?

Likewise with other kacang putih protests such as candlelight vigils by small or fringe elements. Much as the participants might be sincere, the likelihood of such protests making political tsunamic waves were minimal. I know the average Malaysian. Most have already made up their minds so such politicking won't change their allegiance. The perceived brutality of the police towards such peaceful rallies would instead evoke sympathies for the poor anehs and tambis.

But then I’m not the Min of Home Affairs. Hishamuddin is.

Why he has allowed (or instructed) the police to come down heavy on those HRP rallies continues to puzzle me? He has played directly into Uthayakumar’s hands, the dumbo (Hisham that is, not Uthayakumar!)

Dear Uty, mandore master, craves attention more than ever, and dumbo Hisham has granted him his very wish.

Just ignore HRP for 6 months and I bet the party will turn out to be nothing more than a public nuisance, shunned by the average Malaysian. Just look at how the Penang government has ignored Uthayakumar’s attention-craving raves and rants. And how Pakatan has ignored his bullying blackmailing threats for 30 seats or HRP would split the Indian votes.

Thinking …

Now, if I were Home Minister, I would do a number of things quite differently.

For a start, I would place Hisham in Kem Kamunting wakakaka. But why? Being vindictive? No, no, no …

It’s actually to protect the good name and reputation of his illustrious dad and granddad. Hisham is an absolute disgrace to Tun Hussein and the magnificent Onn Jaafar. Usually the acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree but this particular acorn must have kicked itself wakakaka right across the field, into the cesspool.

Secondly … hmmm, maybe tomorrow ler ... ;-)


  1. If I were the Home Minister, I will send them to Kamunting as a guest of ISA.
    But Hishamuddin is not like dad who is fond of the ISA.

  2. typically chinese coward with his pointless many times did you kiss lge butt ,dap mandore?

  3. Dey...KT...have you gone to the "other side ?"

  4. You have a nice blog layout. :)

  5. hello it must be too much anchor during his young days, he2.

  6. Anon of 11:09 PM, February 28, 2011: see my "The perceived brutality of the police towards such peaceful rallies would instead evoke sympathies for the poor anehs and tambis". ;-) so ... no, haven't ..... yet wakakaka!

    Anon of 11:01 PM, February 28, 2011: 88 auspicious times, nice ler, wanna join in wakakaka.

  7. Home Minister and yet not ban the racist book 'interlok' to be used as school literature text? Aiyah, like dis no better than ibrahim ali becoming PM

  8. // Usually the acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree//

    oak tree? You mean lallang....

  9. You greedy Chink...I bet your mother was a whore coming off that migrant boat from Tongsan...and your father was just the accidental beget of a business transaction...

    Sorry to be so crude, but I wanted to make sure you understood the flavour of major portions of the Interlok book....I've been appalled by the insensitivity shown by the officials who selected Interlok as a required reading text in schools. Its not just a few objectionable words, its the underlying themes in the book. The Minister's continuing insistence on its use has me thinking its not insensitivity after all, but a politically-driven BTN-ish agenda.

    I personally feel Uthaya has descended to the level of an attention-grubbing trouble-maker these days. However, that the messenger has a bad odour doesn't nullify the message.

    Interlok has to be dropped as a required text, and the continuing insistence on its use should be rightly condemned.

  10. Hi KT

    Heard you will be waving the Malaysian flag when Najib and Rosmah arrive fr a visit to Kangarooland.
    Way to go, dude.

  11. Yes, from the sound of it, Kaytee is in process of buying into the "Mainstream".
    Way to go, Mate....make sure you milk it for all the $$ its worth. Its the only real reason people go into Dacingland, anyway.

  12. Anon 5.34pm

    KT is a committed DAP cadre (veteran one). I was just egging him on to deny it.

  13. committed DAP cadre?

    He's the DAP plenipotentiary or de facto governer-general for Ou-chou (Mandarina for Oszziland)

  14. Here's something from one Scott Thong at

    click here

    that's shows how racist and 4th rate Interlok and so-called Poet Laureate Abdullah Hussein really is and how it and he insult M'sian Indians AS WELL AS Chinese!

    Kerismudin ought to be hung by his goolies!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  15. Ktemoc,
    You better come up to quash some insinuation saying that you are THE PLEN.....Hahahaha
    Come on! Churn out more leh

    Join in Dr Raffick's forum....To gun down folk like SBS, Ellese.....

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  17. If you were Minister of Home Affairs you will do the same thing because the strong institutions of government are not there to to hold you back.

  18. dear kay tee

    i have always wanted to comment on the interlok

    issue. though i have not read the book I have a fair

    knowledge of indian culture having been brought up

    in multi-cultural environment of living in a gomen -quarter.

    the caste system -the brahmin

    if the brahmin is the highest caste , then the pariah is the

    lowest in malaysia. In mother india , one can find the lowest caste

    -the untouchables. these are the people who handle the disposition

    of the dead. Similar caste sytem also exist in Japan-the lowest being

    called the untouchables. And because Brahmins exist, there are

    also pariahs. As kids we know our plumber is a telegu-supposedly

    a low caste fellow. We have an indian neighbour who treated her

    indonesian maid just like a pariah- the maid only ate after the tuan had

    eaten and she was fed only remnants of what the tuan and mistress had

    eaten. [so much for the stoopid kdn minister, his melayu opisers

    and the overly-hyped ketuanan moolayu]

    And I was told this story from a close family of sambanthan. Samy

    vellu would kiss the feet of sambanthan whenever he visited the late

    sambanthan in the house as a matter of courtesy. The late sambanthan

    was a brahmin by caste. The brahmins are of priests caste!!!

    case history 1

    X is presumably a brahmin girl . She could not marry downwards and is

    a graduate teacher earning close to rm 5k per month. She is tall and

    shapely and has a nice olive skin. Guess who she just got married to?

    She married an immigrant Indian - and with some influence probably

    got her a job as priest at Batu caves.

    case history 2

    Y is a kerala indian - never a tamil. Being very fluent in english,

    she runs a tuition class teaching english to students. She cannot

    marry downwards . ie tamils, kelings are no nos.

    Our regular indian samy has roots in chennai, tamil nadu are not of

    her caste. If one were to ask samy , he would say ask Y is she speaks

    tamil. If yes , then she is an indian alright!!

    Christianity and Islam are impervious to the caste syatem. once

    an indian embrace chritianity or Islam the caste that had envelopped

    his 'life' dropped into oblivion. Mike selvanayagam or mohammad

    mukreez give one a new and fresh complexion to his personality.

    So this fiction that there is no caste structure among indians must

    not be promoted. Get real man. Fiction [Auta] is a feature

    among indian lifestyle- possibly just like sri rama.

    the question is - who belive this auta that there is no caste


    Remember ada brahmin ada pariah

    General application of the word pariah

    Pariah is such a colourful word that I like to use it always.

    Having a childhood in the gome-quarters gave one a chance to acquire

    a smattering of tamil and hokkien , especially one learned the bad

    words easily


    Mahathir and his lawyer -'pundek-lingam' had turned our judiciary into

    a pariah one.

    IN BAHASA- Mahathir dan loyarnya 'pundek-lingam' telah mempariahkan

    sistem kehakiman negara kita

    khong khek khuat

  19. On the evils of caste, please read my 2010’s posts


    As for my position as the DAP plenipotentiary or de facto governor-general for Ou-chou (Mandarin for Oz) wakakaka, please read my post where I excoriated both PAS and my hero, Karpal Singh ;-)

    Much as I admire Karpal and currently favour DAP’s governance and performance, they cannot take my support for granted wakakaka

  20. KT

    Surprised, surprised. Thought your hero is Uncle Lim or son.

    KK Khong

    Many like you have not read Interlok. This includes Palanivel and Hindraf people.
    If one fella say ban it, others will follow like sheep.
    Suddenly we become a nation of readers when our people read an average of few pages a year.
    Why so sensitive about pariah when it's your race that have such caste.
    So you have lived in the kuli (coolie line) or Kaman Keling (Indian compound) which was started by the British?
    They are nice people though regarded pariahs or untouchables by the Brahmin caste.

  21. b-cup

    don't try to be too smart and condescending

    Obviously u are narrow minded shitarse with a poor gk

    Had u knowm what a gomen- quarter , u would not have

    made such a deragatory comment about kuli lines.

    Having worked in a gomen institution and had the oppurtunity

    of sieving through background infos of thousands of professionals, I can tell

    u that probably 90 odd percent them came through a poor family

    background. Even if i come from coolie line background, there is

    simply no reason for u to sneer at such a fact.


    unless of course u yourself has an inferiority complex about

    your won b- cup accesory....

    khong khek khuat

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